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Parashurama's Axe


Our present generation be in the urban or rural corners of India is religiously following Western culture and embedding this modern thinking which is in a way ruining their life. What's worse they are of the utter belief that the White skinned people from Europe or from America are the most developed and sophisticated race and hence we should copy them in the bargain they are completely unaware the glorious past as under the White men's rule they looted and ruined our nation in 300 years flat and with it had a cunning motive that if our nation should never be a glorious and developed nation again after they leave India then the future generation should never know of their Glorious past and that they should be treated as a inferior race, hence with this purpose these Barbarian and Uncultured Immoral British deliberately injected poison in our Vedas and Upanishads with the help of their stooges to ridicule we Hindus and make it look bad so that they can be converted to Christianity. The main aim of these Cruel and Cunning race is mentioned in my first blog HISTORY OF OUR DEVINE VEDIC COW.

The main purpose of this Blog is to get the ignorant people know our true history and it's past glory that it was once a great civilization and gave birth to many legends who worked on the principles of Dharma that made the great BHARATA RASHTRA. 

Those reading this blog have to understand that what all being mentioned in this post is not based on any Institutional records at all as i am convinced myself that whatever is mentioned by our Historians are BULL of the first order for the very reason that Aryan race were the blue eyed white skinned people who came from some part of Europe via the KHYBER PASS found we natives of Bharata Bhoomi as savage and people with no culture and they were kind enough to GROOM US  and they gave us Speech i.e. SANSKRIT they scripted VEDAS and the UPANISHADS and after getting us civilized they did a U-TURN to Europe. Only a drab could believe it but the pain is our History Books is full with such White Lies, if you have to pass I.A.S exams you have to write this lie that the White Blue eyed men wrote the VEDASS....

Let me get this blunt straight, even if these White skinned race called Mlechas by our ancestor take a million births NEVER EVER will they have the perception or divine intellectual sense like our Maharshis and Rishi to compose the great invaluable Vedas and the Upanishads. 

What Crown and specter is to an anointed king same way for Hindus the Vedas and Upanishads held a revered importance. When Cruel Islamic Invaders invaded our nation and ruled for 800 years killing close to 90 million Hindus looting and destroying 1000's of famous temples and converted many Hindus with swords on their neck, many Hindus had to face their onslaught and as a result had to migrate where ever hey found solace and its through Vedas and Upanishads that Sanatana Dharma Known as Hinduism to many survived the medieval era.

Nehru's book ‘Discovery of India’ is a complete bunch of lies with all intention to prove that our ancestors were greedy and fought with each other for Wealth, Land and Supremacy. Much to the surprise was Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s Book titled The Arctic Home In The Vedas wherein he is has mentioned clearly that it’s the Blue eyed White Aryan Race who composed Vedas and passed on to Brow skinned men who loyally passed it down to their future generation. 

We can understand the Nehru who had a English culture in his upbringing and can easily mold with the British but indeed we need to take a bitter pill to digest the fact that Bal  Gangadhar Tilak who used to be a  rabid British Hater would ever write a book favoring this wrong theory to the Whites.

But these are cruel facts as we were slaves to the British then we have to mend their ways whichever way they like as people who revolted had to give away with their life else support their conspiracy.

Tilak was locked in Jail for his Anti British slogan and Swaraj Andolan, but as old age crept in he was suffering from High Diabetes and was facing hardship in the jail. It is then that he was blackmailed by a German Maximus Muller a historian who was responsible to for injecting poison in Our Vedas with the help of Tamilian and Bengali Brahmin stooge who worked on his payroll to either face hardship in jail else act as per our conspiracy that later a tired and dejected Tilak had to relent and wrote this book with many poison injected by these immoral white man through his stooge and labeled it on Tilalk’s forehead.

What is common with all these books is that such historical characters like Gandhi, Tilak, Nehru, and Ambedkar wrote book only when they were in Jail and released only after their books got published. With Ambedkar being an exception that he was in England when he wrote his book ‘Riddles in Hinduism’ yet another pack of lies and poison filled book with an intention of attacking and ridiculing Hinduism. If these characters are in Jail then immoral whites get a good opportunity to meet in private and inject poison in their books at will, the same happened with Ambedkar where his Book as fully assisted by British.


To explain Vedas and Upanishads it will require a different post as it will be too lengthy for me to detail in this post but many don’t have a clue of what Maharshi or Rishi means to this nation what they think of them is some Baba who roam on a charted plane to give bhashan…. Well well in this age of a Secular (Sic) India all our Sadhus and Sadhvis have been targeted by Paid and Corrupt Media running on Church and Wahabi funds with only sole intention of ridiculing the Sages hence giving Hinduism a bad name, these sages were indeed the backbone of the society who spreads the knowledge of Life and spiritual management. Of course there are some cheats and charlatans but that does not mean all are bad.

Bharat as I hate to call India has a vast history Christianity and Islam are recent religion as the former is more that 2 millennium and later is 600 years younger to it came from outside Bharat, the rest Buddhism, Sikh, Jainism are from Bharat. The Christian were of the belief that the Big Bang happened in 4000 B.C and hence the world was created, looking at our vast history of more than 25000 years and more they indeed had a inferiority complex that their history stands a mere pebble as compared to ours and with such a vast knowledge, culture history it will be difficult for these British to rule our nation. 

For this to happen it was necessary that the Education System in our nation has to be eliminated as England only had Oxford and Cambridge but India at that time in-spite of Moghul Invasion had more than 60,000 Big and small Medium Universities in short the calculation was that there was a Gurukul System for every Panchayat and medium University and so on. The Gurukul System was a Guru Shishya (Teacher Student) model where the guru and his pupils would sit in open air beneath a Banyan Tree and the all knowledge was passed on verbally from the Guru of what ever ever knowledge he had about the subject that be the Vedas, Upanishads, Maths, Geography, History and Science. 

In the Gurukul system fee structure was not allowed like we see today and exorbitant fee structure creating dent in parents pockets, the GURU NEVER TRADED HIS KNOWLEDGE.  After the pupil finished his Gurukul Course it was a custom that the pupil should reward (Guru Dakshina) his Guru as per his desire which would be in gold or silver coins or in kind. There was no BARGAIN between Guru and his pupil over the GURU DAKSHINA, but what we see now in schools and college: DAKSHINA makes the DIFFERENCE.

Education System in India was so well set that people in India were well educated so that be in terms of Skill sets as in Farming, pottery, gold smith black smith to arts and literature to science, maths, trigonometry to Medicine all these gave goosebumps to British for which it was necessary to change the mindset of we indians. See below what Macaulay says about India in the British Parliament.

With this speech started the destruction of our Ancient education system and soon English import educational system was introduced to Indians starting from the elite then passed on to the natives. Instead of grand Panchatantra as children stories we started singing useless Nursery rhymes. The purpose of such Education system which runs till date is that cunning British never wanted any intellectuals to be bred as it happened with our ancient Education system but only to work as clerk and some mid level management works who could not think much but just do what is being told

Only those British stooges like Parses, and some elite royal families and certain Brahmin sects from Tamil Nadu, Bengal and other parts of India who would do 'YES SIR AT YOUR SERVICE' got premium education to make a better post as that of a G.M or M.D so that's why we see this two type of English education system where we have State Board and other is called C.B.S.E. where later has more value than the former, that's why we see fewer schools where son's of elite can have their education to rule over masses English Style and donkey's like me can learn Humpty Dumpty in a state sponsored English educational school that after my education i can live in a petty salary at a limited post.

Such sort of partiality never existed in the Gurukula System where every body was given equal opportunity and was groomed as per the pupils strength all completed their course with optimum efficiency and this knowledge they applied for the development of the nation.

British observed that this nation is so rich because the Farmers in our nation have an abundant yield and this made them very rich and dependent on themselves so in order to destroy them Huge tax was implemented and various other cruel system was implied which broke the morals of farmers completely as a result sooner or later from being very sufficient they became very poor and under the mercy of the British.

As Farmers became poor the Traders had to suffer as they could not trade the yield from farmers and even traders were not spared by the British as they charged various duties and levies on them. When Traders got affected it affected blacksmiths, goldsmiths and other skilled workers as all businesses went under a complete rule of cunning British.  

When all these motives was accomplished did the Horrible British start their 'DIVIDE AND RULE' tactics to kill this nation for ever which they succeeded with their plan as they made conflicts in between two religious sects Hindus and Muslims to create a communal disharmony. This Divide and Rule created SC/ST, O.B.C and Higher caste system in Hinduism and this created a huge Void and Disharmony in between sects of Hindu people. Where its the British who decided which cast will fall in which category. Some were given a High cast preference and some low and this was done deliberately so that Hindus can fight amongst themselves. With the British enforced caste system in force which is evident even today has created a huge vacuum that cant get refilled even today. Same way many other tactics in the name of Divide and Rule was used by these Immoral Pathetic British to see that Indians never get united, But what can these Rascals know that there is something called as 'Karma calculation' which is very stringent, it can come back and bite you for your wrong doing. 

Today this CRUEL NATION CALLED ENGLAND IS SUFFERING FROM MAD COW DISEASE and in another 10 years all those who consumed cow meat in good bulk about 10 years from now shall become cabbage all for the sin their Ancestors committed all over the globe now their grandchildren have to suffer. At the moment they do act like dumb.

Coming back to Lord Parashurama, as a matter of fact i haven't  even started with this great legend to cut the story short here it is:

A great cult: Lord Parashurama

Bhagwan Parshuram, the sixth Incarnation of Vishnu, belongs to the Tretayug, and is the son of Jamadagni and Renuka. Parshu means axe, hence His name literally means Ram-with-the-axe. He received an axe after undertaking a terrible penance to please Lord Shiva, from whom He learned the methods of warfare and other skills. Even though He was born as a Brahmin, He had Kshatriya (warrior) traits in terms of aggression, warfare and valour. Hence He is said to be a 'Brahma-Kshatriya' and one who possesses Brahmatej and Kshatratej.
He killed the entire army and King Kartavirya Sahasrarjuna, who took away the magical cow (Kamadhenu) forcibly, that belonged to his father Jamadagni. In revenge the King's sons killed Jamadagni in Parshuram's absence. Furious at their unrighteous act, He killed all sons of the King and also went on killing all corrupt Haihaya Kings and warriors on the earth 21 times.
He then conducted the Ashvamedha sacrifice, done only by sovereign Kings and gave the entire land He owned to priests who performed the sacrifice (Yadnya).
He is a Chiranjeevi (Immortal) who fought the advancing ocean back, thus saving the lands of Konkan and Malabar (Maharashtra - Karnataka - Kerala coastline). The coastal area of Kerala state along with the Konkan region, i.e., coastal Maharashtra and Karnataka, is known as Parshuram Kshetra (area).
He has been a Guru to Bhishma, Dronacharya and later also to Karna. He taught Karna the extremely powerful Brahmastra (a celestial weapon). But He also cursed that the knowledge would be useless to Karna, predicting much in advance that Karna will join the unrighteous Duryodhana in the Kurukshetra war. Such was His love for Righteousness.
Also, the Sudarshan chakra (or Sudarshan Vidya) is said to be given by Parshuram to Lord Krushna. The purpose of the sixth Incarnation of Vishnu is considered by religious scholars to be to relieve the earth's burden by exterminating the sinful, destructive and irreligious kings that pillaged its resources, and neglected their duties.
Parshuram is a martial Shraman ascetic. However, unlike all other Incarnations, Parshuram lives on earth even today. The Kalki Purana states Parshuram will be the martial guru of Sri Kalki, the 10th and final Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is He who instructs Kalki to perform a long penance unto Shiva to receive celestial weaponry.
He created a temple of worship right after He resurfaced Kerala from the sea. He placed statues of various Deities in 108 different places and introduced martial arts to protect the temple from the evil.

We pay our obeisance to this Incarnation of Lord Vishnu who reinstated Dharma in Tretayug and Dwaparyug.

As we look at his legend he is know to be a Maharishi with a short fuse, what i can understand from him is that he used his temper properly and as in where it is required so he succeeded in killing those rogue Kings that were doing Adharma and unlike Lord Rama and Krishna, Parshurama without taking help from any singlehandedly killed the whole army of those Adharmi Kings many of kings men and soldier died in fighting with Parshurama and hence there was a great decline in the population of Kshatriya's. His immense hatred for Kshatriya's was clearly known as he cursed his most favorite disciple Karna. 

As Lord Parshurama being a Chiranjeevi (Immortal) is currently believed to be living in the Mahindragiri Mountain and is still meditating to upkeep Dharma, it should be known that he lived from the beginning of Treta Yuga met Lord Rama and survived whole of Dwapar Yug to meet Lord Krishna down to Kali Yuga. A true Maharishi Parshurama like all other Maharishi was well versed with Vedas and Upanishads of course that his Father being Maharishi Jamadagni had a vast vision where he could know of the outcome of various events that is going to take place. Lord Parshurama also known to be the Architect of Dharma Shasta Temple located at the southern tip of Sahayadri Range in Kerala dedicated to Lord Ayyappan.

So what is it all about the Axe of Parshurama rather the Axe effect has to be known and is of a Prime Importance of this Blog. There is a Legend related to the formation of Kerala and it is mentioned that Lord Parshurama once became very angry all of a sudden and in fits he took his Parshu (AXE) and threw it on the sea as a result a vast stretch of land with Hills and mountain and lush greenery was formed and as he threw the axe there was a huge friction between the wood and metal of axe due to which it the wood got burned and it's ashes spread over grew up as coconut trees. Since the whole land was full of coconut trees it came to be known as Kerala

What i could never understand is that why could he get angry and what made him to get angry over the sea to create a land. I had to wait long to get the answer, similarly there is another place in Maharashtra called Chiploon which share exactly the same legend but the only difference here is that instead of his Parashu he used Bow and Arrow to form Chiploon, but in Chiploon the story is more stretched where it is mentioned that Parashurama wanted to settle a particular Barhimin Sect in that region, later with my further research i came to know that apart from whole of Kerala and Chiploon Parshurama also allowed his Brahmin Sect to settle in Madgaon presently known as Goa.

So the query is that from where did this Brahmins came and why were they allowed to be settled by Lord Parshurama in the Shayadri belt situated in the west coast of Bharat. If we go deep into this and connect the dots we get some profound answers to the most complicated questions. This is exactly the reason why i don't rely on the History books but seek answers through internet surfing and perception. Perception has to be guided by your conscience and when both comes in sync then only this can get you to the depth of answers you seek.

Vechoor Cow also known as Sindhi Cow

In Kerala there is a Cow breed (see above) called as Vechoor Pashu. Its a dwarf cow and its milk and Urine are used only for medicinal purpose, however this cow has another name its generally known as Sindhi Pashu, Pashu means Cow in Malayalam. As i belong to Vechoor and the natives there also call this cow as Sindhi pashu i asked many why they call this cow Sindhi, as a matter of fact many don't even know what Sindhi means its then i explained that Sindhi means people who belong the region of Sindh as you hear it in our National Anthem its about 3000 K.M away from here, and the answer they could give is that it would have come to this region via some trade. 

This answer never convinced me as this is a possibility but even then Kerala had its own good stock of breed which is good in its own standards then why will they have to trade a dwarf cow that gives less than 1/3 quantity of milk compared to ordinary breed. One thing is absolutely sure that cow is a domestic animal and would not migrate great distance like other animal and that it will have to come all down from Sindh to Kerala which could be more than a 3000 K.M journey, yes the cow can travel but only if guided 

What could be the reason for such a trans migration and what is the purpose?

The Vedas give a lot of preference to River Saraswati infact its mentioned abut 80 times in the Rig Veda but River Ganga is mentioned only once or twice, but right now we don't have river Saraswati so what can be the reason for its disappearance. Also what needs to be understood is why River Saraswati is being given such prominence?

If you see the Image above its showing the flow of seven rivers viz, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Yamuna and Dhrishadvati. that constituted the region of Sindh and the people living along this region were known as Sindhi. Some rivers got connected with River Saraswati and it flowed way down to the N.W coast of Gujarat and then to the Arabian Sea.

Some of these rivers flowed due to rains and some due to the Glacier melt of the Himalayas Just like the flow of River Ganga. 

The River Saraswati was considered the most sacred river of all the other rivers by our ancestors and like River Ganga it also flowed due to the glacier melt from the Himalayas and like River Ganga it took along all required minerals along with it and hence this river was sacred and devine to the Hindus.  

After the Mahabharata war, Balarama elder brother of Krishna had said that the river Saraswati is dying as the water level keep steeping rapidly every year, from this it is quite evident that river Saraswati was meeting its end during the time of Mahabharata. This is because of a major earth quake up in the Himalayas where the swift in tectonic plates blokes the flow of River Saraswati and hence it dies. Like Ganges which flows from Himalayas down to the North east and down to the Bay of Bengal, River Saraswati used to flow North West from Himalayas to Punjab Rajashtan to Gujarat at the Ran of Kutch and down to the ARABIAN SEA. If we see the image above the Blue Line showing River Saraswati is flowing clearly in between India and Pakistan also the Mohenjo Daro and Harrappa (Now in Pakistan) civilization is not far from the Saraswati River. 

I wonder if any Historian brave enough will say that it was a Hindu Civilization, but such is the clutch of the White Men Dominated World they will never give credit to any monument that is Vedic Hindu Architecture, so irritating when these dimwits say that Mohenjo Daro is a pre historic civilization. 

                                     Ohh Yeah!!! Is it from Mars?

During the ancient days Civilization happened and prospered near the river banks infact all major cities in the world are located near to the river banks, plenty of Cities were developed from north of Uttarakhand to middle in Rajasthan and Pakistan and way down to Gujarat. It is quite evident that in the region of Sindh the major portion of it is in present day Pakistan was a very developed region. As many know that one dip in Ganga River will take away all your illness, River Saraswati was known for raising your intellect. As a result the Brahmins mastered Vedas and Upanishads along its river banks and it gave birth to many prominent Vedic Personalities.

IT'S IN THE SINDHU VALLEY CIVILIZATION WHERE THE INVALUABLE VEDAS AND UPANISHADS WERE COMPOSED by our Maharishis and Rishis had fractal minds and a Lemon Sized Penile Gland and were capable of reading and memorizing AKASHIC RECORDS. The Vedas and Upanishads also known as Apurusheya Grantha meaning Author-less texts as they believed that what ever they have composed are profound knowledge they seeked from the UNIVERSE

The Vedas might have been composed in between 15000 and 10000 B.C and around 6 to 5000 B.C it was a super genius Maharishi Panini believed to have lived in a ashram near the Banks of River Saraswati along the India Pakistan border created Liphi known as alphabets in Sanskrit to record Vedas and Upanishad, again this is not his invention but he seeked these alphabets through his fractal vision from the Cosmos and that is reason why Sanskrit alphabets are precise and perfect. All these huge volume of texts was passed on to future generation verbally by the Guru to his Shishya in the Gurukul and the trend continued for almost 10000 years after which by around 5 to 4000 B.C the Vedas were written in dried Palm leaves.

Veda written on Dried Palm Leaf.

I will have to write a separate blog on the Vedas and Upanishad to actually explain the process of how it was composed, unfortunately books related to Vedas you get in Bookstore is poison injected by immoral British with sole purpose of ridiculing for divide and rule. 

As the river started drying the civilization there began to crumble with the river drying up year on year farming became impossible causing drought as a result land adjacent to the river became infertile and unfit for farming and this led to only solution Migrate to other areas, hence WE SEE THE TRANS MIGRATION HAPPENING SOME WENT TO THE WEST i.e. RUSSIA, IRAN IRAQ AND EUROPE etc. SOME WENT DOWN TO SOUTH IN THE WEST COAST OF INDIA AND SOME IN CENTRAL U.P AND MADHYA PRADESH AND SOME TO THE EAST TO BENGAL.

Seeing this mass problem happening in the Saraswati Sindhu valley which is known as SAWAT Valley at present is derived from the name Saraswati, Lord Parshurama the protector of Brahmins was concerned that the deep valuable knowledge of Vedas confined to the Brahmins of that region will be lost completely due to this migration as Brahmins unlike the Warrior caste Kshatriya's, didn't knew to fight and take such a  major challenge of migrating to other place as learning Vedas and teaching them was their only Dharma, Lord Parshurama came to the rescue of these Brahmins and it is he who after a long thought with his fractal vision for the safety of Brahmins and to preserve Vedas decided to go south to the West cost of India.  

As the migration happens people tend to take along with them what ever they have at that time Cows were the most valued treasure  for anyone so they took cattle along with them GO SOUTH FROM SINDH DOWN TO THE SHAHAYADRI RANGE that's why we have SINDHI PASHU IN KERALA.

Being a Brahmin who turned Kshatriya for the sake of Dharma, Parashurama took only the Brahmin sect along with him for the migration as had a permanent hatred towards Kshatriya clan, they along with Vaishyas i.e. the business & merchant traders clan an Shudras i.e Farmers and Skilled worker clans  went and looked out for themselves i.e to Europe or else to the east and central parts of Bharat. 

Since the West Coast of Bharat starting from the west coast of Maharashtra and way down to the South in Kerala is a stretch of vertical belt with Hills and Mountainous and this region is known for its lush greenery and the climate condition is Moderate right through the year. This stretch of region in Maharashtra and Karnataka is called as Konkan

In the map above the area marked in Maroon is the Sharyadri range. The whole belt or region is known for its Natural Beauty with High fertile soil and vegetation in abundance where the chances of drought is nil, so it was in the safety of his people that Lord Parashurama decided that this place will be the best amongst other regions for his Brahmin Sect to reside and live a easy and peaceful life as well Vedas and Upanishads can be recited and kept alive for the coming generation. 

As it is a well known fact that Migrating to another place is a very difficult task and challenging one too as Weather can take its toll but beyond that the threat of dacoits, thieves and robbers is always a big worry. More over when you reach your destination the natives there will never allow you to settle there and there would always be a tussle between the native and the immigrants to an extend that one would end up ruling the area. 


This is what Cruel Whites did with the natives of the land of Immigrants called America, its so strange that if you dig any golf course in America about six feet under you will find skulls and bones of these native Indians. Such was their cruelty that they did it in a decades time only because of Gun power and if that didn't work them they they spread chicken pox virus to kill the whole clan, like how we hear Swine Flu, Chikun guniya, and now the latest called EBOLA all these virus are made in laboratory and put in third world nations to wipe out population.

Heap of skeleton of Buffalo belonging to Red Indians
 slaughtered by U.S Army.


The images above is for those ignorant Hindus who think that Blue Eyed White Skinned men are gentle and Humble, ARRE BAAP REEEE.... think over!!  

And it all started with a Bhench@@t of a Jew called Columbus who mistook America as India, it will be a surprise for many Gorra Gaands to know that he was a Jew but that's the fact that he indeed was one who lived with a Christian Name like many still do as in Hollywood and Music industry many celebrities are Jews living with Christian Names and they try their best to keep their identity with themselves need not mention the Evil Porn Industry is a gamut run entirely by the Jews. They play they direct and they produce only to spread filth in the society.

As the Migration process started from north to south a long treacherous journey, Lord Parshurama fought with all those who tried to attack on their way to their New lands, protecting the Brahmin Sect, and as they reached in the Konkan area called Chiploon he decided certain sects of Brahmins to settle in Chiploon, since the Myth is that he used bow and arrow to let the sea backward for creation of Chiploon it is only an allegory what it actually meant is that he had to fight with the natives who were living in that land to make way for the Brahmins, he also had told that the exiled Brahmins will co exist with the natives provided that the plain lands be given to the Brahmins and they can exist on the hills when that condition was not met he had to use his Bow and Arrow to drive away those natives who lived in that area. In that fight definitely a good number was killed because the Lord Parshrama is known for his short temper in which he spares none. 

As the land was fought hard and won by the Lord he allowed the Brahmins to settle in this area, and that's how we know the Gaud Saraswat Brahmins, Kokanasta Kayastha Brahmins and other sects of Maharastrian Brahmins who were migrated from the Saraswati valley. The Brahmins out of gratitude established a Temple of Parashurama.

Moving down further in a place called Madgaon now known famously as GOA he allowed another sect of Brahmins to settle however here there is no such legend of his using Axe or Bow and Arrow so it can be suggested that the settlement of Brahmins in this particular place was with a peaceful accord. But another horror of a history looms large over this place now considered as a Great Tourist destination for its beaches. The land Goa has plenty of Church and its build about 400 to 500 years back during the time of Portuguese take over of this place and they ruled this place for about more than 400 years till Nehru told them to pack off to Portugal.

So what happened about 400 years back from now is the Inquisition in Goa and the architect of this Inquisition was none other the St. Francis Xavier, its so unfortunate that my i had to study in a Roman Catholic school and that too named after the most brutal and biggest sinner of all times Sinner St. Francis Xavier.

To know more please click the below link:



Before the Portugese take over Goa was home to many mutts and Ashrams and was a prime vedic center, it was one main place for the Hindus and many scholarly brahmins used to teach Vedas to their disciples. However with the take over every thing that was hindu was replaced with Christianity all those Churches in Goa were Vishnu temples at one time, The Portugese also brainwashed the people to believe that Hinduism is a satanic religion and Christianity is the only religion that leads to salvation. 

Many Hindu women who got forcibly converted were married to Portugese priests and soldiers and from them emerged a generation of what we know as the East Indians, they are found in many parts of India in Goa, Mangalore, Cochin, Calcutta, Pondicherry etc. and they are descendant of British, French and of Dutch Origin too.  The recent problem with these people is that they are very Catholic in their upbringing and like how their generation have been brought up they are made to hate Hinduism and Hindus cause of Brainwashing with lies done from childhood that Hindus are evil worshipers and Hindus are savage and brutal people who killed, raped and looted their ancestors when its the other way round, these people still tend to show the remorse and has never mixed with the Indian Community. 


Currently Catholics and Pentecost are two Christian Community involved aggressively in converting Poor Hindus and tribal people to Christianity. During the reign of Italian Pizza Mummy Sonia Gandhi these leaches Christian Missionary went from toe hold to foot hold. They have mixed with Naxalites in the North East belt of India and they have converted all Naxals to Christianity. These CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALONG WITH FOREIGN FUNDED NGO ARE A MENACE TO THE NATION WHO WORK HAND IN GLOVES TO KILL THE NATIONAL FABRIC OF THE NATION.

To mention about Christian hatred towards Hindus it shall be a grave mistake if i do not mention a Rabid Hindu Hater by the name of Mr. John Dayal. This man a darling of the Human rights Commission has time and time again spread various venom about Hindus doing atrocities on Christians which is a plain lie. Because of such men Christians in Indian will continue to hate Hindus and he will ensure to keep this flame of hatred Burning.  He has a Facebook account and you can check it out for yourself. You can see in his friend list plenty of them are National Human Rights activists and Trojan Horse NGO activists who cry for the minority cause completely ignoring the sufferings of Hinds, now this man in under the Intelligence Bureau radar.

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The intent of this article is not to infuriate the East Indian Community but they should have the realization that their ancestors were Hindus Once who were brutally murdered raped and tortured by these White race and were forcibly converted to Christianity. They should give up their Loyalty towards European Nation and show their loyalty towards their motherland where they were born. If England and India were to play a football match these people will cheer for England. It doesn't make any sense to go to these European nation and work as a 4th grade citizen and get racially abused by dimwit white men. 

Way down further it was in the land of Kerala that Lord Parshurama decided to settle Namboodaris the creamy layer of Brahmin Sect where he had to Use the Axe Power to fight with the Natives of Kerala these people were known as Thirayars where again Parshurama Urged the natives to get settled in the Mountain range and make way for the Brahmins to be settled in the Plain regions of Kerala. When the same was not agreed upon and the condition was retaliated by the natives, Bhagwan had to use his Axe Power and again the Lord won the battle and the natives went to the mountain range with terms that they will not attack the Brahmins ever again. 

But Hinduism has a way of amalgamating with the religion of the Natives, If you go to any other temples you will not see a rock being worshiped as 'Gulikan'. It was a deity that natives worshiped before Lord Parashurama took over and where ever Brahmins established a Temple in Kerala they also made temples for the Gulikan deity they all over the temples in Kerala you will see that Gulikan deity is being worshiped by Hindus. Many of the customs of natives customs and traditions were accepted and introduced in to Hinduism this is why the traditions and customs in Kerala is different from other states in India.

Gulikan Temple in Kerala.

With the natives staying in the Mountain range slowly started to mingle with the Brahmins and then they started to co exist with Brahmins and later ended up working and serving the Namboodari Brahmins. All the traditional customs and rituals of the Natives was introduced in Hindu temples like the Theyyam Kollam. See below:

This is why people from other states get confused when they see such rituals that do not exist in their state. The reason is that Hinduism absorbs what they see as good in other religion, as these natives worshiped the five elements, sea, river, earth and prayed for a good rains and harvest and so did the Hindus and its after proper understanding of the natives rituals that Namboodaris allowed these customs to be conducted in the Temple grounds on festival days.

But as time passed by Namboodari Brahmins became greedy and desired to be very powerful and for this they wanted to rule over the people suppress them and wanted to have every thing in their possession just like how Rothschild has done with this globe.

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For almost Six Millenniums the Namboodaris ruled over the masses of Kerala with this evil system they were so powerful and rich that even the Kings of the land never dared to go against their will, later with British takeover Namboodaris got reduced to dirt by snatching away all powers they had. Their situation go from bad to worse with the Communist reign and later after Independence both the Christian and Communist Lobby took away what ever powers they had within the temple Administration. 

A Namboodari Brahmin Priest.

Both these Communist and Christian Lobby via a body called 'Devaswom Board' has murdered all temple rituals. All temples in the Devaswom Board Administration is in a Bad condition as at present they have chocked down the expense required for doing the daily rituals and this is curbing the required Aura of the temple which reducing its Powers. Many rituals have been denied by the Board and now the Board wants Low Cast people to do the Worship deity. I am not saying that this is bad as any one has the right to lean the Vedas and do temple worship at will if he chooses to but what is the necessity of doing this cause if this rituals are not conducted properly it will surely bring down powers of the Deity. 

A Namboodari Brahmin Family.
The Brahmins did not do any other work because they only job was to recite Vedas and perform Temple Rituals they have been trained to do it from their childhood. There are plenty of Namboodari Brahmins still in Kerala who are worthy enough to perform the Rituals so why we need such a replacement. I do sense a vicious ploy of these leachy slimy Christian and Communist lobby involved in the Devaswom Board so that our Temples can loose its shine. 

I do know many Such Malayalee Christians who would do any thing to terminate Hinduism from India as this is their only dream, but still a majority are not in the same cord as these leachy Malayalee Christians, many Christians are now aware of the evils works of their European Ancestors but have no option other than ignoring it else their PEACEFUL RELIGION will gain a bad reputation and one thing is sure that deep within they know that once their Ancestors were Hindus.

The need to mention Genocide in America and Inquisition of Goa By St. Francis Xavier is that the common factor between all three was that all migrated from one place to another and all three used Violent means for the sake of settlement but Lord Parshrama cannot be compared with the other two who were far worse than Barbarians. Lord Parshurama killed the warriors only and he never killed those who were unarmed, women, or children or even the old. For settling the Brahmins in the region he first made a proposal and when that was not met then like a Brave man he fought with the native all alone with out any help. 

Compare this with the Whites they were far worse than worms who killed the entire clan, destroyed flora and funna of the region for the sake of settling their own people. What happened in America the same happened in South America in Peru, Brazil, Argentina and in Australia. South America was taken over by Spain, Portugal in Goa, Dutch and France in Africa and followed by British in Australia and America all this nation followed the Genocide theory killing the natives by deceit or with Gun Power else they used epidemic to kill whole population, that's how many in south America and America many died of Cholera and Chicken and Small Pox.

Indo Aryan Migration- Bull of the First order.

There is a lot of talk about the so called "ARYAN DRAVIDIAN" theory, stupid British has put in our History texts mentioning that the people living in the North of India are the Aryans who migrated from Europe and settled there where as Dravidian are Dark Skinned people who fought with the Aryans and lost to them and were mad to go south and settle. To make it short Aryans are people belonging to the Gods where as Dravidians are ugly looking Demons, that people in the north are good mannered and cultured people and that in the south is bad mannered and uncultured. All these were a propaganda by the immoral British only for the cause of Divide and Rule, they never wanted Indians to Unite and keep fighting with themselves so they came up with this cooked up story. 

The word Aryan means one who is well educated, experienced and a scholarly person. It was used as Term to those people who attained high merits in their profession. And the word Dravida is explained well by the great Adi Shankaracharya. He says that land which is connected to the sea of Bharata is known as Dravida. Hence Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh belong to this region which constiture the south of this nation. So please understand and make it clear that word Dravida means region and not race as put by Pathetic British. 

People all over Bharta share the same DNA and that has got to do with the migration that happened down south by Parashurama. The Whole of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Tibet to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Bali Japan and some parts of China and way down to Srilanka share the Same DNA we are all one and this constitute the BHARATA RASHTRAM. Many of these nationals and specially Pakistanis will certainly deny this but in the age of Modern Science DNA tests wont lie it will show clear trace of our ancestry. Pakistanis have named their Missile in Honor of Ghori and Ghazni when its these Barbarians who raped and murdered ancestors of these Pakistanis and forced them to convert to Islam.

I am absolutely sure of the belief that the Saraswati Sindhu Valley is the epitome of Civilization, this is the place where the world first language SANSKRIT was composed where alphabets and writing the scriptures were invented, this is the place where Maths, Trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry, Medicine, Astrology, Music and fine arts were invented and its form here that people migrated outwards in search of new lands and migrations due to death of River Saraswati and not inwards as how White Men puts it. No matter what how much historians true to their conscience have challenged over the Indo Aryan Invasion theory but we still have British Stooge in India who defend this false theory and still this rot of lies are being thought in Schools.

An Ex Chief Justice of India Mr. Markandeya Katju had been severely defending the Invasion theory than the British and says that migration happened inwards as people in India are lazy so they can never go out wards.

Katju: God give Him Buddhi....
Its so sad that we have such stooge who are Hindus that can sell nation and side with those Desh Drohis for some money. This man being a Kashmiri Brahmin declares himself as a non vegetarian. Quote "I am a Kashmiri Pundit, solid non-vegetarian. In childhood I used to have meat both morning and night. Now I can afford it only once a week. Meat is so expensive and I cannot afford to eat it everyday even though I am a Supreme Court Judge." Unquote. Such men are a disgrace for Hinduism, by saying this he is insulting the entire Brahmin community especially those who are strict vegetarian Brahmins  

Nevertheless he is not only the one but there are still Waana be Angrez ka Aulads who will be ready to attack their own mother land else sell it whole sale to the Gorra Gaands. 

My only request to the Desh Bhakt Bharti is please get out of Ignorance our History has been fudged and packed with lies top to bottom, Heroes have been made Villains an Villans are made heroes. Those sitting on the Throne are Jackals in Lion's hide please try to look at the other side as Socrates said and try to identify the Judases who are ready to sell our Motherland wholesale and if that happens again we will be slaves for another 300 years. 

Try to look at events and Historical events with your perception guided by your Conscience and try to connect the dots, you shall definitely seek the right answer you were searching for.

May Maa Bharati shower her grace on you....

Jayan Divakaran.


  1. Awesome! really well written and researched :) you must write a book soon.

    I want to point out one thing. I think few non-Bramhins (lower caste ppl other than Kshatriyas) also migrated downwards. Few communities in Mangalore area ,follow a BARI system like the Gothra of Bramhins. They believe they have come from the north west of India (maybe after Saraswathi river civilization) and they still don't marry anyone whose Mother's surname is same as theirs. As they believe they were same family (brothers) when they migrated downwards.
    Further research is needed regarding this ofcourse.
    But , It could be true. As I feel since, Parashurama fought oppression Bramhins and other lower caste ppl saw him as God and would follow him anywhere.And Lord Parashurama would never abandon them. We must research how many such communities in India claim , they are from (NW) area and if they have any customs similar. It could be taken as valid proof.

    PS: Please use Native American Indian instead of Red Indian as it is considered offensive; like saying nigger or negro :)

  2. Hi Aditi,

    Yes along with the Brahmins some low caste people would have traveled with them as Brahmins were not used to doing labour jobs or till the land o they might have accompanied them. The other way i can think of how Parashuram might have migrated is in Packets, first take a lot settle them in Chiploon then Goa and finally Kerala. Also he might have taken the clan to the south tip of Gujarat then sailed by ship as the Sahayadri range is full of mountains it would have been a difficult task to walk over.