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Tesla Air Turbine Generator: Energy is cheap and it's Free.

  The Climate Change conference had just been held in France, where in its quite obvious that the Zionist nations do not want the under developed and the developing nations to sustain themselves and will see to it that they are under their control.

    It is quite obvious that they do not want India to burn its coal required to sustain its huge population when India is a Power Hungry nation and in order to meet its demand it has to burn its coal to meet it's requirement, 

   Zionist nation knows it well enough that India has the resources and with it she can become self dependent, but they do not want this to happen hence they have come well with the Bull of Carbon Dioxide emissions causing Global Warming which is the most foul lie of all times, scientists all over the globe have realized this hoax and they are kicking out the Al Gore Global Warming Hoax to the ground.

   In order to meet our requirements, Zionist nation is forcing us to use Solar and Wind energy as a means to meet our requirement, but to a great extent this is a failure as it has shown in Europe as a failure.

    Germany wants us to buy this so that their company can get over from Bankruptcy, and our naive and Zionist loving Modi Government is falling in trap to this hoax which will create a huge problem for India in Future as Solar Panels have a life of about 15 years and this SOLAR debris will be huge problem for India in another 15 years like plastic.

    So what can be a solution for a clean and cheap energy requirement for India and Under developed nations exploited by Zionist Nations.

     The solution is Tesla Air Turbines:

This is how it works.

History of Tesla Turbines

        A Tesla turbine is a unique technology invented and patented by Nikola Tesla on the 21st October 1909 at the United States Patent Office from experiments done in England. The US patent 1061206 was granted on the 6th May 1913, although historical documents suggest that that Tesla first showed a 200 horsepower (about 150kw) 16,000 RPM version on the 10th of July 1906 (on Tesla’s 50th birthday). 

     From what Tesla wrote in the patent it seems his experiments were mainly done with fluids but had confirmed it works with air as well. Tesla had his own personal requirements for a generator for his laboratory. You have to remember use of electrical power was still in its infancy which Tesla played a critical role developing many of the electrical components we now take for granted. Typically Tesla found his alternative and better way of generating power, using a steam boiler powering a Tesla turbine which in turn powered an AC generator. 

   Unlike conventional turbines, jet engines and most pumps, Tesla’s turbine can be designed to be reversible with no loss in efficiency. Normally compressed air, fluids or steam is applied to the inlet and the turbine spins giving a mechanic rotational output. However, it can also double up as a pump, by rotating the shaft the air/fluid/steam can and be sucked and blown from the inlets / outlets. This makes it unique in being a reversible turbine and a reversible pump. However efficiency increases can be made by tailoring the pump to the medium. In other words an air powered turbine may have some slight design changes compared to water powered turbine. 

    Sadly unlike the work done with electricity the Tesla turbine never became popular and was simply forgotten about. Only in the last few years has there been new interest. Tesla turbines are also known as cohesion turbines, blade less turbines, boundary layer turbines and Prandtl layer turbines. 

Working with Air, Steam, Water, Vacuum and Hot Gases

     This turbine is ideal for experiments with air, steam, water and hot gases. With air or a Vacuum no special precautions need to be undertaken. With hot gases ensure the generator housing (and hence generator) does not over heat; prolonging the generator life. Try to keep the temperatures below 100C. Try using heat sinks and cooling-jackets around the generator casing. 

    With steam and water mount the turbine so the generator is vertical and facing upwards (at the top). This means if any water does get into the generator compartment it can return back into the main compartment and outlet over time. If this is still a persistent problem I would suggest changing the bearings for ones with rubber seals (bearings 625-2RS) which will provide extra protection to the generator. With steam and water slowly increase the pressures with each experiment and check the generator housing. The turbine has been tested at 150 psi with compressed air. If you do use high pressures please understand the risks and take the appropriate safety precautions. 

Key points

NEW closed loop - ideal for organic rankine cycle systems
Hybrid Turbine - using Tesla technology and impulse turbine technology to improve efficiency.
Ceramic Bearings - faster, more efficient, high temperatures.
Higher Efficiency -Runs from air, a vacuum, steam, gases and even water
Aluminium casing and disks with stainless steel shaft
Brass injection nozzle+ free blank nozzle
Comes with 60 watt of bulbs to demonstrate electricity production
Generator can produce up to 150watts
Easy to customise
5 disks with a diameter of 71.75mm (2.8inch)
Disk gap spacing is 1.45mm (can be changed with new spacers)
Outer casing is 100mm (3.9 inch) diameter by about 120mm long (4.7 inch)
1/4 inch BSP thread for inlet and outlet
tens of thousands of RPM possible
    When asked which amongst your invention would you like to say was your best, Nikola Tesla answered that the Air Turbines was the best amongst all he invented. He even said that the Air Turbine gave an accuracy of 98%.

If you dont know who is Tesla then it ain't your problem cause the Zionist never wanted you to know who this great Super Genius is click on the link below to know more about the only Genius who shaped the 20th century:

 May Maa Bharti Shower her grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.

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The British Stooge: Gandhi and his Dandi

The Father of Our Democratic Nation, it's a sin for anyone in India to say in Public that I Hate Gandhi, as i do know how the Secularists and the Media will tear me apart moreover the Government will sue me for defaming Nation's father. If i ever declare the statement that I HATE GANDHI, i do fear the Political Outburst for my statement....

     More than Public it shall be political and when it come to Gandhi we know well who will raise the trigger. Yes, the Indian National Congress and the old monkeys who have been living all their life under the grab of the 'AHIMSA' model that the world regards that Gandhiji aka Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi aka MAHATMA GANDHI gave independence to a nation that had been brutally exploited under the evil clutches of the British for more than 300 years......

     Beef eating savage Uncultured, Ungrateful, Selfish, Looters, Rapists and Murderers British who never fought a single war out of bravery, used their cunning tactics of deceit to fool Kings to commit a blunder thus by taking over the reign of a region was shaky in front of this dhoti clad dandi holding Gandhi, so much that even his presence in front of a British High Ranking Official could make them helpless, such was the persona that they would surrender at will in front of Gandhi and the British felt helpless against the NON VIOLENCE STRUGGLE (AHIMSA) that sooner than later the deprived Indians fed up of British Rule found a new found hope whose weapon was not Swords or Gun but about staging Dharna and Strike and to make the British aware of their Sins and forcing them to go back to England was the Motto.

      The British was afraid, Why? cause the statistics was not there in their Favour, British ruled India at that right from the Whole of Pakistan to Bangladesh right down to Kanyakumari, with a small soldier strength of 25,000 British Soldiers in all. With this small numbers the ruled the whole nation and yet they could loot all the wealth from our nation in a shot span of time all the way to England. 

     How can all this be POSSIBLE, that such a tiny number of British could ever rule a mighty Big nation like India, are they so Brave?  are they so Clever?? are the British so Invincible that not empire can stand against them? Answers to this will be addressed in the later parts of this post, but as per the World History these Blighty Barmy Pigs did rule the world so much so they had an empire where the sun never sets. Did the Sun ever rise??


      Today these pathetic nation is in the brink of a callous disaster, their economy is down the spiral and under a heavy debt in another decade or two this nation will amongst the most poorest nation, all for the sins committed by their ancestors. All the wealth they looted from India was taken away one single scoop by the Rothschild Family and now this pathetic nation is left is with a stupid British Royalty to boast off.

  Who the Rothschild's are is explained in brief in the post:

ENGLAND IS GONE FOREVER... despite of looting India for 2 centuries they are back to nothing, with a bad weather and snowfall this nation has nothing.

    So coming back to the Father of our nation, we have no clue why we are not having any sort of respect like we have towards Bhagat Singh or Subhash Candra Bose. We do lack the feel of Gandhi always, its only when our Government gives publicity that we remember the Dandi Man, even Bollywood tried to revive him back in 2005 Munnabhai MBBS, but still the legacy of Gandhi did not work. Even though the movie was a big hit starring a hero wanted for 1993 riots, Gandhi did not impress the youth of our nation.

    When that was not enough, comes a revolutionist who doctored to Gandhi principle and fight against Corruption with Huger Strike the man from Ralegaon Siddhi Shriman Anna Hasare...

    A man full of Gandhi from in within did make a strong presence in the mind and hearts of the people with a strong grit and determination to remove corruption from the society and nation, it felt as if the dead spirit of Gandhi was on revival, the year 2010 and 2011 was when Delhi did simmer under the presence of Anna Hazare when people fed up of corruption and pathetic politicians sided with Anna Hazare, the NDA Govt had a bad time and Sonia Gandhi had to take a serious decisions as people had come to revolt.

   A nation which was sleeping against a lot of injustice suddenly woke up, an aura was created as the 70 year old man was seen as the next Gandhi who will drive away corruption from our nation exactly the way Gandhi Drove away British with his Dandi nay AHIMSA movement.

   When British rule was the main problem then, now a whole lot of bunch of mean minded corrupt politicians elected by people from various corrupt parties was the problem, in the hustle and bustle emerged a young man with great ambition to server Bharatmata, yes he was a educated man graduated from IIT and IIM served in the Income Tax department for about 20 years, so much his honesty that he never got transferred from the same building and worked in Delhi for more than 2 decades a feet no officer ever had a very honest man called ARVIND KEJRIWAL.

     When Anna Hazare was forcefully successful in bringing the persona of Gandhiji, the man the movement Kejriewal, decided to join his movement of India Against Corruption, and as time passes by the tussle between Anna and Arvind gets so murky that Arvind using Anna Hazzare to the fullest starts his own party and that left Anna Baffeled. Arvind succeeds in defeating Sheela Dixit to be elected as Delhi Cheif Minister, but somewhere round the the corner Anna Hazare got misguided and the legacy of Gandhi all built by Anna and his bandwagon went KAPUT. The movement of Anna Hazare was used to the fullest by Arvind Kejriwal which got him everything he wanted.

     All that India and Indians have been witnessing for the past 4 years since 2011 is a plan or a motive to bring back Gandhi's legacy of Non Violence and Peace to be somewhat trusted on the present generation. Way back when Gandhi was alive his Non Violence was only taken seriously by Hindus only, Muslims never joined the stupidity of Non Violence rather during the India Pakistan Partition a lot of Hindus were killed by Muslims cause they were successfully brainwashed by Gandhi and his Stupid Non Violence theory, as a result Muslims easily killed Hindus as Gandhi had said that Ahimsa is their main weapon and one must never use Weapon when attacked. 

   It's due to the Non Violence theory that Hindus gave up weapons and that derived of defending themselves during the riots of the partition. 


I shall call Gandhi as a Genocider of Hindus through the medium of love and peace nay AHIMSA.

    Ever since our nation had been invaded by foreign invaders it has never known peace, Sanatana Dharma has gone down a vertical spiral with 800 years of Islamic Mogul rule the worst of all genocides ever happened was during the Mogul rule that killed nearly 90 million Hindus during this period, followed by 15 million during the British Rule, and when that was not suffice, Gandhi a puppet of the British supported British with their Genocide and loot.

The Purpose of Gandhi:

     British Pigs knew well that they are hated in India, they knew well that after getting all the Hindu Kings and Nawabs in their pockets by deceit and blackmail, the people of India will resist one day or the other, these racists rascals knew well that no matter how hard they try to suppress people by cruel means in terms of Land reforms, Law & Justice, Forest acts, which robbed the people of their livelihood and soon people of India became poor and dependent, these lecherous creatures knew that they were small in numbers and that there will be a uprising by the people of the nation and this uprising will bounce back on them one day and this was one big fear of the British.

    Yes the revolt happened from time to time, at it did object the British from having a total rule in India as there were many freedom fighters like Vasudev Balwant Fadke, Bagha Jatin, Rash Bihari Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai etc. who fought hard against the tyranny of the British, the British wanted to play safe in such a manner that even if there is a revolt happening then it must be regulated as per their will and get suppressed and in this span of time take all the wealth of nation and transport it back to England.

What the Rascal British thought was that they were doing it for the Queen there nation, but what the reality was that the loot was going to Rothschild Coffers!!!

 Even till date stupid brits believe they are ruled by the Queen, THEY ARE WRONG... anyways who cares to clarify a nation of Zombies.

    The British wanted a ready made Indian who will dance to their tunes and direct him work cleverly so that their goals can achieved, remember it not total rule of India but looting the wealth of the nation was the prime motto, all the looted wealth used to go via cargo from Bombay Harbor.  Looting wealth of the nation was the main reason why British made Railways and Roads and its not the other case that they were generous, WELL GENEROSITY IN BRITISH.... MY LEFT BALL!

Here in the video see what a British Sperm has to say...

     The plan worked and the got the man in Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi a Kathiawar Jain from Porbunder Gujarat, this man Gandhi worked for the British and the British could get whatever they wanted with this stooge, through Gandhi the British had a great time, its like hitting two birds with the same stone, and it worked very well with the British, when the virtual reality is that we see him as a divine figure, Gandhi was a all out pawn for the British, as people's revolution got regulated, their loot of wealth became very easy, no bloodshed no war as Gandhi Promoted the idea of Non Violence to the masses, he convinced the people saying let the British take away whatever they want as they are our guests, all we want is they must leave India, but the British never left rather they looted under Gandhi as a Guarantee Shield.

Grooming of Dandi nay Gadhi:

Bad in studies Gandhi managed to pass the Matriculation Examination in 1887 in the third division, scoring a pathetic 247 out of 625. 

A book written by Jew Joseph Lelyveld “Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India” in which Joseph a Zionist and a Pulitzer Prize winner awarded by Columbia University USA, portrays Gandhi as a debauched bisexual with a gay relationship with one of his disciples, the German-Jewish architect and body builder Hermann Kallenbach.

    Gandhi’s 13 letters to Kallenbach, however, were put up for auction decades after the death of the two men, and were eventually acquired by the National Archives of India.

    Lelyveld Arthur Joseph , a rabbi  received his B.A. from Columbia University in 1933 . He was instrumental role in obtaining critical American recognition of the newly formed State of Israel. Lelyveld was a contributor to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. He was a veteran of four decades with the New York Times,owned by Rothschilds, where he served as executive editor from 1994 to 2001.

The book has not yet been released in India.

    German Jew Kallenbach was a  sportsman and an architect, who was given given orders by German Jew Rothschild  to befriend  Gandhi who was then working in South Africa in 1904. On Rothchild’s orders Kallenbach, donated to Gandhi his 1100 acre (4 km²)  farm near Johannesburg in 1910.  This farm was used to run Gandhi's famous "Tolstoy Farm" that housed the families of his satyagrahis.  

   It was Kallenbach's task to brainwash Gandhi into non-violence to fight the enemy as Leo Tolstoy died on 20th Nov 1910, Rothschild made Tolstoy brainwash young and gullible  Mohandas Gandhi with the idea of nonviolent resistance ... This famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy was a Crypto-Jew.

    Britain needed a "their type of non-violent freedom fighter" to take over the reins of Indian freedom fighting as the "well planned" 1st world war was drawing close, They needed to recruit at least 1.3 million Indian soldiers for WW1.

BINGO!!! Gandhi came to the rescue...

    Both Gandhi and Kallenbach lived together as soul mates from 1907, Kallenbach was micro managing Gandhi throughout Satyagraha (non-violent resistance) struggle, lasted in South Africa until 1914.

   The form of resistance that Gandhiji devised was unique: 'Satyagraha'.  He would patiently appeal to the good sense of the Christian whites, while also refusing to follow their laws that he regarded evil.  He was willing to suffer punishment for breaking these laws,  but refused to hate the invading white men. After a lot of training into nurturing Gandhi and after testing his Loyalty to the British Empire, Gandhi was chosen by Rothschild  to come to India to lead the freedom movement nay to sabotage the uprising of the freedom movement. 

     Gandhi's doctrine of nonviolence suited British as it was not difficult for them to understand that his harmless and nonviolent Satyagraha would pose no threat to the British Empire.
      It has to be further pointed out earlier that British in India, at that time, were terribly afraid of violent freedom struggle launched by the patriots of Bengal, Maharashtra and Punjab etc. But Gandhi, through his speeches and writings, managed to expose that he was against any sort of violence in Indian freedom movement.

Gopal Krishna Gokhale

     When Gandhi came to the India he was greeted by the president of the Indian National Congress who was a silent supporter of the British but pretended to be a great freedom fighter, exactly like how Arvind Kajeriwal has foreign connections with Ford Foundation.

    Though this man was known as a great reformer never went to jail like B.R. Ambedkar, Gokhale was told by Britain to mentor Gandhi, so that he can hand over the mantle to him, later in case his health went bad.

      As Congress got split in two in 1906, the group led by Tilak, supported by Lala Lajpat Rai and Bepin Bihari Pal, the trio of Lal, Bal and Pal came to be known as the Extremist group, while the British stooges and loyalists were called the Moderates. But it's the extremists with the help of mass support that gained popularity and emerged as the dominant group while moderates lost their control over the Congress.  

     To explain Satyagraha, Gandhi used to say, “A Satyagrahi should expect to get killed by an aggressor and not to kill him”.  

     One should recall here that instruction of Bhagawat Gita is to kill an aggressor without giving a second thought—just do your duty.

    Rothschild wanted Gandhi to succeed Gopal Krishna Gokhale in India , at the helm of freedom fighting.

    Gokhale gave instructions well in advance by Rothschild to  play to the gallery, and establish huge respect for Gokhale as the mentor and Gandhi as the "rising sun" and the prospective successor as disposer of the destiny of the enslaved Indian.

    Tata the opium agents of Rothschild in Bombay had sent huge amounts of money to Gandhi, for the pomp and show soon to unfold. Railway stations was decorated and even the British joined the grand reception fit for King George.

    Everything would be splashed in next days British owned newspapers in India. 

   When Gandhi left South Africa for India, entire main stream media of the world announced “THE SAINT HAS LEFT OUR SHORES “. We Indians had a Rothschild’s  ready made messiah to sit on the driver’s seat of our freedom struggle.   Juicy stories were splashed how Gandhi (1914 ), presented General Jan Smuts with a pair of sandals made by himself  to show great mutual admiration and respect..

    Before Gandhi sailed for England, Gokhale left for England to arrange a grand reception, involving thousand of cheering British dignitaries, for newspaper photographs, suitable for a "great Mahatma "--  and meetings with Churchill and MP's, to coach and familiarize him. 

     It was in the blue prints of the British that Gandhi would make sure thousands of Indian soldiers joined Britain to fight along with them in the first world war.  Gokhale was stuck at Paris as the 1st World war just broke out. 

    Sooner Gandhi issued a circular assuring his resolve to dedicate his unconditional service to the British Empire and sent it around to collect signatures. He also set up an Indian Volunteer Committee with himself in the chair and V.V. Giri and others as members. V.V. Giri ultimately resigned from the committee, as he found this to be a bizarre. Gandhi met Gokhale and proceeded a plan to sabotage India’s freedom movement according to the design of the British aggressors.  

     On 28 December 1885, British Government of India formed the Indian National Congress (INC) with Allan Octavian Hume as the president and few other eminent, loyal and English educated Indians like Dadabhai Naoroji, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Phirozeshah Mehta and so on. Whose sole intention was to get prior information of what the Indians were thinking and going to do in near future so that another Sepoy Mutiny might not recur. 

    At the beginning it was like an elite club dominated by the loyalists. But later on, appearance of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai and Bepin Bihari Pal ( popularly known as Lal Bal Pal), the scenario changed considerably.  

Lokamanya Tilak was first to embrace independence of India from British rule as the national goal and it aroused the first spurt of nationalism among the members of the Congress.

    Parsee Sir Pherozeshah Mehta, a leading lawyer of Bombay. His political ideology was, like the case with most of the Parsees was be very friendly to the British Crown's sovereignty--and most of them had made their fortune by being opium agents of Rothschilds

   In India, Gokhale , Pherozeshah Mehta and then BR Ambedkar would keep an eye on him, and report to British. The British in India were strictly told to treat Gandhi with respect. The newspapers were full of "Angel & Saint" words for Gandhi, that the British feared the most. 

    Gokhale told Gandhi that it was necessary to touch the minds of people of the nation for which it was necessary to tour extensively all over India in 3rd class train, to give a "darshan" to all Indians, the apostle of peace and non violence would sit on the driver's seat of our freedom struggle..  Exactly what is repeated by today's politicians. 

    Such a wide curiosity was raised by endless propaganda of the great Mahatma-- that thousands lines up along railway tracks, doing Namaste. It was a media blitzkrieg.

    At Calcutta another opium agent of Rothschild in Calcutta, the wealthy GD Birla, jumped into the crowd and started pulling Gandhi's carriage with great respect. The Governor of Bombay was ordered by Rothschild to bestow Gandhi with the title of "Kaiser E Hind". The British made sure that every railway station was crowded with surprised Indians..

Who is this great man who gave British and even the King of England, an inferiority complex?  The propaganda was at its best.

     As Gokhale expired (good riddance), Gandhi was at the drivers seat and like all politicians gandhi loved being at the top the most. At Lucknow he was introduced to Nehru, as per the Rothschild blueprint.  He would be groomed to take over the mantle from Gandhi. (Like Arvind Kejariwal has Manish Sisodia)

    But the duo had a problem, and it was Subhash Chadra Bose, despite of free publicity from the British Media and show up people preferred Bose, a person of high intellect and caliber respected even by congress members, was elected as president of the INC in 1939 which created a rift between Bose and Gandhi, Nehru. However Gandhi knew to pull the plug and made sure not to allow Bose to work the way he wanted to in the Congress and this was supported by the British and their servant Parsees. 

     As world war began and for the mission he was prepared, Gandhi started to recruit Indian Soldiers for the British Army, to express his loyalty to the British Empire. It is rather strange that how come a apostle of Peace and Non Violence could support war and according to his promise to the British master, recruited Indians for both world wars. He personally traveled far and wide and addressed meetings in his bid to recruit soldiers for Britain.

     Confused Indians used to ask Mahatma every day, “Why should we help the cruel British invader who is robbing us blind every single day ? What good will it do to us? What had Britain done to deserve our "coolie" blood?  What about AHIMSA ? Gandhi assured Indians that if we participated in this war the British will leave India after the war, but this never happened even after the second World War was over

13.83 lakh Indian soldiers were recruited for World War 1 , as a direct result of Gandhi’s actions for overseas action. Out of this 1.11 lakh or 111000 soldiers were killed in action. 

20 lakh Indian Soldiers were recruited for World War 2, and 243000 ( 2.43 ) lakh Indian soldiers died in the Second World War for Britain. 

     There is no war memorial for these dead souls, who were equated with donkeys, mules and horses.

  Meticulously the British used Gandhi to disarm and demoralize the patriotic revolutionaries of India, like Bagha Jatin , Aurobindo Ghosh , Surya Sen, Jatin Das, M N Roy etc. He was asked to travel to Bengal to extinguish the fire of violent freedom struggle .

On April 24, 1915, in a meeting organized by the Madras Bar Association, Gandhi declared to a shocked audience,

 “It gives me the greatest pleasure this evening at this very great and important gathering to re-declare my loyalty to the British Empire and my loyalty is based upon very selfish grounds. As a passive resister I discovered that I could not have that free scope which I had under the British Empire … and I discovered that the British Empire has certain ideals with which I have fallen in love.”  

    Gandhi always condemned the patriotic revolutionaries of India to please the British. He publicly appealed to the patriotic and volatile youths of Bengal and Punjab, to give up violence. On April 27, 1915, he asked the students of Madras to give up political assassination, political dacoities and conquer the conquerors not by shedding blood,  but by sheer force of "spiritual predominance" (sic!) . 

   He condemned patriots like Khudiram Bose and Rash Behari Bose as he condemned violence and said that it was an evil path and that all revolutionaries were anarchists.  

   Lokamanya Bal Gangadhara Tilak was arrested in Mumbai because he wrote three articles in the Kesari supporting Khudiram’s bomb explosion at Muzaffarpur, and was sentenced on July 22, 1908, to six years’ transportation, and as usual as ordered by the British Gandhi strongly rejected to this article of inciting the people (Hindus) of the nation with violence against the British.

    With the British controlled Media praising Gandhi to the sky worked wonders for them as People of the nation (Hindus) got mesmerized by Gandhi and it helped the British in much better way so easy was it for the British to loot India with Gandhi's stupid Nonviolence that Sir Samuel Hoare, the Viscount of Templewood , made a comment that "Gandhi was one of the best friends of the British".  But the people had no clue that this Dhoti clad Gandhi was indeed a Sheep in Wolves clothing and yeah, with a Dandi.

   Later on he was compelled to support the Indian call of independence his real non-violent resistance started with the Dandi Salt March on 12th march 1930-- 16 years after he came to India. On 26th Jan 1930, the INC declared Indian Independence. All the while he kept himself at the drivers wheel and to avoid flak and growing dissent with his suspect leadership-- and it is here that Indians smelt a rat.  

   Puppet man Gandhi supported the British decision of partitioning of Bengal. Gandhi had condemned Madan Lal Dhingra before he was hanged by the British on 17th Aug 1909, for avenging the transportation to Kaala Pani on flimsy grounds of the great patriot, Ganesh Baburao Savarkar, the elder brother of Veer Vinayak Savarkar, Gandhi also condemned Veer Vinayak Savarkar for supporting Dhingra.  

  Gandhi asked all people like Dhingra to abandon violence and adopt nonviolent Satyagraha as the means to fight British power and earn freedom. This literally angered Lokmanya Tilak. 

    India would have  been free before the first world war if the German ship had delivered a shipload of arms and ammunition to him.  Bagha Jatin is the BENGAL TIGER OF INDIA.  Gandhi had condemned Jatin several times.

    Gandhi the puppet was created in South Africa with a meticulous plan by the Rothschild as the only brown skin leader who can make the might British Empire bend , a tall leader who commands so much respect from the British.

     He kept people in the dark. He claimed he was trying to save Bhagat Singh, however, the truth was different. He never contacted the VICEROY about the Bhagat Singh issue. Such hidden intentions were revealed by a friend of the VICEROY & Bhagat Singh, named MANMATH NATH. Gandhi feared the growing popularity of Bhagat Singh, he was insecure and nervous.

download (1)

     Gandhi often said India’s partition would happen over his dead body. However, the truth was that Gandhi himself proposed and agreed to the formation of Pakistan. He once said  ”I am born to fulfill the laws of caste.” Should a father of the nation be mentioning caste as his agenda?

  In 1932, Gandhi collected 1crore & 32 lacs in the name of “TILAK SWRAJ” fund, which was collected for the use of DALITS. However, he did not spend even a single penny on the DALITS. 

    By this it becomes aptly clear that if the politicians of INC had learnt the Art of Hypocrisy and corruption then it was from none other than the Father himself. This man Gandhi a British puppet was full of negativity.

      Gandhi was aggressively propped up by the Christian missionaries and in particular General Jan Christian Smuts, who made sure to bend every time he had a head on collision with Gandhi-giving all Indians have more faith and hope in Gandhi.

     The constant arm twisting of a powerful racist like Gen Smuts and extravagant concessions extracted by Gandhi spread his fame far and wide. All this was a huge charade. When Gandhi arrived in India, the British government kept bowing before him in all his agitations and conceded what he had demanded. 

    Gradually, Indians began to rally behind Gandhi as the “tall leader who gets the work done.”.

    General Jan Christiaan Smuts a Rothschild stooge was the only person to sign each of the peace treaties ending the First and Second World Wars, a war fought with the sole intention of carving out the state of Israel.  

    Gen Smuts was a field marshal in the British Army in 1941, and served in the Imperial War Cabinet under Winston Churchill whose mother is Rothschild. Today an Israeli town is named after Gen Jan Smuts, a man who was a close friend of Rothschild, and Lord Balfour..

Gandhi and his Abnormal Sex Behavior

     Gandhi slept naked next to nubile, naked women, aged 18-25, to test his restraint was a regular practice. His bizarre sexual history is loaded with kinks and fetishes. However, it clashes with the perception of the man. 

    Dr L R Bali’s book, “RANGEELA GANDHI” & “KYA GANDHI MAHATMA THE”, illustrates Mahatma Gandhi’s deep seated desires. Gandhi has admitted that at the time of going to London for higher studies, he decided to keep off MEAT, ALCOHOL and SEX, but he couldn’t control his sexual urges.

   It has been alleged that Gandhi went to South Africa just for earning money and fame. Before heading for South Africa, he tried his luck in India but failed to create a successful law practice. He represented Abdullah & co. whose business involved Smuggling. Gandhi charged heavy fees. During daytime, Gandhi spent time with the poor suppressed people for a  while at night, he enjoyed the luxury and comforts of the house of Birlas by now you might know what i mean.

Gandhi and his Fetish for Enemas:

   Lilavati Asar, wrote that she slept nude with Gandhi and gave him SEVA. Gandhi gave her regular enemas.

   Sharada Parnerkar wrote that she slept nude with Gandhi and gave him SERVICE. She admitted that Gandhi gave her regular enemas.

   Amtul Salaam whom Gandhi called crazy wrote that she slept nude with Gandhi and gave him SEVA. Gandhi also gave her SEVA.   Gandhi once wrote about the pleasure he gave Amtul when he gave her a massage.

   Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur admitted to giving nude Gandhi bath and massage.

   Prabhavati Narayan, wife of JP admitted to sleeping with Gandhi and giving him SERVICE.

   Married woman Kanchan Shah, slept with Gandhi nude. Gandhi was upset because she demanded too much SERVICE.  

   Gandhi wrote to her husband later "You should not touch each other. You shall not talk to each other.  You shall not work together.  You should not take service from each other."

    But Gandhi of course was a  divine creature allowed to received "service" from nude underage women daily .

   Kumar wrote "The vow of brahmacharya was a revenge Gandhi took upon everyone else."

    The  hut where Gandhi slept nude with underage  Manu was called "holy ground," and Manu's father had to sleep elsewhere when he visited.

     Kumar wrote: "Just five days before Gandhiji was assassinated, Gandhi charged Manu with failing to realize the potential of mahayajna."

    Sushila Nayar would sleep nude with gndhi , when Kasturba was watching all this in utter sadness. 

Seva man Gandhi with Sushila Nayar.

    Gandhi  spake "Sushila has experienced everything I have in me. . . . She is more absorbed in me. Hence I would even make her sleep by my side without fear."

    In February, 1939, Gandhi admitted that four women at Sevagram did not like "giving service" and they were ordered to sleep "out of reach" of his arms.

     Gandhi admitted that there were some “black nights,”in which God “saved me in spite of myself.” Sushila Nayar sooon went away to study to be a doctor. 

     As soon as her studies were completed Gandhi  begged her to return as the ashram's doctor.   He was upset that she now refused to be called his daughter, and he urged her, without her preconditions, to "rush to me and become one with me."

   There are dozens of corny letter exchange .  

   Sushila wrote to Gandhi that she has terms , and she would not be doing SEVA to Gandhi.  Nayar says that she reluctantly submitted to Gandhi's indomitable will in September, 1940.

    In 1947 Swami Ananda and Kedar Nath, two visitors with substantial spiritual credentials, queried Gandhi as follows: “Why do we find so much disquiet and unhappiness around you.  Why are your companions emotionally unhinged?” The former Tantric Raihana Tyabji observed that the more Gandhi's young women "tried to restrain themselves and repress their sexual impulses . . . the more oversexed and sex-conscious they became."

On December 17, 1946 at 3:20 AM, Bose heard two loud slaps and “deeply anguished cry” from Gandhi’s sleeping quarters. 

    He went in to find both Sushila Nayar ( below)  and Gandhi in tears. Nirmal  Bose had assumed that Gandhi had slapped Nayar, but she insisted that Gandhi had hit himself on the forehead twice

    Gandhi's Bengali secretary, Nirmal Bose, reported that he heard Gandhi "slap" himself, and later say, "I am not a Mahatma...I am an ordinary mortal like you all and I am strenuously trying to practise Ahimsa." Sushila Nayar also came to join him and Manu, but soon left. 

     His typist and shorthand secretary also left him when he saw them sleeping naked, and Pyarelal reported he heard Gandhi mutter to himself: "There must be a serious flaw deep down in me which I am unable to discover...could I have missed my way?"

    Lilavati Asar and Amtul Salaam were very jealous of Sushila Nayar, and Gandhi promised Asar that he would stop sleeping with Nayar because of her anger.

    Gandhi made his own bizarre rules—all the while hanging on to the langot of Hindusim.

    Nobody has ever seen Gandhi having a picture of a Hindu god in his room. He would hang Jesus , Mahavira and Leo Tolstoy.

    If Mahatma Gandhi was alive today, and indulged in the activities that he did, he would be arrested for sexual abuse and other inglorious activities.


    Today the scenario is such that people will look at Bhagat Singh, Lala lajpat Rai and other great Freedom Fighter's with more respect than Gandhi even though no street or bust is erected across the nation like we see of Gandhi and his chelas.

   No matter how much Rothschild's media and Government try to revive this Sinful man's legacy he will never win hearts of the people as its the true deeds of a person that speaks volumes in Future which is why we had great kings, and heroes in the past who is known for their true and honest sacrifice.

    It's good that this man was killed than dying a natural death, but that is all you are, a handful of roses on your birth and death anniversary and till then ROT IN A POOP (RIP)

Jayan Divakaran

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sindoor: Symbol of a Hindu Married Woman.

    A Sindoor on the forehead symbolizes the married woman of our nation and for many millenniums since our nation got invaded by Islamic Invaders followed by British rule.

   Every married woman knows the significance and importance Sindoor places in our Vedic Culture, be it from any corners east, west, north or south of India, a woman is known whether she is married or not by looking at a mark of Sindoor or Vermilion on her Forehead, or above her forehead where her hair parts.

   This post is in dedication to the women of India, quite rightly the most graceful, caring, intelligent, loyal, compassionate and noble as compared to females of any races across the globe. This post is a detailed description of what makes an Indian woman and her significance with KUMKUM, POTTU, TILAK, BINDI, SINDOOR, VERMILION, THE HINDU WOMAN'S MARK OF DHARMA AND GRATITUDE. MARK OF MARITAL COMMITMENT IN SANATANA DHARMA.

   The intention of this post is to understand our great culture, our present generation mired in the spin of modern era has forgotten their Vedic culture and are not aware of what lies beneath such a small substance the VERMILION, is a wealth of valuable information, hope the facts in revelation shall enable you to know more about our great Vedic past, a culture that made us pious, graceful, happy and healthy.
   When a married woman applies Sindoor on her hair parting every day, she wears it remembering her husband with gratitude and pray for her husband’s well beings and log life.

   This mark is a symbol of accountability, a carefree young girl from her parents family is now a wife with responsibilities and accountability in her husband’s family, as per Sanatana Dharma she is a daughter in law with duties.

   Let me Challenge if anyone has a spec of doubt, get me a female from any other nations, belonging to any race and culture or from any continent to have the beauty, grace, inner beauty, charm and blush that an Indian Woman possess, I am ready to  lose anything you say. A woman might be beautiful but for sure the women from other places certainly lacks the inner beauty which only Indian females have in abundance. 

   The main reason why our ancestors insisted on early marriage and marriage occurred when a boy was in his early 20’s is that a strong bond between couples can occur only when one is in their youth and can make most of their lives together.
Hindu women are virgins when they marry, and the whole world is jealous of this.  Divorce rates in India is very low as compared to global statistics, the reason being that in India marriages are arranged and unlike west who will never understand the concept of arranged marriage has a high percentage of divorce rate as 8 out of 10 marriage in the west end up in divorce.

   A Hindu married woman walks behind her husband, for her man she is a pillar of strength. In a Indian home whenever there is a difficult situation, her advice is always taken into consideration by her husband based on which they derive at a decision. A Indian Hindu home is a fountainhead of peace!

   When a Hindu married woman applies Sindoor on her maang (hair part on forehead) she draws her energy from the universe via the ether- such is the belief and the mindset of our culture and there is a quantum physics explanation for this which I will come to later. 

   The Sindoor is a potent mark of protection. Attempting to dishonor the Sindoor may cost a man his life in Hindu dharma.  The Sindoor is a holy mark of honour which prevents a married Hindu woman from going astray.

   There is vested interest of the west and Christina missionary organization’s working via the NGO’s who go over the board declaring how dangerous it is to apply Sindoor on forehead.  We are NOT fools.  Not a single Hindu woman has ever died because of her Sindoor.

   But nowadays we find vested FOREIGN FUNDED NGO's "manufacturing “Sindoor with toxic lead and selling it in market so that Hindu women stop applying Sindoor.  Even Foreign Funded Indian TV’s are discouraging their female anchors from applying Sindoor to show they are SECULAR nay SICULAR.

   Modern Sindoor mainly uses vermilion, which is an orange-red pigment.  Vermilion is the purified and powdered form of cinnabar, which is the chief form in which mercury sulfide naturally occurs. As with other compounds of mercury, Sindoor is toxic and must be handled carefully. 

   Every day when a Hindu woman applies Sindoor on her hair parting after a bath, she remembers her husband with gratitude.  It’s a mark of devotion, acceptance, maturity and dependency.  In Hinduism marriage is a lifelong commitment, and there is a sense of belonging. This is a daily pledge of honour and chastity.  Grateful women have memories stored inside their hearts.  Gratitude is the most beautiful and fragrant flower, in the garden of her soul. This particular ritual keeps her mentally healthy and happy. She is less stressed and happier,

   The area where Sindoor is applied is in between the eyebrows, called the Ajna Chakra.  This is the point that Sanatan Hindu Dharma consider the entry and exit point of our jivaatma (soul).

   Let the world’s greatest hypnotist try to hypnotize a Hindu woman with bindi dot or Sindoor on her forehead.  He can try till the cows come home, he won’t be successful. This area is called the third eye of Shiva.  Applying the bindi signifies her eternal link with the Supreme Being.

   A Hindu woman firmly believes that this dot protects her from negative tendencies and forces.  Hindus believe that Goddess Parvati grants "AKHANDA SAUBHAGYA" (lifelong good fortune) to all the females who wear Sindoor in their maang or hair parting. 

   Sindoor is the symbol of Goddess Parvati wife of lord Shiva. The Hindu woman believed that when she applies Sindoor hair parting, she is blessed by Goddess Parvati, who also protects her husband.

   The bright red colour of the Sindoor channelizes the passion of married life.  It is NOT about fashion - it is spiritual.  In ancient times Vedic Sindoor had musk and sandalwood. Red colour rules taste and smell.  It also symbolizes joy, passion, dynamism and enthusiasm.   Red is the color with the longest wavelength, being the nearest visible light to infrared in the electromagnetic spectrum, it’s the colour of the sari of Goddess of prosperity Laxmi.

   Ajna chakra is the point of confluence where the three main nadis or forces- Ida, pingala and sushumna merge into one stream of consciousness and flow up to sahasrara, the crown center.

   The Ajna chakra is more active in women. Women are more sensitive, psychic and perceptive and they can discern a lecherous eye.  Frequency of Ajna chakra is similar to the frequency of planet Venus. The planet Venus symbolize sex, love, beauty, enticement, seduction, and persuasive female charm.

   The de-toxified mercury in the Sindoor is capable of absorbing positive energy vibrations from the universe and gives virtue and power to the woman to run her life with patience, love, understanding, forgiveness.

   The Sindoor activates pituitary as well as pineal gland, so that the body and mind of our married women function better.

   The hair parting or maang is the spiritual center called Brahmarandhra, an aperture in the crown of head. This astral aperture is very sensitive, and is the gateway to the absolute extending from perineum to the crown.   

   This red pigment vermilion, a pure form of mercuric sulfide, is traditionally obtained by reaction of mercury (produced by reduction from cinnabar) with sulfur, since the past 9000 years in India.  All in India are aware of how deadly a poison Mercury is.   Sulphur in Sindoor neutralizes the toxicity of mercury.

   Sindoor can also be made at home from turmeric and alum, to be safe from vested manufacturers who try to sabotage Hinduism. The turmeric powder, becomes red when mixed with lime juice or lime powder, moistened in water, or with alum.

   Mercury in Sindoor creates a resonance which vibrates the pineal gland, to release Neurotransmitters serotonin, melatonin, DMT, etc.  When you get very close to orgasm, and the male gets close to ejaculation, the feelings will be overwhelming and the brain tends to shut down and reverse the energy which will then take a downward course and seek release through the genitals.  

   When both partners melt with each other, vital energy is exchanged between the masculine and the feminine, and the resonating energy build to higher levels.  During fear, the etheric body shrinks and during love it expands.  All our energy and vitality comes from the etheric body.

   The pineal gland is the physical concomitant of Ajna chakra and the pituitary gland is of sahasrara.  Just as the pituitary and pineal glands are intimately connected, so are Ajna and sahasrara.  We could say that Ajna is the gateway to sahasrara chakra.  If Ajna is awakened and functioning properly, all the experiences happening in sahasrara can be managed well.  The pituitary gland secretes various hormones which instigates our sexual consciousness and our sensuality.

   Sindoor is the reason why divorce in Hindu India is less.    When a married woman wears Sindoor she will NOT do what she is NOT supposed to do. Nagging is less.  One of the main reasons of divorce is nagging—the drip drip, constant nag or it can be the hurricane force nagging.  The marriage is now full of negativity, contempt, one-upmanship and resentment, the net result is a miserable divorce and the uprooted lives. 

   Sindoor mark greatly enhance female beauty and grace.  Sindoor is one of the 16 adornments (solah shringar) for a married Hindu woman as per our scriptures. The day a woman gets married, this vermilion colour becomes a part of her entity. Sindoor represents an Indian woman’s commitment to have a lifelong relationship with her husband.

How many western women know the real meaning of commitment?  How many of them are virgins before they marry? Let them think, they and their stupid destructive culture. But the pain is that we are moving to their culture at a rapid pace without a caution.

   Which is why one should never wear a bindi which is a round plastic piece with red felt velvet on one side and glue on the other side – manufactured by an ISO 9002 company, which is as good as useless, if you want to be a good wife to your husband then try this ancient tradition of Vermilion or Sindoor on your forehead, believe me it will not cost you a fortune rather it will cost you nothing but what it gives back is blessings in abundance.

REMEMBER OUR ANCESTORS WERE NOT FOOLS LIKE HOW BLIGHTY BARMY ANGREZ SAID INDIA IS FULL OF SUPERSTITION…. What can these John Bulls know, who don’t know to clean their behind after a crap.

   In Sanatana Dharma, there is no superstition rather science is personified in the most brilliant manner from perfection to precision. Our Maharishis never gave any scientific explanation cause had they given it like the scientists of now with their experiments and documentation, we would have been more materialistic, greedy and ambitious like a modern day corporates whose only goal is Exploitation deceit and rule all with a tinge of Hypocrisy. Our Maharishi’s wanted us to be more close to god and spiritual in our life which is why they spun all scientific explanation in a meticulous manner and portrayed such significance by way of culture and tradition, hence we see why we have so many festivals in our culture and it is culture the reason why Sanatana Dharma still survives in spite of numerous attacks from Foreign Invaders for the past 1300 years.


May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.