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Trojan Horses in India.

   By the time you are reading this post, you might have become aware from my other posts, about our nation's history, ever since the foreign invaders invaded our nation, it has been under a sever attack, our culture, knowledge, literature, tradition and customs have gone under severe attack and we have lost a lot.

   For the past 1300 years, Abrahamic Rulers tried all ends to kill our Sanatana Dharma yet they could not conquer our nation in whole. When Moguls applied very cruel Tactics, the Evil British used Divide and Rule, as both succeeded in ruling our nation with foul deceit both never succeeded in eliminating Sanatana Dharma from India. 

  Even to this day, our nation has a majority population of Hindus of about 70%, though as per Secularists view it's a Sin to call our nation a Nation of Hindus cause if you dare very soon you shall be severely criticized by the sections of the Human Rights Commission tagging you a Fascist, Communal and a Radical Member of the Anti Secular Saffron Force AND trying to break the social secular integrity of the nation AND hurting the sentiments of the minority who are suffering AND breaking social fabric and integrity of the Secular nation  called India. 

   The secular forces had a merry time under Pizza Mummy's regime who under the blessings of the Vatican Pope, this Import from Italy gave freedom to the Trojan Horses to run amok and kill Hinduism and spread Christianity in India. These Anti Hindu Trojan Horses head on to break India's Social integrity and are as below:
  • Foreign Funded Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) 
  • The Joshua Project: Evangelical, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal Missionaries. 
  • MNC Lobby funding Foreign Funded NGO and Christan Missionaries, Government Babus and Politicians.
  • Paid & Corrupt Media funded by Saudi Wahabi Funds and Church. (Print and TV)
  • Human Rights Activists.

Now what is a Trojan horse?

   The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan war penned by Greek Homer in 850 BC, about the strategy that allowed the Greeks finally to enter the city of Troy and end the conflict. 

    After a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select commando force of soldiers inside, and left  this parting gift in front of the walls of the city of Troy. This giant wooden horse which appeared to be an offering to Athena -- a peace offering.. 

   The Greeks then pretended to sail away.  The jubilant Trojans dragged the monstrous, wheeled, wooden horse into their city , as a trophy , to celebrate the end of the 10 years of fighting. 

   That night, while the Trojans were more than a little comatose from too much drinking and merry making , the Greeks slipped quietly out the trap door Odysseus had had built in the Trojan horse's belly.  

   They opened the huge doors of the walled city , let in the invaders from outside , set fire to the city--and won a war that they had no hope of winning.

 India is home to more than 18,000 Foreign Funded NGO who are working as a Trojan Horse, some of them are run by Human Right Activists and these NGO and other organizations are all working as a Cartel or a gamut to kill Hinduism by the way of conversion and Loot our natural resources. 

  To cut the long story short, Trojan Horses are the foot soldier planted by enemies inside the host nation to use their own people to work against the development and progress of their own nation, and also to use their own people to fight on their behalf of the enemy, make it's government weak and take over a complete rule without any blood shed the enemy has a complete rule over the Host nation.

Anti-Superstition Bill: Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar, agent of Foreign Funded NGO,

   About the year and a Half back, there was a breaking news of the death of Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar who was killed by unknown men who came on a bike with their face masked and shot him on a point blank range to death, this is when he was about to celebrate his two decades of continues hard work to erase the evil dogmas of Superstition from India forever, his pain was he was not able to tolerate our countrymen living under Superstition which is dragging people to ignorance, stupidity and in the name of superstition many charlatans and cheats are making a fortune, and these cheats are ONLY the Swamis, Sadhus, Sants and Mahants from the Hindu religion who are misguiding people and exploiting people looting them.

   As considered generally by all Hindus that Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar was doing a noble job for eradication of certain moral dogmas in Hindu religion as we are aware that there are fake Sadhus and Sanyasis who are a blot to Hinduism is fooling peoples belief and are getting exploited mentally, financially and physically by these charlatans. But little do they know the real purpose behing this bill, its more about taking hold of the administration of our Ancient temple and eliminate Vedic rituals a pooja practice happening in temple everyday.

   I never heard about this man, until the news came of his murder, that is when he brought a draconian law to kill Hinduism  the Ministers of Maharashtra under the then chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, who could only think when notes are kept in front of him passed the Anti Superstition bill.


    This bill is only effecting Hinduism and faithful Hindus, and it’s going to hurt in a big way, this man Dhabolkar, R.R. Patil and Vilas Rao Deshmukh with blessings from Pizza Mummy didn't feel it necessary to consult or take guidance from the Hindu Mahasabha passed the bill.

Some Points of this bill:

  1) A snyasi or a Sadhu in Maharashtra is doing Bhiksha which is a part of his Dharma will be treated as BEGGER. That means what a police do to a normal begger is what they will do with Sadhus and Sants. It is as good as calling Padres and Maulavis as 'Beggar'  will he secular fronts evver like it?

  If such Sadhus are found begging, they will be jailed, so in order to avoid this situation the Sadhus have to register themselves where in they will be provided a Identity card, which is a license to beg, this is the most bogus rule of the first order, vilas i this is expected from yopu.

2) The Sadhus do a lot of Satsang in Hindu Societies where they give Pravachan (free discourses , if they give any consultation that is related to health, this will be considered as superstition and will be considered as criminal offense for which they can be  jailed, this is directly linking to the pharma lobby as their free ayurvedic guidance can hamper their business. As medical prescription is given by greedy doctors,

3) Taking Prasad from Temple will be considered as Superstition, like we know sicular fronts saying we waste tons of milk on Shivas penis, does this ch@@ts know why we do it.

4) All Vedic Agni Homams, Havan or Fire worship will be considered Superstition and will not be allowed. This is complete murder of all temples as Temples power is regained only with Fire worship. This is a Direct attack on Hinduism. No temple administration would agree to such a bizarre declaration.

   Recently there was report from Europe where in a Gorra Gannd scientist blamed Fire worship like Homams where in cow dungs and wooden sticks are used in rituals and cremation as main reason for Global Warming and its melting the glaciers in Himalayas, Well Well this Gorra Gaand is absolutely ignorant that their cars emit more smoke than what is released from Homams. Little is their IQ and this article is more of a propaganda to put Hinduism in a bad light as many Europeans are converting to Hinduism its making the Vatican very jealous.  HEY YOU IDIOTIC SCIENTIST HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ABOUT 'HAARP'??? Google to know more.
   What can this pathetic scientist know that Homam cure the nature and helps the flora and fauna to nurture and flourish.

   When Dr. Dhabolkar is only a face, all the rules laid in Anti Superstition Bill is guided and controlled by America, as they know that Hinduism has taken over the whole of US by storm as intellectual Whites who have realized that true solace and peace can only be obtained by accepting Hinduism, they want Indians to be more American and the blockage on their way are these Sadhus, Sants and the temple where people find solace, they are aware that our Sadhus and Sants are intelligent unlike their pervert missionaries, if they have to eradicate Hinduism these Sadhus and Sants and Temples must go.0

  The main ambition of white invaders in their 300 years of cruel rule was to Christianize India, horrible British left it incomplete, now America is aggressively pushing their agenda through the Joshua Project wherein the main objctive shall be to convert the tribal belt of rural India to Christianity followed by the poor and middle class in Satellite and Cosmopolitan cities. In 2001 then President George Bush initiated this project where he pledged to fund 50 billion dollars for India, which is a rough estimate of about 20,000 Crores, you can imagine what massive funds has America put in to Convert our population. 

   Since then they have systematically funded well over 10,000 crores or more every year till this date for the sake conversion purpose, directly or indirectly to these Christian Evangelical Churches, or Roman Catholic and Protestant Pentecostal Missionaries, Christian Funded NGO as well many other Foreign Funded NGO's flourishing in India in some name or the other work as a Foot Soldier for the MNC lobby, 

  These NGO will employ a well qualified person who can be a management graduate can communicate like a Public Relation Officer of a MNC with good command over English and Hindi, this man or woman might have worked for a MNC Bank, Corporate Office etc. has no dignity or conscience  and is ready to sell our motherland for some piece of Silver, and is well aware of the intentions of such NGO organisation, their foreign masters guides them properly with their Short and log term plan to invade India, these NGO reaches the educated class people of India with the intention of saving Trees, Mountains, Sea, Ocean, Environment, Global Warming, Wildlife, Illiteracy, Poverty, Corruption etc. which are mean reasons to fool and gather sentiments attract people and create a member base and a strong unity by which these members will strongly support these Evil NGO by creating mass gathering or a Dharna or voice against corruption injustice etc. where the crowd will get unruly they will create ruckus, block the roads create Traffic jams and sooner this will be telecasted live by English and Hindi News Channels who will give it a huge publicity and the people will think that these NGO's is creating a Revolution which is a much required 'CHANGE'.


   Many people especially the youth joins such NGO and they get what they wamt i.e. information of people from different strata of life, their Annual Income, Age, Working Profession and capacity to fund their organisation all for free. With these huge database of men and women in their organization they will keep pestering for funds for the sake of social purpose, when these funds collected which is only a eyewash to fool the pubic, they also show the amount collected from their members on their Websites but let me tell you that these figures are fudged. Like Christian missionaries these NGO are much experienced to brain wash these members and inject their ideology that will work against the nation.  

   These NGO are receiving much more funds to get their objectives done from the MNC lobby, the lobby is very careful as these funds are not funded directly but indirectly via a third party agent who are lobbyist who are third party agents having good contacts with Government authorities, politicians, Media and are very much capable of getting the job done for their masters. The MNC Lobby hire such Lobbyist and play a safe game so that if any thing goes wrong they can never ever be blamed like how it happened with Aapno Nira Radia!!!

  India got exposed to a new form of corruption, which was so unimaginable that the Government Babus, Politicians, Indian Corporates and Paid Pimps of Media all were working in tandem to give a red carpet entry for the MNC Telecom company & gain license over 2G Spectrum. It created a huge furore in Public as Social Media were all out to expose this mega scam when the main stream media was trying all ends to bury his issue. Nevertheless the Pandora Box was out and India became aware to such Lobbies working in a very dangerous manner to take hold of the government. 

   None of the bigwigs baring some were arrested inspite of ample proofs that can put them in jail but are roaming free and shameless, even those who got arrested are out on bail and living cozily in their corruption Bungalows. 

   The MNC Lobby also provide free foreign trips to such corrupt politicians, Government Babus, Evil and Greedy Doctors and other officials to Europe or Bangkok for Rave party or a Sex Massage, else a free scholarship shall be provided for their son or daughter in America's Elite Universities. Once you are in the MNC lobby you can never Toe the line with them as the consequences will be fatal, its like they will pay you what you desire but they will make you a slave and get the job done from you (like a typical American Company). 

  Why the MNC LOBBY is so powerful is because they are backed b The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of America world's most notorious and powerful spy agency that holds vital informations of many nation and especially India. 

   What an NGO can do to stall the development is the halting of Nuclear Power Plant Project in Kundankulam Tamil Nadu, this power plant was built with the help of Russia and  it was on the process of commissioning stage that it had to be stooped due to severe agitation by the NGO along with the local fisherman community who were a bunch of fresh stock Converted Christian breeds by the Christian Missionary and these local fishermen were used as pawns put in front by the NGO activists to halt the work and they succeeded in their attempt to stop it, its then that ex Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh openly declared that Foreign funded NGO are behind the progress and development of the nation, this certainly pushed them to the wall but Pizza Mummy would surely have been miffed with Mannu's Comment. 

  Now why would the Foreign Funded NGO go on to halt this Power plant citing that its a Environmental loss?

  Now for the Layman to understand as i have been to many Power plants from coal to CNG to Naphtha Crackers let me tell you that a Nuclear plant is the most Environment friendly power plant, the only danger it shall cause is to the people working inside the plant. other than that its cheap and environmentally safe.

  The reason for stalling this project is 

  1. This Power plant will make Tamil Nadu a Power Surplus State.
  2. This Power Plant will create more business opportunity and employment as Tamil Nadu is a manufacturing state.
  3. The power plant is built with the help of Russia who is a strong enemy of America.
  4. As America have a strong hold in India, they dont want India to have any sort of Bilateral ties with other nations.
  5. America wants India to procure arms, ammunitions and missile and for a premium from them, they know well that Russia has better technology, which is their nightmare as a Indo Russia tie up will certainly drain their economy.
  6. America will never want Russia to develop.
  7. Also they do not want India to be self dependent

   This are the reasons why NGO targeted the power plant and halted it's completion process, but the CM of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha has given a go ahead to this project and now is in the final stage of Commissioning. 

   Another Nuclear Power Plant was to be Built in Jaitapur Maharashtra which might have been India's largest Nuclear Power Plant, but got halted in the initial stage by Green Peace a NGO funded by their Foreign Masters in Canada, had this been built the while of Maharashtra would never have faced Power shortage, 


 These Foreign Funded NGO led by America and its NATO allies have toppled governments of many nations world wide, Mohammed Gaddafi of Libya had to meet his cruel death cause he allowed Foreign NGO to flourish in his country, these NGO provided sophisticated arms and ammunitions to his enemies, made the people of his nation to fight against him and later he had to run for his life and got killed like a dog in the street.  

  Even in Russia it was a big menace for Valdemar Putin, as many of the developments were halted by foreign NGO and now he has come with a new law that if these NGO are found at fault then they will have to pay a heavy fine else have to rot in jail and this law has made these NGO's very jittery. in India too we need a law like this to curtail such evil NGO's.

   Putin has clamped down on anti-national activities by Western Trojan horses. Under the new Russian law, any material foreign funded NGO groups distributed would have to come with a warning that it was written by a foreign agent, and organizations would have to file detailed quarterly financial reports. 

   Failure to comply would bring fines of up to 5,000 rubles ($155 USD) for members, 50,000 rubles ($1,550 USD ) for the heads of these organizations and up to 1 million rubles ($31,100 USD) for the organizations themselves. Anyone who continued to participate in organizations that violated the rules could be fined up to 300,000 rubles ($9,400 USD ) or sent to prison for two years. 

  Most foreign funded NGOs in Russia have said they will comply with the law if it is passed, although they worry that such intensive bookkeeping will slow them down.

Lok Pall Bill and Rise of a Middle Class Poitician

  Well to talk about a Foreign Funded who came with an agenda of eradicating corruption THE CORE ISSUE OF INDIA for ever, for which they were very much eager to push the Lok Pal Bill or the ombudsman bill, to eradicate corruption and bring in good governance, to have a third party in every decision taken by the government where all ministers, government Babus, the DEFENSE and hold on the Defense and CBI (RAW included) will come under the preview. If anythings smells fishy then they will soon be investigated and punished as per the law.

  NOW HOLD ON, every sector and every hierarchy of the system be it government or private leaving out Prime Minister were included in the purview of the Lok Pal bill leaving out one and you KNOW WHICH IS IT : THE NGO

   How on earth can NGO's which is foreign funded be rated above the defense and Intelligence Bereau, and who are these NGO guided by their Foreign Masters abroad to decide to punish our Government officials. Mr. Kejeriwal do you think we Indians are fool that we will not know that you are protecting your foreign funded NGO and giving them ultimate powers to take on our government by their ba!!s. 

   With this admission it became clear that you are a in and out funded by the American Ford Foundation who wants to penetrate heir tentacles in India. Americans are having a lot of trouble to face the Bureaucracy in India, which is not only lazy but very complicated and even if you throw a lot of money there are chances that you might not get your ob done as there are many hungry mouths from top to bottom which needs to be stuffed with American Dollars.  

   The first point agenda of tis bill was to curtail bureaucracy in India by which the MNC can get their job done faster, and they don have to bribe many government officials and the MNC lobby can take over the government via the Lokpal Bill.  

  Which governmet will allow its own administration to be previewed by foreign agencies. 

   Nevertheless, the man with pressures from abroad did not give up, he gave a big fight in front of the parliament. getting the government on its knees to push this bill for which he got a second version of Gandhi, an old goat from the rural parts of Maharashtra, an ex driver from army Mr. Anna Hazzare to fight with Kejariwal's India against Corruption. Many people gathered for the fight against corruption in Delhi, soon the Corruptionator Kajeriwal became a household name and gained more publicity and became a moral for the middle class people of Delhi.

   Paid Media gave prime time to cover every minute of this so called people's revolution, what was not told about this revolution was that converted Christian Naxals from far east were also a part of this revolution who created ruckus with the police. Soon Kejriwal became the Voice of Delhi, before the Lok Pal Bill. When Kejriwal saw a huge People following him that can sweep the Chief Minister of Delhi in the coming elections he made his own party THE AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP)

   Mr. Kajeriwal and his Ford Funded Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) became the first authorised MNC funded NGO party of India, he won the elections with a huge majority defeating Ms Shiela Dixit who was C.M of Delhi for 12 years. 

   In many of the agenda before he became C.M was he said that he had ample proof of the commonwealth games scam that can nail Sheila Dixit and Suresh Kalmadi. But the moment he became C.M this is what he had to say. Click on the Video Below:

  This is how Kejriwal made his First U Turn after he beccame C.M and ther were many that followed, i dont want to get into details, but as he saw success he went for the Big Fish, this is where he was Eyeing the Big Chair the Post of Prime Minister. 

  When Modi was much Harassed by Paid Pimps of Media for the 2002 riots, its the Social Media who stood like a rock and defended him, its because of Social Media that Modi Became Prime Minister, else this man would have never reached Delhi, yet modi was ungrateful for not thanking the Social Media, nevertheless the Social Media didnt spare this man and identified the real chameleon called Kejarieal and aggressively exposed his connection with Ford Foundation.

   Kejriwal was on a high, he though that with his win in Delhi, soon all will vote for his Foreign Funded Party AAP, what was unue of this party was that in its first appearance only, they contested from maximum seats that even old parties like Congress and BJP didn't contest, you have to be perceptive that how much money MNC lobby might have put in to give that publicity and spread their tentacles all over India  Media will never show you all the time unless you pay them and this payment happens more in balck than white, imagine when Media charges a crore or two for one advertisement then how many crores might the media have taken from AAP, even we see hos Media Anchors have their own personal liking to AAP, this can only happen if media is paid.

  In the end as fate would have it his man was not spared by Delhi for cheating them where his pArty goa zero in May 2014 elections, he himself got defeated from Varanasi and fell flat on his nose in 2014 elections, his party failed miserably and won 4 seats in Punjab, thanks to the people of India for identifying such a big cheat and became aware of such a BIG DANGER CALLED ARVIND KAJERIWAL. I hope he gets another slap in his face in the coming C.M Elections in Delhi.

The Naxalite Menace     

 If you think this money coming from America's pockets to fund NGO, Christian Missionary and MNC LOBBY, then you are mighty wrong as MNC's like Pepsi,Coco Cola, and other American MNC from Pharma and Chemical sector have a monopoly in Indian Market, they charge a very heavy premium and bleed the people of or nation by taking every penny from us. 

   Their Useless product which costs peanuts are sold at 10 to 100 times the price and this money is sent to the MNC Lobby in India, who many such Christian organisation and Foreign Funded NGO which has has a strong hold in India now, little does our pea brained corrupt and good for nothing greedy politicians have any idea of how these MNC lobby via the Foreign Funded NGO is getting more powerful than them, they have no clue that these lobby has many Government Babus (IAS officers) under their pay roll. 

   Under Pizza Mummy's regime the Naxalites had a free run, they moved from a Toe hold to Foot hold. Now they hold 1/3 of India's territory with the Whole North East under their control, these Naxalites were young tribal exploited by horrible government officials and corrupt ministers who for their own gain, grabbed their land, made them poor and homeless and allowed mining companies to set their base. 

   For many years they were made to run from pillar to post for justice and when that did not happen, dooms followed them with murders, rapes, loot and plunder by the government authorities and illegal mining contractors who had support from the local goons. These poor tribal people had no one to help and they had to retaliate and they took arms to fight against injustice and became Naxalites, to protect their lands their mountains. These tribal people are innocent and honest people who are not unaware of the cunning motives of greedy politicians and illegal mining contractors who are grabbing their lands.
How do you expect these poor people to fight evil men...

   These tribal people love their Mountains and forests, lakes and rivers like their mother or child, no way they will give up their land for mining purpose, their ancestors were guardians of this forest that hold a lot of mineral deposit beneath. A company called Vedanta Mining is doing the Mining job in this entire territory after getting thing sorted out from illegal mining contractors, the name "Vedanta" is a Sanskrit word as you all know, the tribal people believes that Vedanta Resources is a Indian company belonging to a Hindu Mr. Anil Agarwal and this HINDU COMPANY IS LOOTING PEOPLES FOREST.

Anil Agarwal: An Evil Businessman...

   With the Mining Company holding a Hindu name 'Vedanta', the tribal people are under the impression that Hindus are very cruel people. Hence it is becoming very easy for the Christian Missionaries who have succeeded in brainwashing these people that Hinduism is a bad religion which worships Satan, and only Jesus and Christianity can help them from the evil clutch of Hindu Gods. The Missionaries became successful in converting many Tribal by showing them Vedanta.

   What happened to be known is somewhere in 2008 there was a shocking news from England unearthed by the Human rights social group that The CHURCH OF ENGLAND HAD A STAKE IN VEDANTA RESOURCES AND NOT ONLY THAT THEY HAVE BEEN FUNDING FOR THE MINING ACTIVITIES and the NGO’s IN ORISSA.  The Church of England was severely criticized and they had to withdraw their support. Now do not take this news lightly, there is a very big conspiracy, why will the Church invest money in the Company that has a Hindu Name, the church of England wanted to  give a bad name to Hinduism by giving this Mining company a Hindu name so that world over people will ridicule Hindus and Hinduism, only with this name the Church was capable of converting many tribal to Christians, which proves that for the sake of conversion and these slimy missionaries will convert the people either by hook or crook.

   As the Purulia Arms Drop Case was the most shocking incident, when Arms with sophisticated Machine guns and explosives were dropped in the jungles of Purulia through parachutes from an aeroplane, wonder if our intelligence agency were napping when this took place. The Naxalites got the guns and Ammunitions to fight against the Paramilitary Forces and Army. This arms were routed to the Naxalites with the help of foreign funded NGO and NATO agencies. A lot of arms of high calibre and Night Vision Device and Global Positioning System were provided and the result was a lot of our Paramilitary forces and Army were killed due to the battle with the Naxalites. Though the government is not disclosing the figures, but the Naxals have killed a good number of Army Personals in the North East.

  Whenever the Government had decided to take tough stand against the Naxalites like using the Air Force, they get heavily guarded by the Human Rights Commission which a whole bunch of Rabid Anti National and Anti Hindu Human Rights Activists, who severely criticize the government for such a move, these Human Right Activists are lawyers, social workers, Writers, Christian and Muslim fundamentalists and HINDU MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE ANTI HINDU. (Sagarika and her cookout husband types) The Human rights Activists in India is funded by the Church of England, Saudi Wahhabi funds and the Canadian Muslim Communities who are the BRIANS behind the Human Rights Activists in India. Google FOIL (Forum of Inqalabi Leftist).

  What a great disgrace has these pathetic Human Rights Activists have been, Prashant Bhushan wanted to give Kashmir to Pakistan under the basis of Plebiscite, does not this fool know when Kashmir do not have any Hindus left, surely all the Muslims will ask for Pakistan and even Pakistan know it well, which is why Parvez Musharaf was asking for a Plebiscite, Prashant Bhushan these activists under AAP wanted to give Kashmir was doing the role of Pervez in India, this got all patriotic Indians to hate AAP in a jiffy as Kejriwal and his AAP was looking for Muslim appeasement to cut Congress vote. This Shameless activist got this:

Ohh. Brave Man I salute You...

   There are plenty such Human Right Activists who are the TRAITORS OF NATION, ALL HELL BENT TO KILL THE SOCAL FABRIC OF OUR NATION, like Mr John Dayal, who will come with all cooked up stories maligning Hindus in India and the worst part is that ignorant Hindus beleive him, continually this man has attacked the Sangh Parivar and he can’t stand a Hindu. And there is the infamous Teesta Setalvad, the architect of cooked up lies of the 2002 Gujarat Riots that haunted Modi for 12 years. 

   And who has been the mouth piece for the Naxalites, the most notorious of all Human Right Activist is the ‘GOD OF SMALL THINGS’ writer Ms Arudhati Roy nay Suzanna Roy, this female is fooling people with her Hindu name and also she is a close relative of NDTV’s Pranoy Roy who has a Irish Mother. 

   I for one was a one huge big fan of this female but now only hate her for she is one of the biggest traitor who has sympathy with everything that bad for India, so that be the Kashmir separatists, or Naxalites, she was very critical of the Batla House encounter in Delhi where we lost a Senior Police officer, this female called the encounter ‘FAKE’ and even said that poor Muslims were targeted this statement shocked me to skies as you know what happened when a fan gets duped by his idle, and what took me by surprise is that why would a fiction writer indulge in sensitive matters related to the nation and give critical remarks that hampers the reputation of our nation, police and military. This female was not honoured by our government but her soft porn novel won world wide fame and was awarded with Booker price by which she became a World Celebrity, soon she changed shoes from writer to a social economic journalist and with the international tag on her the west took notice and listened to all her thoughts and views. 

   The media controlled by Rothschild, gave her the best platform the best audience and the best coverage to hear her and she never left the opportunity to malign our nation, our people, our military, so called violent Hindu organization oppressing the minority, these words can come only from a Secularist tongue.

   This is the female who rabidly criticized the Indian Army in Kashmir and North East for any terrorist that Army killed she turned them to Innocent Kashmir Civilian, she went further to abroad and other parts of India heavily abusing and humiliating the Government, Military, Police, and Bashing Hindus by calling the rabidly communal and violent. She completely ignore of the Human Right Volitions committed by Minorities over Hindus in India, for these Human Right Activists have a equation which is  CHRISTIANS + MUSLIMS – HINDUS.

   As well in this internet age we know of the atrocities committed but rabid Muslims who are killing Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, why is she not taking the case of torture, murder and rape of Hindus in these nations. At the time of Partition both nations had more than 30% population now it is less than 2% and in India the Population of Muslims have only increased. 

  Why is this female who has ample Muslim sentiments not talking about Hindus being displaced by Bangladeshi Muslims who have infiltrated in Assam. WHERE IS HER MOUTH FOR THE HINDUS WHEN SHE YELLS HER CHEST OUT FOR MUSLIMS??

  This soft porn novel writer was seen shaking hand and god knows what all with Kashmiri Separatist Gilani and Yasin Malik she has ample sentiments for such traitors of the nation, had it been any other nation, a person like her would have been jailed long back, else would have been living in exile like M.F. Hussain. 

   It’s India that tolerates such Black Mambas who keep biting and spilling their venom against we oppressed Hindus, keep hurting our sentiments again and back again cause they are absolutely sure that the Government won’t act against them as the Government is afraid of the Media, they are absolutely sure that Media won’t act as they are paid pimps who will bury facts and fool people, they are absolutely sure that Hindus will not act because 90% of the Hindus don't give a damn and are IGNORANT THAT THEIR RELIGION IS BEING ATTACKED. THEY ARE THAT PLAIN IGNORANT.

   What these minority Christians and Muslims must understand is that Hindus are the most Secular minded people on earth. None of the Muslims wold ever dare to go and stay in Pakistan and Bangladesh they must understand that the only place safe for Muslims is India. Ask any Muslims staying in Pakistan who migrated from India during partition, they are living like an alien and tagged as Mohajir, Cricketer Javed Miandad is one example and so is their Copy Cat Father of Nuclear Bomb Scientist. 

  As of now Pakistan is a failed state with no support from any nations as before it had a strong American support now it’s lost for ever and is heading to doom. In this circumstances will any Kashmiri think it better TO GO WITH PAKISTAN? 

Paid Pimps of Media:

  The media has to be the voice of our nation, the represent the people, the news that they give to the masses has to be fair and genuine with no partiality or biased views. Unfortunately they are the number one enemy of our nation and i call them the White collared terrorists. 

  These media pimps have been undressed naked by the social media that the people more rely upon now a days and now the people have become intelligent enough to know that this news anchors are working for their foreign masters abroad and will show false news for money. The main stream media are the most dangerous Trojan Horse of all

The Most Hated Female In India
What is Media click on the link to know more: Paid, Corrupt Indian Media

Joshua Project and mind of a missionary

   The main reason for which i voted Modi was to stop Christian Conversions, but what happened is a shocker when he allowed free visa on arrivals for America and Australia, its from these nation that the Christian evangelical missionaries arrive in India to convert the Poor Rural People of India. Mr. Modi is it for this we voted you for. When America insulted you by denying a visa when you were Gujarat C.M, you declared that they will come begging for Visa in Gujarat, and what did you do you gave them a free visa on arrival for these Americans and have the Americans allowed a Free Visa for Indians??

   I would not be surprised in future if Kidney Sale Tourism, Prostitution and Child Sex racket, Drug trafficking followed by Christian Missionary will be on a rise due to your blunder.

    Unlike the Moghuls who converted Hindus to Islam under the threat of Sword, the White Invaders & Christian Missionaries created a condition of misery and poverty and helplessness, make the Government look like enemy through a divide and rule tactics, create false flag attacks and play Angel so that people can become self-loathing and get converted. This tactics of the Church has helped in all continents across the Nation.

  These Christian Missionaries are soulless characters who preach the bible with the sole purpose of increasing numbers, a lot of such missionaries from Kerala were sent to the North East in early 1990's with the motive of converting as many rural people as possible who are poor, who do not have the basic needs of food shelter and clothing, these missionaries can either be a Roman Catholic or from the Evangelical Protestant & Pentecostal Pastors who very aggressive in Christian conversions, the rest Caste and Sections of Christianity are either in back gear or are as helpless like Hindus. So if you hear some Missionary in your area be convinced it's either a Roman Catholic or a Pentecostal Pastor. 

  If we meet this people you will realize after some time that this guys do not have any other skill or talent other than Brainwashing people, for the purpose of Conversion they will give you soaps and freebies, they will be extra friendly with you showing a Community Bond etc. they will do all the brainwashing techniques to an extent that they would not mind calling Hindu Gods a Satan. These Missionaries are sent to rural areas and told to gather the data base, after which they visit each house and provide the basic necessities like Food, cloth and shelter, medical facilities the greed objective is to convert the rural poor and increase numbers. 

   CIA-supported missionaries are trained in counter-insurgency operations, fanning civil wars and being the  conduits for arms and armaments for newly converted Christian insurgent groups like LTTE , Naxals and NE separatists.  

   It is NO great secret that whenever there is a natural disaster like an earthquake,  or a Tsunami , immediately chartered planes land in the nearest airfield , with a full fledged  “body organ harvest team” , with proper storage facilities, all in the guise of Medical NGOs offering FREE service. 

   The entire North East Belt of India has a Christain Majority Population, only that Pizza Mummy didn't disclose the percentage increase in Christian Population as she did not want sleeping Hindus to wake up and cause a national outrage as 2014 elections was near. These Converted Christians along with Converted Naxals with Hindu names are rabid Hindu haters and as well they hate India, the North east is ready to get separated anytime from India, such is the peoples hatred towards, a result of brainwashing by Christian Missionaries.

   When a Hindu gets converted to Christianity from Hindu, a new enemy of Hinduism is born, this brainwashed new Convert, hates his culture, gives up his tradition and customs that his ancestors were following for thousands of years, he is made to believe that all Hindu customs are superstition, for which Dr. Dhabolkar and his bandwagon has been aggressively pushing anti- superstition law, our culture is baseless and has no meaning and our society is oppressed by High caste on Low caste people. Which is why these slimy missionaries target the teen and youth who can be brainwashed easily. 

   Those Naxals who were protectors of Environment have become greedy, with western ideology injected in them by the foreign funded NGO and missionaries, The entire North East ape America and abhor Indians and Indian values. There are places in Meghalay and Manipur which is entirely Christian where there is no entry for Indians and Hindi speaking people, in fact many districts that were Hindus or Tribals are Christians.

   The locals themselves have admitted that after they were converted to Christianity, crimes like Robbery, Theft, Molest, Rape and Murders have been on a rise. And this is one main factor all over the world that where ever Christian Missionary set their base, the people there become very lazy as they are fed with Alcohol, Cigarette and Prostitution. the main intention is to make people lazy and good for nothing so that they can never ever think for themselves forget and distance themselves away from the culture of their ancestors. In fact these locals are made slaves without their knowledge by making them addicted to alcohol and drugs so to make then useless so that MNC can carry with their mining works and exploit our nations resources. 

 The Missionaries have used this tactics with the Red Indians in America, with the Aborigines in Australia, the Philippians  etc. to Goans in Goa. You have to know how Goans spend all their day drinking Kaju fenni (Local Alcohol). If people become Lazy and useless, it becomes very easy to rule over them, which is why White Missionaries were pawns used by white invaders to rule over the nation by injecting their culture in the Locals to easily loot the nation. 

  These white invaders and Missionaries raped many local woman to reproduce a Mix race which will act according to their plan, India has many East Indians spread accross the nation (Derek O Brian Types) who will never admit it but actually they are Raped Products (sad but true). Their Genes and DNA unlike ours are mutilated with the Genes of Criminal and Cunning White Racist Invaders. These East Indians must know the History of Goa where Inquisition was started by a Sadist Missionary St. Francis Xavier of Portugal, they must Google it to know more, its very important to know their Cruel Past.

  Nevertheless East Indians were treated as sex objects during the pre Independence era by British as many White men who were posted in India had their wife back in England who slept with many men, here these British used them for sex they even cheated many females promising to marry them but left immediately with the dejected girl giving birth to a mix race, even 7 decades after Independence, these mix race hates the locals because of continuous  brainwashing that Hindus are a Violent Cruel Race. 

   During a England India Cricket Match i bet these people will support England, this people have no problems in declaring their hatred towards India rather they show it with pride, and will leave India if given a chance to work as a 4th class citizen cleaning Cars when his Girl friend is getting screwed by a born pervert Gorra Gaand.

Richard Zimler's novel, Guardian of the Dawn,
documents the little-known Portuguese
in India,in 16th century Goa

   The Christian missionaries have made people in North east addicted to drugs and alcohol and this is the reason why Crime rates in these area are very high. Before getting converted there was a strong unity between people who helped each other in time of need, but after conversion that sense of unity amongst people have drifted away, they became more greedy and selfish, that helping and sharing have become a thing of past. With all tradition and customs that they and their ancestors followed faded away and their children aint bothered, these people feel lost like Europeans and Americans. 

   The project is named after Joshua (1450-1370 BC), one of the twelve spies of Israel sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan. After the death of Moses, he led the Israelite tribes in the conquest of Canaan, and allocated the land to the tribes.  

   Joshua Project II was launched to sustain conversions , subterfuge and intelligence-gathering.  The US state department website makes no bones about the fact that American evangelists enter India by employing fraudulent means. . 

   Robertson is one of America's most rabid Christian fundamentalists, in an interview said  "Hinduism and many of the occult activities that come out of the Orient are inspired by demons and demon worship. There's this concept that all religions are the same and all are good. That is not true. The worship of the Devil is not good”

   Con-man Benny Hinn  ( born in Israel ) bulldozed his way into India with Pizza Mummy's blessings .  

   The Joshua Project 2 missionaries are using their funded environmental groups raise the voice so that Ganesh processions,  Kumbh Melas and Jagannath Rath Yatras are limited.   

   Sabarimala routes are now restricted to save “wild life” (sic!).  Mullaperiyar dam issue is raked up every Sabarimala season by the Joshua Project 2 missionary NGOs to make the Tamil and Malayali pilgrims throw stones at each other and fight.

  The Joshua Project has a 10 40 window plan, if you look at the above image, North Africa, Middle East, the whole of India, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan is coming under the Window plan, This are the regions that Joshua Project plans to covert to Christianity, they are aggressively pushing funds in North Africa and India as converting people in this nations are very easy, they know for some money their weak government will sell any thing which is why a lot of missionaries are sent to Africa and India. They have no presence in Middle east as these are Muslim nations, if missionaries perform their Devil and Jesus Rescue Disco here, they will get their heads chopped, more over America controls their Petro Dollars in these nations so they will never upset the Arab Sheiks. 
  In China these missionaries are banned as they know the menace of these Missionary and NGO organizations hence they are banned from entering into China, which is why in their 10 40 window their first priority is India followed by North Africa, if we take the Demography, both Africa and India are blessed by nature with abundance of mineral ores and Crude oil, so where both Indians and Africans have to be rich in fact more richer than Arabs, both are Poor and looking of basic need, both Africans and Indians are suffering from poverty, hunger, disease. In Africa its far worse when every year close to a million die in this continent especially in Nigeria which has Christian and Muslim riots, civil war, genocide by war lords followed by drug and prostitution rapes, murder etc. the white are behind all massacre and it's the divide and rule tactics what they used in India has made Africa a war torn continent.  

   By this it becomes very evident and you can also do a research by yourself and know that in which ever nations Christian Missionaries went and made their base, that NATION ONLY MET WITH DOOM.

What's the Purpose behind sending Christain Missioanry?

   In India, before the white invaders came India was a very rich nation, it held 60% of the World Import followed by China at 40% both India and China ruled the world not with iron fists like horrible white invaders but through fair trade, Though Hindus suffered under Moghul rule with the genocide of 90 million Hindus by the Barbaric Muslim Invaders, India was still a Rich Nation, which made all the white invaders from Portuguese to Cruel British Jealous, they wanted to take away everything from India, for which they knew that not only its gold and other valuables will be enough but India has abundance of Natural minerals and ores beneath its land, for which it is very necessary to enslave this nation.

  They very well succeeded in breaking the Unity of Hindus and eliminated Moghuls through the divide and rule tactics, they never won a war through ethics and moral conduct but won it through deceit and false flag attacks. The Missionary served two purpose, the locals will always attack so if they are converted then not only they will forget their culture but also help them to fight against the local kings and his subject, these converted Christians can be used as foot soldiers as part of Trojan Horse, to serve their purpose and achieve their gaol. For eg. all the Rabid Hindu hating East Indians are Missionaries and have tie up with many Foreign Funded NGO in our nation. 

  Second the next generation born to converted Christian will be Anti Local and Pro Missionary by birth, and will do and behave as per their will and work against the progress and development of the nation, this helps white invaders enslave and rule over a nation. 

Chanakya Said That:

|| धर्मस्य मूलं अर्थं अर्थस्य मूलं कामं ||

   Which means if the Dharma has to strengthened than you need good wealth and if you have good wealth then you have a good development.

   Wealth is what sustains religion, progress and development, the birtish invaded us their only oto was to loot everything from and make us poor, when we became poor we became poor mentally and slimy Christian missionaries converted the poor through subsidies and Perks.

Let me give an example, let take a rural village in India, this village has a lot of natural resources, if you dig 300 meters down the earth you have a good resource of granite, Marble, Steel, Copper, and if your dig a kilometer down you will get gold and a further kilometer down you might get titanium, this village is having plenty of hills and mountains that has trees which is about 500 to 600 years old, which Mahogany, Rosewood, sandalwood etc. you could ever find on earth’s surface, this village is having the most fertile soil, that give the maximum yield sufficient enough to feed the whole of the nation, the farmers in the village are very rich, that they can buy 10 Mercedes Benz at one go. This village has no beggar all are very rich and content, the village has big temple right in its heart dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and it has a Gurukul where the Guru is teaching the most Ultimate Knowledge of all the Vedas and Upanishads.

   The Brahmin Community of the village is doing their Dharma as the Priest of the temple he does his duty of maintaining the temple in the right manner as guided by his ancestors and as per the Vedic Ritual. The Kshatriya’s who administers the village as in the Sarpanch is a very intelligent man, who has the ability of providing instant justice, he knows who is wrong and who is right and as per the rules of Dharma and with advice from village advisors he gives instant justice. The villagers are very happy with his administration and he is very dedicated to see to it that no harm happens to his village from internal or external forces.

The village had a good water resource as in the artificial pond made by their ancestors many thousand years before Cursed White Invaders ruled over our nation supplied water to all the villagers during the summer season and hence there was no water shortage. Their agricultural land had a fantastic irrigation system, and with conventional farming system by using cow dung and urine that was prevalent for many thousand years yielded surplus production. 

   The Vaishya, i.e. Business men community who traded Food grains, cotton and other pulses to other states and to foreign nations made enormous profits of which the surplus was given as offering to temple in the form of gratitude even the Shudras (the working class people gave whatever is in excess is given to temple in the form of offering and gifts. Like so the temple for many generation has acquired a lot of wealth that can run to some billions of dollars. 

   The villagers were extremely rich, they were content with their bountiful but moderate life, they believed that all they had is because of Lord Vishnu, hence were very religious and celebrated all the festivals mentioned in their culture with great faith and thanked the Lord for giving them such a wonderful life. 

   The village had an excellent health and medical system where the village was equipped with an expert Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner who was well respected by the villagers hence no one was sick. The education system provided by the Guru under the Gurukul system made the pupil the most efficient in many subjects related to Math’s, Literature, science, geography, etc. 

   The villagers were very polite, sober and well cultured because of the great education provide to them from Gurukul and also from the family they belonged to were Orthodox and thankful to God.

    Now looking at the perspective for a Gorra Gaand English this is village is like a gold, platinum and diamond mine all mixed into one. For him this is an all-time destination where he could come and loot the village, exploit its natural resources, for he will look at this village as a big honey pot where he will put his claw like a greedy bear getting honey out from a Beehive. For his nation has nothing there is no difference between European Nations and Arab nations as both have nothing in plenty. 

   Only that in Arab nation have deserts where nothing grows, Europe too is the same, apart from Wheat and Potato I repeat apart from Wheat and Potato nothing grows in Europe which is why they people eat meat.  All other food items have to be imported to Europe.

   Now Imagine this when the people are rich, they are happy with their bountiful life, they have everything they desire in their life from wealth to knowledge to spirituality, this is the scenario then only a fool will jump into the gutter by converting themselves to Christianity and give up their religion.  

  So what happened when immoral white invaders invaded our nation, is that they found it very difficult to convert the locals to Christianity as they loved their religion more than their life, even during the Moghul era many died that embracing Islam, so the issioanries knew, using cruel tactics will not work, hence British made Draconian laws to loot every thing from Indians, hence the farmers were robbed of their lands, their yield were taken away, farmers of India who were once the most richest farmers in the world became the most poorest, now India has max. number of farmer suicides in a year. 

   As farmers became poor the business trader and merchants became poor with it all the skilled workers, with this our economy collapsed in no time under the White man's rule. As this happened soon people became mental slaves as they had to be dependant on British for everything. 

   Sooner laws were made by white invaders where they took away all the gold from the temple, by which we became totally poor with no money left, and when we had Vedas and Upanishads, to make us self loathing, British injected any poison in our Vedas to ridicule it and expect people to convert to ONE MAN on CROSS RELIGION. Sooner they abolished Gurukul system in India that made intellectuals and introduced British form of Education that i and you have learnt which can only produce Donkeys.

  When each and every village had artificial Pounds so that there is no water shortage, the deliberately destroyed it by filling it with sand and also our old wells so that we have to walk miles in search of Water.  

They created scarcity so that people can get oppressed and convert.

   As they had the king, and administration in their pockets the next step was to have the lands and mountain, these rascals grew Opium in our fertile soils to make reduce its fertility and make less yield of food grains so that people can die of Hunger many million died with hunger, it was  genocide that happened in 1940 when 5 million Bengalis were starved to death by Winston Churchill during the Bengal Femine.

   They knew we had the best Cow breed in the world, so in 1750's the first cow slaughter house was set up to kill the cows and demoralize Hindus and now we have more than 30000 cow slaughter house in India. And the rest as you know the Mining Industry being set up with NGO and Naxalite movement to kill and bleed Bharatmata the saga of Whit man Invasion continues till date now much stranger than before with the medium of Trojan Horses.

  The pain is Indians look at these Gorra Gaand with great respect when the fact is these racists rascals are no better than the Chaiwalla in our Nukkad who can beat them with their IQ any time, they have no better capability to think better than us but are ruling the world with Copy rights and patents,

  This is why i urge all reading this post to pleas look back at our ancestors with respect who were great genius and be proud of our history, all that you learnt in our history books are lie of the first order and true history of our nation have been kept far away from our reach by the government.

  I hope you shall be able to recognize and understand the gravity of danger that our nation and culture is facing at the moment, even the present BJP government is good for nothing and it's a time bomb that can explode any moment making our life a living hell.

Let's only hope for its only hope that we helpless oppressed people can do that danger should never happen.

May Maa Bharti Shover her Grace On You,

Jayan Divakaran.

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