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Ghee and it's Myth.

    Ghee or Clarified Butter as known in English, is one of the main food in our Indian culture, and was given great importance by ancestors. Ghee has a big significance in all regions of our nation and was a staple diet used by every Indian. It was not only used as food but also is a main Ingredient for many Ayurvedic medicine used in various tonics and Oils for body massage and curing various ailments.

   During the olden days, when in every house it was very common to have a cow or two, milk was readily available with which they had a good stock of milk and butter or any thing in excess was given to the poor or the needy or given to the temples as offerings. 

   The ghee were purely organic, we had Cow of Pure Indian Prodigy which had a Hump on it's back, these cows gave A2 milk which was safe, healthy and very nutritious for our mind and body.

   Gone are those days when we used to treat Cows as our Holy Mother, Gone are those days when we followed the Great Vedas and Upanishads that have mentioned about the importance and significance of the Holy Cow, we never cared to know that many of our Rishis and Kings even sacrificed their life for the sake of The Holy Mother Cow, forget our generation who is not even bothered to know, even our elders are completely ignorant of the great significance Cow has to our life and society.

   Now this Humble gracious creature regarded as Divine by our Sanatana Dharma is only seen as a Milk Generating Business Machine, when she stops giving milk after feeding her with all harmful steroids, let's send her to the Butcher. Well this horrifying saga of killing or Indian Breed Cows have been happening ever since the evil British set their ugly foot on our soil. To know more about it, click on the link History of our Divine Vedic Cow

   What's disheartening to know is that even though or own indigenous breed are being killed in good numbers with various slaughter houses all over the nation, now we have Hybrid European Jersey and Holstein Cows, which are been reared by or Farmers, well little do hey know that these Cows are useless as they give harmful A1 milk which is not only bad for for healthy but also toxic  its more harmful for females as they will suffer from cancer and just born infants and children should never drink A1 milk as it can prove fatal. 

   Not only Milk of European Cow is harmful, but even the urine and Cow dung is useless, in markets we get butter and Ghee of this A1 cow milk but health and nutrition wise it will never come closer to that of butter or ghee of Indian Breed cows that give A2 milk. OUR DOCTORS DO KNOW THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF A1 MILK, but their lips are tied cause they know people will get sick and come to them for treatment and they can laugh all the way to banks.

   If we look at Maximum Retail Price Ghee is sold in markets then it will range any where in between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500/- a Kg. There are many Indian Companies that are selling Ghee for a long time and have created a Brand for themselves, they also have AGMARK certification on their products which signifies that Government has given approval to sell it as a Agricultural product and is considered safe as per Government Standards. 

   Offlate a new trend has come in the market we are now coming across a new term "Organic Food" the ghee in this term is sold at a much higher price which can go up to Rs. 800/- to Rs. 1400/- range, such companies claim they are different from other brands as they use Milk of Indian Breed only and their process of making ghee is as per conventional method, they don't use steroids on Cow's as she is fed with clean grass to give pure and nutritious A2 Milk.  

   These firms who sell Organic ghee, show their farms rearing the best of indigenous breeds that give abundance of milk which they use for making ghee.

please click to go to website

please click to go to website

   Below Image will show you the exact estimation for a Kg of Pure ghee:

   In the Image above the Price for a liter of Milk is shown as Rs 45 which now has increased to Rs 55/- so with it you can calculate the estimation to be around Rs. 1700 to Rs 2000/- range.  

   Our ancestors knew that if they have to procure Ghee from outside then they will have to pay a heavy price so in order to prevent it, all kept a Cow so that not only it shall give milk but also make Ghee at home and stock it as per their will, i don't have to calculate and go to further details as you can very well judge how many liters of milk a cow can give in her life time of 2 decades. 


   From Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya and finally Shudras, every one owned a cow and took great care of it with love gratitude and respect, as they knew cow was their source of existence as not only its milk but its dung and urine were used as fertilizer and Pesticides that gave high yield of food grains and other agricultural produce. 

 Sanskrit Hymns from the Rig Veda dedicated to Cow:

|| Gomeya Vasati Lakshmi Gomutre Dhanwantari  ||
  TranslationThe goddess of wealth Lakshmi resides in Cow's Dung, and the God of Health Dhanwantari resides in her Urine.

   Unlike now our Ancestors ate Ghee and used it in their every day diet, Ghee made them strong an healthy, their immune system were far better than wheat we have now, not only ghee was good for health but ghee is the one great source of tonic for your Brain, if you wish to have a fertile brain, that can improve your concentration levels, make it more active and improves Left and Right Hand Lobes of your Brian.

   The people of Gujarat, consume Ghee even to this date and they use it in their every day diet, which is why their mind is sharp, active and intelligent. You can see and learn from them how they use ghee in their many food preparations which are strictly vedic vegetarian food. In fact not only Gujarat but like i said before whole of India used to consume but due to the rule of Evil British who made us poor in 300 years flat, that domesticating a cow became difficult, and the British were adamant to eliminate Indian cows as they knew well that Indian Cows Urine and Dung was the main reason for India's abundant agricultural production. 

   As Cow's became lesser people became ignorant of its values, i remember very well when as a child in the early 1980's when i went to my native place, almost every household had a Cow and there was a Cow Shed in every house, the milk was free and excess was given to Gram Panchayat which was collected and given to government. But now hardly any have a Cow in their house they have a Cow Shed though which is used as Car Shed or Dog house, people in Kerala consider domesticating a Cow as a blue collared job and against their Status Quo.

   The situation is so worse in Kerala that all Hospitals are flooded with patients as they are drinking Harmful A1 milk, when milk at one time was free they are buying milk at a high price and later spend more in Hospital. Little do these people know when that when they had Cows, they were merry and healthy they never had illness as Cow have an Aura that kept many disease out of Bay from their Household, its that precious. When Cancer, Heart Attack and Kidney disease was never heard off during old times, now these disease is very common and Evil Pharma sector is on song. 

   The reason that we had so many super genius philosopher and vedic scholars who excelled in various fields of Maths, Arts, Literature, Science, Astrology etc. Was that as a child they consumed milk and ghee of Indian breed cows

White Ghee:

    There are ghee available in Market which is white in color, if you consume this ghee then be rest assured that you will become fat as this ghee is made from Buffalo milk and its not meant for people like us, as this ghee will not have many qualities you get from Cow's milk, the white ghee made from buffalo milk is only meant for Sportsmen like wrestlers or workers who do more of physical labor to make them very strong. 

   So if you think by eating Ghee you shall become fat, then please understand that the ghee were consuming is white ghee made of Buffalo's milk and not Cow's milk.

  Off late we are also getting Ghee which is fairly cheap and not only that the ghee has foul smell, if you ever happen get such Ghee then please discard it away as this is not Ghee at all as Ghee has a pleasing smell and it has a very long shelf life is stored properly. There are some companies who make ghee from Milk obtained from European Cows whose A1 milk is GMO and his can play havoc to our health.

How is ghee made? 

   Ghee stimulates the digestive fire. It helps in absorption of vital nutrients. Ayurveda considers ghee to be one of the most health enhancing of all foods.

   In India we make our own butter at home. We boil raw cow’s milk to get cream, churn the cream with hand to make fresh butter. Lord Krishna was very fond of this fresh butter.

   Place half a kilo of fresh unsalted butter in a suitable pan, with a good heavy base. Heat gently until butter melts, then turn heat up to medium.

   Once it starts boiling turn down to a low heat again. Let it simmer away gently. It will foam and splutter. This is just the butter giving off the liquids, as it turns itself into the magical ghee!

   Do not cover the pot or you will interfere with this process.

   Stir from time to time. About 10-15 minutes it should start to smell like popcorn..and should turn into a lovely golden shade.
   Skim off any foam from the top. When mixture has cooled slightly pour it into a jar with an airtight top. There will be some solids at the bottom of the pan. Discard it. 

   If you go through this 15 minute video, you will know how pure ghee is made, the author in the video, is specifically saying that the ghee you get in market is not ghee but actually processed clarified butter which is sold as ghee, which is why we are not getting the desired benefits, if you could see in the video how a 15 liter of Indian Zebu cattle breed is getting reduced to a mere One and a Half cup of ghee. 

  Only by his video you can judge for your self that the the Ghee you were consuming are processed by Brand companies. Which is why our ancestors used to prepare ghee at home to be sure they had pure and healthy ghee. 

   Now that India is flooded with European Jersey and Holstein Cows, which is a pain for farmers as it gets sick every now and then as they are not used to our climate, the farmers are loosing lot of money on antibiotics, and it eats about twice or more than our Indian breeds, the west has smuggled a lot of our Indigenous and are breeding our cattle in their country, they are consuming A2 milk to prevent themselves from various illness and have discarded their own breed for good. Many in Europe are drinking safe and Healthy A2 milk when we are getting sick with toxic A1 milk. 

This Cartoon shows European Cow.
   This is a big conspiracy by the MNC lobby and greedy, foolish political ministers under their pay roll, to replace our healthy cows with useless European breed. Our very own milkman of India Dr. Varghese Kurian recipient of Magsaysay Award (this award is only given to those who is a genuine Desh Drohi stooge of MNC Lobby for eg: Arvind Kaeriwal, Medha Patkar etc.) was severely pushing for Hybrid cows and wanted our Farmers to raise and breed European Cows for which grants and concessions were provided.

   It's now we came to know the horror behind the conspiracy, Varghese Kurian as guided by his foreign masters wanted to replace our Indian Breed Cattle with that Useless European Cows, for which he convinced the government authorities and Indian Farmers that European Cows gives twice more milk than Indian Breed, many farmers in Gujarat voluntarily gave their cows for experiment and Varghese Kurian ruthlessly converted a lot of our cattle breed to hybrid.  

   Thanks to some Gujarati Farmers who stuck to their traditional routes and told Kurian and his stooges to F@uk Off. It because of them that we still have some pure Indian breed else it the situation would have been catastrophic. 

   The damage this man has done is far worse than British, i call this man Varghese Kurian the worst traitor of all times who nearly eliminated our cattle breed. Sorry Kurian, you thought you will go with respect after your death, but now we know who you are you thought no one will smell your shit but now its stinking and so with it your soul.

Click on below link to know more:

   When cores of Indian cows and bull are being slaughtered even now in India, its meat is imported to European nation as they know European Beef is harmful to health, because of which Indian Breed Cow meat is in huge demand and Slaughter house is flourishing in India, our government filled with evil, greedy ministers are giving grants to establish slaughter house. One one had they are killing our Indian Breed Cows and other hand our original breeds have become hybrid else got replaced with useless Jersey cows.

" To all those reading my blogs please understand that our nation is under the evil clutch of Evil West who are trying to kill not only the social fabric and integrity of our nation but also rob us blind with what ever is left with us, they are taking away our animals and natural resources for a song and our government is giving the all support to loot us in every angel, they convert our poor people to Christianity, brainwash our poor and ignorant people by calling our culture as baseless and plain superstition, injecting western thoughts and calling them modernization, they want us to be lazy, and remain ignorant so that carry away with their loot, MNC's wants us to buy their products only which are not only useless but very expensive they take away a lot of our money back to their nation, they kill our Indian made products from competition and with it killed many skilled workers, we Indians are forced to purchase products or goods which are good for nothing and we get duped for paying it.
 Our market is flooded with American and Chinese products that have killed Swadeshi products and we Indians feel like aliens in our own nation. Our Businessmen community have become more of a trader than one who manufactures and sells their product. Development and progress of a nation can only happen if one manufactures and sells its own products. Please remember as it is plan economics and you don't need to be an economist that a Country can only develop if it manufactures and sells it own product. A nation will only be capable of generating more employment it its a Manufacturing nation."
What sense does it make when China is Manufacturing and Selling its product to the whole world while America is having Copyrights that's Patenting the globe making premium profits, which is not allowing developing and under developed nation to progress by any means. If a country want to sell something that is cheap then China comes on the way, if they want to sell something that is either fairly priced or at a Premium then America blocks the way. This is nothing but sheer Bondage. UNQUOTE

Now coming back:

Benefits of Ghee:

   Ghee has a very long shelf life. Traditionally it is not kept in the fridge ,but do so if you prefer. It will easily keep for a few months...

   However, once the jar is opened make sure you always use a clean dry spoon to extract the contents or you will easily contaminate it.

   Ghee— clarified of all its impurities, strengthened with all the essential fatty acids — is a miracle worker.  

   It increases the strength of the joints, improves the texture of the skin, hair and nails. It  works wonders for our insulin sensitivity, helps to burn fat efficiently and keeps the brain alert.  Ghee is  good fat. 

   We need the type of fat it provides for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins like A and E. Both work as antioxidants and are rich in anti-ageing properties—and also help to keep our immunity levels sky high. 

   The fatty acids in ghee also provide strength and hydration to our overworked joints, like those of the lower back and the knee, and help to keep our muscles agile and strong. 

  Ghee is a very good for metabolism, it aids digestion in a big way. According to Ayurveda, ghee aids digestion more than butter or any other cooking oil. It also helps boost your immune system. 

  Ghee is used as a base for herbal ointments and also used directly as a massage oil. It is very good for muscles and makes your body more flexible.

   Ghee helps balance excess acid secretion in the stomach, and it is also more digestible for the lactose intolerant than butter, because milk proteins are removed when the butter is clarified.

   Just at sunrise, put a table spoon of ghee in a hot cup of black coffee and gulp it down . I can assure you that it kick starts the bowel movements . Ghee is very effective in loosening up tight hamstrings.

   In Ayurveda, there is a Medicine called Saraswata Ghritam, as ghritam means ghee in Sanskrit, the main ingredient in this medicine is Ghee mixed with many medicinal herbs, it is one important and great tonic for your child's brain development as it wii make his brain active and improve his concentration levels, not only children but its a very good medicine for people who have weak memory power. This tonic should be taken early in the morning one spoon raw else mix it in milk and drink it. Do this for 3 months and see the result by yourself. It's available in all Kerala Ayurvedic stores

    Ghee is a wonderful solution for people who have snoring problem, if your husband sores at night not allowing you to sleep then ghee is the solution, all you have to do is before you sleep, allow two drops of Ghee in each of your nostrils, do not get up until the ghee gets down you nose, get up only after 15 seconds till the ghee settles down. Do this for 15 days continuously without fail and your snoring problems will vanish. Similarly along with it it will clear your air passage tract and avoid nose blocks, it is very effective if you have cold. 

   Eyesight Problem: if you have any eye sight problems like long or shortsightedness, else your eyes are too tired, or you have infection and you eyes are red, apply 2 drops each and your problem will be solved. For removing eye sight before your sleep apply 2 drops each for 3 months continuously and all your eyesight problems will be history. 

   Many have Black circle or Eye sack problem apply ghee in this area for 3 months straight and see the difference. (On the other hand if you want to do it free then, as you ge up early in the morning, before you wash you mouth apply your own spit in your eyes, you will never have any eye related problem, and also apply your spit on the eye sack or black circles even this will vanish. (YOUR SPIT IS THE MOST PRECIOUS AND USEFUL NATURAL MEDICINE ON PLANET.)

Ghee Lamp

   Lighting a ghee lamp in front of one’s alter is a very spiritual practice. A ghee lamp is simply made of pure cotton rolled into a wick, and immersed in lots of ghee, creating a candle when lit. The ghee lamp can be placed in a little earthen bowl made of clay or in an elaborately decorated brass holder

   Light symbolizes knowledge, illuminating and “en-lighten-ing” us. The light emanating from the ghee lamp removes darkness, ignorance and evil. The light or knowledge shows us the way out of our problems, fears, tensions, and unhappiness. The light of a ghee lamp is believed to bring in prosperity, as knowledge or wisdom is the greatest form of wealth.

   The ghee made out of cow’s milk actually draws in sattvic frequencies to calm our mind. Meditating near Ghee lamp allows us to reflect on our inner radiance. It clears our vision. In fact, in Ayurveda one is advised to gaze at this flame for 2 or 3 minutes to physically strengthen and clean the eyes.

  So if yo think that Ghee is bad for health, or like wise you doctors has advised you not to have it, the please understand that the Ghee you are consuming is not pure but processed butter, its very necessary that you must have a pure ghee to feel its valuable benefits. Consuming Ghee will never make you obese rather if a person is suffering for over weight then it will reduce weight and those who are thin will add extra pound of weight. 

   In this era of chemically processed food where natural organic food is a thing of past, we need to be very careful of what we must eat, we have to think twice before purchasing any thing if it is beneficial for our health. I will suggest you to buy Organic ghee that will cost you around Rs. 800 to 1200/- Rs to know what a Cow Ghee is actually worth.

May Maa Bharti Shower Her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.


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