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Superstition V/s Culture, Customs & Traditional Belief.

   Our nation is the Hub of Rich Culture and Tradition, its' so vast and vivid that every state has a unique and different culture as compared to other, our religion across the nation is bounded with its rich Traditional Customs and beliefs that promotes happiness, good health and coexistence with Peace and Harmony . This customs and beliefs had been handed down by our ancestors so that our family can stay together stay close to moral protocols of Dharma and Nature.
   As our nation got invaded by cruel Islamic invaders and later by white skin invader our traditional customs and beliefs has been attacked ever since and take a big draw back that many of  the customs have become extinct as per cruel laws laid in by foreign invaders. The British wanted to make every Indian Slave for which they knew that our Culture and traditional customs are so rich compared to theirs that no way any Indian will ever adopt to their customs which is IMMORAL AND BOUND TO DOOM.
   The immoral men of no dignity, came with their evil divide and Rule tactics and to kill our Traditional Customs and belief introduces a word that had a great impact on our Culture. This word acted like a bullet from a gun that nearly murdered or created a Big Dent in our traditional customs and beliefs and the word was:

   This one word worked for the British and their Christian Missionaries in every aspect they could to strangle and murder our Traditional belief, for everything that a Hindu followed as advised by their ancestors which they had been religiously following for many thousands of years were ridiculed and tagged as ''SUPERSTIION". This one word was again and again used by the white skin invaders to attack Hinduism in every which way they could and under Superstition they abolished many such Traditional Customs and beliefs that constituted our Culture.
   On a massive scale grave harm was done by these immoral characterless men who had no idea that such Traditions and Beliefs made by our ancestors was only a means to coexist with Nature in the best possible manner, that these beliefs was a form of showing gratitude to the flora and fauna of nature, that this customs and beliefs and along with its many festivals related to many occasions as in agricultural harvests, Health, New Year, Gods and Goddess etc.  were made so that people can remain happy and healthy, have a good cordial relationship with their neighbors and society and live in peace and harmony. 
   In Europe how many festivals does these men celebrate, when Christmas is the only one main festival they have, In America they have Halloween a stupid festival where they humiliate Pumpkin. What does these White Skin invaders know why we have an infinite cultural beliefs and customs for which if they are willing to understand our vast infinite culture they should get out from their ideology of Violence, Jealousy, Greed and Robbery. If they know that our nature is all about maintaining an equilibrium and coexist with all the living beings then only they shall understand the main cause and the hidden science behind our Traditional Culture.
   By calling such moral conducts as SUPERSTITION, and calling these nonsense and foolish, they made laws to limit and abolish such customs, immoral British did this deliberately as they knew that it’s this traditional customs that bound and unite people and they did everything to create a divide in between the community for which they wanted to abolish such traditions and custom practices, they wanted to create ruptures from in within by which they introduced caste system and its these immoral British who created many castes and deliberately put some in high and low caste category so that we can fight amongst ourselves like cats and dogs hence there is no unity.
   Even after seven decades of independence we still have British laid SC/ST and OBC quotas that is still creating a huge divide in between Hindus. The Hindus will never unite if this draconian system gets erased, and erase it never will as we are run by those politician which stick their behind to British’s ideology.
  A lot of Hindus revolted against such laws when their Dharma came under siege by immoral British, but who listens to people who had been slaves in their own nation, 900 years Moghuls had their way with Hindus when they massacred almost 90 million Hindus and converted many to Islam under the threat of sword, then through deceit and mindless laws by white skin invaders for the sake of Divide and Rule, our ancestors had no choice but to take it with a bad taste in their mouth. 
   Many fought for their Dharma against such immoral laws put by British, which they dealt with iron fist and later as usual Hindus had to relent, resulting in mass loss to our culture and tradition, it hampered the coming generation to such an extent that they became ignorant as to how such traditions and customs have to be conducted, as time passed by from one generation to other our culture and traditions have taken a big beating and now in the age of modernization, we the present generation is not even bothered to look back as they are more interested in apeing Stupid Bumpkin Yanks who roam around with a Pumpkin on his head in honor of a ghost, HAPPY HALLOWEENS DAY!!!
Bull Shit Yankee Culture.....

   The reason i started to write blogs is that the geneneration of now has no clue of what Divide and Rule is though in the school texts we have read that the British ruined our nation through their Divide and rule Tactics, but it never got into specific details of how these Immoral Men with no dignity had killed our vedic civilization in every way they could for the greed of total rule.

   These white men invaders from Europe went many steps ahead compared to Islamic invaders, for not only they looted our gold and our natural resources they also took away the originals of Vedas and Upanishads they got from famous ancient temples back to England and injected poison in our vedas and upanishads to confuse we HIndus, make it ridiculous so that we could Hindus could become self loathing and hate our Sanatan Dharma and can be easily converted to Christianity. 

   There was a German Christian Missionary Mr. Herman Gundert, stayed in Kerala, this man is also known as the Father of Malayalam literature (Fooled all Kelarlites) for he creted Malayalam Dictionary, this german was well supported by the British which ruled Kerala during that period, he stayed in Kerala for many years and during his stay he collected many original Sanskrit texts from the ancient temple vaults, as much as he could lay his hands upon and vanished with it to Gemany at one stroke never to return back.

   Why do you think that these Europeans becoame so intellignet all of a sudden and came with many inventions in the 20th Century, from where did they get such intelligence, so much of knowledge in abundance that before 20th Century they had no clue of science ecept some who were genuie like the great Leonardo Da Vinci. 

   It happened so that by mid 1800's many Sanskrit Vedas and texts where stolen by British and sent to europe, also in this where some german missionaries who came to kerala and stole our ancient sanskrit text to europe these Rothschild agents gave it to these german Quntum Scientists and told to do a research on these texts, what our Vedic Scholars could not do is what these German Quantum Scientists did, they had the capability to decrypt the great mantras mentioned in the Vedas, decode it and understood the science behind this mantras in this and as a result they had many inventions in the 20th century. As these genius european quantum scientist knew the significance of our Sanskrit text they got rude shocks about life and its unlimited possibilities, soon that they neglected their Bible and Talmud, filled their book shelf with Sanskrit Books, almost all these great quantum scientist became Hindus, stoped consuming meat, and wrote on their will letter that they prefered cremation over burial. 

   What is more important to know is that after their realization of evolution of the cosmos from ancient sanskrit text all these quantum scientists from europe preferred to cremate themselves which is why in euro the percentage of cremation has only incresed year on after the quantum scientist prefered cremation over burial right now in Europe and America almost 50 % of the population is preferring cremation and this trend will only increase

   There have been many quantum scientists like Arthur Shopenhauer, Nicholas Bhor, Robert Oppenheimer and various other scientists from germany and european nations which also include the great super genius of all time Mr. Nicola Tesla who gave great importance to Vedas and the Upanishads. 

   It was only in the beginning of 1800's that a lot of inventions in the field of technology and science started to evolve. And only reason for that is the access to our ancient Sanskrit texts Albert Einstein's theory of Energy, Matter and Gravity are all copied from the Vedas.

   What was this Europe before they invaded our nation?? what is their culture. If this has to be explained then it's like this: 

   Around 4000 B.C  Europe was under thick layers of ice doing when their ancestors were doing grunt grand for communication eating raw meat animal skin lived in stone caves, fornicated with anyone we on the other hand live inside stone palace about people devotional clothes ate vegetarian food were masters in science maths physics biology astrology arts literature and much more, composed Vedas and Upanishads.

  We Indians ruled the whole world where our kings only gave unlike the greedy kings of Europe who only knew to kill, torture and loot and enslave people, on the other hand our kings cared for people's safety and a better life we had many kings who even laid down there life for the sake of his people, also sacrificed their family too for the sake of mankind there are many such kings as in King Dileep, Bhagirath, Vishwamitra. Bharat, Yudhisthira and above all Lord Rama who dedicated his life for the upliftment of the nation if there is any King from Europe who sacrificed his life for the sake of the nation even an inch of what our Kings did please let me know, i shall stop writing blogs.

   Right now we had a news that Worlds biggest Slaughter is taking place in Gadmai Jatra in Nepal where according to our Main stream Media it is believed that Buffalo and goats are being butchered on a large scale, the Media err Paid Media is showing this news with much Negativism that such bizarre and ruthless rituals exist in Hinduism and Hindus are claiming that Hinduism is a religion that propagates Vegetarianism and non violence when Butchering of Animals are done in broad day light in the Temple corridors. 




   Our ancestors were not dumb fools that they made this rituals called Superstition, long time back, i happend to read a book by Dr. Venganoor Balakrishnan called 'Olai Chuvadi' meaning Palm leaf in Malayalam, the athor has specifically detailed about our taraditional customs and beliefs, our people and family from each and every statte of our nation speaking different language having different cultures have run of specific customs and belief which is somewhat the same followed as a protocol in our life, our ancestors put this rituals with a certan Do's and Don'ts that if followed will reap you benefits and if you corss the line then bad omen will folow that can cause problems with you and your family life.

   Read this wonderful book, you shall understand the science and the hidden secrets behind such beliefs, for example in our culture it's is a very common obervation that if we boil milk then the milk should not spill out else there will be a bad omen that will cause a big fight in the family. 

   For librel minded people calls it a foolish observation and termed it as SUPERSTITION. (how easy na...) But the Motto behing such belief is that Milk is very sacred in our religion, hence if this gets spilled it goes waste and loose the quantiy, hence to prevent it from happening, our ancestors put a warning that fight will occur in house if the milk gets spilled. 

   And surely a fight will happen, if you boil the milk and it spills down you elders will scold you and you might not like them scolding you for negligence, soon there will be an argument later getting to nagging resulting to unrest in house, a small fight might take a disasterous shape, hence to prevent it in the initial stange and to make us more cautious, Our ancestors made such beleifs that 'Milk should not spill over else there will be a hughe fight in your house'. Same sort of beief when they said

   'If you have a Mirror in your house then it should not break else be prepared for a big trouble in your house'
   Like milk mirror was very expensive those days, and miror is a glass when broken split into small sharp pieces, its a good possibility that if you step on it you will bleed, moreover if you hause has young infant there is a possibilty that the infant will consume glass pieces which could prove very dnagerous, hence to prevent if from happeinng our ancestors gave us precautions through the above phrases. The hidden reasons are more of preventing a big trouble from happening. The same reasin applies to mustard seeds. You will realize from this book that the hidden secrets behing such customs and traditions was more about Precaution is Better Than Cure... and that's the only hidden secret behind such Customs and beiefs.Even if people have followed thi beilef blindly it has never caused them any harm rather it has paid they good dividends.

   In the 'Book Olai Chuvadi' there more than 200 such Customs and Traditional beiefs, the Autor has researched over these beliefs with inputs from various sources and experts and came with such simple and wonderful conclusions that can help you to understand Hinduism in a Broad Spectrum, you shall understand that our rituls and beliefs were not mere nonsense and baseless practices projected by Stupid British, but more so it was a way of precautions to be followed by which you can lead a noble and happy life. I recommend this book A MUST to erase a lot of confusions you have about Hinduism.


Superstition in Christianity

"Ye, You born sinner, how shall you obtain salvation, dont you know that all your life you were worshippig False God's, you have committed a Big Sin. Dont you want to feel liberated from this cruel life, if ye wish to do so, then shun away your old relgion, come under the shelter of the Lord Jesus the Son of God for he shall accomodate a berth for you in the Heaven on ye Death."  (Why on death why not when alive)

   This is the first and foremost prime example of superstition why are they assuring us Heaven after death can you ever ask a dead man to prove he is Heaven? How can people be so dumb to believe it, but it's not about being dumb but poverty is one reasin why people convert to Christianity in the remote rural areas of India where food, cloth and shelter matters a lot to such poor and deprived people, these Missionaries take advantage of such opportunity and get easy conversions. In such cases, Poverty and not Heaven is the reason for conversion.

    In my early teens, when I was introduced to a Christianity, though i studied in  a Roman Catholic School whose name is dedicated to worlds most ruthless Christian Missionary St. Francis Xavier from Portugal, i was not much aware of the Christian Beliefs. I was introduced into it by my very own friends with whom I played and studied together, never I realized that I was their Small Lamb (subject) to be used for conversion. This was a Pentecost church and I was introduced to a Christian Missionary who also happens to be the Pastor of that Church, and he introduced me to all the other members present there who were looking at me with Beady Eyes, those Amway Salesmen types.

    Then there was a prayer a long two hour project err… prayer in case I get impressed like a fly to honey, but somehow my feeling was the reverse, with all those shouting’s with their chest out preaching about Christianity and the Holy Bible, when that was not enough beat the drums that gave out noise not Music, claps and songs then Shout with lungs out the saga continued as I looked stunned they were happy cause they felt I was impressed.

   Well they were not fools, they know well how to trap their Small Lamb for their first and foremost aim is to confuse you and with confusion starts the Process of Conversion.
Conversion is like a Project and that come in many phases and in all this phases they show themselves as a very happy, positive, lovely and caring person when greed is their only motto

   Stage One: In the premature stage first instance they will pose as a peace loving friendly person only to be close friend with you, then they will win you over with their praises and love they have for you wherein he will win your respect and you will have a close intimacy towards him. You will tend to believe this person more than before.
   Stage Two: In this stage they will introduce their Christian religion to you in a mild manner in a way portraying that there is some problems with Hinduism like look so many gods, high caste low caste, rich and poor people, superstition, useless illogical beliefs etc.

   Stage Three: This is where they prepare to implement their project in a full swing, they will take you to a group of Christians who will again do a Chane Ke Jhaad Mein Chadao tactics and shower their love and friendship on this Bakra (Small Lamb) Hindu.
   Stage Four: They will give special invitation to this Bakra Hindu to come visit their church as a special person (Pastor or Padre) is coming especially to MEET YOU (Bakra).... THIS IS WHERE THEIR GAME PLAN START MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IN PROGRESS.

    Stage Five:  Here in the church they will praise lord and show you what actual prayer is all about all that to lure you a BAKRA. After this prayer is over their horrible tactics starts. Someone in the group will openly throw a point that Hinduism is Bullshit, all are fake, How come so many gods? 4 arms, 10 arms, Animal Headed Gods what nonsense. See Jesus 2 legs, 2 hands only One God your greedy pundits made money fooling you with rituals all utter crap nonsense.

  You worship Shiva ling you know what it is lingam it means penis you were worshipping penis you foolish man wake up what are you doing with your life
Now mission is in 2nd gear, this is where brainwashing goes to a high level, he will say look Vishnu he is nothing but a mother f@cker, Shiva is a bas#ard and Laxmi is a whore, all this while the Bakra is listening with great disbelief and shock on the contrary he is in a brainwash process.
  After all the Gali Galouch is over he openly declares that you have been worshiping a Satin YOU HINDU BAKRA, you have been sinned. Now if u have to GO TO HEAVEN U NEED TO BAPTIZE AND ACCEPT CHRISTIANITY AS IF JESUS HAS THE PASSPORT TO HEAVEN.
Bakra now frightened, though confused now he looks at all Hindu Gods who had been protecting this Bakra all the while with disgust, now he with fear embrace Christianity. BAKRA KO FASA LIYA.

  Now Bakra thinks he will go to heaven as he is he passport holder of heaven and Jesus being agent he can hurl abuses insults, attack, frame, ridicule, brainwash people with all will. This Bakra has no problem as he is backed by fucking NGO, PAID MEDIA, RABID HINDU HATERS LIKE JOHN DAYAL, WALSON THAMPU etc. and HORRIBLE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES.


History of Christian Missionary:

   From the moment white invaders decided to cross continent and conquer every region across the globe, it has resulted in mass degradation of ethnic culture of that region so much that the enslaved nation, race, people have only suffered from the tyranny of the white man invaders cruel rule. Their tactics on conquer was after they won over any region through cheap tactic’s like deceit, Killing the King or make him their Puppet, Genocide of a race through hunger, be spreading disease like small and chicken pox or by through Inquisition, the next step after having a complete takeover of that place next step was to send a Christian Missionary to that region whose only job was to induce the people of that region to convert to Christianity, by force or by their will.

   With the White man invader cruel rule, it was indeed certain that the natives of that region had no choice but to convert as they were left with nothing when immoral white invaders robbed them with everything they had and with it left them with no hope for survival. These leach Christin Missionary comes at a time when the natives are going through a miserable time and these Missionary show a Compassionate conservatism to the deprived natives, and helps these people to get out of their miserable life. They give them free clothes, shelter and food and on the basis the deprived people thank them and out of courtesy they think that their miserable life was a sin for following their ethnic culture, soon they abhor it and Embrace Christianity only to become an enemy of his own religion his ancestors followed, soon they become self-loathing and gets on process to convert their own people to Christianity.
   The trend was followed in all the nation wherever white man left his footprints, be it Portuguese, French, Dutch, Spanish and finall the British, all had the same agenda spread Christianity via the Missionaries, they had a bonus as the natives were helpless and deprived, they became helpless and mentally weak with their kingdom conquered by White men invaders, Christianity spread word wide, where ever they went the missionaries openly criticized the natives religion and its traditional custom practices tagging them SUPERSTITION and said the casue of such miserable life and poverty is due to worship of false gaods and Christianity was the only true religion. 

   If it was found that people were unwilling to convert, then Cruel Tactics was laid on them like how it happened in Goa by the most Cruel Sadist Missionary St. Francis Xavier, this Portuguese missionary introduced inquisition and laid a lot of sanctions on Hindus that many of them had to run away further south to Mangalore fearing the Cruel, Uncultured Portuguese Rule.  


   Spreading Christianity is always an advantage for the white men invaders, as it helped them to loot wealth, natural resource in every way they could and rule a nation easily, the British ensured to employ those converted to Christianity, gave them land and other facilities that made the natives inferior to the converted Christian, the British wanted to create such ruptures and they succeeded. With Christianity spreading in the Region the natives soon becomes enslaved to the White Men’s religion their culture and with it they also learn to be as greedy, miserable and cunning like the British.

   In every nation they invaded they created half bread Mulattos, who are brainwashed by missionaries to hate and ridicule native’s traditional customs and beliefs. They are the people who will never accept the native’s culture and identity but will have a soft corner to the white men’s religion the same immoral men who raped their ancestors some centuries back and converted them to Christianity. 

Christianity and Christian Missionary in India:

   It's a well known fact that Christianity has very old presence in India, it will be much surprising fact that the worlds second oldest church was made in South India Kerala, it was Jesus most favourite disciple St. Thomas also known as the Doubting Thomas, who arrived in Kerala at the advice of Jesus Christ in 49 A.D and set up  church, the Malayalees of Kerala goes GA GA when they say that they were Namboodari Brahmins once when St. Thomas converted them to Christianity. 

  This is a lie of the first order as Namboodaris during those period were so rich and powerful they held all four aces in the Kingdom, they never found it necessary to convert to Christianity, moreover they were very knowledgeable than St. Thomas. The people St. Thomas converted were the downtrodden people who lived under a much Cruel Caste system laid down by Namboodari Brahmins, Please remember that only Kerala suffered from this cruel racist caste system than any other states in India and Brahmin's in Kerala were the richest compared to any other sates in India where Brahmin's were not even 1/10th as rich as Namboodari Brahmin's.  

  Apart from St. Thomas, the rest were mean minded cruel and cunning leaches with only motto to convert people to Christianity, kill the existing Culture and Tradition, instill their customs and practices, brainwash their minds and make them self loathing, create a new soldier who will fight against their natives religion and its Tradition.

  It was about the mid 1990's with Globalization around the corner that Christian Missionaries came out in the open with a mass drive and long term plan to convert the whole of India to Christianity. As India opened it's gates to International markets, and with many MNC investing in India to loot India's wealth when they charged heavy premium on their branded products they sold in India, when the people were blindly paying more than 1000% on all FMCG product manufactured by MNC in India, these profits were sourced to Christian Church and NGOs operating in India via their MNC LOBBY. 

"The Church The Foreign NGOs and the MNC Lobby, are working in tandem to kill the social structure and fabric of our nation in every possible way they could. "
  If you be wondering why the government was not taking any measure to stop it then here is the reason why:

   India under the Sonia Gandhi's 10 year rule has suffered a lot as Foreign Funded NGO's and Christian Missionaries went on a full swing with money power, and Slimy Christian from Kerala went to all remote areas of India to Promote Christianity, the whole belt of North East a Naxalite bastion are tribals converted to Christianity by Missionaries and funded by Foreign Funded NGOs and the Human Right Activists who defend the Naxals who are a menace when our Armed Forces retaliates, Many of our Army men have been killed in encounter with the Naxalites but our Army is even demoralized by these immoral characterless Human Right Activists who claims that Army are killing innocent people. 

   These immoral Human Rights Activists are heavily funded by Foreign funded NGO and the Church when both are funded by the MNC LOBBY, the money they get from the looting we people for buying their useless, good for nothing and harmful FMCG products. 

   The Italian Waitress turned Empress under a Puppet Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh allowed free run to the Christian Missionary Organisation with their activities in India, even in her own party she only allowed Christian Politicians to take lucrative posts in her Congress Party, even party suffered a lot due to her partiality towards Christian Politician with a 'Yes Madam' attitude, a lot sensing danger converted to Christianity to stay close, when some loyal to their religion left Congress. 

   The 10 year rule of UPA government under the Italian Waitress turned Empress was perhaps the worst ever to happen to India, as we lost 10 years of development under her rule when the economy went haywire with a low GDP, followed by scams fro corrupt politicians, border infiltration etc, every thing was going wring under her rule when Christian Missionaries and Foreign Funded NGOs was having a ball of time, also the worse art is the Naxals that occupy 1/3rd of our land went from toe hold to foot hold under the rule of waitress. 

   The people indeed felt the pain after seeing a lot of scams happening topped with inflation and weak governance, the people of India gave a good kick on her teeth by reducing her UPA government to nothing in the May elections this year. It seems a remote possibility that her hopeless government will ever come in near future.

Superstition in Christianity 

   When whole of Christian community ridicule Hindus for every customs and beliefs calling it as plain Superstition, Christianity on the other hand has been based on Superstition and nothing but Superstition. he very act that they will assure us Salvation if we embrace Christianity is Superstition, Unlike Hinduism which is more of a choice there is no forced protocols, Christianity always had a fear factor based in Protocols do this do that, be like this be like that that etc. if you toe the line then you shall burn in hell and many such Blah followed by another Blah.

  A lot of these Christina Missionaries are pedophiles or Molest young children or teenagers in the Church. It a open secret in Vatican that the Padres are Homosexuals, and now the Pope has given sanctions to legalize Homosexuality in Vatican which is highly Condemned by the Roman Catholic sect.

  There are many instances of Rape and murder committed by Padres in the Convent, instances like this have occurred in India too,  the most famous being Sister Abhaya Murder case which happened in Kerala. 

   If you want to know the Bizarre sort of Superstition that none of the Christians in India will ever talk about which is pathetic to even imagine then here we go:

   The motto behind such superstition is being pervert, in Europe a high percentage of children are subject to Sexual harassment by the church authorities, by portraying the fear and wrath of God, many females have been exploited by such pervert Padres and Pastors who after they commit the sin ask for forgiveness and their sins are washed away. HALLE LOO YAA....

   Do these slimy missionaries have any answers for such bizarre and horrible superstition in their own religion and they ridicule our Dharma even by knowing what's cooking behind their back, such hypocrisy can only be seen in Christianity.

   Hence this is a request to all fellow nationals of my nation to understand and analyse the Judases who are ready to sell our nation wholesale kill our culture and social fabric and make us slave to the foreign invaders, please understand that we are in a Vulnerable Stage attacked from all corners that be from the Government, Media, NGO, MNC who attack our culture every inch of the way, we should never allow this to happen and be cautious to fight against it.

   Only we have a vibrant culture and history compared to other nations whose ancestors were doing  grunt grunt for communication when we wrote poems in Sanskrit. Our culture is the greatest and the most graceful of all over the planet which is why we should take responsibility to preserve it and pass it on to our coming generation. If we fail then we shall be held accountable to kill the great grand civilization of our ancestors....

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.

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