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Mental Slavery of Indians

    In the July of 1998, a prominent Indian scientist had planned to take part in a scientific conference in Virginia was denied a United States visa, prompting charges by American physicists that Washington is breaking precedent by imposing political restraints on the free exchange of scientific information. 

    The scientist was Dr. Rajagopal Chidambaram, chairman of India's Atomic Energy Commission, who is also the vice chairman of the International Union of Crystallographers. He was also to attend meeting of American Crystallographic Association but the Indian scientist had to cancel his travel plans when he was informed that his visa would be delayed indefinitely.

    Dr. Chidambaram was one of the Indian nuclear physicists whose American visa have been placed under indefinite 'review'' by the State Department in response to the nuclear bomb tests carried out by India in May. Dr. Chidambaram had aroused Administration's ire for several reasons, one of which was his recent role in India's purchase of two Russian nuclear reactors capable to produce plutonium that could be reprocessed to make bomb fuel.

    Further Canada had informed the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna that it too ''would not welcome'' nuclear experts from India to meetings in Canada ''until further notice.'  Britain too has cut off contacts with Indian nuclear researchers.

  Sheer Racism by the White nations on the Indian Nuclear scientist. The reason why America was upset with India was not that we performed the blast but they knew we could keep secrets, and this is what shocked the Americans, it also shocked their Spy Agency CIA as they had no clue of this happening further it shocked our Indian Bureaucrats and politicians too who even worked as Spy for America.  The reason for denying Visa was to show their frustration for carrying out nuclear blast by fooling Americans who were hell bent on India to carry further such Nuclear Blasts because they don’t want our scientists to develop their technological skills in Nuclear Explosion. 

   Till date India has only carried two nuclear explosion, one in 1970 and the other in 1998 on the other hand we America has conducted more than 1000 nuclear explosions followed by Russia and China. As soon as we conducted the blasts, America imposed trade sanctions on us and UN took a strong opposition against India.
   Nevertheless, in the UPA 1 rule under Pizza Mummy with a Rubber Stamp Prime Minister, our nation signed off our nuclear rights much to the pleasure of America and other White Nation joining the party. 

   What the White nations fear the most and are jealous of Indians is the fact that they know we are capable of developing India to a Super Power, they know we can make the world’s most super sophisticated weapons and excel in missile technology, they know we can also excel in Computer Software technology, they know well that India has all the natural resources that they don’t have to beg to other nation and can rely on our self if India is not imposed wit Sanction, Copyrights and Patents. In spite of all this opportunity we Indians are living like beggars, where unemployment is high, corruption is at its best.

    If our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru has done anything good, it is that he established an engineering institute that developed the best brains in the world to be qualified as an engineer for the development and progress of our nation. But this was just a dream as all those who qualified as engineers never worked for our nation’s development but for a lucrious future and a sophisticated lifestyle these engineers who passed out on our taxed money, kissing India goodbye for ever went to America to chase their dream.

   They are the engineers who pass out from the Indian Institute of Technology. Better known as IIT, if we take a statistics, 9 out of 10 engineers prefer to go abroad to the US of A, even before they pass out  their final exams, the students are selected by MNC for a lucrative package only a fool will deny added with perks and amenities. When our nation is mired with Corruption and Bureaucracy, it’s better to be in the land of Immigrants where progress and development is the prime focus, there is less corruption and so is the bureaucracy, unlike India where a file moves a snail’s pace and it’s better for a better job and growth opportunity the IIT's moves to America and other European Nations.

How does it Benefit America and other Rich Nation?'

   In a very big way, in order to make an engineer from IIT, the government spends a ransom of money this is up to a Crores or twin in 4 years of his Engineering degree. If we calculate the money spent on all the students across every Institute in India it’s a huge expenditure every year on these Students. IIT's have a very huge demand in America and other European Nations, these are persons with High fertile Brains and super calibre if they use their Intelligence Skills for the development of our nation we will become a Super Power in no time.

   But the Irony of the fact is that, our government on our taxed money grooms these students and as they pass out fly away to America on a Business Class Ticket with a Green Card awaiting them on their arrival. In America, these IITians work as CEO, CFO or a CTO on an higher posting with basis to their experience or as a General Manager or Vice President of all the top MNC you have heard of, they can be seen in Banking Sector, Automobiles, Oil & Gas and also in the Defence sector as well as NASA. What could benefit India is helping America, and they are having a Bingo, it’s not possible that America with not so bright Hamburger eating White American can even come closer to we Indian's in terms of IQ moreover if we are spending some Crores for an IITians in America it will be in Millions of Dollars which will a big expenditure for the American Government.

   The same Engineer of a very high calibre is coming for a very cheap price for them that they could afford on an American, its always bonus for the Top American MNC to employ IITians that copy rights and patents the globe in order to loot and rule over other nations.

    Sometimes I wonder for whom our nation has made this prestigious Engineering college when only America benefits from it and in a very big way, and sometimes I feel why our nation has so much of limitation to set up business in India with so many bureaucratic and legal hassles that it’s no point in these genius to stay here, our governments wants these great minds to flock west and server America.

    If we look back in time this institution was established, imagine how many have passed from this great institute and how many migrated to serve a White nation that enslaved us for their own means for many years, when they looted our wealth during the British era, now the Most powerful nation in the World, America is eying at India by taking our best brains to their nation. When we got independence from British the first priority was built the nation, Jawaharlal Nehru had given a huge emphasis in heavy machinery industry which was a good initiation.

  Thanks to this decision by the then government, we are well equipped that even if foreign nations have to impose trade sanction on us it will not impact much on us like how it paralyzed many nations. If these engineers from IIT had stayed it would certainly have created a huge impact for the development and progress of our nation, we would have excelled further in many sectors as in Automobiles, Shipping, Oil & Gas, but as this nation was always invaded after independence we relied on USSR for technology and weapons which was not liked by America and they had more a soft corner towards Pakistan to teach India a lesson they supported Pakistan on its Kashmir at the UN assembly.

   What Ungrateful greedy can Americans be who always neglected the loyal hardworking Indians that moves their nation from NASA to Petrol Pumps, we Indians contribute to their economy when Pakistanis were and still are a mess in America, the US always had stood by Pakistan, a good example for this was when Bill Clinton supported Pervez Musharraf during the Kargil War, and after much deliberation by the Indian Government telling USA to stop Pakistan from conquering Kargil Heights fell in deaf ears, Indian Communities in America protested, that got Clinton by his Ba!!s, as Bill Gates was having nightmares when 35% of his programmers are Indians and so are the scientists in NASA, if they take a return ticket back to India, the loss would be incalculable for American Government, soon America intervened and told Pakistan to stop the war and that applied breaks.

Does anyone know Bill Gates is promoting untested Vaccines in India...

  Sooner Bill Gates visited India to show his so called solidarity towards India (Sic, anything for Money). After the Kargil war, America had soft corner towards India forgetting their tough stand they had in the past, and why not after all isn't our Indian Scientists helping them to Patent this globe.

   If these Indians well settled in America take a return ticket to India, imagine the incalculable loss for America, and if these fertile brains ever come back and set up a business firm with the government helping them with all amenities to setup their business venture, imagine how many unemployed youths can get employed. If those Scientist working for NASA come back and use their expertise in ISRO or BARC, if those doctors and professors come back to India won't that help India to a great extent, BUT NO, America never wants that to happen, they will never allow our super brains to come back to India, as they know this will help India to a great extent and our government has never taken any steps to bring back these super brains back to India.

   There are many factors that such American NRI will never look to come back to India and the reasons are plenty.

   We see a lot of bureaucracy, corruption, slow growth, less or no progress at all, delay in Government decision, rampant social injustice and lawlessness in the Rural Areas of India, Even after 70 years of Independence none of the draconian laws laid British for the sake of Divide and Rule, have been erased by our Government, alas it’s exactly the same with all full stop and comas in the right place as laid by Immoral British, if this British had left us for good then why on earth are we still following their Laws.

Law and Justice:

   We are still following the same law made by the British, when in England the law structure have come under a lot of alteration with respect to change but in India the Indian Penal Code is still the same. When British made this Penal Code they ensured that in there is delayed Justice as they had to RULE INDIA and for which they did all the injustice on our ancestors like taking away their land, money, valuables etc. for which if they had to approach court then the Lawyers and Judge ensured that justice be delayed, remember justice delayed is justice denied, and British Law is full of delay tactics and less progress in case proceedings that one thing assured instead of justice is expense. Moreover the Indian Penal Code is made is such a complicated fashion that its meant to protect the RICH ROM THE POOR that it could be INNOCENT FROM GUILTY.

   The delay in Justice is so huge in India that even for a normal case is ridiculously extended by lawyers to milk money from their clients, the decision never comes for such cases. Which is why in Rural India we have the Khap Panchayats, where in the justice is quick, less expensive. In such Panchayats system normally seen in any village of India the village elders with a good reputation and experience is elected as Sarpanch or Mukhiya and he along with a group of other village elders sit beneath am Old Baniyan tree to settle disputes between two individuals for many matters from personal to crime related matters or be it issue with land or Business, in the Panchayat unlike our Courts running on worn out British laws is the cheapest and best form of seeking justice. 

   As the people in North India has found Khap Panchayat system as a best way of seeing justice unlike the court proceeding where the court might take a 100 years to come to a decision, off-late the khap panchayat system has come into a lot of criticism by the secular fronts of our nation and media as well, what's more event the Government is taking measures to break the spine of Khap Panchayat system cause of their stand on Honour Killing which takes place quite often in North India. 

   Honour Killings might be one off case though they are right by their standards, on the other hand our government is jealous of the fact that people have known that they get a reasonable justice from Khap panchyat, because of which our paid media always show them in a bad light comparing them with Taliban, they have come under a strong attack from the secularist front comparing them to illiterate, dumb and backdated superstitious men who runs Kangaroo Courts which is illegal by democratic standards. 

   The main problem or a blockage for our Nation's progress, which ensures that our nation should never progress has been the blend of Bureaucracy, these are immoral men from the government sectors that hold the spinal cord of corruption in India, they look for their own benefit and in this bargain they sacrifice the future of millions of people who have to suffer because of their mindless and disastrous decisions. 

   These are men who pass tedious IAS exams and are posted as Collectors, they work in all government sectors as secretary or work as advisors to Union and State Ministers, the irony is that in India all sectors including the railways and telephone which was once a profit making sectors are now loss making and primarily with its wrong and delayed decision making and useless plans that these sectors have incurred huge and multiple losses. 

   These government servants sarcastically called Babus, as IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service is dubbed as 'I Am Sorry'. In short they are very much capable in explaining their part of justification in the most Diplomatic manner, inspite of being mass failure that they are they will portray themselves as an ideal winner and blame everyone except themselves. If this officer is posted as a secretary to a politician who is foolish then such slimy men with an Elephant size ego can manipulate any way and every way he wants too.

   Remember that English serial we saw in boring Doordarshan Yes Minister, in this serial you should see how manipulative the secretary is with his 'Yes Sir' attitude, how he wins minister's confidence and seeks his personal gains, In India leaving out all Kala Angrez politicians a majority are illiterate and may be posses a criminal background such politicians are a prize catch for any IAS officer and he can have a roller coaster of corruption in his jurisdiction. After all 'Ullo hee to banana hai" ( Its only abut fooling )

 Several retired IAS officers from sensitive ministries , opened up consultancy services for multinationals and they are now rolling in money. They have foreign kickback accounts and are doing foreign trips.  Is there no law to prevent all this? On the other hand these men are very cunning that they work as agents, stooges, middle men for Foreign Nations who look for vested interests. 

 We know of one IAS officer who decided to give a try in politics with foreign funded money from from the US of the A he contested for the eradication of Carrepson (Hissar Style) from India forever, Geee,  perhaps he thought Gandhi notes are too corrupt so lets fund his party with dollars with MNC lobby money for a better governance that honest business men from America can have SOUND BUSINESS EXPLOITATION THE WAY THEY WANT IN INDIA.

Muffler Laoo bhai....

   Arvind Kaeriwal, is a prime example that if a IAS officer wishes to be dangerous then he can certainly take the whole nation for a ride, however we need to thank the the people who realized this traitor of the first order properly and threw hi out in the Lok Sabha elections, this indeed shows that people of India cannot be taken for granted and they are intelligent, this May Lok Sabha election was a eye opener, for the first on reason that it completely wiped out all those stupid unwanted parties who were nothing but nuisance to the nation and also many of those Super Ego corrupt politicians who were arrogant enough to believe that they with money power will win. 

   If Arvind Kajeriwal had won this election then the dooms day would surely have been in the corner as he would have sold the nation whole sale to the foreign forces.

Tax Sytem in India: A Mass Burden:

   In India every citizen pay tax, a lager portion of your income is given as tax, India is the largest tax paying nation in the world. The citizen pays the tax in form of Direct tax and In Direct tax.

   Direct tax is in the form of Income tax, Corporate Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Excise Duty,etc, Indirect tax is what you pay in the form of Sales tax, Road Tax, Municipal tax, Entry Tax, Exit Tax, Toll Tax, Octroi, etc. In Indian there is a total of 63 tax levied on the poor, Middle and Rich class Citizens of the nation.

   When central government has a way of imposing tax the State government also has a separate tax in the form of Municipal Tax and Panchayat Tax that cause a lot of burden on people. 

   If we calculate the amount of money collected from such tax then on a year the citizen pays about 10,00,000  Crores from we citizens of the nations. During the British rule these taxes were levied on us, which they took away to England, as a result through such Draconian tax it made us poor and England rich. This was sheer Loot done by British which was noted by a noted Lawyer Dadabhai Naoroji, who made the people aware that British is taking a lot of wealth to England, that made the people aware that with so many tax its paralyzing our nation as its not at all used in India as it goes to England.

   The levied Central Excise Duty, i.e. if yo manufacture a product then theare is a tax, then Sales tax @ 70% that is if you sell it, the there was a Road tax @ 1% as a transport tax, then a Toll Tax, then there was a Municipal tax if made in village, then a Exit Tax and a Entry Tax, The Income Tax was @ 96%. This is you be content with 4% of your income.
This was sheer nonsense by British that they levied on Indians, Dadabhai Naoroi predicted that if these Immoral British are trown out of India only then India will become rich, this influenced the Moderate and Revolutionary freedom fighters in India.

   Tax was another factor for freedom struggle, on farmers another form of tax was levied known as LAGAAN. The levy was about 50% min to 95% of the yield, again a bizzaare Law. If farmers protested then physical torture, raping females and burning yield were normal torture methods of these Racist British. This is when the farmers decided not to cultivate crops, but this only harmed us to great length as the Farm lands became barren. The British then cultivated opium in this fertile lands and sold it to China, and the result many men in China became Opium addict, what they realizes is that India was selling it to China when it was British doing the dirty job and took away money from China to england. 

   After Independace, all expected these Draconian Tax will be put to the bins and expeted development but what a Tyranny the KALA ANGREZ were in the line of british rule, White Skin only got replaced by brown skin.

   When patriot freedom fighters demanded to abolish such tax British Nehru gave his diplomatic replay saying he will think of abolishing these taxes, even now they are thinking of abolishing it, bet never went beyond abolishing it. Those taxes Briths levied are still in existence, whats more these Kala Angrez implemented even more taxes in addition to those existing British Taxes that now we have 63 different types of direct and indiricet taxes. Manmohan Singh, P. Chidambaram  Sharad Pawar, Naveen Patniak etc. are all Kala Angrez. What's Kala Angrez to know more click on the link : The Kala Angrez

   One Example A litre of petrol coast about 70 Rupees a liter  the Cost of Production of Petrol costs will costs something about 10 rupees a litre. For petrol you need crude oil that comes from see this is free as it is extracted from Indian shores. The machine is required for extracting and the electrical expense on it is 80 paise, The crude oil is then processed in which one liter crude oil if extracted you get 250 ml then the by products like diesel tar, Kerosene etc. is obtained. So for a One liter petro the toal cost of production will come to maximum 4 Rs a liter

   Now the Government wants its profits other expenses & overheads to be put it in it if we calculate this estimation this will never ever go above 10 Rs a liter OK let me extend to 12 Rs a liter  then if with such profits if its coming to 15 rs a liter then why the government is putting a 58 Rs more in the market this means the rest is all tax levied on petrol. This is too high imagine the tax levied on it is about 400% every day. India spends about 300 crore liter everyday.

   If we multiply 300 crore liter by 70 Rs a liter then we spend about 21 lakh cores approx.  every day and if we take a 400% tax on it imagine the amount extracted by government on petrol and diesel in a day and multiply it by year the amount what you get is enormous. And this is the amount they use for development and progress of our nation. 

   All the Oil and Gas Industry is shouting their lungs out that every year they are incurring loss and the loss they are bear is unbearable. Imagine at 600% tax the government says such sectors is loss making, then even at 1000% tax the will say the same. This is where dear citizens of the nation you have to understand that you have been looted and the loot is chronic, the government will always show a negative balance of Payment for which these Oil Industries have mindlessly done cause of a lot of Joint venture which is plain unnecessary, they have joint venture with Central government state government, Joint venture with other sectors too which is poorly run and loss making so that they can allocate the profits to that sectors thus showing us that the money incurred in taxing us have been spent on such Joint venture projects which is a White Elephant and there are many.

   Through the indirect tax with Petrol, the government takes a major portion of loot from we people of the nation and when that is not enough they loot us with many cruel tax on every product or commodity you purchase from the market. Such Taxes only block the development f our nation, If an individual has to set up a business, he will be completely demoralized with the tax burden that he will think 10 time to set it up.

   Same is the example of Indirect tax, like you want to buy cement, a bag of cement costs about Rs. 280 but if we see the cost of production of Cement is not even 100 Rs you are paying more than 100% indirect tax on the product you purchase.

   If you purchase a flat then you have to pay many taxes from VAT, Service Tax to Municipal taxes and Panchayat tax. Then you House Rent Tax for the reason you are staying which the government never helped you in building it, but for the fact that you are paying it every month. the Government does noting other than looting you.



  Such Taxes are not levied on International companies when they sell their products in India, it's very easy for them who only have to pay 40 percent import duties and then go away with VAT and Service tax. It’s very simple for International companies but our Indian companies have to go through torture with such horrible variety of taxes. If he pays one then he has to pay the next and one after the other, more so they are raided by Tax Authorities and that puts a complete break on their way of conducting business.International Companies donot pay more that 55% tax on their products but every Indian Manufacturer has to add an extra cost of 100 to 120% on his product because of Government imposed tax.

   Our Businessmen have to go through a night mare when he is hounded by Income tax officers for the suspicion if hiding his income. Only if Income tax is abolished, corruption in India will come down by 50% etc. give our Businessmen and middle class men a breather, in the first place Income tax makes no sense when only 5 to 7 % of India’s total population is paying taxes, the rich get away with the taxes when their charted accountants manipulate their accounts to evade taxes, the poor and farmers are completely exempt from taxes the people who have to suffer more from Income Tax is the middle class as they can’t afford a charted accountant or a tax lawyer, the middle class who runs the economy of the nation has to suffer a lot with Icome tax more over in a year the tax collected is much below average of what the government gains from other source of tax.

   Heavy Tax burden on Indians is another better way of suppressing the growth of our nation, what really pains to know as a matter of fact is why are we so ignorant about such immense taxes levied on us that yes INFLATION hurts us but we are so naïve of the fact that its so many taxes that causes inflation, yes we know that petrol is very expensive even if its extracted from India or imported from Middle east, bt we ignore that fact that its expensive because of the 400% tax added on that makes it very expensive,

And what is India getting in spite of paying such a huge amount of tax: NOTHING...

Even if government raise it say 700% percent what will government do for us: NOTHING... 

Can you expect this tax to be decreased by Government in near future: NEVER….

Horrible Corrupt Politicians

    All in India knows it and it does not need any introduction, if there is any who thinks our politicians are not corrupt then this post is not for them. 

Pizza Mummmy... What about Pasta?

     During the late 1980's, Husband of Pizza Mummy and then Prime Minister Mr Raiv Gandhi gave a very controversial Statement that after the 1984 Sikh riots exposed Congress in a Corruption angle, that opened the Pandora's Box. He stated that when a Rupee is sent from the center for the progress and development, the corruption is so much that 85 paise of the Rupee is consumed by Corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats and only 15 paise is spent on development. 

   This he said about 25 years back when even at 85% corruption was still somewhat better, but look now if i Rupee is spent there is no likely that any paise is spent rather the whole money is digested via corruption. The consume all the money collected form tax and these money is sent to Switzerland. There are around 37 different banks in Switzerland where these corrupt politicians deposit the money. These politicians invest money at no interest rather they charge politician who invested money. 

   Switzerland economy runs on this money where they charge around 3% to 16% on theses money they looted from India. The people of Switzerland is rich and do not pay taxes because their nation runs on our tax collected money. 

   And in India all even those you rely on are Corrupt. 100% corrupt politician and tey corrupt with a nexus, a cartel, a viscous circle that if you have to reach you have to be shameless character to the core. This nation is sick and tired of hearing Scams after scams every week and month of year, with a little amount of 5000 Crores to 10,00,000 Crores we are seeing a massive loot these politicians are stooges and puppets of MNC lobby who are told to act as per their vested interests. 

   What we expected after British went away for good, we thought that we would be better off with our men ruling our nation but these rubber stamp of Americas CIA, Russia's KGB, Israels Mossad and Pakistan's ISI these chameleon Politicians are a Curse to our nation. What was expected of a good governance and good rule was never to be, but these Politicians acrted far worse and cruel than the British Counterparts, though the British left, we dont miss their rule. Apart form money they leak out sensitive information to the foreign forces that could be dangerous. Americans have an in and out network of seeking information form the center. 

   Think of any nation in the world whose finance is controlled and regulated by a person who has dual citizenship, yes the person above is Mr. Rahuram Rajan who is a NRI, has a Green Passport which means he is a Citizen of America, he has not cancelled his American Citizenship yet and he is been appointed as the Governor of RBI. Our Finance regulated under the scrutiny of a American Citizen, just how strange it sounds, none of the opposition party ever opposed and the ruling party of UPA 2 government appointed him as the Governor, can you ever be certain that he is not leaking our secret information to America, can the Union Finance ever trust hi for his dual citizenship??

    Anyways Mr Rahghuram Rajan is a dedicated professional, he will do his work very efficiently which is why his Masters the CIA of America have placed his to the post of Governor via Lobbying wit Corrupt politicians, he is eying the gold deposit in India as India has the largest quantity of Gold Deposits  more over Mr Rajan is also eying the gold kept in our Famous Temple and Mr Rajan wants we Indians to by Hallmark Gold only, by this we can see why this American KALA ANGREZ is to loot Gold from India to USA. 

   Corruption has become so rampant that our nation is slowly heading towards a Soft Banana Republic. A banana Republic is where the Government, politicians, Bureaucrats, and Army and Media all work in tandem to loot people and make the nation poor.   

   These shameless politicians represent all other nation as a stooge, as an agent or a partner, but none of these politicians are Swadeshi to think about nations interest. they have to stay on top and want power for which these greedy leaches come under the pay roll of MNC lobby, work for them. The 2G Spectrum scam was one big example of MNC lobby and Political nexus, the CBI and TRAI must be complimented for their role unearthing this whole issue of corruption involved in the Telecom scam, where our nation came to know about MNC lobbying, where every one from Prime Minister to Bureaucrats to Business men to Media who worked as agents for Foreign MNC aggressively looking to win the auction via Indian Companies. 

   Neera Radia got exposed in and out in the 2G Scam, but there are many Neera Radia's still working as a Lobbyist for some MNC, better watch out such agents who will sell out motherland wholesale with the help of shameless politicians, these immoral men have a price tag on their forehead always willing to be purchased by a American or European MNC to get their job done easier in India. In 7 decades of Independence, the last 6 decades have been corruption done by political parties in a large and small scale, the 2 G spectrum has brought a new dimension of corruption with international MNC coming into foray via the Lobby. 

To know what our media is and to what lengths they can fall, click on to know more 
Paid Corrupt Indian Media...

And the next worst nightmare in the move to invade our nation are MNC and their lobby tactics these MNC are hand in hand who funds Christina Missionary and Foreign Funded NGO. These MNC Lobby has funded a lot of money on their stooge Arvind Kajeriwal via the Ford Foundation created a Anti Corruption drama and their Lok Pal Bill where in Arvind Kajeriwal had completely ignored foreign funded NGO and MNC in the Lok Pal purview bill but was very keen to add CBI in it, this is a clear indication that this Hissar Man is sold to the Lobby. It's a great fortune of Delhi that they are out of this great traitor, moreover this man talked of corruption but even more than a year he resigned as Chief minister of Delhi, why has this man yet not left the Bungalow given to him by the government yet? If he is so honest then he should vacate the bungalow has those ignorant AAP party lovers ever thought over this matter...

   Hit the link to know more about MNC and its lot in India...

       Multi National Corporations: Slavery in Existence.

  Dear people of my nation,

    The reason why we see loot happening on such a high scale and that the government, politicians, bureaucrats, MNC and Media are taking us for granted is the reason that they know well that we shall never react, they also know well that the way they are looting our nation is far from the knowledge of People of India, they know well that their corruption tactics and exploiting people for their own gains will keep moving if the people are suppressed with heavy taxes and inflation. 

  I know well that there shall be no revolt by us even if we know such facts but tomorrow you can gauge by yourself of what future you and your children will have if a corrupt government and International Enemies keep looting our nation.

   We are living in a world where jackal is dressed a king and he and his YES MEN are bleeding our nation and killing our right to live. Every year we have to keep adjusting our expense to a massive price rise, we have to work harder and harder to make our ends meet and there is no respite. 

  Yes we ain;t protesting and this is because we have given up and blame our fate we dont realize the fact that we had been slaves for 800 years under cruel Islamic Invaders followed by 300 years of British rule who made us the poorest nation in the world from the richest. This nation accounted to 45% of World's GDP at one point in time is now where at the moment when our population exceeds a billion. 

    The Main problem is we are slaves by our Mind, when we are the only fertile brain on this globe, even if we leave out those IITians who shamelessly go abroad. Even a Chaiwala who is illiterate will beat a White man in IQ any time, we have a rich civilization, we have natures bounty with rich abundance in mineral resources, we have a massive percentage of young generation that no world posses. If we choose the right people to rule us and if we fight for a simple and affective governance, beleve me no onee can stop us and we shall be a Super Power nation by 2030. 

   America knows this and so does China and other rich nations, which is why they are setting up their base in India, so they can have a part of their loot and go away. We must give up our Mental Slavery and fight for it as this is ours and we must use it not some stupid Yank who has it his own way. The sooner you understand it the better it is for our nation and our children future else they will suffer for us doing nothing. 

  All you have to do is be alert and seek the right information, our media is all corrupt which ensures you have half information or false information, the only media from where you can get reliable information is the Social Media, i dont say all are genuine news in Social media but its is up to you to realize and filter the truth out. 

We Indians have a very week point i.e. we surrender out bairn when we believe someone, all of them who watches News on TV completely believe and trust News anchors, try analyse them you will know that they are Judases who are ready to sell our mother land for a few cents. The more you become aware you shall realize how deep the rot is. 

  Not to say much about these pathetic politicians, we gave then a good cahse these election they have all had a bitter taste in their mouth when they were floored by the people but that does not mean at all that BJP and Modi should be blindly trusted, try to analyze this party at every step be a auditor and when you see any wrong in them criticize them, BJP knows well, that people who voted them are awakened minds. So if they ever get to fool us, they better realize that we patriots will bring them down with no mercy.

   The biggest challenge will be to kick out the leach MNC lobby in INdia, its very dufficult to identify as they do everything behind closed doors with slimy politicians and bureaucrats. If these dangerous lobby have to be kicked out the only simple solution is to be very Swadeshi.

   Click on to know more Swadeshi Movement

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran

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