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Family Planning for a Better Child.

   This particular blog is not about Hum Do Hamare Do, but a proper planning with certain simple steps and precautions to be taken by married couples can succeed in having a Healthy Baby with a good IQ. 

   I hope this blog also helps those couples who are childless and longs to have a child for a long time.

   The points i mention on this blog post are excerpts from Maharishi Vagabhatta's Ashtanga Hridayam, a super genius and one of the three main pillars of Ayurveda. Maharishi Shusruta and Maharishi Charaka being the other two, Vagabhatta was the disciple of Maharishi Charaka who made categories in Ayurvedic medicines viz 

Kashayam: which is very bitter medicine used for illness and ailments.
Lehiyams and Prashams: which are sweet tonics used for improving your immunity systems and prevention of various diseases. 
Arishtams: which are sour to taste like Wine used as both Tonic and Medicine.
Tailam and Kozhumbu: which are oils used for Muscle pains, Bone and Joint pains etc.

   Maharishi Charaka was the pioneer and also the base of Ayurvedic science as all the medicine he prepared are still in practice for many millenniums without any variations. 

   It's such a pain to see when in Alopathy Medicines there are so many variations and side effects when Ayurvedic science have been precise and perfect.

   Maharishi Charaka, gave extreme preference to plants and herbs and made medicine from them making it completely Vedic.  

  When India's forest belt is going under depletion year on a lot of useful and effective plants and herbs have faced extinction, in Kerala there are mangroves with lush full greenery that had many such medicinal plants which were used by Ayurvedic practitioners was called Sarpa Kavu meaning snake temple. But with the Congress and communist government rule many such Sarpa Kavu have been destroyed for grabbing land and killing our ethnic culture and belief which resulted in a big loss for Ayurvedic medicines. Still there are some Sarpa Kavu left but these are still in danger as Hindus hardly care and Slimy Christians who hate Hindu Culture and Communist people are still head on to kill these remaining Sarpa Kavu.

   A good example for this is the plan to build and Airport in Aranmula, when a move like this is not at all required its plain foolish. Aranmula is located exactly in between Kochi and Tiruvanantauram which have international and domestic airports, there is absolutely no need for this airport as it not only take away lot of paddy fields in that area but with it many such Sarpa Kavus that hold medicinal plants and herbs. The development of Airport in this area are the rich and most powerful Christian businesses community who make their business only by exploiting Hindus who purchase their gold, finance scheme, their newspaper, their hospitals, their Schools and College etc. The Church where the Pope wants the Airport as Kerala's capital has a airport and the other main reason is that Pizza Mummy's Damad Robet Vadra is behind this proposal which means he has invested an has a stake, Chandis government with good backing from his Christian ministers and blessing of the Pope got the proposal sanctioned from Pizza Mummy's government that Environmental minister didn't even intervene. 

  Nevertheless the project is on hold as the project was widely protested by locals of the area and now that the project is on hold but the danger is not yet off the hook.

   Coming back, when Maharishi Charaka made various texts on medicines made from plants and herbs, his Guru Maharishi Shushruta son of the great Bramharishi Vishwamitra was a pioneer in the field of surgery, and made various discovery in creating tools used for surgery from plastic surgery to bone replacement, its very shocking to know that modern medicine which uses tools for surgery were exactly the same used by Maharishi Shushruta, what puzzles me is who copied who?? is it the Modern Science from the west of Maharishi Shusruta who lived many thousand years ago. What's your say??

  As for practice Maharishi Shusruta a warrior by birth wanted dead bodies, none of his disciples would agree to work on dead bodies as they were strict vegetarians, Shusruta made Charaka his disciple who belonged to the family of scavengers, Shusruta thought Charaka the science of Ayurvedic surgery and operations, Charaka the guru of Vagabhatta a Brahmin by Birth thought him the science of Ayurvedic medicines made by plants and herbs.

  However when Ayurvedic practice is required for understanding Shusruta and Charaka, Maharishi Vagabhatta kept his research and practice very simple that anyone can follow it without any difficulty, he was of the belief that the remedy for any disease was in your Kitchen and by some simple practice, many illness can be kept at bay and one can remain healthy and long life. 

Maharishi Vagabhatta had given some important tips for family couples that by following some simple measures you can have a health baby, where mothers can easily have normal delivery which is rare nowadays. A baby that could be intelligent, brave and energetic as per your desire. How a childless couple can expect a child, the reasons why they don't have baby and measures to be taken to be parent to a lovely child. 

Indian Marriage

   India is the only nation where Arranged Marriage still exit, and its the only nation where there is less percentage of Divorce rate as compared to the West where 8 in 10 marriage end in divorce, this statistics is making the West very jealous, the reason why Marriage in India is long lasting and never end in divorce is because of Arranged Marriage, This is where the Janma Kundali (Birth Chart) of both male and female are matched by an astrologer who will match the Birth Charts and look for the Compatibility in between the Couples to know if there is a match, in the Birth Chart a lot of factors are taken into consideration as in Understanding between each other, are the couples capable of facing problems and difficulties in future, will the couples be capable of having children (Genetic), will the couple have a long and happily married life etc. 

   In Kerala its called Poruttam (compatibility) in between couples where they look for matches with 10 gunas in between couples. if 5 out of 10 is matching then its considered average, in between 6 and 8 is considered to be good and 9 as very good, any number below 5 is never considered as bad should never get married. In the days of Modernization, our customs and traditions are severely ridiculed as SUPERSTITION in the 20th century the age of science and technology has proved that Astrology is noting but hallucination of our Ancestors which makes no sense in the modern age all blah blah and nothing but blah....

   Secular fronts have employed researchers who is all out to prove that Hinduism is based only on SUPERSTITION. A well known researcher on Superstition Mr Dhabolkar was recently murdered for passing the Anti Superstition Bill in the parliament all under Pizza Mummy's meharbani, this man Dhabolkar was working on this bill for the past 20 years and his only intention was to attack Hinduism from in within. A ill informed man like him with low perception and under the cahoots of the Secular fronts who are Anti Hindus first will never understand the science behind the need for looking for Janma Kundali (Birth Chart) match before marriage and its better to ignore such pests for they will never understand even if they wish to, you cant show light to a person who refuses to see it, these people fall in such category they get paid to ridicule and humiliate our culture and there are many such desh drohis Judases who would never mind selling our motherland wholesale for some Piece of Silver. 

   If you fall in this category then i suggest to stop reading further as this blog will not make sense, Astrology is not Pseudo Science as tagged by Secular fronts but and our Ancestors were not fools but enlightened who got the knowledge what they received from the great Rishimuni and Maharishis who perceived such profound and valuable knowledge from the Para Bramham (Supreme Being) 

To know what our Maharishis were click on the link Decoding Maharishi

   Matching of Janma Kundali done by parents in arranged marriage is only a precaution to secure a Married life in better way that's the only reason why Astrologers were consulted, the Astrologers look at the Planetary positions when the male was born and compare it with the planetary positions of Female there is another factors like Genetics was also taken into consideration in Astrology, 

   A Lunar cycle determines a month of a year, in a lunar month there are about 27 star with a star dedicated to each day, when a baby is born the star of that day gets embedded in his birth chart, this star is the focal point for matching his Janma Kundali with that of his pair. 

   The males star has to be far from females star if its closer then there is no compatibility more the distance the better the compatibility.

   The reason behind this is more of genetics, science has proved that if marriage happen between close members of the family, the child born to such couples will be some body deformation, the baby born to such couples will be either spastic or handicapped, or such baby will not live long or will have a weak immunity system. 

    The other factor is when the star of male is close to the star of female they fall in the same category which is why their genetic formation is somewhat moreover same. This is why in India especially North India, gotra system marriage ensured such Genetic disorders never happened.

What's Gotra Marriage,

  In this era gotra marriage is looked as sarcasm and superstition off late many controversies have emerged by secular fronts and Corrupt media of maligning Gotra System of marriage, but our ancestors were not fools. Gotra lineage before marriage was done so to ensure that Identical DNA do not get married, if it happens then the new born baby will be many abnormalities as mentioned above. 

   When Identical DNA gets married then there are chances that couples can have the same Blood group if that is the case then the chances of couples having a baby is next to impossible. It's sad but true that Couples with same blood group like both having A+ or A- blood group will never have baby. If blood group of male is A+ and female is A- will do but it should be seen that both should never have the same group.

 This is one reason why love marriages does not work when such birth chart compatibility are not taken into consideration, Astrology is not against Love Marriage but like is said before that its a means of taking precautions, secondly even the Astrologer should not be blamed in such case when he says that the Couples will not match because he is only calculating on the information provided to him about the couples if this data is wrong then his calculations will be wrong. If you suspect your astrologer then you can take views from 2 or 3 astrologers to come to a conclusion.

How to have a healthy Baby?

   When every thing is fine with your Janma Kundali and you are bonded in the pure institution of Marriage, the next essential part of your married life is to have a healthy baby, in our culture a woman's life is complete only when she becomes a mother, to give a normal delivery and have a healthy baby is a dream come true for any married couple. Any Indian couple would only wish to have a nice baby and wish to have his family genes to be passed successfully to the next generation. 

That's me Son...

   Who does not want to have a Intelligent baby, a baby who is healthy, a baby who would be a role model to our nation like our national heroes Bagha Jatin, Vasudev Balwant Fadke, Shivaji Maharaj, Banda Sigh Bahadur,etc. leave out Gandhi and his bandwagon. 

   A baby born with a good Intelligence Quotient (IQ), a baby who has grace, is very active, would become future scientists, doctor, engineer, sportsman etc. Which couple would not desire to have a Baby like that. If you wish to do so Maharishi Vagabhatta has mentioned certain points if properly planned you will have a Healthy and and Intelligent baby.

   In the era of modernization, and a fast paced life our health is taking its toll, and in the midst of competition we are getting exposed to a busy and stressful life, in the bargain we are loosing our cultural roots and are ignoring our custom rituals in a a big way, aping the western beliefs which is only heading one way, towards doom. 

   It's often seen that a child born to couples are very naughty, they don't obey, are very aggressive and violent, or your baby will have a weak immune system, he is not attentive in class, you baby is very difficult to get adjusted to new situations and its becomes very messy for couples to bring up such a child as he grow up he creates more problems and the parents have to go through a lot of stress and nuisance to handle such a child. 

    The reason for having such a child should never ever be blamed on the child, you have to blame yourself for such a child, you cant blame the child for his nature as his character, is being molded by you and will behave exactly like how you have made him. 

   As there is a great proverb in English "As you sow so shall you Reap" your child is the end result of your actions, this is when the couples don't go through a plan of having a child and in their ignorance with no guidance from elders give birth to a aggressive baby which is the result our your improper planning and inaction.

  If you are serious and wish to have an intelligent child who is not aggressive that will make you and your family famous then as per Maharishi Vagabhatta here are some simple procedures that you have to follow

  Before having a baby plan one year in advance in this period, the couple should have a peaceful and harmonious relationship, which is they should have a good bonding followed by love and loyalty towards each other. They should be a good understanding between each other and see to it that you rarely quarrel amongst each other, if there is any such discrepancy that hurts your marriage then try to solve it once and forever else it will certainly hurt you married life in a big way and it effecting the growth of your baby, this bonding and a proper understanding between you two will certainly help your baby to have a strong will power, the baby shall have patience in abundance and will have the capability to take difficult challenges and circumstances with bravery and a good sense of mind. 

 If you keep quarreling it will certainly effect the child in a lot way, as the pregnant female will go through a lot of stress and this stress will certainly effect the child's mental development, which is why doctors advice pregnant females to be positive and happy, but Maharishi Vagabhatta said that the couple have to be happy always and never quarrel to have an intelligent and brave child.  Don't be under the impression that the baby is not conscious when its in the mother womb the baby is very much conscious and he can feel how her mother is feeling through vibrations which is why if she is happy the baby is happy if she is stressed then the baby will be stressed. 

   Every pregnant female could feel her baby's movements and make it out if its stressed or happy through its movement in her womb the communication between mother and the baby is via touch this one to one communication creates a long lasting mutual bond between the Baby and the mother, for example if the pregnant female touches her stomach with her palms you shall notice hos the baby goes in to a calm posture else the baby will keep kicking her stomach, this touch is very very important for child's development even father of the child can touch and with frequent touches the baby is capable of recognizing that its father is touching the stomach. 

  This is only possible because of all living being only humans are most conscious of all creatures, we are born with it and shall die with it its consciousness that differs us from all other beings created by God which is why its very necessary the couples to have a strong bond and love else it will effect your baby and you will cry blaming your fate for having a bad child.

  No need to mention about this as everyone know the importance of Sex in between married couples, to have a good compassion in between couples it is necessary that there should be good sex, its not a taboo as we consider it now a days but our ancestors considered sex between couples as a divine union.
    To know more about it click on the link How to have Sex like a He Man.

    As sex is vital but what must be seen is the frequency of having sex between the couple have to be planned and limited, for a good baby its vital that sex in between couples should not exceed more that  times a month, but its very necessary that when you have sex it should be a long lasting one and the quality o sex has to be good that should leave both of you content and satisfied. So please remember that Sex is about quality and not frequency. in the above article i hope you will get vital information of how to have quality sex. 

   So in this one year plan of having a goo baby, please limit your frequency of having sex. If you need to resist your sexual desire then you can keep a dried ginger piece with you and chew it. this will subside your sexual desires. This is only for a year of your plan after which you can have as per your desire.

When to have sex??

  This is the most important and vital part of your plan if this goes wrong then everything goes wrong, as every couple know that female has a menstrual cycle run for a month and in it there is 5 days when she has her periods, sex should be strictly prohibited during the ovulation period. 

  Here is the secret if you wonder why in North India people celebrate the festival of fertility KARVA CHAUT, this festival is the main weapon of PMS Chutney Mary's and Ugly Feminists, as these cultural terrorists are trying all lengths crying with their lungs out stop this festival dedicated to Bhartiya Nari (Indian Women) the most graceful, intelligent and kindest of all women race on planet's surface.

   The significance of Karva Chaut was only to get women's fertility cycle in Syn with Lunar phase, if this happens then such women will never have any fertility related problems what's re she will always remain healthy and merry all her life. To know more about Karva Chaut and it's significance, read this fantastic article KARVA CHAUTH, SYNCHRONISING THE FERTILITY CYCLE WITH THE MOON PHASE - CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL

   After reading this article, you shall be convinced that our ancestors were not fools or did not make this festivals by mere imagination but to see that our females remained fertile till they attained menopause.

   Getting back about when to have sex? if you see the image above the days mentioned in the fertility phase are the best time to have sex as his is the period when the females fertility is at its best. The seven days in the fertility phase is the most important period where the woman can conceive in a better way so please get your calender ready to note this period, the female can conceive one week beyond the fertility phase too but only that it will effect the child's development either physically or mentally, 

   Plan to have more of vegetarian food during this one year period for your baby's sake, however if your carving is deep then please limit as much as possible. During this one year period, strictly avoid soft drinks like Pepsi and Coco Cola as this will not only reduce the count and quality of your sperm and egg but also make you infertile. 

How to improve the Quality of your sperm and Egg?

   Infertility has become a big problem with the present generation and the reason is chemically processed foods, American junk foods like pizza, burger etc and soft drinks. Many a couples have this problem and as a result they are not able to conceive and even if they do the miscarriage happens at a later stage so what is the remedy,

   Here are some simple steps that the couple must follow:

1) In your One year period try to eat or drink milk and milk products like milk, curd, butter and ghee, please see to it that milk and milk products have to be of Indian breed cows only which gives A2 milk and not the European and Holstein Cows which give A1 milk is useless & toxic. Greedy Indian doctors knows this but will never disclose these facts.  

2) Every day in the morning both male and female should eat Loni with Khadishakkar. Loni is the thick layer you get when you churn CURD and Khadishakkar is a Crystallized from of sugar called as Crystal Sugar. Take 50 grams of Loni and 20 grams of powdered khadishakkar mix it thoroughly and eat it every day.  

3) Eat more of Black Til and Dal and other pulses. In fruits you must eat Mango, Banana, Oranges, and preferably Pomegranates, in the morning. Drink a glass of sugarcane uice and add a bit of Choona or lime in it and drink it at least 3 times in a week, it will not only improve the sperm count but also the sperm shall be very active the same should also be taken by female if she has fertility problems.  
4) Have exercise in which your stomach and abdomen muscles have to be stressed for which working on a hand chakki is the best form of exercise. To know more about chakki click the link Houseful tips for a healthy living. Else the best exercise which one can do without having to work on tread mill or gym is to climb stairs up and down your building. this is the best form of exercise in cities. You don't have to use elevators rather use staircase. Else risk waling for 5 to 6 Km is the next best. For females climbing stairs is very good for health as her abdomen mussels get improved which helps in normal delivery.     
 Now if the females fertility phase falls during the full moon day then its a good indication that the female is completely healthy, and is capable of giving birth to a healthy baby and is capable of giving normal delivery. 

   When the couple have sexual union during a Full Moon Day then they shall give birth to a brave Child who has radiance of Moon as the moon gets light from sun's reflections the child shall be as active as sun who will excel in many fields like Sports, Politics, Brave Warrior, National leader or an Active Hero, Role Model to the Society.  Such child are born leaders

 On New Moon day i.e. Amavasya you will have a Child who shall be a genius like scientist, historians, doctors, engineers etc. 

Why are babies born as handicapped or abnormal?

This is because of lack of calcium in between couples. Better Get bone density checked as this can also be one reason for infertility. The above mentioned points will rectify calcium deficiency. Secondly as i mentioned above that identical DNA can also cause abnormal and handicapped children. Which is why our ancestors matched Gotra, NOW ARE THEY FOOLS.....

While having sexual union face south, not only that when you sleep keep your head south and feet north.

X and Y Chromosomes

   Sperms in male carry X and Y Chromosomes, the Females egg only have X chromosome its the sperm from the male that decides if the couple will have a male child or a female child.

   If Y chromosome of male meets with egg of female which is X then you will have a male Child, If X chromosome of male the egg then you have female child. 

  In the The nature is such that during the even days of your menstrual cycle the Y chromosome is active and the odd days the X chromosome is very active which is why on even days  a male child is born and on even days female is born. This is very biological.

   In orthodox Indian families females are blames for giving birth to a female child, this has got nothing to do with the female as its male's sperm which decides whether it a boy or girl.

 Which is why in our culture females are respected as a symbol of purity because they carry XX chromosome which is a pair, when male is considered impure because they have XY. Ours is the only culture where women is very much respected than any other nation could even dream of.

  Young teenage females should never work during her periods, its a must that she should not work as her body is going through a great process of filtering herself which is why she is more clean and pure than male, during this period her Blood Preassure is high and else she should restrain herself from work, you can never work properly if you Blood pressure is high, which is why our ancestors advice them to remain free from household chores as they have to retain their health. 

  It has nothing to do with calling her impure and that she is untouchable and this is a bad days its not bad its rather a good day as she is on the process of getting pure, the Blood that goes out of her body is only the impure blood that goes out as new blood is getting produced in her body. 

If females have problems of pain and excess bleeding during her periods, take Shatawari Choornam, every day either morning or night, eat more of Methi, known as a Fenu Greek in English, the seeds are very cheap in markets take a handful of seeds soak in a glass of water at night as u get up early morning drink this water and eat the soaked seeds. I have explained he benefits of Methi Seeds in my article Houseful tips for a healthy living.


   Eat it in anyways you want, its leaf is beneficial in many ways also sweets are made from its seeds, its is a cure for any kind of long and short term disease in female from skin to STD all will be cured, Its a boon for those females who have short size breasts or those mothers who have less or no milk in her breast to feed their newborn. 

   After delivery the new born will always sleep but the mother must have good rest and sleep also she must be in a positive frame of mind else it will effect the child's development. After six months she must be in a good mental state if she is mentally strong her health will be better.

   During pregnancy all through 9 months your wife should be in a good state of mind always keep her happy, the husband have to devote all time to her, she should not be depressed and in a negative state of mind else it will effect the child in a great way, the female should always be happy and charming, the 2 and 3rd month is very volatile its here where she will be in a very depressed state of mind as she will have mood swings try not to quarrel with her and agree to all her demands, the husband should see to it that she never goes into nervous break down.

   When your wife is 4 to 5 month pregnant and the infant is some what developed in the mothers womb allow her to hear the Garbha Raksha Mantra, this will provide a great positive vibration in the mothers womb and will help your child's development in a very big way.


  Also every morning as you get up chanting of Santana Gopala Gayatri Mantra will be very good for you and your baby.

  During solar eclipse please avoid getting outside and never get exposed to sun rays, she must stay indoors during the eclipse else it will effect the health of your infant as negative currents get liberated during solar eclipse, chances are your child will be born with some abnormalities. 

  I hope you you shall find this article helpful.

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You.

Jayan Divakaran.


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