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Paid, Corrupt Indian Media.

  • History of Indian Media
  • Paid Journalism, news anchors and media corporate
  • Displaying news negativism, incomplete and false news, interpreting a sentence in a wrong way to create scandal for TRP.
  • News channels portraying pro secularist and anti India news.
  • Degrade and Insult Hindu beliefs culture tradition repeatedly targeting all Swamis of India.
  • Display of Useless and unwanted news, give unwanted hype to useless personalities who are a curse to society.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Media a grave threat to the security and integrity of our nation. 
  • Paid Newspapers and News channels working for their sponsors from American MNC, Church of England, Christian Missionaries, Saudi Wahabi Funds and ISI.
  • Absolute partial display by news anchors towards secularism and secular parties criticizing majority (Hindu) communities and calling them communal and pleasing their sponsors.
  • Complete absence of Nationality in Foreign News channels. 
  • Blackmailing corporate, businessman and politicians for hiding news.
  • Cheapness and partiality of News anchors completely ignored by people big trouble is when people look at this cheap anchors as idols.
  • How to fight Main Stream Paid media.... the only solution Social Media and Blog spots by various Intellectuals who show the society about the evils which public ignore. 

Before writing on Corrupt Indian media i would like to say that media all over the world is corrupt equally corrupt as India with a core intention of ruling masses with lies and incomplete information. With plenty of news channels English Hindi and other regional languages let me say all the news channels are corrupt sold their souls to MNC lobby, christian missionaries and Saudi wahabi funds with the sole intention of creating unrest and work in favour of their masters who fund them. 

Never ever take this white colored professionals as moral idol or heroes who give us precise clear news information but these are cheap people more dangerous than terrorists who attack us at unwarranted times in a way these Cheap anchors should be termed as "White Collared Terrorists".

Above: Media personalities (paid pimps) who have traded news and sold their souls to foreign fund

History of Indian Media:

Press was introduced in India by the British and they had the opportunity to rule the masses with and alter news as per their will to misinform the masses with false news and create unwanted hype for those people who supported british directly or indirectly. The press controlled by british made sure of covering news of all those heroes who gave a real fist fight to the british those freedom fighters who knew that the moderates where hands in glove with british and gave a hard fight to the british were never published in the press moreover such freedom fighters were portrayed as criminals and terrorists. 

How many of you know that Pranoy Roy's mother is a British.
A big anti National and his NDTV runs completely on Funds from Saudi Wahabi Funds.

British ensured that truth should never be revealed to the masses and incomplete, false information with hyped news should be displayed for which they appointed those business men and stooges who could work on their behalf. 

National Newspaper Times of India belonged to the Bennett & Coleman till independence after which it was handed over to Ramakrishna Dalmiya of the Dalmiya group and after Independence Times of India became nation's Newspaper with dedicated Journalist and sub editors honest and loyal to their profession showed it's credibility showing news events without any biased views or it's partiality to any political party but still when it came to most important facts which mattered the nation those fangs carrying British british venom still ruled over honest journalists as chief editors who controlled honest journalists and brought corruption into the Journalism as means of siding with Political parties and trading news for them in form of Advertisement.

For a good long years Times of India was a nations newspaper with but with markets opening up and in late 1990 and late 2000 when media got progressed from print to tube news started to reach people very quickly and the demand for tube media got rapidly faster than print media. With all news anchors soon becoming the face of nation for their boldness in asking tough questions to politician and other personalities they soon made a positive impact in the minds of the people completely unknown to the fact that those questions are pre planned and all these interviews are orchestrated. Seldom you will see a interview that could lay a surprise for politicians. 

One of the best examples of Paid Media where they tried all guns to frame a person with all their gusto all T.V and print media working in Sync to trap a person and Tarnish his image and reputation was Mr. Narendra Modi. Modi should go in the Guinness books for being the only political leader to be so tortured and humiliated for 12 long years and more and the only leader who braved media storm well and emerged strong by coming clean. It was relentless effort of all social media activists who supported Mr Modi when all paid pimps of media was throwing stones at him.

Hey, Slimy Thapar can you ever reveal how Godhra happened?

Negative news:

One of the main reasons why i stopped reading newspaper was that it was filled with negative news right from the front to the last. So what ever may be the newspaper from Times of India, Indian Express to local ones all are filled with Negative news. A murder here a rape there a robbery here or some sort of a big or small scams in Govt and semi govt sectors, corrupt politicians and bad plannings by commissions, inflation, unemployment, child labor and malnutrition, female infanticide, superstition etc etc. Yes agreed that all are true but why on earth are they not showing news that display Positiveness and Inspirational news that can uplift the young ones of the nation. 

We indians are very humble there are plenty of Indians in our great nation that hold high morals in life who have transpired a village, district state from various problems. They are the unsung heroes of who unlike Tendulkar has helped many poor and helpless.

Degeneration of Indian Culture Customs and tradition by Media:

India is a reservoir of legendary epics and moral stories why is it that the young children and youth not knowing our great History rather they are being fed with stupid and moral less stories of Kim Kardisian and Sunny Leone. 

The ugly paratha phado

Think of this seriously what is it that your children going to learn from this ex porn star from a Punjabi family in Canada.  What is it that you as a parent going to tell your children any thing inspirational about this woman. Imagine you along with your son or daughter aged around 8 - 12 years is roaming in a mall and to your surprise you spot some event management company bringing this Female there, what will be your first reaction when both of you see her together, will you ever encourage your child to go meet her take her autograph would it ever run in your mind wishing some day your child be like her WOULD YOU EVER WANT THAT TO HAPPEN. HELL NO NOWAYS A BIG NOOOOOO......

Dear All,,,, please understand why evil media is portraying this useless pay by the bed hours female in all entertainment and news channels, you have to know why she is given all the publicity and hype by the corporate media. She is regularly seen on Page 3 newspapers on a regular frequency.  Why is it that her interview is given prime importance displayed at most preferred hours of news channels. Why was this female allowed to contest in Big Boss a pathetic show by all means though. Why is it that all news anchors have taken her Interview? WHAT CAN I AND YOU LEARN FROM A PORN STAR?

Media is definitely a great means of Information for the Society but if it has to play bad let me assure it will play havoc with your life. Ask any Hypnotist which is the most dangerous tool of Hypnotism he will say it Television. Television is a device if used in a good way of showing true knowledge and information can do wonders to your life but if not used properly it can rule your life in a way of creating a SIMILAR TAUGHT PATTERN IN YOUR MIND  that induces people to think in the same manner. 

Advertising Industry is one big example of how your thought process can be molded at will, so if they want you to believe 'A' they know well to do it and if they want you to hate 'B' also they are very much capable of doing it and if they want to do a vice versa of A and B even that is very much possible cause by that time they have completely invaded your mind thought process that even if they say Sun rises in the evening you will believe it. 

How does Advertising Industry do it is at every intervals they keep showing the same Advt. again and again so a Advt. of a particular brand is shown again and again even if the product is bad even if the Advt. is bad you are forced to like it and use that product cause this Advt. in form of visual or audio is fed into your brain like how a movie file or an .mp 3 file is fed in to H.D.D of your Laptop.It's like why you have McDonald burgers is it because of the taste or was it cause of its Advt. You will be surprised to know that you know it on a first hand basis because of McDonald Advt.

Looking at this pattern from Advt. industry Paid media has copied the same psychosis showing such useless good for nothing and a curse to society type characters called Sunny Leone to invade our minds. One eg is a porn star was never mentioned in a middle class families as its a taboo moreover the grand parents have not even heard these words before or knew what it meant. Due to so much air given to such degrade characters Sunny Leone has become a household name and now discussed in families and home that porn stars have become to common in India. 


I am not against development and progress of a nation but banning such foreign cultures is aggressively criticized by paid media giving more time to PMS suffering feminists who ridicules people with Hindu beliefs calling them Behenjis, Mataji, Hindu fundamentalists, communal etc to give a bad image in front of media so that the society can look down at this people who fight for good cause as bad and feminists like Shobha De and other cheap  is seen as a Public figure. This is the reason why no one dares to fiddle with Media. Bollywood Superstars knows it very well and yes yes all the Sadhus and Swamis of India from North to South and East to West baring Sri Sri Ravishankar knows evils of Paid Media when almost all have been attacked one way or the other severely hounded by Media majority of them are foreign media who are funded by Vatican or Christian Missionaries and the Saudi Wahabi Funds with one purpose to ridicule our Hindu Dharma so that young Hindus will think these swamis are fraud and will turn away from his dharma to find solace in Christianity.


Like Modi Asaram Bapu was another fodder to the paid corrupt media as this man didn't care for warnings by christian missionaries when in his pravachan he used to mention of the evil agenda of Christian missionaries. He never bothered to go after Gorras in his organisation all his management authorities were Indians Bapu believed in Swadeshi and so he was enemy no one for Foreign MNC and Missionaries. He was framed again and again by police and media and media made all means to show him in a evil angle now many are believing him as a fraud but no one even one question Medias bad play in framing Asaram Bapu. 

Same is the case with Swami Baba Ramdev, Mata Amritananda Mayi, Swami Nityananda, Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamotu trust etc. When Shankaracharya and Swami Nityananda were given clean chits by Courts WHY DID NOT PAID MEDIA GIVE ANY COVERAGE TO THIS NEWS?

When all this Swamis were shown as guilty they were aired for 800 to 900 hours by foreign News channels like CNN IBN, IBN 7, ABP news and local news channels Times Now, AAJ Tak, NDTV etc and when they were proven innocent LESS THAT 5 MIUNTES OF TIME WAS USED TO AIR THIS NEWS.

Why such partiality paid pimps of corrupt media?

Some times i wonder when all this Indian Sadhus are shown as sexual pervert are all Christian padres and Muslim clerics gentle by nature are they respectful to their woman folks. Is it that Hindu Sadhus are found to be perverts? 
Only they preach Peace and Harmony and women find them as the servant of God? Really is it is that the reality?

The truth is far worse than you can ever imagine of what takes place inside Vatican.

Foreign Direct Investment In Media:

We have plenty of Foreign Funded News Channels in India and they are a grave national threat for the Integrity and Solidarity of India. Let me be blunt here. FDI in media should be banned with immediate effect by Mr. Narendra Modi or has to be heavily fined in case of spreading false hyped news like case of Kanchi Shankaracharya and Swami Nityananda these cheap corrupt paid media. 


Foreign Funded News channels have completely changed course of Indian Media where our media was just and had dignity left in it all foreign funded news channels for the sake of TRP rating have gone to all cheapness to mold news and hype it in such a way that when a calm wind is moving they portray as if a Cyclone is approaching. Foreign channels have given birth to all cheap T.V anchors who think they are masters of universe and whats worse is the hype given by these news channels that these anchors are brave hearts who keep us informed draw a huge crowd people and the grave factor is people believe them to be of high moral standards but in actual they are pimps sold their souls to foreign funds, puppets of MNC Lobby, missionaries and Islamic Wahabi funds where money is routed through ISI and Canadian Muslims who fund Federation Of Inqualabi Leftist (FOIL) a group consisting of Christian ad Muslim human right activists working for liberation of Kashmir and with aim of spreading Christinity in India through Missionaries. They are either Lawyers or Naxals or member of MNC lobby with an only motto of bleeding the nation from in within by means of creating riots or framing Sadhus and Sanyasis, or create a Mahatma out of Anna Hazare and create super mega Hype of a Shameless CIA agent and puppet of Ford Foundation Arvind Kajeriwal. 

Also many human rights activists in FOIL are Hindus who work against hindus for the sake of Christians and Muslims.

Now that this crap is history if not he will do some cheap stunts but after some Hulla Boo like you see above if Paid media do not see TRP ratings with him he will be left out on streets. Anyways the hype that Anna and Arvind created with Media when aired free gave them great profits. Tomorrow these cheap media might come with another version of Anna well who knows.

If you take NDTV to be a National Channel please rethink because this Anti National channel from head to bottom is completely funded by Saudi Wahabi Funds. Its founder Pranoy Roy is a rabid Hindu hater living with a Hindu name when his Mother is a British. I had been seeing him since 30 years i never seen this man utter a single word in Hindi. He made great inroads in the field of News media through The World This Week and soon he was apple in the eye of the nation. His wife is a close cousin of Brinda Karat wife of CPI president Prakash Karat.

The video above clearly shows the nexus between NDTV and Chidambaram, their source of foreign funding via Mauritius. 

This video also talks of Barkha Dutt of her role in Kargil war, the video is about an interview between a Senior IAS officer belonging to vigilance department and his case is taken care by another IAS officer who is suing Chidambaram in high court. Please go through this stunning video to know more, coming back to madam Burkha Dutt, this cheap media anchor and journalist is hated by many in india and also called Pakistani agent, Anti national, minority sympathizer etc. had done great harm to Indian Army during Kargil war at night she did her journalism she used to turn on halogen lights so let pakistan know where indian army jawans are placed and in this way she gave positions of Indian Army resulting in killing of many army personnels.

Again in 26/11 attacks she was right in front of Oberoi Hotel giving minute by minute details of Army presence over the media channels. The terrorists knew minute by minute details where Indian Army is placed and this helped the terrorists to fight easily killing Indian Army personnels again. Burkha had always been an angel to Pakistan and a witch to India all through her carrier. Her husband Gulam Nabi Fai is a Kashmiri separatist and her third husband before this also she married Muslims so there is a huge chance that she is another Muslim living under Hindu name. 

Moreover what was 26/11 all about though the horror was happening when innocents were getting killed our intelligence failed miserably and when army was sent in to fight those terrorists from Pakistan, many army jawans were being killed. Paid media especially foreign funded was spreading fear psychosis all through that week that it created a mental distress in Mumbai and other cities, people were very afraid of going outside and Media kept on showing terror again and again for TRP ratings. Govt had already done a big blunder by giving Media outright liberty to air the event killing army personals and then airing the terror repeatedly that caused fear psychosis amongst people. 

The Govt. long back should have banned these foreign News channels or fined them but all corrupt politicians with their shares attached to these news channels left them Scott free. In future for a better india the sooner such channels are banned the better it is for India.
I can understand FDI in Entertainment media but to give FDI News media should never be allowed. Has England given rights to to any Indian News channel to set base in England and display their news Desi style?

Blackmailing corporate, businessman and politicians for hiding news:

One simple way of making money for paid media which pays rich dividends to news media is in form of sting operation. Sting operation was introduced in 2000 by Tehelka news on the Vajpayee Govt. putting the Defense Minister in a fix. Tehelka through sting operation became a outright sensation in days and had a record sales becoming a household name within days. 

Though this sting operation did not put the guilty behind bars but paid media sensed that through Sting operation their TRP's can be accelerated to push their business forward. Stings can be used to blackmail politicians and they can be forced to either give ransom of money or told to leak Party information or give controversial Interviews or may be told to be a Partner of their own Channel (you can never know how a blackmail can mold) 

How ironical that Tejpal the one who introduced Sting operation in India is now himself rotting in jail.

So what the solution when all News channels provide half baked false Information well put on a silver platter and presented before you at News Hour, what could be the solution where can you get the real news here is the solution the Social Media....

The only media that can be trusted as of now is the social media, one best means to keep you abreast of whats happening around globe and your nation, one great way of knowing the news as it is from intellectuals and brave hearts who are fighting the big brother and conveying truth in means of Facebook, tweeter and Blogs in Google. I have been in the social media circles for the past 4 years now and the way i have acquired knowledge through it has been phenomenal so be that History of our nation to science, spirituality, quantum physics to vedas upanishads and much more. 

But do beware there are fakes to on social media here you shall have to use your perception and conscience to get the right news. Had social media not been there then i would have believed still that Arvind kajeriwal is a honest man fighting corruption that Mahatma Gandhi was truly a Mahatma, that Darwin as genius and there was a great super genius like Nikola Tesla who invented Wireless transfer of current. 

Social Media is the only means to open your eyes and get yourself out of ignorance. If you believe this then i am sure you shall take Internet the only way of meeting intellectuals sitting million miles away from you and know of his genius talents. Internet is the only means which open window to the world of reality. 

Grace and Peace

May Maa Bharti shower her blessings on you.

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SWADESHI MOVEMENT the basic step of being a patriot a revolutionary.

  • Swadeshi moment helps you get out of ignorance. Instill a sense of patriotism. Where Survival and livelihood is of prime importance than turnover, stock values and business exploitation.
  • Helping the poor and downtrodden especially the rural Adivasis.
  • Walmart, MNC Lobby a huge threat to Swadeshi moment.
  • A hope to move from Brand equity to Resource Economy. 
  • Moving from monopoly of few Multi National Corporations to use and consumption of Swadeshi Products.
  • Using Swadeshi products results in development of state and nation.
  • Up lifting cottage industry and Small Scale Industry. 
  • Giving opportunity to entrepreneur and seek great talents for innovation.

To understand what Swadeshi Moment is and how it started it's necessary to know the History of our nation so you shall know how it started.

If i am asked what made Indians to fight against cruel British which inspired the freedom struggle moment then it happens to be none other than the Swadeshi moment. Of course 1857 revolution was also a freedom struggle but the swadeshi moment has played a big role in realisation that British had a cruel intention of robbing and looting India's economy.

The British in its 300 years of rule robbed us blind more than what Moughals could ever do in its 800 of most cruel and barbaric rule known as the medieval era, British robbed both Hindus and Muslim Kings in spite of the massive loot of gold diamonds and jewels to a tune of trillions of dollars Indians were still well off with plenty wealth and land as their property.  

So after the Rajahs and Nawabs became slaves to the British there next move was to rob people of their livelihood and make them poor and  helpless to an extent that for everything they have to rely on British. During those days India was a nation of plenty India was not dependent on anyone it in fact India and China ruled the world with a very high Gross Domestic Product. India had around 60% where as China at 35% but look at the present scenario we are nowhere in Exports and completely dependent on China, America and Middle east to keep the wheels of our economy moving. 

For millenniums Farmers and Traders were the backbone of Indian economy, its very ironic to know that the Farmers of India were the richest compared to any farmers from any nation in the world for the various reasons that the climate needed for cultivation of various crops, fruits and vegetables is still favorable to India, so the soil and water availability. Forests and other miscellaneous factors helped the farmers to have a great yield making them self sufficient, rich and independent. This yield was traded to the merchants, business men who would did a barter trading with gold. The traders i.e businessman community would send yield in form of wheat, rice, spice, handicrafts, clothes and trade them in form of Gold, Silver and Gems. This trade happened with Arabs, Egyptians and the Africans. Even without this trade with plenty of yield from within India the Indians were very rich they contributed surplus money for development of society by building temples, Educational institutions, ponds, arts, literature culture etc.

Cultureless and cruel British did a meticulous research before they could come with their evil plans and they succeeded in all ways to enslave our nation and make us their slaves. They started with the farmers and by implementing land acquisition act where the land was forcibly taken away from them and given to the Zamindars who will collect taxes from these farmers and pass on the the collectors. This absolute injustice in the name of law was laid on farmers when 100% of the yield was taken away from them making them poor instantly. Once who shown courage to revolt was killed or tortured mercilessly. When farmers were laid flat to the ground it made a severe impact on the businessmen traders as they had to deal with horrible British when all the yield was in their hands. With farmers and traders all the other skilled works man like weavers, carpenters, artisans, goldsmiths, blacksmiths all suffered a lot and with no job their quality in skilled workmanship diminished considerably.

When Rascal british understood that indians in whole have been deprived of every thing with nothing in their belongings and that indians have been demoralized mentally and physically, the british decided to sell products made in England and sell it to India. It was like giving raw material like cotton, jute etc, british will send it to England where these will be manufactured and the finished goods will be sold to India. Now you know how Louis-Philip and Allan Solley became World Wide Brands cause they got good quality cottons from India. This helped the economy of England in a very big way that they sold their finished goods not only in India but all other nations they ruled as well all of Europe making them one of the richest nations in the world. 

This impact was so bad that almost all of indians had to sit idol with all skills lost and relying completely on England the people decided to do the revolt and in the name of Swadeshi Andolan or Movement, if you have to believe that its Gandhi who started this movement after his South Africa Kick on the Butt, please get your fact right this Kala Angrez was hand in gloves with the British and did all his bogus Ahimsa moment all he did was extend time so that British can work with their loot. 

The Swadeshi movement was started by the patriotic freedom fighters who could know the evil plans of british as well knew Gandhi (present day Kejriwal) and fight in their own manner hence they knew that if Indians had to survive then its necessary for them to be self sufficient. 

What needs to be understood is our ancestors wanted us to be self sufficient to get out of the mental psychology laid by british pigs that we are useless and incapable of manufacturing anything and rely on England and not only that with every purchase of FOREIGN PRODUCTS THE MONEY GOES OUT OF THE NATION.

FROM A LAND OF PLENTY TO A LAND OF RUINS British pigs succeeded in making us poor hence Swadeshi Movement was a people moment that spread like wild fire and swadeshi moment made people to boycott English goods. When this happened British had faced loss as no one would buy their products and with huge stockpile resulted in compound losses. Burning of british finished products was done earlier than Gandhi by Lala Lajpat Rai

Above: Lala Lajpat Rai

`copied this idea and british media as the press belonged to the british published this news all over India so that he could get the favour along with his stupid Ahimsa philosophy. When Lala Lajpat Rai the Lion was alive had the capability to connect to the masses of the nation, British pigs knew that as long as Lala is alive it will be difficult for Kala Angrez Gandhi to get with the masses so they had to kill him with lathi charge in one political campaign.

See the sequence with Lala, Bhagat Singh and Bagha Jatin all freedom fighters to the core killed by British within a short span of time by which it was Gandhi shining in glory to the people of India. With all hype by British press peoples belief in Gandhi rose by the day that they gave their whole trust to Gandhi which he dutifully betrayed for british cause. Gandhi definitely had Swadeshi moment but all he did with his Ahimsa moment extend time in carrying the revolution he got the peoples and when the time was ripe to strike with the British he used to call it back and preach his stupid Ahimsa principle saying that we need to give time to the British to realize their mistake and go away from India, the british never realize their mistake but they carried with their loot all the time. Gandhi also requested Indians to buy their products so that they wont incur much losses. 

With this Gandhi as a Bank Guarantee Britishers fooled indians at will and when the british could have been driven away long before but this kala angrez postponed it by 3 to 4 decades. Gandhi's contribution to get British out of india was minimal. India got independence due to another Mutiny which happened in 1946 which frightened Britisher's to such extent they hatched eggs in their pants its then they realized its better to pack bags but in return the made another evil plans of making India and Pakistan that we can have many enemies to ensure no peace returns to this land.

AND FOR GOD'S SAKE HIS CHARKA SPINNING COULD NEVER CREATE REVOLUTION ONLY GOOD FOR MAKING KHADI. Gandhi wasted time and nothing else like how a file move in Govt. office.

Above: Ghumate Raho!

Now with British pigs gone to Queen's land we became free after 800 years of slavery a new dawn looked down upon us with a vision of glory that we can rebuild our nation to prosperity and self dependence but in Jawaharlal Nehru all the hopes and beliefs went into the bins with his disastrous 5 year plans and License Raj development and progress that was expected went into a direct halt and we wasted 4 decades by India's reliance on Agriculture and no laws and reforms altered till date, the british laws and bill still running, it was by 1995 License Raj got abolished and India opened it's gate to the international markets clearly understood that our nation is still under british rule under the guise of Kala Angrez working for their masters.

How to be a Swadeshi?

Its very simple, the easiest way of showing patriotism towards the nation is by being swadeshi. Its in your clear conscience and simple realisation that consumption of local product with a ''Made in India" tag will help move the economy of the nation make you a Swadeshi

The difficult part is that the market if flooded with MNC products every where so it becomes hard to get a locally made product to such an extent that even if we be adamant to buy a pure Indian made product we end up buying MNC products. For your information 95% of the brands in local market belong to the MNC. 

The problem is that Govt. has not given a tag indicating a Complete Swadeshi product. Had that been done it would have differentiated a MNC and Local brand products but this will never ever happen as after the evil and powerful Pharma Lobby MNC in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) lobby has all the ministers and M.P's in their kitty who dance according tho their tune. 

Why such tagging is required, people are so naive and innocent that they believe various FMCG products thinking its Indian but ultimatly turn out to be MNC manufactured product for eg. we have a Company called Hindustan Unilever Ltd we think it's a Indian Company but the fact is its a Nederland Based company operating in our company for the past 5 decades with many FMCG and looting india with their Soaps, bread, jams, toilet and detergent powders etc. they have been selling all this at a very high premium and looting us blind.

The retail sector in India is disorganized and is a multi billion dollar market with around 30 to 40 crores of the India's population related to this sector directly or indirectly in form of Supplier, Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailers, Stockist and the rural markets consists of poor people from Rural backgrounds and forest area called Adivasis who do selling for a living unlike big retail markets looking for quarter profits. 

India with a large middle class population as compared to any country in the world the MNC lobby is trying aggressively to enter the retail sector forcing the UPA 2 government to push for a 51% share in retails if this bill is passed it will be equal to selling our motherland to the foreigners and we will back to slavery. With Walmart bribing the whole govt. is another big blow for the livelihood of many crores of people robbing of their occupation by the night.  youths. 

There are many youths from the cosmopolitan city who is in favour of Walmart and welcoming government's move for Walmart in India, yes purchasing products from Walmart is very cheap and you will have good saving from Walmart but in the bargain please understand Walmart is shutting plenty of small medium and big retails shops building in mass employment to millions of people. When Walmart started its operations in America almost 25000 shops in its vicinity had to force shut down due to tough competition from Walmart. This has been the Horror of Walmart in any country they operated. What Walmart does it it takes complete bulk of the produce from the factory directly and with a good warehouse and logistics setup they cut out all the middle men in between so the margin for Walmart is very high even if they to sell products at a very low price. 

With very few people Walmart makes very high margins once Walmart sense that all their competitors have been washed out they manipulate margins as per their will and exploit people thus incurring huge profits. If Walmart comes in India in full swing, it will even force shutdown India's retail giants like Big Bazaar, D Mart, Reliance Retail etc. This in one way of foreign invasion. With every single purchase in Walmart we loose our rupee as it goes to America. 

A move from Brand product to resource economy:

Retail sector in India even before British and Moghul Rule was a disorganized market and yet was a land or plenty with people from different occupation making a good income for their living now with the 20th Century concept being applied world over and India following the same concept the push is to Organize the various sectors so that taxes can be collected in proper manner and the Govt. can use the amount for development purpose. Technically speaking India with people of different Race, Culture and background and given the fact that majority of the percentage are not literate it is a distant possibility of our lazy Gov. to collect the required tax from these people some are very poor who can't pay it some can but reluctant and some being very rich will look ways to evade tax. Looking at this Govt has come to a conclusion that Retail Giants like Big Bazzar, D mart in various cities will help them to collect the taxes. This is helpful but it still there will be lapses in govt. collecting taxes from all. 

Hence if Govt. abolishes VAT a evil tax from people and apply Transaction Tax the tax collection becomes very easy and all the people from the very poor to the very rich can pay taxes to the Govt. With Transaction tax Govt. will receive a max of 10 times the amount they are collecting as of now and in a resource based economy it will give manifold benefit as all the 30 to 40 crores involved in Retail sector will can contribute to nation's development. Transaction tax is like charging a very litter percentage of 1% on the total MRP and with every purchase the 1% of the value goes to the Govt. in this manner the even the disorganized market can pay the tax to the govt. So if 125 crore of business transaction is taking place every month @ of Rs. 1 the govt can get 1.25 crores of rupees every month. 

With 5 to 7% of India's population is paying direct taxes and not helping much to the tax collection abolishing this tax and introducing Transaction tax in a major way will help the economy. 

Resource based economy is the backbone of Swadeshi moment, India is a very big nation so for purchase of any product or commodity it was essential for people of many occupations to settle in that area they can produce and manufacture the goods in that particular locality giving occupation to many skilled and unskilled workers hence a resource based economy gives a window opportunity to plenty to unemployed youth helping the city or district state and nation. A MNC or a Indian company makes products targeting a region or state this reduces great number of manpower and with advance in technology the manpower is reduced significantly. FMCG, Cottage and Handicraft industry is a prime example of a resource based economy. Being a Swadeshi its very necessary that we should help this industry by purchasing their products. Quite often we see trade fair in our locality so please buy products from this outlets as they sell local products which have no connection with China of American companies. The products they sell are of good quality and at a fair price. With every purchase you do with such outlets you are become a soldier of the Swadeshi Moment and you get a great sense of satisfaction that by doing this small step you are kicking the Butt of MNC who are robbing us blind. Being Swadeshi is a silent way of showing that you are a freedom fighter as to get freed from the clutches of evil MNC. 


Above: Trade fairs where swadeshi products are displayed and sold.

Off late India has got a boon with Swami Ramdev's Patanjali products being sold in the market. The product involves Ayurvedic products to FMCG products from soaps, detergents to wheat powder and much more.

Recently in the Surf Arial advt. I am seeing they have reduced their prices on detergents by 10 to 15 rupees why such a huge reduction. As you know Baba ramdev is selling detergent at some 60 rupees a kilo and far effective than Arial this MNC is having a slump in their sales. The detergent is followed by toilet cleaner instead of HARPIC, soaps instead of LUX PEARS DOVE etc, tea powder instead of Taj, Lipton etc etc.

Purchasing from Ramdev outlet reduces your budget by 30 percent max so its cost effective and good quality too i am not canvasing baba ramdev products but u can please use and try any Indian products instead of MNC.

If you take this as a drive like i have then this will spread as a movement from 1 to 100 to 1000 to a crore and when this happens these MNC will run away realizing indians have awakened and that will be a dream come true for us.

Last but not the least India is abundance with Intelligence even though a lot of brain drain has happened with all IIT graduate moving to America and Europe still there are plenty of Intelligent people in India. Entrepreneurship is one way by which the talents of India can come to the development of our nation. Entrepreneurs in I.T sectors have created a wave world wide if this young innovative is guided in a well manner they can contribute a lot to India's Progress. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bob Marley the Legend.

The God of Reggae always composed uplifting music that had a huge meaning in the songs he sung which could lift you out of Ignorance. He was a personality who never cared for copyrights or money music was his life and he lived life through music.

Probably the first legend in the world who smoked marijuana at will and told people to use it if they have to be happy.

Such was the cult the moment you hear his name you will loose half your stress and the rest shall go hearing his songs. 

All those songs he sung was about life, nature, love but more than that Bob was a man of revolution, in his lyrics he said that we need to fight against the enemy who is robbing us blind and we are not even aware of its presence. 

He always conveyed to get yourself out from the establishment of the Big Brother who has enslaved you and fight against its establishment. How true he was when we are witnessing the destruction of Mother Nature, nation, race, culture, animals etc etc. 

This song "Get up Stand up" is one gem of a song.

Get up, stand up, stand up for your right (3 times)
Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight

Preacher man don't tell me heaven is under the earth
I know you don't know what life is really worth
Is not all that glitters in gold and
Half the story has never been told  (Exactly what paid media do)
So now you see the light, aay
Stand up for your right. Come on

Get up, stand up, stand up for your right
Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight

Most people think great God will come from the sky
Take away ev'rything, and make ev'rybody feel high
But if you know what life is worth
You would look for yours on earth
And now you see the light
You stand up for your right, yeah!

Get up, stand up, stand up for your right
Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight
Get up, stand up. Life is your right
So we can't give up the fight
Stand up for your right, Lord, Lord
Get up, stand up. Keep on struggling on
Don't give up the fight

We're sick and tired of your ism and skism game
Die and go to heaven in Jesus' name, Lord
We know when we understand
Almighty God is a living man
You can fool some people sometimes
But you can't fool all the people all the time

So now we see the light
We gonna stand up for our right

So you'd better get up, stand up, stand up for your right
Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight
Get up, stand up, stand up for your right
Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight


And who is it that you adore nowadays Lady GaGA.... utter crap.


The term is quite new to the people of India but it’s a must for every citizen of this nation to know what it means. India since the past 2 millenniums have witnessed large number of invasion and foreign rule It has suffered a lot under the evil Islamic Moghul rule for almost 800 years but far severe than mogul’s were the Pigs from England known as Gorra Angrez, as they left us 6 decades back after a 300 year rule they left a legacy in those Indian’s who either worked on behalf of the queen or got inspired from their living standards and education, who either were bribed or traded with a share of loot, These Indians who were born in India with brown skin but with a ‘White’ mentality thought of destroying India internally by ruining its culture fabric, race, mineral resources administration etc are hence referred to as “THE KALA ANGREZ”.

Ever since we Indians learnt English we all have been in a way or more isolated from Bhartiyata.  British pigs have murdered Hinduism by means of Superstition, they made us to look at everything in a Superstitious angle hence all those traditional customs and beliefs that were practiced for thousands of years have vanished or is depreciating rapidly cause we now believe these is utter superstition. Through superstition british pigs had a psychological war on Indian tradition and customs. When you have a ridiculous feeling being Hindu revealed by some missionaries then it’s bound to happen that they get inspired from British (stupid) customs and tradition these Kala Angrez is brainwashed, trained and prepared to do a conspiracy against India in such a way that their works can only benefit England in such a manner “Ki Saap Bhi Marre Aur Lathi Bhi Na Toote.” The loss they made with these conspiracies is so huge that we Indians are still paying price for their folly.

So how to recognize a kala angrez, it’s very simple they are very educated, they have studied in England or Russia or America. They belong to a very rich family back in India or born to a high rank officer of the British days if not so then he is having those skills that can fool Hindus. Since the time Indian National Congress was formed it was built by a whole Bunch of Kala Angrez under the Guidance of British pigs so that time and in Interval they can block and stop Indian revolution called Swadeshi Andolan by Indians. If we Indians had done a movement on our own we could have easily kicked British pigs to England but unfortunately this never happened. I am sure none of you reading this article is aware of who Bagha Jatin is, had he succeeded we could have become independent long before 1947 and Bagha Jatin would have been our father of nation instead of a stick holding dhoti clad Nanga Bapu who is fine example of Kala Angrez. Gandhi’s sole intention was to curb the national moment he was dead against Jatin Bagha as people at that time respected him and Bhagat Singh they had created a wave that people ignored Gandhi and Congress so when Bhagat Singh got arrested it was Gandhi who cried for his death forgetting his Ahimsa. I can write a lot about this Kala Angrez but now this man is past rotting like shit in septic tank. As decades role this man will be hated more for his bad deeds by people and Godse will be adored.

                                    Above: the great Bagha Jatin

Off late Kala Angrez has modified yet there are some British models still rusting in their ripe old age working like a licking dog to their Queen in England they are Man Mohan Singh  Pranab Mukherjee, Morarjee Desai, the post independence Kala Angrez are P.C.  Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Iyer, Shashi Tharoor, Anand Sharma, A.K. Antony etc. From very few now in the current scenario it is seen that all the parliamentarians are Kala Angrez working directly or indirectly for the Gorra Gaands for their benefit for their rule, exploitation, manipulation and innovation in invention techniques. Ealriler only British had its but now Kala Angrez works primarily for America, Russia, Israel, Germany, France, Netherlands all through MNC and Christian Missionary.

It’s difficult to know and understand the purpose of a Kala Angrez because they have a solid knack and capability of touching the pulse of Indians to an extend that we out of innocence believe them completely that we think that they are the source of light and only they can help us from the net of disaster that our enemy spins on us. They are highly charismatic, well educated, and talented, speak on a behalf of the people and display certain well proved examples that compels us to a conclusion that YES HE IS THE MAN OF THE MILLENNIUM.

So as i mentioned Gandhi who was he a Barrister based out in South Africa witnessed apartheid got kicked in South Africa so landed in India to save India from British kicks and all the Indians I mean Hindus were sentimental in hearing Gandhi ka Laat marra story. Now if I have to connect the dots history repeats itself there is a another laat marra story happened recently though not physical laat like Gandhi but this was a remote laat given to Dr. Subramaniam Swami by Harvard as Mr. Swami was expelled for no reason indicating similar injustice happening to Swami. In both the episodes Muslims didn’t care and so were Christians so who garners sympathy for Swami the HINDUS it’s like let’s play it out to the Hindus so that more the sentimental show more Hindus Swami will hold. You see history repeats its self but we never see or understand.

Swami a Kala Angrez has a fantastic Bio Data that no one can doubt with a high profile Job as a professor in Harvard followed by a PHD, an economist and a Supreme Court lawyer that till yesterday I had seen him as a mentor not anymore as this man has been a opportunist all his carrier this man from JD a one man army has sided with BJP. He has to take permission from none and as a independent he can go anywhere the pasture is green. I don’t have to go into his family background which is having all religions but there is a strong chance that he is linked very closely with America and he is operated by CIA or on behalf of Israel and here is the reason why.

Since Independence India had close ties with Russia till 1989 after which Russia crumbled and so the relations dimmed slowly, during Russian ties we had Slimy Mani Shankar Iyer a Kala Angrez is another wolf in sheep’s clothing a communist who had close ties with the Gandhi family so much that each and every moment was closely watched and reported to KGB. Both these agents decided how to churn and milk Gandhi family. There’s not much to talk of Mani Shankar as this slimy communist lost and dropped his power and now writing flop speeches for Parle Pappu G.

Above: Slimy Iyer

If we compare both Kala Angrez Swami and Iyer in all ways its Swami who tops the liking but is you watch the debate between the two clearly you shall see the frustration and cold war between the two seems like CIA v/s KGB.
Now Slimy Iyer is past as shit in the septic tank I put this Kala Angrez behind and let’s talk of Dr. Swami the Shining Kala Angrez who came into lime light by bashing Sonia and Pappu Gandhi, I seen all the clips on the tube on his expose of congress ranging from educational qualification and citizenship of Gandhi family.  He keeps saying those same exploits about the Gandhi family to let people know that Swami has guts to talk against India’s most powerful family or for the matter talk of the Nation’s Son in law. Well for your information Dr. Swami has been knowing mummy Sonia and her two children since birth he has been a political advisor to Indira Gandhi on behalf of America. All those educational qualifications of Mummy and Pappu as this was put forward by PIL activists Rajiv Dixit but as this man a true patriot was never brought into lime light by any media print or tube for he always told the truth and which is why whole media is paid media.

What Swami has exposed of Mummy and Munna Gandhi is mediocre but with hyperbole like everybody said it but I said the loudest, I would really have appreciated Swami had he exposed what she did in America when she went there for some medical complications what did she do during her stay in America or else what is her health problem that cannot be treated in India, with Munna why has he not exposed with his Sukanya Dev gang rape case and truth of her family members. 

Mummy ka munna

Ever since he has taken this case he has defended Gandhi family by criticizing them, you need to understand the psychology here after the Sukanya Devi rape case and his fake degree in England getting exposed and a danger that other will come with further shocking secrets related to this family Swami jumped into their defense by criticizing them so that he can LEAD THE FRONT AND REGULATE IT in a manner that he will show that people that he is taking the case very seriously but in reality he is sitting and hatching eggs on it.
Same way with Chidambaram, one of the worst Kala Angrez of all times Swami said that his case is going on in the court and they are waiting on courts hearings etc. next he is stating that with the BJP Sarkar will see that Chidambaram will be seen behind bars, well let me say come BJP or any sarkar this man will go scot free and rather than Bars he will move away with gold bars. All that Swami has said about Chidambaram was said by two IAS officers working for the vigilance committee in the Central Government and this top Senior IAS officer was tortured by Chidambaram and his party who framed him of having molested a female IAS officer whose husband works for NDTV.

This unholy wedding of Chidambaram with NDTV exposes far shocking facts than Swami has ever done. Friends please understand that Kala Angrez Swami till date has only defended these rotten eggs by attacking them as corrupt and cheats which was already exposed by others, to put this simply if I say why you don’t attack mummy and munna your first reply will be do not worry friend our Dr. Swami is taking care of it.

Above: Sabse ghatia Kala Angrez....

Now he got a credit for jailing Raja, Kanimozhi for 2G scam, ok fine and just  see now what happened both are out during election time and contesting at in their constituencies what a timing. We know well that Raja was not shitting in toilets were all the other criminals were doing their potty definitely he was having a 5 star treatment and so is Kanimozhi, dear friends let me tell you all that all this jailing and were stage drama to convince we people that the Big shots can be jailed and that the IPC is law capable of punishing the corrupt, Ok Swamiji I believe you but I would have believed it more had some senior lawyer of a general background won the case for us Indians and jailed these pathetic corrupt politicians. Swami sees no problem in the Indian Judiciary system he finds it better and with the existing laws he has proven that the guilty can be punished, well Dr. Swami only a man of such high caliber like you can be heard by the Supreme and High court these courts find your PIL far too attractive than PIL’s of others like Rajiv Dixit whose PIL’s have been outright rejected by the High Courts or the Supreme Court whether that be for a same reason or of Cow Slaughter. Everybody in India knows that the IPC is full of flaw that this law made by British and only altered in some sections of IPC is far outdated and needs to be scraped and Indians need a Indian Judiciary System all made ingenuously that can serve the purpose of providing justice at the earliest and in a justifying manner. I don’t understand how he comes to the conclusion that all Supreme Court Judges are honest, please think over this possibility i see this as a remote possibility or is it that you blended those judges in your way you are passing those compliments. 

Dr. Swami has played his cards so well that he can set his foot in both ruling and opposition party and rock both the way he wants. He can set one foot of his in the ruling and urinate on the opposition and do a vice versa. He can easily be called the KING MAKER he can make or break any one he wants to no one can have the guts to play enemy he will get him or her to bite the dust. The clear example of this is Ms. Jayalalita, a form of Kali Angrez a very corrupt female who needs to be in jail for all her deeds.

The story goes like this, in 1998-99 Vajpayee had the guts to blast the Nuclear Bomb this completely took America by surprise, they had no idea that India could ever do with the blast and without their notice the blasts was kept so secretly that even the defense minister had no clue only P.M’s secretary knew it. When this blast happened it was Dr. Swami who jumped like Orang Otang totally condemning it and he was asking the Vajpayee Govt. to be removed, when the whole of India was happy for fooling America it was this CIA agent Swami who cried bitterly and I can understand the amount of mouth bashing from CIA for this lapse from his part.

The reason why America was miffed with India was not that we blasted the nukes but the fact that INDIA COULD KEEP SECRETS. After this episode Kargil happened followed by airplane hijack then parliament attack to show Vajpayee Govt. as a failed and incapable Govt. Then he booked a lot of cases of corruption against Jayalalita that she had be jailed and later blackmailed by Swami that if she did not withdraw her support to Vajpayee then she will face severe consequences in the end Jayalalita had to agree to Swami and withdraw her support which paralyzed Vajpayee’s Govt. Even now Jayalalita is under his grip so If Jayalalita has no chance but support BJP if she relents then Swami book her back.

In fact now how we see Swami as a Anti mummy this same Swami wanted to see Mummy as the P.M of India in 98-99. But her case of Citizenship was already raked up he took this issue on his side and defended Sonia by attacking her in Public. ITS LIKE EVERYBODY SAID IT BUT I SAID THE LOUDEST.

It was this same Dr. Swamiji who in 1998 said that  Sonia, Mamta and Mayawati (My O My God) were Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga Devi of India (Aur koi milla nahi kya!!) now he has a 36 figure with all three all for bloody dikhawa.