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Saliva Your Life!!

   In my early article Constipation the Mother of All Disease, i had mentioned about Saliva and its benefits in brief, since it's the most essential requirement of our body for a healthy and long life, i am writing  this article dedicated to Saliva also known as Spit. Fortunate are those people whose body is capable of generating more saliva, for such people will always remain healthy, have a good immunity system, their body organs will ever remain fine and healthy, little are the chances that these people will suffer from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Constipation or Obesity. 

 Today in the age of Junk foods made by MNC food giants through chemically processed GMO meat and vegetables, are the main reason why we get sick, and suffer from so many diseases, it is often found that people who suffer from Diabetes have a dry mouth, for a long time they have been consuming Allopathic medicines and this has effected their Salivary Gland.  


    Saliva is the most complex fluid, which influences oral health through specific and nonspecific physical and chemical properties. The importance of saliva in our everyday activities and it's medicinal properties are often taken for granted. However, when disruptions in the quality or quantity of saliva occur in an individual, it's likely that he or she will experience it's detrimental effects on oral and systemic health. 

   Often head and neck radiotherapy has serious and detrimental side effects on the oral cavity including the loss of salivary gland function and a persistent complaint of a dry mouth (Xerostomia). 

   Thus, saliva has a myriad of beneficial functions that are essential to our well-being. Although saliva has been extensively investigated as a medium, few laboratories have studied saliva in the context of its role in maintaining oral and general health.


  If you closely observe any animal from the mammal category that be a dog, cat or any if they get wounded you will notice that the first thing they do is apply their own spit on it. They will keep licking the wound time and time again till the wound gets healed, if you notice the wound will get healed in no time and they will be back to their normal life, unlike we Humans, other than Spit we will use anti septic cream or a pain killer followed by antibiotics etc. that greedy doctors will flood with many useless medicine to make medical representative happier. 

   Animals only resort to spit, as not only animals but Humans too are naturally inborn to use spit as a first hand measure to protect their body in case of any injury or cuts and burns etc.


  Let me Shock you a bit here, general notion about Ayurvedic medicine is that they are very very bitter to taste hence Allopathic pills are better as you dont have to go through the torture of consuming Bitter medicines. 

  Yes all Ayurvedic medicine that come under the 'KASHAYAM' category are bitter and some are too bitter to taste, these are medicine made by medicinal herbs, leaves and roots which are crushed well mixed with water and boiled at a very high temperature, has to be taken as advised by Ayurvedic Doctor. 

  Have you ever wondered why these medicine area so bitter which is a pain to take? Why is that you dislike these Medicine which is a boon for your health, the answer perhaps might make you to rethink to take bitter medicines in a positive frame.

   There are six different type of taste which are Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent

TastePrimary ActionsCommon Sources
Builds tissues, calms nerves
Fruit, grains, natural sugars, milk
Cleanses tissues, increases absorption of minerals
Sour fruits, yogurt, fermented foods
Improves taste to food, lubricates tissues, stimulates digestion
Natural salts, sea vegetables
Detoxifies and lightens tissues
Dark leafy greens, herbs and spices
Stimulates digestion and metabolism
Chili peppers, garlic, herbs and spices
Absorbs water, tightens tissues, dries fats
Legumes, raw fruits and vegetables, herbs


    From the table above, you see that Bitter taste is good for you health as it detoxify your body, which is very essential for curing you from long or short term illness, what Bitter taste does is that the moment you eat a Bitter food or a Ayurvedic medicine that is bitter to taste your salivary gland gets activated and it secrets saliva instantly. 

  This saliva gets down in your stomach and the first thing it does is that it improves the metabolism of your body, which is why our ancestors always suggested us to eat our food slowly and chew it well and as much up to 20 times, cause chewing your food not only helps the stomach to digest the food properly but when you chew the salivary gland gets activated and secrets a lot amount of Saliva which gets mixed with the food and this helps in proper metabolism. 

   Bitter taste were used in medicine only with this sole purpose to activate and secrete more Saliva in your body. More the Saliva in your body, more better and stronger shall be your health. After Bitter, sour and pungent taste also activate our salivary gland but not with much effect like one that tastes Bitter.

   Maharishi Charaka, knew the miraculous benefits of Saliva, and the many cure to your sick body from Digestion, Heart Disease, Blood Pressures, Diabetes and Skin Disease etc. can be cured by Spit, hence he made bitter medicines with various herbs and roots so that when this medicine when gets mixed with your spit it will cure you and strengthen your immunity system.

   In the late 19th century, researchers had already learnt that saliva had digestive powers, mainly in the form of amylolysis and proteolysis. Studies in the early 20th century had shown some evidence of the dietary effect of saliva. Highly sensitive and high-throughput assays such as mass spectrometry, RT-PCR, microarray, and nano-scale sensors that can measure proteins and nucleic acids with minimal sample requirement in a short period of time allowed scientists to broaden the utility of saliva.


   Saliva is produced and secreted from salivary glands. The basic secretary units of salivary glands are clusters of cells called Acini. These cells secrete a fluid that contains water, electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes, all of which flow out of the acinus into collecting ducts. Within the ducts, the composition of the secretion is altered. Much of the sodium is actively reabsorbed, potassium is secreted, and large quantities of bicarbonate ion are secreted. Small collecting ducts within salivary glands lead into larger ducts, eventually forming a single large duct that empties into the oral cavity.

Few important functions of saliva:

  • Saliva serves many roles, some of which are important to all species and others to only a few:
  • Lubrication and binding: The mucus in saliva is extremely effective in binding masticated food into a slippery bolus that (usually) slides easily through the esophagus without inflicting damage to the mucosa.
  • Solubilization of dry food: In order to be tasted, the molecules in food must be solubilized.
  • Oral hygiene: The oral cavity is almost constantly flushed with saliva, which floats away food debris and keeps the mouth relatively clean. The flow of saliva diminishes considerably during sleep which allows populations of bacteria to build up in the mouth – the result is bad breath in the morning
  • Saliva also contains lysozyme, an enzyme that lyses many bacteria and prevents the overgrowth of oral microbial populations.
  • Initiation of starch digestion: In most species, the serous and acinar cells secrete an alpha amylase which can begin to digest dietary starch into maltose.


   Scientists concur that the diagnosis and prevention of diseases using human saliva is about to be explored as more and more laboratories and medical practitioners get ready to explore the potentials of Saliva. 

   Researches found in saliva analysis are able to predict, diagnose, or prevent many health problems and diseases.

  Molecules freely travel through the cells and into saliva ducts and it is these small molecules that can be found in saliva. Hormones are smaller molecules and can be tested in saliva and they are indicators of health and diseased status in humans. 

    A saliva test can give more information about your body than information obtained from blood test.

   Lower concentration of biologically active molecules like proteins, RNA, and DNA are found in saliva



  Researchers have identified the largest number of proteins in human saliva, a preliminary finding that could pave the way for more diagnostic tests based on saliva samples. Such tests show promise as a faster, cheaper, and potentially safer diagnostic method than blood sampling. 

   There is a growing interest in saliva as a diagnostic fluid, as it's relatively simple that blood test as for the same you have to go through the pain of syringe, same proteins  are present in blood as in saliva from fluid leakage at the gum line. It is considerably easier, safer, and more economical to collect saliva than to draw blood, especially in children and elderly patients. While saliva tests won’t replace blood tests for all diagnostic applications, but in the future they could prove to be a potentially life-saving alternative to detect diseases where early diagnosis is critical, such as cancers.

   Saliva Diagnostic Tests is relatively new but growing technology. Several tests are in the pipeline for uses ranging from pregnancy testing to the detection of chemicals such as alcohol and other drugs. One of the hurdles in developing new tests is a lack of understanding of the human proteome, or the study of large sets of proteins, particularly those that can serve as biomarkers for the presence of disease.

   Most proteome studies have focused on specific tissues and human blood samples, but a few studies represent the salivary proteome. Not much is known yet about the salivary proteome, but more should be known in the near future. Using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis in combination with mass spectrometry, other researchers were able to identify up to 28 proteins in saliva, including 19 proteins only found in saliva and 9 proteins also present in blood serum.

   Using a single saliva sample from a healthy, nonsmoking male subject, the researchers were able to identify 102 proteins, including 35 salivary proteins and 67 common serum proteins. Identifying all of the serum proteins present in saliva could take many more years. With advances in instrumentation, it is predicted that the number of serum proteins identified in saliva will increase significantly, although it will probably never match the number of serum proteins found in blood, mainly because serum proteins are only a tiny part of saliva, described as a dilute, watery solution containing electrolytes, minerals, buffers, and proteins. 

   Blood tests are a well-established, proven methodology, and it may take some time before saliva tests can become as reliable as serum tests. In the future, patient and doctors can look forward to more saliva-based tests.


   Saliva and other oral fluids support a host of functions in the oral cavity. These fluids reduce biomass and provide mechanical cleansing of teeth, provide an optimal pH in which oral functions are efficiently carried out, and contain an array of antimicrobial components. Saliva is not merely an ultra filtrate of plasma; it contains entire library of proteins, hormones, antibodies, and other molecular compounds which are typically measured in routine blood tests. 

   Thus, saliva functions as a diagnostic window to the body, both in health and in disease. Oral samples include saliva, as well as buccal swabs, and mucosal transudates. Saliva, as a diagnostic medium, is easy to collect and poses none of the risks, fears, or invasiveness of drawing blood. Salivary diagnostic tests could eliminate the need not only for a trained technician but also of the potential risk of contracting infectious disease for both a technician and the patient.

   Scientists have long recognized saliva as a mirror of the state of the body's health. Interestingly, saliva acts as a wide resource for genomic information useful for studying the potential disease status by analyzing their RNA level.

   Interestingly, scientists are advancing in the development of micro- and nanotechnology-based biosensors to detect salivary biomarkers. Current efforts also focus on cataloging the human salivary proteome. Future efforts will determine differences in salivary biomarkers from healthy controls compared with those in patients with a variety of diseases and disorders.


   Each of us may have inside our mouths a key to the pathological and disease biomarker library hidden inside our bodies. Saliva – the source of all this information – is the secretory product of glands located in or around the oral cavity. The relationship between salivation and behaviors within our daily lives is undeniable. Yet most people never appreciate the uniqueness of saliva. Throughout the world, saliva carries definite positive and negative connotations with it based upon its social, psychological, behavioral, and cultural settings. 
   The thought of saliva may be viewed as grotesque in one culture, yet conversely it may be the vehicle of blessing in other. Saliva's double nature brings up some interesting cultural, social, behavioral, and psychological points about how saliva is perceived in the world, some of which are stated below in order to present saliva as the spirited fluid it is.
   As research evidence accumulates, saliva-based diagnostics are widely accepted by clinicians and patients. Research efforts are underway to reveal the connection of salivary changes in all aspects to systemic health status. The noninvasive nature and ease of collection have made saliva the fluid of choice for not only diagnostic but also the more important health surveillance purposes.

Exactly what is contained in saliva? 

   Basically, it’s mostly water secretion in your mouth. Beyond water, saliva consists of mucin, organic salts and digestive enzymes. Under healthy conditions, you’ll produce in excess of a couple of cups of this fluid daily. This flow is slowest while you sleep and surges during a meal.
   Saliva is discharged into your mouth via your salivary gland system. And salivary secretion is controlled by your autonomic nervous system.
   You have three sets of major salivary glands. One type of gland is the parotid, which is located between your upper jaw and ear. The saliva that originates out of this gland tends to be watery in its consistency. The other two salivary glands are labeled sublingual and submandibula. Sublingual produces the thickest, stickiest version of saliva through numerous ducts in your mouth’s floor.

   Submandibular gland is found under your tongue and shoots out saliva of a texture that’s in between watery and sticky. Salivary gland placement is also in various spots throughout your mouth, ejecting saliva similar sublingual’s.
   Salivary gland flow decreases during periods of dehydration. And it’s that subsequent dry mouth that causes your sensation of thirst. Thus, causing you to seek sources of hydration, which is just one of saliva’s health benefits.
   Saliva has various other health benefits. Some of it’s more notable benefits is it serves as a moisturizer for your mouth, it kicks off starch and fat digestion, it’s a moistening aid for chewing and its stickiness binds food into a bolus for swallowing.
However, saliva benefits your health in other ways as well, like:
  • Provides a defensive barrier against bacteria, fungi, viruses
  • Bicarbonate buffer protects teeth against bacteria producing acids
  • Dissolves substance in food to make them more accessible to taste buds
  • Helps to eliminate bad breath and keep the gums healthy.
  • Saliva contains exactly what we need for healing: antimicrobial agents, enzymes, antibodies, growth factors and even an analgesic! 
  • A protein called lysozyme can actually break down bacteria, and neutralize it, and some salivary proteins have even been found to neutralize the HIV virus.
  • Nitrates that are naturally found in saliva break down into nitric oxide on contact with skin, which will inhibit bacterial growth. 
  • Saliva lowers pH is also a natural acid neutralizer, providing protection to the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. 
  • Saliva contains growth factors such as epidermal growth factor, leptin, lysophosphatidic acid, hyaluronan, histatin and NGF, which all promote the formation of blood vessels and healing. 
  • And if that wasn't enough--it also is a very effective pain killer. Opiorphin, an analgesic is up to six times more effective than morphine! 

   When salivary flow is too low, xerostomia (aka dry mouth) becomes an issue. When this happens, you’ll likely have difficulty chewing, swallowing or speaking. And a substantial cut in saliva has a negative impact on dental and oral health, i.e. increases risk of cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Dry mouth may be caused by a salivary gland disorder, for instance salivary stones. Yet, this health condition most frequently is a drug side effect.

 How to Protect your health with Saliva?

  After reading the information above, i hope you are convinced about the wonders and potentials in Saliva, what's worse is that in the present generation is that we are loosing the quality of saliva by getting addicted to smoking, chewing Gutkha, and other Tobacco products, that not only destroys the salivary glands but reduces its efficiency to secrete more saliva, as a result they suffer from cancer. Also junk foods is also responsible for aggravating your salivary glands which restricts the amount of spit required for your body.
  Which is why to to maintain a healthy life and prevent you from various disease its very necessary to secrete a good amount of Saliva in your body, Saliva is a natural vaccine that will act as a shied to prevent various disease, remember a body with good immunity will prevent you from getting effected with many viral diseases. If your salivary glands is capable of secreting around 2 cups of saliva then you will notice plenty of improvement in your body, that will help you to stay away from the Evil and Pharma Sector and Greedy Doctors whose only motto is to arrest you in the gamut of harmful pharma drugs. 

  What is very necessary that when you get up after sleep, the first thing that u need to do is to gulp down what ever spit is present in your mouth, all you have to do is run your tongue circling it all along your mouth from top to bottom, by doing this your tongue will collect all the spit present in your mouth and then swallow it down, may be this might sound ridiculous to you but its your own spit so there's no reason to say cheee..
  This spit that you consume early in the morning is priceless, this is worth Amrit (Ambrosia), this saliva early in the morning is wasted by many as they spit them out and clean their mouth thinking its a waste, have your ever realized the loss you are doing to yourself when you are spitting away the most potent medicine created in the world by your body to protect you from many diseases. This spit is equivalent to a vaccine that acts as a shield to strengthen your immunity system in a much better way that you will stay away from many Natural diseases and Evil men made Laboratory diseases like Ebola, Dengue, Chikunguniya etc.
   Which is why it's very necessary that everyday as you get up even before you drink water first, gulp down your saliva, what more IT's YOUR VERY OWN AND THIS WHITE DOMINATED WORLD CANNOT PATENT OR COPYRIGHT IT, YOU GET IT FREE. After you gulp down this spit, drink water but remember to take water in sips and you need to gargle water well and drink it. 

Eye sight:

   If you have problem with eyesight, long range or short range our your eyes get tires, if you are the one who sits in front o laptop for a long time like your truly, then Spit is the remedy. As you get up first thing apply spit in your eyes. Take some spit in your finger and apply, close your eyes for some seconds till it gets settled down then open your eyes you have to do this for a month or two and see the difference your eye sight will improve like miracle. You can also do this if your eyes are getting tired. 

  Applying early spit in the morning will also remove black circles on your eyes and also eye sack. 

  In order to stay Fit, Active, Healthy and in a Positive State of Mind, it is very important to drink around  4 to 5 glasses of water early in the morning instead of tea, even hot or warm water will do, if you mix a lemon in it, it will not only be better but for people suffering from obesity this hot lemon water is a boon in loosing their excess fat, by drinking water your salivary gland gets activated to a great deal and will keep secreting more saliva in you body. As mentioned above that Saliva is more of water which is why more water you drink, more active shall be your salivary gland and be capable of secreting more saliva. 

  But if your are eating foods that's not good for health then in the same way it will effect your Saliva. So its important if you want your spit to be active and more potent then you should eat healthy foods, hence stay away from American Junk Foods as by default these foods are harmful for health. Often you find articles stating chewing gum is a good stimulant to activate your salivary gland, let me tell warn chewing gums are a havoc and these contains high levels of Aspartame, which is far worse than Sugar, it's very addictive and a number one source for migraine which is why you have to be very careful as to what you should be eating as the saying goes "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" which is why you must restrict your self from eating foods that will ruin your life in the long run. 


  Any food that is bitter to taste like Bitter guard, Methi, Mooli etc. are very good for stimulating you salivary glands, why the doctors advice Diabetes patients to drink bitter guard juice in the morning is because it's bitter taste allows to stimulate the salivary glands in a much better way, Diabetes patients suffer from dry mouth or is unlikely to secrete ore saliva. Also foods like leafy vegetables like Cabbage, Palak etc.  which have more fiber is good for stimulation of your salivary gland.
    Wound licking is an instinctive response in humans and many other animals to an injury. Dogs, cats, rodents and primates all lick wounds. Removal of the salivary glands of mice and rats slows wound healing, and communal licking of wounds among rodents accelerates wound healing.   
   Applying saliva on pimples will get rid of the same very quickly not only that it will also ease the itching sensation, Saliva is very effective for skin burns as it a excellent coolant and the pain of burning will reduce quickly and with it the healing effects. Saliva is very good for skin as it a very good detox, it will wash all the dead cells in your skin and so help your body to remain clean from in within. 
   So please remember the above points and any time you keep secreting saliva when you are free or working as secreting saliva from your mouth is very easy all you have to do is move your tongue and saliva will keep secreting in your mouth your  mouth, that excess saliva in your stomach is always a bonus for your stomach as the food you chew gets digested faster and your stomach will not have excess load to digested food, because if the food is hard to digest the stomach ill take energy from other organs of the body i.e. more blood will travel to stomach to digest the food, in doing so there will be irregularities in blood pressure hence we suffer from low or high blood pressure which will invite other diseases. Saliva enables the food to break easily and burn it faster so that the metabolism can happen in a better way. 

  This is why you need to ensure that you are drinking water in good quantity so that you are able to produce more saliva, only take one point into consideration that donot consume water when you are having breakfast or lunch, please keep a gap of 2 hours before you eat your food, i.e if you are eating you breakfast then drink water two hour before and one hour later, the details i have mentioned in my early article 'Constipation the mother of all disease'. Also i want you to read Himalayan Pink Salt as this will cure and prevent you from many disease.
  Another one main point i want to add is that all tips i mention are slow process, the advantage is that finance wise it might cost you peanuts or free but to reap its benefits it will take time so you have got to be patient, life is not a  minute instant noodle like Maggie, every thing takes it's own time, so if its not working in the beginning give it time but continue with the process and do not give up. What ever i write on my blog is after applying these practice on myself and only after much satisfaction i mention it on my blogs.

  Also with spit our body produce sputum, these are the rubbish of your body that contains, dead cells, toxins and cholesterol  if your body is generating sputum its a good indication that your body is regularly cleaning itself, many swallow this sputum which is bad as these are the rubbish body wants you to throw out, many gets out through Urine and Shit, but what ever is left over gets out through Sputum, so never mistake sputum for spit, Sputum is a dense fluid thats either Yellow or green in colour. Also the chances of having more sputum is when you are suffering from high fever or cold.
  My only wish is that we are getting exploited, so why not be smarter and prevent us from falling ourself in to the ditch only to get trapped by Evil Pharma, these are normal remedies that will strengthen your health as time passes by, your body will respond and you will definitely know the change.
May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You

Jayan Divakaran.

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