Wednesday, 7 January 2015

It's All About Being Intelligent...

    A general mindset has been created in our Society off late, a notion is that people in whole has allowed themselves to limit their capability of thinking, for long we have lost our intellect and have surrendered our capability of thinking for ourselves and the benefit of the society taking into consideration that some designated experts are there to take care of things. 

  When we are not contributing to the benefit of the society, these designated people is murdering our well being to a much greater extent that we could ever imagine. 

  Yes, our society is corroding and like never before is rapidly changing our pattern of thoughts, the Main Stream Media is Paid and Corrupt displaying false, incomplete news, Our Government is corrupt regulated by 
MC LOBBY, working against people and our nation, corruption and injustice has become rampant in every sector Public or private. 

   Our film industry is controlled by the Illuminati, displaying sex, vulgarity, violence & nonsense effecting the young minds to a great extent. Gone are the days when Hindi movies displayed, morality, culture, respect and humility, now it is only reduced to cheapness. 

  Where are we heading, why are we subjected to so much of ills surrounding our environment that only path we see is destruction. Dont you think we need to get out of this filth? Dont you ever wish that you must live a life of intellect that can bring peace to you and your family? Do you think what you are seeing as Status, lifestyle, pleasure, enjoyment etc. is actually haring you in a big way, Do you know that raising your Intellect can hep you to lead and enjoy life in pure bliss? Have you ever asked thee question to yourself, if not think about this for as long as you can and  proceed to read further....

   I can never ever dream of being Swami Vivekananda, or Vishwanathan Anand, Leonardo Vinci or Nikola Tesla (i am sure you never heard this name) they are god gifted personalities. it will take me two lives and even more to come to their stature, they were very intelligent men  who am in OH, Alas WHO AM I, with a minute brain to be compared to these Stalwarts? 

   Oh really, so you think it that way! they were born exactly the same like you were, its quite bound that they had brain of the same size and shape like yours, what mattered and stood apart is that they gave an extra push, applied it to their profound subject and that difference was noticed by the World.

   This Yuga or Era is the Kali-Yuga or the Era of ignorance, this phase of time is where MAN and his intellect is mired in ignorance, when evil dominates his mind and rides the society and in the bargain kills the every aspect of existence provided by nature with the blessings of the Para Bramham (Supreme Being). This Yuga has been the Yuga of the Devil and the Devil has his play because we all the good men have become so ignorant and confused to the core that Devil has had its song for many millenniums n this Yuga.

  Like the former three Yuga's which had many Rishis and Maharishis that was the backbone of our civilization s have become almost NIL in this Yuga, these great humble men, with many thousand years of deep meditation were a boon to Mankind and its them who composed the ever divine Vedas and the Upanishads so that the coming generations can live life in a simple and noble manner, lead a spiritual life, with gratitude and humility. Nevertheless from a grand great heritage of a History to Nation under the veil of Secularism, our Sanatana Dharma built by Maharishis of Intellect has withstood the onslaught after the cruel barbaric rule of Moghuls and cunning divide and rule tactic of Evil British.  

  Talk of Intellect, its light years away from these foreign invaders whose legacy has been a long history of murder, loot, rape, deceit, cruelty, oppress, suppress, bondage, and enslave. The followers of Abraham have caused grave harm and eliminated many civilizations, changed the culture, life, attitude and demography of that region. Since the time of its Birth Christianity killed more than 270 million people all over the world in the past 2000 years and Islam which is about 7 centuries younger to Christianity have the honors of killing 250 million. 

  Why has this happened cause of lack of Intellectualism in these religion, that caused noting but destruction of all kinds, what was Communism another blot on Mankind can you imagine that they Russia and China managed to kill about 50 million each during the rule d of Stalin and Mao. How can a form of governance can even think of doing such a grave harm to Man kind. Communism did at a rapid pace what Christianity and Islam took many years to accomplish. 

   The reason why humanity is shrinking away from our society is due to lack of good men who were an inspiration to the society, who gave moral advice on how to conduct life, when humanity started to shrink the evil paved in and ruled long all through the age of Ignorance called Kali Yuga, but like the saying goes that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

|| यदा यदाहि धर्मस्य ग्लानिरभवतिभरता 
अभ्युधानंमधार्मस्य तदात्मानं  स्रुजान्म्यहम् 
पवित्रणाय सधुनाम् विनाशायच दुष्कृतां 
धर्मसन्स्थाप्नार्थाय  सम्भवामि  युगे युगे ||

   Maha Vishnu will take its 10th incarnation or Avtaar in the form of Bhagawan Kalki, to punish the evil and give us back our lost glory to retain Dharma, will i be alive when that is going to happen is a tough question, but the belief is strong that Kalki will arrive, as an individual with much limited powers to face and brave this dangerous evil dominated world, we must play our part, to make way for the Kalki Bhagawan to make his job easier it's very necessary for us to raise our Intellect, and take it from me forget if the world is following it or not, Intelligence is not some one's monopoly or a patent that only he can have it like Bill Gates having his windows.

  And when it comes to Idea and changing our life, we can only think of a great Futurist who's the Architect of the 20th century, a super genius who made a great difference to this world, None other than the great Nikola Tesla, this who man died a pauper, was the greatest scientist ever to come for another 500 years, born in early 1880's was an inventor of many electrical and mechanical applications we see in our daily life, this man discovered the ALTERNATING CURRENTS (A.C) where as slimy Edison came up with his useless Direct Current (D.C), need i say more about this great man, Google Jayan Divakaran: Nikola Tesla.... The Greatest Inventor. This man made many inventions, had ideas of infinity, many he kept in his head till death cause he worried that the Zionist will use it for their own means, these Evil Jews eliminated his name from the History of Science. 

   Never mind these leaches, they never expected an Internet era which is why there is more than 36 million posts dedicated to this super genius, and yet the Main Stream Media never mention his name even once. 

   An Idea can be anything small or big, and idea can make a huge impact or none but still it will remain an idea, an idea can matter to the whole world, if not it will matter to some or the one who came with the Idea, Ideas are simple sorted suggestions that came from wise men with expertise in his specific field saved many civilization from prominent dangers in the course of history. These ideas comes out of one's intellect, making him Intelligent and earns reputation of being Wise. 

  It's not necessary if he has to be learned, educated, holds a degree to be a certified Intelligent, even if you happen to see an illiterate farmer who has the capability to understand nature understanding cloud movements, weather conditions and derive at a conclusion that rain will fall on a certain period and this is the good time to sow seeds, and he is spot on with his calculation, then according to me this farmer is more intelligent that a IIT Gold Medallion Engineer who will rely on G.P.S gadgets to come to a conclusion.

   How on earth does he come to this conclusion that rain will fall on a certain day, as a child he was thought by his ancestors of observing nature, he learnt in his native language, which he can easily understand, Sun gives life to earth, that the mountains, lakes, land, plants and trees all are connected and is a part of the Eco System, he gains this knowledge only by close observations guided by his ancestors, and masters the knowledge of Agriculture, a knowledge that spanned for many millenniums. Now with his experience and many years of practice he comes with new ideas and after close examination of the results he passes it down to the next generation. this is how knowledge was transfered in old days in India, no degree, no P.H.D, that will make you eligible to write thesis.

   Before our nation fell prey to Foreign Invaders, our ancestors were Men with High Intellect, our Gurukul form of Education allowed pupils to be more creative, where idea s were in abundance that sprout out from our ancestors who were great intellectuals under the Gurukul system of Education, they excelled in each and every field they mastered, and their ultimate ambition was to enhance the knowledge and surpass it to the next generation without prejudice so that legacy of our glorious civilization can move toward a great future. 

   Unfortunately in this era of English Education our Intellect has shirked to an all time low, we from the present generation are individuals with NIL Creativity as our freedom of intellect has been crushed to an all time low due to useless stupid English Education which are means to make donkeys who will be worthy of doing work as an accountant or clerk. If you dont believe me, then just try to get your child enrolled in Kendriya Vidyalay where quality students are made, this is because over there the mode of education is much different from a standard State syllabus secondary school, the chances of getting your child to learn in such schools is rare as you need to a central government employee. 

   Secondly there are the schools of Elite like the Cathedrals, Doons, Mayo etc. that charges a bomb, and here too the education is much different from schools of the middle class, Now a new trend has come as in international schools that will charge you mega bomb, cause education is a multi billion dollar business, a lot of American Schools have set up base in India, i for one would not be surprised if like Coco Cola or McDonald these schools will take over the Indian form of education. 


   In 20 years of his life a student goes only through theoretical knowledge of many subjects where in a exam is conducted to know what he is worth, every parents wish is to get him or her a distinction, be an engineer or a doctor, get her to the land of immigrants where 100 million natives of the land are buried  beneath golf lounge for the white men's game. These Education system in India has nothing practical to offer, nor it is in tune to the changing turn of events in technological and social development that when a student gets out of school or college that he is vulnerable to face this world of extreme competition and challenge. 

   This student learns nothing that can help him in the present world market, has to go through other various courses to enhance his carrier graph. What's more apart from Schools, it's the coaching classes that takes a large piece of cake, sometimes i wonder whether its the school or caching classes a students and their parents give more preference. Like Pharma, Education too is a multi Billion dollar business right from school to college to engineering or medical, its a gamut of Corruption of the highest order. A student spends more than 12 hours a day studying and remembering subects with the basis of SCORING MARKS, it's not about understanding and feeling the vibes of knowledge, but parental pressure and to be some CEO of a Slimy MNC is the objective. Nil preference is given to Practical Knowledge, sports, creativity and extra curricular activities. 


   Gurukul was our ancient form of education based of Guru Shisya system, where the Guru or teacher had a group of students who went under a study course deep in the forest or by the River side. The Guru sat beneath a Banyan tree and his Shisyas (Students) faced east. The reason for facing east is salutation to Sun God and why they sat beneath a Banyan Tree is because this tree is very sacred in our Dharma as every Hindu knows it, but what one must know is that this particular tree gives plenty of fresh air, that it releases Oxygen, and also with it give out a lot of Negative Ions. A negative Ions is a friend of Human Body, A person exposed to Negative Ions is always happy and active, his Blood Pressure is stable, he is always in a happy mod, he will work efficiently as his concentration levels will be on a all time high. A person beneath a atmosphere of Negative Ions will always remain healthy Physically and Mentally.  

   Which is why when you are sitting by the side of water fall, you feel relaxed and refreshed, in many Indian movies we have seen a singer Singing Classical Songs on a sea Shore Why? because sea emits abundant amounts of Negative Ions as so one's concentration levels are better and so is his thinking ability which is why in a Gurukul, Shishyas sat under a Banyan tree in an open environment early in the morning amidst gentle Sunshine that enables them to grasp and remember what their Guru teaches, this Knowledge of high Intellect was groomed well and the Shishya masters in all the subject under a supervision and guidance of the Guru who is not partial but equal to all. 

   But what is happening now is anyones guess, more the money more the preference, a donation here and a corruption there WALLAH, you can get a certificate. Will you ever trust a 80 Lakhs donation party Doctor to diagnose your Illness? Are you confident this Doctor will ever be capable to cure your Illness? Or will you trust a Doctor who has come on his Merits, to diagnose your problem? And what's the catch with both Doctors HUMANITY OR GREED?

 With English education and nothing from Ancient India (Secular hai na) ruling our nation, our Gurukul form of education is completely wiped out, our present generation lacks of Intelligent men, as a result if we look at the outer and inner dimensions of our society, we do get a crystal clear picture that our society is rotting and is rotting at a rapid pace, switch on your T.V, see the amount of vulgarity, sex and violence displayed every day by media, this is corroding our minds further. All those useless family Maa-Bahu serials is a way of cultural terrorism which is impacting even the minds of our elders, who could ever believe that a one cheap characterless woman called Sunny Leone could ever become a Household name, this Punjabi Phoren Tadka porn star is so famous that even our Nana Nanis, Dada Dadis know what Porn means, but never know many great men who has done miracles for many poor lives in India. This is the amount of filth Media is displaying to our generation, because they want us to stay away from being good and noble, they want us to get into filth by showing us such filth. 

   Ever wondered why porn is so free on our Internet, its so dangerous, even in the middle east, where Porn is a huge market, porn is much regulated and restricted on the internet. Why in India where even tissue papers are not free, that you get such easy access to watch porn for free?? Have you ever wondered what if your 10 year old child who can access internet will watch these then what will happen, Why is our government allowing these filth to happen, I know for once an M.L.A from Karnataka said that free access to porn on mobile phone is the reason why Molest and Rape is on a high in India. Now what's wrong in that statement? The moment she passed this statement she was heavily criticized by the Media, calling her as a Back minded female, taking India to Stone age etc. 


   Why is Vatican watching Gay Porn?? this Church and Wahabi funded paid media, is so dangerous that i put them ahead of Pakistan and many terrorist organisations, these Trojan horse is the biggest enemy of all we have, when a rape happens they blame every one from government, Babus, Police to Fringe Hindu Elements and when the cause for rape is addressed like internet porn the Media jumps like Orang Utang  criticizing the government for freedom of expression. 
   If India gets destroyed then it shall largely be due to the single efforts of Main Stream Media all Judases sold for some pieces of Silver.

So what is it about being Intelligent....



If you are intelligent and you are confident about, then do you wish to enhance it further?


Let me confuse you, On one hand you have a trunk with billion dollars, on the other hand you have bowl of tonic that shall make you Intelligent? What would you choose Dollars or Bowl??

 What could the definition Intelligence be?

  The Dictionary defines Intelligent as thus:
  •    Having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree
  •     Possessing sound knowledge
  •    Exercising or showing good judgment
  •    Endowed with the capacity to reason
    The above definition clearly define a person who has acquired knowledge based on EXPERIENCE and with it he uses his judgement for the benefit of society, in todays world by default we take a person who is highly educated to be intelligent, more the degrees, certificates or P..H. D more the intelligence, what has t be knows is that such person is only a scholars, intelligence is how well he uses his knowledge to use, and when he used his intelligence to a good effect that speak volumes of his knowledge and sooner he becomes a center of attraction, his vibrations are felt all over and people feel a sense of relief when he is around as they find solace in words of inspiration or advice which is why a Leader has to be Intelligent, have you ever met an intelligent person in your life? 

  If that's difficult for you to answer, then let me ask you, DO YOU WANT TO BE INTELLIGENT?

  Everyone born on this planet is intelligent, even a fool can become intelligent if he wishes to do so, being foolish is not mistake but staying so is indeed a big one, in fact a person who refuses to get away from his foolishness then He is Stupid.

   Intelligence is like a treasure, you need to explore it, dig it down to search it, you dont have to go anywhere but only know that intelligence is on top floor. What's the first thing you do with a Blunt Knife, Simple! Sharpen it. The more you sharpen your mind more the chances that you can explore Intelligence. 



   The first basic step is to stay away from negative people and shun negative thoughts if you have any, negativity shrinks the capability of your mind to think beyond its potentials, it's a gate valve which blocks creativity of your mind, if you need to be man of intellect them creativity and imagination. 

   A person with negativity is bond to procrastinate  and this will effect once life and carrier in a very bad way. Negativity is the main weapon of a Stupidity. So try to be in a positive state of mind always and if you met any negative people in your life the better way is to stay way from such people, there are two types of people who are Negative, one who keeps blaming his fate, poverty, misfortune etc. and second is the one who injects negative thoughts in you deliberately which will harm you, there are the cunning type people are the cunning types who will meet you as a friend or colleague, you will surely meet such cunning types in Corporates where work pressure and competition is always high. You need to be very careful with such people as they are not only cunning but a Hypocrite. 

   If you identify such a person, stay away from them, the best way to do is to ignore the, how to do it your lookout, but try to do it in a tactful manner, cause if you are blunt straight with such people then they will get the signal and that might be more dangerous as these leaches might come with another plan, the best way to ignore such people is to set your mind in ignore mode when you meet such men i.e. let your mind know that such a person is irrelevant to you, you don't have to do any thing but such people will automatically sense that you are not the one that can be molded and will quietly move away from you. The worst part is that negativity is contagious so stay away from it as far as possible.

  And when it comes to molding of mind, i want to make one point clear that never ever allow the world to know that you can be easily molded, god forbid if one with a pure mind and heart falls prey to a mean minded person cause such a person can has the capability to rape the mind and if that happens, only god can save them. Bosses are one example, if you have a horrible one better look for another job and of course yeah ignore him, but with bosses one thing is that he only an employer and he means only work from you, but apart from boss more dangerous could be the one related to you in one way or the another, just stay away as soon as possible from such people, and here you can be as blunt as possible. Always remember that a Negative and a Weak mind that can be molded can never become intelligent.

You need to have a Strong Mind to be Intelligent.


   Hypocrisy is jewel in the crown for the Wicked, even if you have a tinge of Hypocrisy in you then you will be light years away from being intelligent, intelligence is about being a better person, he or she should be an inspiration to the world, intelligence is about supreme sacrifice and commitment and never being a hypocrite is one of the main factors, it's not about solving some complicated puzzles or equations to pass an IQ test that makes one intelligent, but to remain committed to certain qualities of being honest, and positive thinking and helping the cause of humanity is the mark of intelligence. An intelligent person will never ever give up his morals for the sake of Hypocrisy cause he knows well that if he he does that he will loose his intellect in an instance and will never bargain it no matter what happens, as you know that it takes a lifetime to gain a reputation and only a minute to break it, Hypocrisy will shatter his ambitions of being an intellect.

   Hypocrisy is has been the base of European culture, all that British did to India in its 300 years of rule was sheer plain Hypocrisy. Its the worse sin of all, as it not only degrades a hypocrite to the lowest level but kills basic existence of humanity. Hypocrisy has prevailed from the days of Shakuni of Mahabharata to the present age, we are living in the world of Hypocrisy, we see hypocrisy everywhere it's in the media, our government, politicians, our employers, MNC corporations etc. are all mired in Hypocrisy. It's very necessary that you must identify such people for one thing you can ensure from them is deceit. 

  This is why our ancestor were intelligent cause they believed in accumulating good Karma, and a good Karma happened by doing good deeds helps and it helped a great way in raising your intellect. And for a good karma it's very necessary for then to stay away from all the necessary vices known to mankind. Being born and Indian and aping the west is the one best form of Hypocrisy one can ever think of, have you noticed in India there are so many wannabe gorra gaands. 


Here's a great Chinese proverb:

The one who says a lot don't know, 
The one who knows a lot don't say. 
Indeed Silence is Golden

   The above proverb says a lot, wisdom is all about observation and to be judgmental you need to master the art of silence, speak only if it make sense else what you say become senseless and that will loose your credibility.  

   The one who masters the art of Silence gets a bonus, with it he also masters the art of patience. Silence is one main highway towards achieving Intelligence. And it's not a difficult to remain silent, all you have to do is lock your mouth when not required. A Silence can calm a Storm such is the power, its the main weapon of an intelligent person. 

He who is intelligent will use his words properly and with control, he knows that to lie is give in to Hypocrisy so he knows well to use his words in the moments of dire straits. 

An Intelligent person knows how to speak his words with a tact that will prevent mass harm or damage to the society, he knows well that he himself is responsible for his own actions.

A verse from Manusmriti:-

||सत्यं भृयत प्रियं भृयत मा भृयत सत्यं अप्रियं 
प्रियं का नानृतं भृयत ईशा धर्मा सनातनः ||

“Satyam Bruyat Priyam Bruyat Ma Bruyat Satyam Apriyam
Priyam Ca Nanrutam Bruyat Esha Dharmah Sanatanah”

   Translation: Speak truth in such a way that it should be pleasing to others. Never speak truth which is unpleasant to others. Never speak truth which might be pleasant. This is the path of eternal morality, Sanatana Dharma.

  Meaning:  The main point is speaking truth which is in one’s dharma. Speaking such truth tactfully which benefits others and is pleasant to listen.

  "In times of doubt, Oh Arjuna, one must decide using one's own good sense”-  Bhagawat Gita.

   In times of confusion and crisis regarding what is right and what is wrong, one's own conscience is the sole guide.

  It's silence that makes you hear your conscience, and intelligent person vales his conscience and guides his judgement on the basis of his conscience. Silence helps you to think better and decide better. 

   For the starters, it will be a difficult task but  in the long run any one can master silence, all one has to do is give time and patience and one can easily master silence.

 In fact your mind is like a wishful servant like wish it to do something for you just feed it in your mind and it will do it for you, which is why a person full of negativity is always full of bad thoughts and its exactly the opposite with one who is full of positivity, if you are dubious your mind will be full of doubts, like Aladdin's Jinni i will keep saying your wish is my command. If you groom your mind well it will keep serving you well which is why a clear conscience is very necessary. 

   What one must understand is that Silence, Conscience and Patience are all interconnected. your mind must be capable of maintaining an equilibrium of all three in order to achieve the desired goal and its scilence that opens the channel for the other two.


  One of the basic quality of an intelligent person is that they are an efficient leader, even if they are unaware about it their only intention is to empower the masses and serve the mankind, yes they have a charm that radiates a positive Aura, people love to hear more from them. An intelligent person is honest as they practice what they say. An Intelligent person will only think for the benefit of mankind, and hence the respect that this person garners resonates everywhere, and this is what our ancient Rishis and Maharishis were all about Being Very Intelligent, they composed the great Vedas and Upanishads that held the social fabric of our nation for many thousands of years till we became slaves to foreign invaders.

  At present, the word leader has a bad reputation, we consider leader to be a corrupt politician or a CEO of a company who has a elephant sized ego, when a leader can be anyone, he who guides a life to a path of simple but elegant way of living is also a leader, a leader can be a farmer, a shop keeper, to an insurance agent or even an housewife, if they do their job in an efficient manner that people can take notice then of course they are a leader, and a direct leader is of course as we know they could be you School Teacher or a Professor, Management Guru's, Doctors, etc to Sadhu, Swamis and Sanyasis from the Himalayas, to even politicians and CEO who made a lot of difference to the progress and development of our nation.  

Leave out LAWYERS AND JUDGES, they can never be a leader: IMPOSSIBLE

   An Intelligent person is one who leaves his mark long after he has gone to much an extent that he is remembered for generations to come, these leaders are even known as 'LEGENDS' and if you think that only Ailla Tendulkar can only become legend then you are mighty wrong, a legend can even be a Mukhiya of your village who cares for the development and safety of your village. If such a Mukhiya is remembered even after three generations and works on his model of administration then consider this Mukhiya to be a very intelligent man.

Mind Exercise

   Every one knows that Exercise is very good for health, not that it will keep on healthy and active but prevents you from various illness. However by default exercise is meant to be physical but ever thought for a moment of giving exercise to your Mind?

   There are certain Simple Mind Exercises if followed shall help in sharpening your mind and raising your intellect, a regular exercise as and when required you can do it in your free time. These exercise can be done at home or office, any time of the day, not necessary that mind exercise needs specific time like physical exercise. 

Exercise for Concentration

  Quite obvious that an intelligent mind has high levels of concentration and even in this rapid paced word we are loosing our focus and concentration levels, to regain it and even to enhance your concentration levels, all you have to do is take 5 deep breathes, breathe in and breathe out by blocking one nostril with your thumb and another 5 deep breaths with the other, start with left nostril if you are right handed and vice versa. This simple exercise can easily refresh your mind in an instant with all it's fatigue gone, your mind will remain active through out the day. There is no limitation to this exercise you can increase your cont as per your will. 

Even Pranayama is very good for raising your concentration but its primarily a physical yogic exercise which has to performed at a specific time of the day. 


I have written blogs on Mudras and its efect on ones health and mind. please read it to know what wonders hand mudras can do to your life. Of those one of the mudra is called Jnana Mudra. This Mudra will help in raising the concentration levels.

Jnana Mudra

Jnana Mudra balances Vayu in our body and steadies the mind. 

Formation: This Mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the thumb and the index finger.

Effect: Vayu or Air causes movements and thoughts. Agni or Fire is related to the brain. When the tips of Index and Thumb join together the Vayu gets stabilized. Vayu and Agni together control the mind. That is why this Mudra is called Jnana Mudra- Mudra of WISDOM.

You can click in the link to know more.

(Inspired from Ajit Vadakayil Blogs)

Chanting of OM


   Since life began on Earth it has been surrounding and protecting all living beings with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 HZ—the ancient Indian Rishis called OM

OM is considered as the sound of Cosmic Energy and contains all the sounds in itself. As per the Vedas OM is the sound of light.

Uttering of Om is identifying oneself with the cosmic resonance the efficacy of the mantric power of Om emanates not only from its sound vibrations, but also from the inner attitude of the speaker-- his spiritual purity and his freedom from worldliness. 

Chanting OM produces a sonorous vibration like the buzz of a mighty transformer. The vibrations produce scalar waves which calms the mind. It produces an antigravity effect on water, due to the science of cymatics , and your body is mostly water. 

  OM tone has a vibratory massage effect on your organs. The vibrations penetrate the deepest tissues and nerve cells, blood circulation round the body increases, bringing much more oxygen to different organs and the secretion of hormonal glands is also stimulated. 

  OM vibration generates electro-magnetic waves which propagate throughout the body making you feel more dynamic and joyful. Most importantly, this amplifies your ability to visualize. Chanting OM raises your vibration to a higher consciousness, and it clears the channel for intuition.

  OM mantra was uttered by the Vedic sages who stayed on the banks of the river Saraswati in 9000 BC. Vedic civilization flourished on the banks of River Saraswati till 4000 BC, till the river became non-existent due to tectonic shifts blocking the Himalayan Glacier mouth, after which the natives began to migrate all over including Western coast of India, Mesopotamia, Europe and Russia.

   In deep meditation, alpha and theta waves rhythms across the entire brain, a resonance is possible between the human being and the planet. Energy and information which are embedded in the zero point field or aether field are transferred. The planet communicates with us in this primal language of frequencies. A living being is a  EMF field embedded within the EMF field of the earth. Each cell's DNA as a vibrating transmitter/receiver of information.

   Mankind depends on two subtle environmental signals, the Yin from below and the Yang from above.  The Schumann wave surrounding our planet being YANG and the weaker geomagnetic waves coming from below, from within the planet, being the YIN signal.

   The fundamental mode of Schumann's resonance is a standing wave in the ionospheric cavity with a wavelength of the circumference of the earth.

   In deep meditation, when waves of alpha and theta rhythms cascade across the entire brain, a resonance is possible between the human being and the planet. Energy and information which are embedded in the zero point field or ether field are transferred. The planet communicates with us in this primal language of frequencies. A living being is a  EMF field embedded within the EMF field of the earth. Each cell's DNA as a vibrating transmitter/receiver of information.

   Alpha brain Frequency of 7.83 HZ on the EEG, is also known popularly as Schumann’s Resonance .  These frequencies start at 7.8 Hz and progress by approximately 5.9 Hz. (7.8, 13.7, 19.6, 25.5, 31.4, 37.3, and 43.2 Hz

   Chanting OM stimulated your Vagus nerve which releases anti-ageing neuro-transmitters.. It helps regenerate your organs and cells by activating stem cells.

   Resonances of earth. 7.83 hz being the strongest of all, OM or Schumann Frequency.

Ohm- 7.83 Hz, Gam - 14 Hz, Hleem - 20 Hz, Hreem - 26 Hz, Kleem - 33 Hz, Krowm - 39 Hz

Sreem - 45 Hz

  To know the power of this frequencies, first sit in a cam and quite place, you can sit on floor in a padmasana pose or on a chair in a erect position, take 4 to 5 deep breaths this will calm your body and mind then, block your ears by placing your thumb on your ears and place your middle and ring finger on the eyes. 

Now Chant Om followed by Gam, Hleem till Sreem. Try to chant OM and others as long as possible with a long Hmmmmm. Before you chant each frequencies take a deep breath. 

  Hmmming boosts level of nitric oxide—this in turn ups the oxygen intake by 98%, the biggest secret . Ordinary breath is a mere 4%. 

   When you do this for the first time you will feel a deep sense of vibration, you will also know what silence is all about so just try it. After you are done remove your hands and open your eyes slowly, you will have a very nice feeling, you shall be at peace with yourself, by this time your brain will secrete all necessary chemicals that are feel good factors for your body, it secretes Nitric Oxide in abundance which improves the immunity system of your body too. 

  It is amazing Nitric oxide was discovered by Indian yogis 11000 years ago. Nitric oxide is necessary for-

  • Destruction of viruses, parasitic organisms, and malignant cells in the airways and lungs by inactivating their respiratory chain enzymes.
  • Regulation of binding - release of O2 to hemoglobin.
  • Vasodilation of arteries and arterioles (regulation of blood flow or perfusion of tissues).
  • Inhibitory effects of inflammation in blood vessels.
  • Hormonal effects. Nitric oxide influences secretion of hormones from several glands (adrenaline, pancreatic enzymes, and gonadotropin-releasing hormone)
  • Neurotransmission. Memory, sleeping, learning, feeling pain, and many other processes are possible only with NO present (for transmission of neuronal signals).

   This exercise is very beneficial for persons suffering from Diabetes, Blood pressure and Heart related problems as persons suffering from Diabetes have low levels of Nitric Oxide in their body in fact its low levels of Nitric oxide that makes one weak and old. This particular exercise can be performed any time especially when you are having mental fatigue. 

   But doing this early at sun rise will have great impact because early at sun rise the Sun God emits a lot of subtle energies which is very good for our health. To know more about Sun click on

   There is a cycle at which you must perform this exercise, it could be repetitions of 3,6,9 else 9,18,27 till max 108. This is how all Mantra or Shlokas are being chanted in our Culture.

The Divne Gayatri Mantra

   When it comes to raising your intellect there is no mantra more ultimate than the Great Divine Gayatri Mantra. i have posted a separate blog on this great mantra
A mantra has an amazing effect on our mind and body, as Sanskrit is a the language of vibrations  none of the language has a profound effect than Sanskrit. What one must know is that its not necessary to understand the meaning and significance of a Mantra but it's very necessary that this Mantra has to pronounced at a right pitch and tone to get the desired vibration in your body. Its this vibration that helps in raising one's intellect and also cures your body with chronic illness. Regular Chanting of Gayatri Mantra will certainly flood your brain with creativity and intelligence  only that you got to be patient and give time for the Mantra to act on your mind, spirit and body.

Here are certain features of Mantra:-

  • Mantras are Scalar energy based sounds which resonate in the Zero Point Field Aakashik hyperspace.
  • Mantras resonate your pineal gland . Pineal glands of Vedic seers were the size of a lemon. Ours in this 21st century is the size of dried raisin .
  • Mantras reprogramme your DNA. The human DNA can produce longitudinal scalar waves
  • Mantra is a carrier wave with potent information within it.
  • Mantras vibrations on DNA , chakras and pineal gland purifies and raises human consciousness
  • Mantras have immediate soothing effect makes the brain produce and release magic healing chemicals. Errant and disturbing thought are killed! 
  • Mantras must begin and end with OM or AUM. OM resonates with the earths heartbeat of 7.83 hertz.  NASA kept 7.83 hertz generators on their Apollo space crafts.
  • Mantras cleanse the environment and can reduce crime in a city—if chanted by sufficient numbers, the right way, and right number of times.  Some call this transcendental.  It is about quantum consciousness.
  • Mantras increase Prana or life force, sharpens intellect and boosts metabolism.
  • Mantras can reduce the surface tension of water. Sages kept Saraswati and Ganges water in copper lotas with them
  • Mantras centres your mind ( effect on subconscious ) and slows down your breathing. 
  • Mantras increase your Auras as seen by Kirlean photography—due to the effect on symphathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems.
  • Mantra chanting must be done with intent, to make it more powerful. This is about consciousness again.

Sri Yantra for Brain Massage:

   Look into the center on the Bindi or the Point of the Yantra, try not to blink as much as possible; you don't want to look at the particular details of the Yantra, just keep your sight right in the center and observe the whole Yantra at once.

  In time, after at least seven days of Yantra meditation you will be able to tap into the same yantric energy even without a Yantra (at the beginning you may fix your sight on an exterior or imaginary point or evoke the Yantra with your eyes closed).

"In superior phases the Yantra absorbs the practitioner's complete attention, and he can no longer tell if the Yantra is within himself or if he is within the Yantra; this is the state of non-duality."
Geometric element meanings:
Circle = Energy of the element water
Square = Energy of the element earth
Triangle = Energy of the element fire
Diagonal lines = Energy of the element air
Horizontal line = Energy of the element water
Vertical line = Energy of the element fire
Point = Energy of the element ether.
The lotus flower  represent chakras, with each petal representing a psychic propensity (or vritti) associated with that chakra

A dot, or bindu, represents the starting point of big bang singulraity -- creation or the infinite, unexpressed cosmos.

Dvau Bhuja Karanam

   Dvau means two, bhuja means hands, karanam means ear in Sanskrit.

 Well, we know this school punishment back in our school days, not a Stupid Christian School Punishment of kneel down that was nothing but pain, but have you ever wondered this funny looking punishment has all to do with our Brain and in a big way, This is a SUPER BRIAN YOGA.

So what s it about Dvau Bhuja Karanam?

   Only Nikola Tesla could had the perception to under stand a scalar field or BrahmAN or the morphogenetic consciosness field of Advaita Hinduism.

   The lore goes like this : Lord Vishnu went to  Lord Shiva  for a meeting.  Shiva’s son Ganesha wanted to have a good look at the Sudarshan Chakra which had 108 serrated edges. Ganesha mischievously put the discus in his mouth and would not open it.  

   Inspite of much coercing , since Ganesha didnt open his mouth,  Vishnu was in a bind and finally he did Dhorbi karanam ( literal meaning is catching the ears with hands across and squatting and rising) and seeing that comic and unique action little Ganesha started belly laughing, and the discus came out.   Since Ganesha was delighted with this action, people as a mode of worshipping him started doing that.

   Thoppu Karanam also has to do with balancing both the brain lobes , all the time keeping the spirit level inside your inner ear cochlea in correct position.  

   When the left and right sides of the brain , are in balance the human body generates scalar waves. When two energy fields exactly cancel out each other the 5th dimension is accessed which is all pervasive and has the power to heal.

   The right lobe of the brain affects the left side of the body , and vice versa —as open brain surgery shows twitches.

   The squat while doing Thoppu Karanam is to ensure that your coclea is in use to provide centering or balance. A person who has access to both sides ( lobes ) of their brain is generating scalar waves and is therefore more in touch with higher levels or higher dimensions of functioning.

   The right ear lobe corresponds to the left brain. The left ear lobe corresponds to the right brain. Hence Thoppu Karanam synchronizes the right and left side of the brain to improve function and promote calmness.

   Benefits : Cells get energized. Your mind develops focus, concentration , clarity and sharpness.  If you do 54 Thoppu Karanams daily you will never get Alzheimers disease.  

You will have  emotional stability and level headed approach to problems which confront you.

  Super brain Yoga scientists have done studies . In one study the result of an electroencephalograph showed increased amplitude in the Pareto-occipital region of the brain. This is the result of the increased neuron activity of brain after super brain yoga.  

   They vouch that this is a fast, simple, drug-free method of increasing mental energy stimulates neural pathways in the brain.

   Dvau Bhuja Karanam stimulates the Amygdala.  You enter a mysterious state of psychological flow.  In this state you can easily overcome problems be highly productive and disregard distractions.  

   An enlarged amygdala in autism will be hyperactive, whereas a damaged amygdala would be the opposite.  Amygdala is the Latin word for almond.

   The amygdala is the seat of emotion. Psychopaths lack emotion. They lack empathy, remorse, guilt. Brain scans of psychopaths show a deformation in the amygdala compared to non-psychopaths.

   It is the amygdala which jolts our bodies in fear,  form emotional memories,  helps us feel our dreams and can shape the effects of certain stress disorders and phobias.

  The two amygdale sit on the horn-like tips of the hippocampus. They work with our sympathetic nervous system to put the body in a state of “fight-or-flight”.

The amygdala has an important role in memory.  It reminds us, for better or worse, of past situations. Since it is so emotional, the amygdala is responsible for those persistent thoughts and extra mental baggage we wish we would forget.  It nags us with recollections of painful or shocking events.  

So when a woman jumps out of her skin with a terrible shriek at the sight of a rat – its is just an example of her amygdala in action!

Stimulating the amygdala by meditation and Pranayama  can help you enter a psychological state of flow. Activating the amygdala in a positive way stimulates higher order mental processes. This can improve creativity and intelligence while elevating positive emotion. 

Let me share  a secret , on how to stimulate the amygdala.  

This BOKOMA instrument was used in ancient Vedic times to find out what type of Ayurvedic Shirodhara you need.  

It also “releases” your locked up mind.  


    The above exercise if done with dedication and discipline much guided with your determination, shall help your life in a very big way, one will achieve a lot in life what he or she was willing to seek for. It's intelligence what the world require the most, and its not the birth right of some special person on earth as you make out to be, its for each and every man and woman on earth.  Like i have mentioned before in this blog that intelligence is like a blunt knife lying in your mind, if your dont sharpen it, it will blunt further and rust out. 

Remember that this word need people with perception and an intelligent person has it in abundance.

   Intelligence has got nothing to do with what you have achieved, what's your status quo, how far and wide is your fame and reputation or about solving the most complicated of puzzles  equations, theories etc. Intelligence is about exploring yourself, its about guiding the mankind, caution them from imminent dangers, advice and lead the masses etc.  and that journey is called LIFE


May Maa Bharti Shower Her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.

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