Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Monsanto and the GMO: Ultimate Evil of Mannkind.

   Kali Yuga, the era of ignorance where the Devil can dance as per his will and in all mode he has a grip of dominance over the globe, he leaves none and when every thing is in his control he aims for the ultimate source, yes it's control over the globe with food. Food the very basis of existence, that nature provides for animals, birds, reptiles and insect alike, food the very basis of survival for the herbivores and carnivore’s is the right of every living being on earth, its food that allowed the civilization to flourish and history has it that due it’s scarcity many civilization had to perish. Legend has it that about 5000 B.C after the Mahabharata war, Lord Parashurama had to migrate a whole bunch of Brahmin Community from Sindh Region to Kerala as River Saraswati had dried up due to shifts in the Tectonic Plates that blocked the flow of Saraswati river from the Himalaya glacier to the North West part of India. Google Parashurama’s Axe Jayan Divakaran to know more.

   Why did this migration take place? Because the soil which was fertile became barren as River Saraswati became extinct, hence migration is the only option one can think of, many such historical events have taken place in world history where in food was the main reason for migration. Many wars have happened for capturing fertile lands across the globe, many people have laid their life for the land that yielded surplus food. What’s our life without food is any ones guess but what if your food is not giving the required nutrition your body requires, is it worth consuming, what if the same food grains, fruits and vegetables that your ancestors consumed is not providing nutrition and health benefits rather it’s only aggravating your health is definitely a matter of big concern!!

  India is nation which purchases pesticides and fertilizers from foreign Nations as in Parke Davis, Bayer, BSF, Du Pont etc. these MNC companies sell their products at a high premium which continues to bleed our farmers for more than 5 decades, which is why our foods are not imported to Europe as they know it has a high chemical content which can cause cancer, these MNC from the chemical and fertilizer sectors have taken our nation for a song, who from cosmopolitan cities wants to know this and why should we bother as we the white collar jobs are happy with our lifestyle, and no ways we are going to till the land so who cares right?? 

  If you wonder where your food is coming from, its form the same field that suicide driven farmers are producing from their debt ridden fields with a hope to get surplus yield they feed crops with harmful and dangerous chemical and fertilizers that will only harm our health in future, and what is the next step when we get ill, Yeah YOU GUESSED IT, PHARMA INDUSTRY.

   When I look back at this sequence of Chemical Foods to Getting Sick and Spend our fortune in Hospitals where one thing assured is money drain, I feel that we are mere salves in the Gamut of Evil MNC corporation who have programmed our life to pass through this sequence, where they want all of us to work in there trap and everyone is falling prey to their evil Gamut, from the rich to the poor all are a mere puppet whose life is programmed, they want us to live a life full of disease so that we can visit evil greedy doctors regularly who will make us his slave, with patented drugs as suggested by Medical Representatives making a ransom by looting people prescribing a load of useless drugs only to create more disease weakening our immunity system, and kill them to their last breath with Drugs that will never cure them. Chemical Sector based MNC favour Pharma Sector based MNC and vice versa through LOBBY else a tie up through stakes.


   It’s not that the government is sleeping, but the government is pretending to sleep and they want us to sleep in such mater as a new virus of corruption called the LOBBY has crept in India, and very rapidly it has spread its tentacles in India, with the top brass politicians in their pay roll do the job as controlled and regulated by the lobby, the Lobby is a core group that keep itself very secret and is funded in and out by the MNC sectors so there are many such Lobby like Pharma Lobby, Chemical Lobby, FMCG Lobby etc. some very powerful and some less, these Lobby appoint a Lobbyist who works as Third Party agent to get the Job done on behalf of the MNC. We know of one 2 G spectrum which was all Maha Maya of the Lobby and the Connection Kumari (Lobbyist) was Neera Radia.

  A nation plagued by Lobbying will soon drive itself to a Banana Republic, which is why our ex National Damad said “We are Mango People in Banana Republic” Wow see the confidence, he could say this without fear as this statement was a slap on the face from President, Prime Minister to Ego laden Government Babus, Politicians, IPS, Defence personnel’s who hold the chair, this man from a Sadak Chap to a man who Owned States indeed proved that he was and still is above all. 

   If you don’t know what banana republic means, then it’s a term used to describe a nation where corruption and injustice is so rampant that its Government, Military, Police, Administration, Law, the Rich and the Powerful etc. are all working in tandem to loot the wealth, resource and people of the nation. By this you can understand the gravity of the statement he passed, had that been a pebble like me calling our nation a banana republic, then I would be rotting in a jail, but the National Damad said it with no remorse and neither it was as deliberate mistake.

 Did he apologise, ‘Kya Baat karta hai: Are you serious, ARE you serious, ARE YOU serious, ARE YOU SERIOUS!! 

   Well whatever punishing such a man a Private Damad is a dream come true, he has proved that India is in his muthee and can mend his way, BJP a failed opposition and master of Hypocrisy will never punish these man ever even with a ton load of proofs against him, why will the BJP punish him, the Italian parivar nay Gandhi parivar is a Party of opposition to BJP, in the end there is something called a politician unity, all are connected like a beehive, what you see in Aranab’s Hour or Barkha Show is all eyewash.

  If you have to know what Lobby can do then here is a good example:

He is Raghuram Rajan...
   Don't go by the colour of his skin, he has dual citizenship, he is more American that Indian, can any sane government keep a Man who is the citizen of another nation as the Governor of RBI, an institution that control Banks. Imagine the power he has and what he can do with it, an American Citizen in the Top Chair of RBI, can you imagine the Horror, of the many secret informations he can leak to America. Has any body questioned how he can be appointed as the Governor of RBI when he holds dual citizenship what's more he has not even canceled his green card, can anyone be absolutely sure that he is not leaking our financial secrets to CIA?

   This is what a LOBBY can do, they can do the impossible like planting Mr. Rajan in such a high chair, and no government authorities can stand against the LoBBY for they know they will loose their job in an instant, imagine who all the Lobby might have bribed to get this man in the RBI chair, with this we can very well estimate the power of Lobby, cause by Constitutional Rules no way this man can be eligible to work in RBI forget being a RBI governor. OK why is he placed there? America knows all Indian families have gold in their home, and they want to grab these and along with it Gold in our ancient Temple vaults. The LOBBY has spent a lot in this man and like a CEO of any corporation he will ensure to get the job done for his CIA masters. This Man Rahghuram Rajan's purpose is to Serve America and not India.
   As you would be wondering why I be taking about the LOBBY when the article is about Monsanto?? Well if there is a pathway for Monsanto to make quick and easy inroads in India then it's only via the LOBBY, why do you think Robert Vadra passed such a BOLD MANGO STATEMENT, we know well that his import mother in law is above democracy, above law, above defence, above anything and everything in our Nation, what could be the other reason he passed such a statement?? It's quite probable that this statement made by him was on behalf of the LOBBY to make aware and beware government personals that the LOBBY has a thrust in the government and under this threshold they will be under the LOBBY's mercy.

  Aam Aaadmi Party (MNC Party) and Opposition made hue and cry over his statement citing corruption in the government BLAH BLAH.... to fool people for votes (We know Robert Vadra is above you all), the Lobby with their reporting leather puppets like our RBI Governor, has many top brass politicians, IAS Babus, Defense personals etc. to do the job at their command.

  More Powerful the lobby more anonymous & a dangerous body, which gets their job done without their trace in the conspiracy, even their leather puppets have no idea of the true agenda of the lobby, though they know well that finance and Intelligence is routed by MNC, CIA and NATO but who is commanding them is a well-kept secret. These leather puppets are trained well of their role and if they toe the line with the Lobby, they will have a very high price to pay, could be with their life or trap them in a racket. The lobby will do anything to achieve their motto, kill or blackmail Bribe or Frame, they wont mind using any dirty tricks of the trade to reach their gaol. So if it is to rule over the government or create a Monopoly in the market they Lobby will get it.

 Though everything in this is a Zionist gain, and when it comes to looting the wealth of a nation, one Jewish Family has a reputation 'The Rothschild'. Perhaps the name you have never heard off, the LOBBY on behalf of Zionism funded by Rothschild is pushing the agenda of the New World Order.

  WAIT.... The third world war has not yet happened, but we are aware of tensions between Israel and Iran, we know that ISIS, Taliban is on the run, now where is Al Qaeda.. Zionists Babus is their job over?? 

   As Monsanto world’s biggest pesticide company, has an ultimate agenda of ruling citizens of the world with food, Monsanto has a strong support from Zionist organization funded by the Rothschild, which rules the globe, apart from tiny nations Cuba, North Korea and Iran, all nations are bleeding under the it's rule. 

  It has a very powerful lobby that will any moment make it way in India, and if that happens, our food will be a monopoly product like Windows or Apple and the one source from where we will have to buy food will be from this Evil Pesticide Company called Monsanto. This Evil Company will come with versions in Seeds like Windows and Apple, and charge a high premium on it to bleed farmers and people who will have to purchase food at a premium price. It will make our life so difficult that Monsanto can even make the government to bend on its knee if we do not agree to their demands. 

  It was about two year's back i was in a bar with my friend having whiskey over the weekend that an another friend came in, he was working for a financial firm whose prime objective is to lure the rich and convince them to invest money in their firm, this firm will not go after the middle class but only rich people or business house for huge investments. This firm of his is completely reliant on American Investments. If America has a base in India they will invest this money on American Companies and play on it. Our Financial market is 90% American Money be it BSE or NSE, Americans have invested a lot via the Foreign Direct Investment. 

  This is another danger for India, as America has invaded our SENSEX market, that if they decide to sell the shares the market will crash all of a sudden creating a tremor in Financial market, it has happened in the past that they sold their share and SENSES was crashing about 1000 to 2000 points everyday, it will be a kind of financial terrorism.

  Nevertheless, this friend spake: "If our nation needs to have food surplus, and a final solution for Food deficit, if farmers must not commit suicide then Monsanto is the only solution. Today Monsanto is like a BHAGWAN for us." My friend will never forget that night because his ears got stuffed with #$@!@#$# by yours truly.

   What do we get from this, there are many such financial firms in India who are willing to invest their money on Monsanto shares, financial investors or consultants will only invest their money if a Company has a long term objective of growing its business in India on a year on basis, the nightmare is that Monsanto is going to have a big long fatty stay and they are eying India as a big hub as in America and Europe this evil firm is having a very bad reputation via the Social Media. 

   The people in Europe is fighting tooth and nail to get this menace out from their nation and certain Nation like Hungary and Germany have met with success. Monsanto knows that people in India are poor, ignorant and are well suppressed by its Government who dont care a damn about its people and will not fight like the people of West. 

  They know well that with a good infrastructure of Foreign Funded Funded NGO and all conditions favorable like Corrupt Politicians, Government Babus etc. India will certainly be a gold mine for Monsanto.

  You see how ignorant can the educated from Urban cities be, none in India has a clue about what Monsanto is and they don't have a clue about the danger it posses. THIS JEWISH FIRM MONSANTO IS THE ENEMY OF MANKIND

   Why is our people ignorant about the dangers of the Most Evil Corporation in the World, is because they will only react, and they will only know when the Paid and Corrupt, none of the main stream media has ever talked a word against Monsanto, only Social Media is a platform where Citizen Journalists like me and millions are making people aware about this Monster Monsanto. We know the Judas TV new channels and media who have sold out our motherland To Monsanto and these are the same ones who keep getting Rothschild controlled awards. 

   The Rothschild control IMF and World bank. In 2001 Indian government allowed Monsanto into India, in exchange for IMF fund loans. Monsanto started off with GM or genetically modified cotton. Many Monsanto funded NGO's tried to encourage farmers to use GM seeds. Even Christian missionary NGOs were involved in this, in addition to selling Jesus Christ to gullible farmers. 

   Pretty soon 90% of Indian cotton farmers use GM cotton seeds. Within 5 years a lot of Cotton farmers cultivation went bust. They had no idea that these GM seeds require more water and more Monsanto pesticides. Once Monsanto got monopoly in these Cotton belt, they hiked the prices of Cotton Seeds. The farmers were duped into writing a bond that they will buy new seeds every time. Monsanto took away the age old tradition to use their own grown seeds.

  Monsanto makes GMO seeds, these are terminator or sterile seeds which are seeds that you can grow and will give yield but the yield will not contain any seeds in it so again you will have to go to Monsanto to Purchase seeds. Not only Cotton but they have seeds for all Food Grains, Fruits and Vegetables, which means the yield that you are eating is sterile food which is not only useless but only harmful, many farmers and even scientists have no idea about this danger. This is total voilation of nature and like how Windows changes its version, Monsanto also have their Version 1 , Version 2.2 etc. seeds or the second & third generation seeds at a very high price much beyond the potentials of Cotton Farmers to purchase these seeds, these farmers are forced to borrow money from money lenders at a high rate of interest, get themselves into a debt trap, with declining yield crops.

  Thousands of farmers commit suicide every month, and the Rothschild controlled TV channel or Media never writes about it. Yes they will blame the government for its lax attitude but never a word against Monsanto after all money is stuffed in their Mouth right!! Monsanto does claim that these genetically engineered seeds does NOT increase your yield. But Monsanto given birth to Super Weeds and Super Pests, as they become resilient. Ground water is now polluted as more deadly pesticides has to be used in greater doses.

  Today Indians are being used as guinea pigs, all for corrupt puppets of LOBBY Politicians and Foreign Funded Double Agent NGO's with Swiss bank accounts. Today our hospitals are flooded with kidney and liver patients, all thanks to Monsanto.

   Its very certain to expect no justice from the Government, it will not be far that Monsanto will rule over the food of our nation, their powerful lobby will invade our nation any day, which is why:


  Monsanto has a Corporate Social Responsibility, but nothing like this is ever don in real, in fact they have never done what they preach and have only done the opposite to create a mass harm to Mankind and Nature. This is the height of all lies:

Integrity: Is the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage. 

Sharing: We will share knowledge and technology to advance scientific understanding, to improve agriculture and the environment, to improve crops, and to help farmers in developing countries.

Respect: We will respect the religious, cultural, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world. The safety of our employees, the communities where we operate, our customers, consumers, and the environment will be our highest priority.

Above: A Zionist lie....

   Thanks to Monsanto the bee population on this planet has declined. This is dangerous as bees are essential for pollination. Nil bees and the planet will die in less than a decade. When bees are affected by pesticides they inbuilt radars get shut down, and they get lost.

   What about close to 2 lakh farmer suicides in India, Monsanto the chosen one of the Rothschild can you explain?  Have you ever thought of giving some compensation for a life you have taken when you made them sign the bond to by your seeds only?? These farmers lost their lands on payment of collateral to buy Monsanto seeds. They were given dreams of reaping the golden harvest", right? 

   60% of India's population rely on Agriculture, when USA has only 2%. Which is why the Zionist West is planing to reduce the number of farmers so that they can have Monopoly in India's agriculture, and the government is turning a blind eye when farmer suicide is increasing by the year. In US a poll conducted by Natural News, 16000 people were asked their views, 51% of the people gave Monsanto the award for being the most EVIL corporation on this planet. Yet in India with so many farmer suicides we hardly know, thanks to the combined efforts of double agents foreign funded NGOs , media, judges , lawyers and politicians.

   Today Monsanto owns more than 90% of GM seeds all over the world. Monsanto had sued the Gujarat Govt saying that they have no rights to control the prices of seeds.

   Nearly all GM crops are designed with genes to resist a potent herbicide called Round Up or glyphosate. This roundup pesticide is very dangerous for human beings..Upwards of 65 percent of U.S. corn crops contain a special gene added that allows them to produce an insecticide. This way, when bugs attempt to eat the corn they're killed right away (specifically their stomach is split open) because the plant contains an invisible, built-in pesticide shield.

   The particular gene added to most co+rn crops is a type of Bt-toxin -- produced from Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria. Genetic engineers remove the gene that produces the Bt in bacteria and insert it into the DNA of corn (and cotton) plants. They claim that Bt-toxin is quickly destroyed in human stomachs -- and even if it survived, it won't cause reactions in humans or mammals is all bull. Bt toxin is readily passing into the human bloodstream. Bt-toxin does causes adverse health effects in humans.

   Once these GM crops and genes get into the wild, they will eventually contaminate all of the non-GM crops so that at some point in the future, there will be no non-GM crops in the world! Once the GM genes have contaminated all of the non-GM plants, there is presently no way to remove these synthetic genes from the plants. We’ll all be stuck with these toxic plants that produce toxic foods.

   In fact, it is said that any food that comes in a box in the supermarket can be assumed to contain GM elements.

   GM foods may be associated with a number of problems. It is hard to specifically define them because biotechnology companies do not allow independent scientist to acquire their products. They have manipulated the political process so that they have patent protection over their GM products.  

Genetically modified foods can cause disruption of DNA, which is CANCER.

In order to avoid eating GM foods, you must:
-Buy organic, which isn’t allowed to use GM inputs

-Buy products labeled Non-GMO

  In India, all the MNC have raided our market with plastic fast food, McDonald, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, all must make public that their food do not use GMO foods, just go to these outlets and if you are really interested to see that puzzled face the Manger running this outlet ask him is this food that you call very hygienic that you dont even use you hands to cook is GO free?? 100% that he will only ignore and run away from you, or expect a diplomatic answer that will only satisfy him if you know how deep the rot is.

  Our children are fed with a lot of Advt. seeing their model Hero drinking Coke, Pepsi or munching on Lays, Kurkure etc. how good is it for your health. Try to burn Kurkure and watch closely, you will get stunned. These are GMO potato used by MNC, to kill us slowly.

  Its sch a wonder that this evil corporation called Monsanto is hated by citizens of the globe, people all over the globe only wish that this company shold never exist, what a irony that Government it self is reluctant and protecting Monsanto, the people have to brave a fight to fight against this evil corporation, and like in India same is the case in America and Europe where the politician gives assurance that they will wipe our Monsanto for votes but later detracts. 

   In future expect Modi to do such 'U' Turns too, i for one would not be surprised if Walmart is given a green signal in India, the BJP is only waiting for the state elections to get over to get majority and this is exactly what the LOBBY wants, speak to one government instead of a coalition, With 100% FDI given in Railways, and Modi declaring as if its and achievement, we wold not be surprised if Monsanto is allowed to rule India's Agriculture.

Monsanto the Company:

   Of all the MNC running amok, Monsanto has consistently outperformed earning the crown as the “most evil corporation on Earth!” Not content to simply rest upon its throne of destruction, without remose it continues to remain focused on newer, scientific innovative ways to harm the globe and its denizen.

   The company is founded by John Francis Queeny in 1901, a member of the Knights of Malta, a thirty year pharmaceutical veteran married to Olga Mendez Monsanto, for which Monsanto Chemical Works is named. The company’s first product is chemical saccharin, sold to Coca-Cola as an artificial sweetener. Even by then, the government knew saccharin was poisonous and sued to stop its manufacture but lost in court, thus opening the Monsanto Pandora’s Box to begin poisoning the world through the soft drink.

  In 1920's Monsanto further expands into industrial chemicals and drugs, becoming the world’s largest maker of aspirin, acetylsalicyclic acid, (toxic of course). This is also the time when things began to go horribly wrong for the planet in a hurry with the introduction of  their Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs).
“PCBs were considered an industrial wonder chemical, an oil that wouldn’t burn, impervious to degradation and had almost limitless applications. Today PCBs are considered one of the gravest chemical threats on the planet. Widely used as lubricants, hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, waterproof coatings and liquid sealants, are potent carcinogens and have been implicated in reproductive, developmental and immune system disorders. The world’s center of PCB manufacturing was Monsanto’s plant on the outskirts of East St. Louis, Illinois, which has the highest rate of fetal death and immature births in the state.”
  Even though PCBs were eventually banned after fifty years for causing such devastation, it is still present in just about all animal and human blood and tissue cells across the globe. Documents introduced in court later showed Monsanto was fully aware of the deadly effects, but criminally hid them from the public to keep the PCB gravy-train going full speed.

   In 1930's Monsanto creats the first hybrid seed corn and expands into detergents, soaps, industrial cleaning products, synthetic rubbers and plastics. and in 1940's begins it's research on uranium to be used for the Manhattan Project’s first atomic bomb, to be later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese, Korean and US Military servicemen and poisoning millions more.

  The company still continues its unabated killing spree by manufacturing pesticides for agriculture containing deadly dioxin, which poisons the food and water supplies. Much later it was discovered that Monsanto failed to disclose that dioxin were used in a wide range of their products, because doing so would force them to acknowledge that it had created an environmental Hell on Earth.

   The 60's Mega Partnership: Monsanto, along with chemical partner-in-crime DOW Chemical, produces dioxin-laced Agent Orange for use in the U.S.’s Vietnam invasion. The results? Over 3 million people contaminated, a half-million Vietnamese civilians dead, a half-million Vietnamese babies born with birth defects and thousands of U.S. military veterans suffering or dying from its effects to this day!

  Monsanto is hauled into court again and internal memos show they knew the deadly effects of dioxin in Agent Orange when they sold it to the government. Outrageously though, Monsanto is allowed to present their own “research” that concluded dioxin was safe and posed no negative health concerns whatsoever. Satisfied, the bought and paid for courts side with Monsanto and throws the case out. Afterwards, it comes to light that Monsanto lied about the findings and their real research concluded that dioxin kills very effectively.

   Monsanto partners with I.G. Farben, makers of Bayer aspirin and the Third Reich’s go-to chemical manufacturer producing deadly Zyklon-B gas during World War II. Together, the companies use their collective expertise to introduce Aspartame, another extremely deadly neurotoxin, into the food supply. When questions surface regarding the toxicity of saccharin, Monsanto exploits this opportunity to introduce yet another of its deadly poisons onto an unsuspecting public.

   In 1970's Monsanto partners with G.D. Searle, into producing numerous internal studies which claims Aspartame to be safe, while the FDA’s own Scientific Research clearly reveals that Aspartame causes Tumors and Massive Holes in the Brains of Rats. The FDA initiates a grand jury investigation into G.D. Searle for “knowingly misrepresenting findings and concealing material facts and making false statements” in regard to aspartame safety.

  During this time, Searle strategically taps prominent Washington insider Donald Rumsfeld, who served as Secretary of Defense during the Gerald Ford and George W. Bush  presidencies, to become CEO. The corporation’s primary goal is to have Rumsfeld utilize his political influence and vast experience in the killing business to grease the FDA to play ball with them. 

   A few months later, Samuel Skinner receives “an offer he can’t refuse,” withdraws from the investigation and resigns his post at the U.S. Attorney’s Office to go work for Searle’s law firm. This mob tactic stalls the case just long enough for the statute of limitation to run out and the grand jury investigation is abruptly and conveniently dropped.

   1980s: Coke leads the way once again, remember saccharin? and begins poisoning Diet Coke drinkers with aspartame in 1983. As expected, sales skyrocket as millions become h00opelessly addicted and sickened by the sweet poison served in a can. The rest of the soft drink industry likes what it sees and quickly follows suit, conveniently forgetting all about their initial reservations that aspartame is a deadly chemical. There’s money to be made, lots of it and that’s all that really matters to them anyway!

   In 1985, undaunted by the swirl of corruption and multiple accusations of fraudulent research undertaken by Searle, Monsanto purchases the company and forms a new aspartame subsidiary called NutraSweet Company. When multitudes of independent scientists and researchers continue to warn about aspartame’s toxic effects, Monsanto goes on the offensive, bribing the National Cancer Institute and providing their own fraudulent papers to get the NCI to claim that formaldehyde does not cause cancer so that aspartame can stay on the market.

   The known effects of aspartame ingestion are: “Mania, Rage, Violence, Blindness, Joint-Pain, Fatigue, Weight-Gain, Chest-Pain, Coma, Insomnia, Numbness, Depression, Tinnitus, Weakness, Spasms, Irritability, Nausea, Deafness, Memory-loss, Rashes, Dizziness, Headaches, Seizures, Anxiety, Palpitations, Fainting, Cramps, Diarrhoea, Panic, Burning in the mouth. Diseases triggered/mimmicked include Diabetes, MS, Lupus, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Tumours, Miscarriage, Infertility, Fibromyalgia, Infant death, Alzheimer’s… Source : U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
   Further, 80% of complaints made to the FDA regarding food additives are about Aspartame, which is now in over 5,000 products including Diet and Non-Diet Sodas and Sports Drinks, Mints, Chewing Gum, Frozen Desserts, Cookies, Cakes, Vitamins, Pharmaceuticals, Milk Drinks, Instant Teas, Coffees, Yogurt, Baby Food and many, many more! Read labels closely and do not buy anything that contains this horrific killer!

   Amidst all the death and Disease, FDA’s Arthur Hull resigns under a cloud of corruption and is immediately hired by Searle’s public relations firm as a senior scientific consultant. No, that’s not a joke! Monsanto, the FDA and many government health regulatory agencies have become one and the same! It seems the only prerequisite for becoming an FDA commissioner is that they spend time at either Monsanto or one of the pharmaceutical cartel’s organized crime corps.

  In 1990's Monsanto spends millions defeating state and federal legislation that disallows the corporation from continuing to dump dioxins, pesticides and other cancer-causing poisons into drinking water systems. Regardless, they are sued countless times for causing disease in their plant workers, the people in surrounding areas and birth defects in babies. With their coffins full from the massive billions of profits, the $100 million dollar settlements are considered the low cost of doing business and thanks to the FDA, Congress and White House, business remains very good.

  In 1994, the FDA once again criminally approves Monsanto’s latest monstrosity, the Synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), produced from a genetically modified E.Coli bacteria, despite obvious outrage from the scientific community of its dangers. Of course, Monsanto claims that the diseased pus milk, full of antibiotics and hormones is not only safe, but actually good for you! Worse yet, dairy companies who refused to use this toxic cow pus and label their products as“rBGH-free” are sued by Monsanto, claiming it gives them an unfair advantage over competitors that did. In essence, what Monsanto was saying is “yeah, we know rBGH makes people sick, but it’s not alright that you advertise it’s not in your products.”

  The same year, this evil company begins producing GMO crops that are tolerant to their toxic herbicide Roundup. Roundup-ready canola oil (rapeseed), soybeans, corn and BT cotton begin hitting the market, advertised as being safer, healthier alternatives to their organic non-GMO rivals. Apparently, the propaganda worked as today over 80% of canola on the market is their GMO variety. A few things you definitely want to avoid in your diet are GMO soy, corn, wheat and canola oil, despite the fact that many “natural” health experts claim the latter to be a healthy oil. It’s not, but you’ll find it polluting many products on grocery store shelves.

  Because these GM crops have been engineered to ‘self-pollinate,’ they do not need  nature or bees to do that for them. There is a very dark side agenda to this and that is to wipe out the world’s bee population.

  Monsanto knows that birds and especially bees, throw a wrench into their monopoly due to their ability to pollinate plants, thus naturally creating foods outside of the company’s “full domination control agenda.” When bees attempt to pollinate a GM plant or flower, it gets poisoned and dies. In fact, the bee colony collapse was recognized and has been going on since GM crops were first introduced. To counter the accusations that they deliberately caused this ongoing genocide of bees, Monsanto devilishly buys out Beeologics, the largest bee research firm that was dedicated to studying the colony collapse phenomenon and whose extensive research named the monster as the primary culprit! 

  During the mid-90s, they decide to reinvent their evil company as one focused on controlling the world’s food supply through artificial, biotechnology means to preserve the Roundup cash-cow from losing market-share in the face of competing, less-toxic herbicides. You see, Roundup is so toxic that it wipes out non-GMO crops, insects, animals, human health and the environment at the same time. How very efficient! Because Roundup-ready crops are engineered to be toxic pesticides masquerading as food, they have been banned in the European Union, but not in America! 

  As was Monsanto’s plan from the beginning, all non-Monsanto crops would be destroyed, forcing farmers the world over to use only its toxic terminator seeds. And Monsanto made sure farmers who refused to come into the fold were driven out of business or sued when windblown terminator seeds poisoned organic farms. This gave the company a virtual monopoly as terminator seed crops and Roundup worked hand in glove with each other as GMO crops could not survive in a non-chemical environment so farmers were forced to buy both. It is as good as syaing when you are Buying a Windows Operating system you must buy Norton Anti virus.

  Their next step was to spend billions globally buying up as many seed companies as possible and transitioning them into terminator seed companies in an effort to wipe out any rivals and eliminate organic foods off the face of the earth. In Monsanto’s view, all foods must be under their full control and genetically modified or they are not safe to eat!

  You’d think the company would be so proud of their GMO foods that they’d serve them to their employees, but they don’t. In fact, Monsanto has banned GM foods from being served in their own employee cafeterias. Monsanto lamely responded “we believe in choice.” What they really means is “we don’t want to kill the help.”

   By 2000's Monsanto controls the largest share of the global GMO market. In turn, the US gov’t spends hundreds of millions to fund aerial spraying of Roundup, causing massive environmental devastation. Fish and animals by the thousands die within days of spraying as respiratory ailments and cancer deaths in humans spike tremendously. But this is all considered an unusual coincidence so the spraying continues. If you think Monsanto and the FDA were one and the same, you can also add the gov’t to that sorry list.

  The monster grows bigger: Monsanto merged with Pharmacia & Upjohn, then separates from its chemical business to re brand itself as an agricultural company. A chemical company whose products have devastated Environment, killed Millions of People and Wildlife over the years now wants us to believe they produce safe and nutritious foods that won’t kill people any longer. That’s an extremely hard-sell, which is why they continue to grow bigger through mergers and secret partnerships. Though rivals DuPont is too large a corporation to be allowed to merge with, they instead form a stealth partnership where each other agreeing to drop existing patent lawsuits against one another and begin sharing GMO technologies for mutual benefit. 

   In layman’s terms, together they would be far too powerful and politically connected for anything to stop them from owning a virtual monopoly on agriculture; “control the food supply & you control the people!

   Not all is rosy as the monster is repeatedly sued for $100s of millions for causing illness, infant deformities and death by illegally dumping all manner of PCBs into ground water, and continually lying about products safety – you know, business as usual.

   The monster often perseveres and proves difficult to slay as it begins filing frivolous suits against farmers it claims infringe on their terminator seed patents. In virtually all cases, unwanted seeds are windblown onto farmers’ lands by neighboring terminator-seeded farms. Not only do these horrendous seeds destroy the organic farmers’ crops, the lawsuits drive them into bankruptcy, while the Supreme Court overturns lower court rulings and sides with Monsanto each time.

  At the same time, the monster begins filing patents on breeding techniques for pigs, claiming animals bred any way remotely similar to their patent would grant them ownership. So loose was this patent filing that it became obvious they wanted to claim all pigs bred throughout the world would infringe upon their patent.

   The global terrorism spreads to India as over 100,000 farmers who are bankrupted by GMO crop failure. In response, the monster takes advantage of the situation by alerting the media to a new project to assist small Indian farmers by donating the very things that caused crop failures in the country in the first place! Forbes then names Monsanto “company of the year.” Sickening, but true.

 More troubling is that Whole Foods, the corporation that brands itself as organic, natural and eco-friendly is proven to be anything but. They refuse to support Proposition 37, California’s GMO-labeling measure that Monsanto and its GMO-brethren eventually helped to defeat.

  Why? Because Whole Foods has been in bed with Monsanto for a long time, secretly stuffing its shelves with overpriced, fraudulently advertized “natural & organic” crap loaded with GMOs, pesticides, rBGH, hormones and antibiotics. So, of course they don’t want mandatory labeling as that would expose them as the Whole Frauds and Whore Foods that they really are!

    However, when over twenty biotech-friendly companies including WalMart, Pepsico and ConAgra recently met with FDA in favor of mandatory labeling laws, this after fighting tooth and nail to defeat Prop 37, Whole Foods sees an opportunity to save face and becomes the first grocery chain to announce mandatory labelling of their GMO products…in 2018! Uh, thanks for nothing, Whore.

   And if you think its peers have suddenly grown a conscience, think again. They are simply reacting to the public’s outcry over the defeat of Prop 37 by crafting deceptive GMO-labelling laws to circumvent any real change, thus keeping the status quo intact.

  With this Act, Monsanto claims that only GM foods are safe and organic or homegrown foods potentially spread disease, therefore must be regulated out of existence for the safety of the world. If eating GM pesticide balls is their idea of safe food, I would like to think the rest of the world is smart enough to pass.

  As further revelations have broken open regarding this evil giant’s true intentions, Monsanto crafted the ridiculous HR 933 Continuing Resolution, aka Monsanto Protection Act, which Obama robo-signed into law as well.This law states that no matter how harmful Monsanto’s GMO crops are and no matter how much devastation they wreak upon the country, U.S. federal courts cannot stop them from continuing to plant them anywhere they choose. Yes, Obama signed a provision that makes Monsanto above any laws and makes them more powerful than the government itself. We have to wonder who’s really in charge of the country because it’s certainly not him. ITS THE ROTHSCHILD

   There comes a tipping point though when a corporation becomes too evil and the world pushes back…hard! Many countries continue to convict Monsanto of crimes against humanity and have banned them altogether, telling them to “get out and stay out!”

   The world has begun to awaken to the fact that the corporate monster does not want control over the global production of food simply for profit’s sake. No, it’s become clear by over a century of death & destruction that the primary goal is to destroy human health and the environment, turning the world into a Mon-Satanic Hell on Earth!

 Know that all is not lost. Evil always loses in the end once it is widely exposed to the light of truth as is occurring now. The fact that the Monsanto-led government finds it necessary to enact desperate legislation to protect its true leader proves this point. Being evicted elsewhere, the United States is Monsanto’s last stand so to speak.

  Yet, even here many have begun striking back by protesting against and rejecting GMO monstrosities, choosing to grow their own foods and shop at local farmers markets instead of the Monsanto-supported corporate grocery chains.

  The awakening people are also beginning to see they have been misled by corporate tricksters and federal government criminals poisoned by too much power, control and greed, which has resulted in the creation of the monstrous, out-of-control corporate beast.

The real face of Bi#ch Media...
   As the whole world is against Monsanto, we in India must raise our voice against this Evil Corporations, we need to remember that when all nations banned DDT, this hrrible chemical is still sprayed in India, we also know the havoc Endosulfan has created in Kerala, this is when the government wanted it to be banned yet this is being sprayed in north Kerala where the whole Eco system is under devastation, the conditions there is as same as Vietnam. 

We expect though it's a distant dream but sure with our politicians Monsanto is here to stay. When in 5000 B.C Lord Parashurama took his clan further down to south for a fertile land, where will we move when this Evil Company is not only producing poisonous foods, but with it its polluting our land, water and air. WHERE WILL WE MIGRATE!!

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You.

Jayan Divakaran.

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