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MOMA... Mallu God's from the God's own Country.

By the time you finish reading this this article the Malayalee Me will be termed as the "Anti Malayalee Man",  Nevertheless Crown me with a rope of thorns like Jesus on Cross but i am adamant to write this article. 

  • History of Malayalam Film Industry.
  • Great stalwarts of Malayalam Film Industry.
  • Rise and Fall of Malayalam Film Industry.
  • Monopoly, exploitation and Group-ism in the Film Industry.
  • From Brilliant movies to Absolute Rot.
If Kerala is known for it's backwaters, nature's bounty equivalent to paradise, Spice Garden of the world and of course Malayalees being Intelligent, yet there is one industry for which the God's own country do share its tag and it is the World of Cinema. 

It's indeed one of the oldest Film industry in India and along with Hindi and Tamil Film Cinema. The history spans more than 80 years and is still in existence.

Recently Movie a was released in Kerala called "Celluloid". It was a dedication from the Malayalam Film Industry to the First Silent Movie made in Malayalam. 

Celluloid a movie based on Kerala's First Malayalam Film :Vigathakumaran

The tragic story of the father of Malayalam cinema, J C Daniel, has been narrated by director Kamal in Celluloid. This is a story, which is so surprising that one would find it difficult to believe. But as they say, at times truth can be stranger than fiction.

J C Daniel was born in Nagercoil and he succeeded in making the first film in Malayalam, Vigathakumaran or The Lost Child in 1928. He had learnt the techniques in film making from the legendary film maker and the father of Indian films, Dada Saheb Phalke.

He made Vigathakumaran, a social drama, which had an ordinary worker named P K Rosy as its heroine. But the orthodox society didn't approve of all these and the showing of Daniel's film were disrupted. Rosy had to flee from the place and later no one knew what happened to her.

Though Daniel recovered from the financial crisis that followed by becoming a dentist, he lost all that he had once again, when he attempted to make another film. He died in poverty, without being acknowledged by any. His wife Janet was the only person who stood by him, all along, like a pillar of support.

There was a moving scene in this movie when Daniels youngest son is travelling by the Bus and he is seeing a Huge Hoarding of the Mega Star Mohanlal being DISPLAYED and treated like God. Wondering what could be cooking in his mind when back in 1930's his father was having a bad time making a Movie that never got released and later died in Poverty. Secondly the State Govt. did not give any recognition or gave financial assistance to this man who gave Malayalees their First Cinema. Unfortunately the claim could never be passed as the Print of the Movie was never recovered.

Many thanks to Mr. Kamal the Director for making a Movie on the father of Malayalam Cinema and for remembering him nearly 4 decades after his death.  With this Movie you have shown us the Birth of Malayalam Film Industry. Least can expect that his Soul shall R.I.P

J C Daniel: The Father of Malayalam Cinema
History of Malayalam film Industry & the great Stalwarts:

As the Chapter of J.C. Daniel laid dust and none bothered, the Malayalam Movie Industry moved on and it was years later that second movie got released called 'Martandavarma' but even this Movie fell in to legal confrontation and had seem only some releases, later Malayalam Cinema go its recognition in 1938 with the Movie 'Balan' the first film with sound track and from then on a series of Malayalam Movies got released and after that there was no looking back. On the way it gave birth to many heroes and supporting actors but it was Satyan and Prem Naseer that ruled the Malayalam Film Industry during the early years of Malayalam Cinema even though there were other Star casts during that period but it was the Star Satyan that created a huge impact on people with his dynamic acting skills 

Satyan: a Versatile actor.

But it was the Romantic hero of the yesteryear's that was known as the First Super Star of Malayalam Cinema Mr. Prem Naseer that played the role of Hero in more than 700 movies, which is still a world record.

Prem Naseer: A Romantic Super Star...

‘Chemmeen’ (1965) the first full length Malayalam Colour Movie directed by Ramu Karyat was the first South Indian film to bag the President's Golden Lotus Award for the best film. Based on the famous novel by renowned Malayalam writer Takazhi Shivashanakara Pillai, ‘Chemmeen’ pioneered the growth of Malayalam cinema in technical and artistic aspects. It brought together some of the best technical talents then available in India, Salil Chowdhari (music) and Hrishikesh Mukharjee (editing). It also had a huge star cast.

Kerala's First Colour Movie: Chemeen

Those were the days when Kerala's Film Industry was at its infancy and the people to produce Movies were few and they never took risks as the Budget for making a movie was high so these Tried and Tested actors were used again and again in Movies though some other stars did emerge with the course of time but at that time there was no Politics in Movie Industry all lived as a unit and helped each other in need of crises. 

The Stars mentioned above also never had Ego clashes with any who were down to earth personalities and they respected Directors who brought them to Limelight. Kerala being under constant Communist and Congress Rule and as a result setting up an Indusrty in Kerala was and still is a DREAM COME TRUE. Hence a Film Studio was set up in Chennai and it is still here that Malayalam Movies are being made. 

Cinema those days were melodramatic and family oriented also those were the days of crises so poverty was another focus, the story of these movies was of prime importance which had a strong impact in sense of Family bonding's and attachments as the Budget of these movies were not even 1/3rd the cost of a Medium Budget Tamil Film. The producers of these movies made huge load of Money after the release as there was no other entertainment medium during those days. With Nil Knowledge of Camera Technology it's the performance of Actor's and Story line that drived Movie's success. 

With the cinema industry from the 60's decade to the 70's there was no much new crop of star cast happening so it was Satyan and Prem Naseer who ruled all through 50's 60's and the 70's and that's a long period of 30 years but please understand that certain heroes did crop but never succeeded. And as Prem Naseer with Satyan dieing in early 70's Got older and with his age he gave way for the new generation. The 70's decade of Malayalam Cinema as much never had any thing usual to say went by and the 80's saw a different trend appearing in the World of Malayalam Cinema  by the end of 70's that is by 78 and 79 two greatest Legends makes their debut and both come with  a mediocre role and with it they try to strive their Fortunes in the Film Industry.

In case if you wonder what MOMA means then Ladies and Gentleman i am referring it as a cusp of the Mega Stars MOHANLAL AND MAMMOOTTY....

Mohanlal's MO and Mammootty's MA makes MOMA

God's of the God's own Country

Both coming from Middle Class family with Mohanlal from Kollam and Mammootty from Vaikom made it to the Silver Screen in the early 80's and from then on after some struggle they made a place in people hearts and after that there was no looking backwards.

The Rise of Malayalam Film Industry

However with the start of 1980's the trend of Malayalam Cinema started to change and it changed for the better with variations coming in the story that was more family oriented soon it started to change the story line in many other variations and that be comedy, suspense, action thriller and detective movies all had a fantastic story line with it's director giving full justice to the Movie. 

The 80's was the era when Malayalam Cinema was blessed with the finest directors India ever had Sibi Malayil, Fasil, Kamal, Mohan, Priyadarshan, Jayraj, Lohitadas, I.V Shasi, Balchandra Menon, Sattyan Antikad, Bharatan and finally Padmarajan.

In fact it just got blessed as directors flourished and so did Music Directors, Script writers, lyricists and Camera men and other technicalities related to cinema, though the Budget compared to the Tamil counterpart was a minimal but the quality of content was better compared to any other Film industry in India. Malayalam film industry was class apart in comparison to Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Movies as all three made mega budget movies but lacked story grace acting skills and above all direction needless to say it was an Insult to compare Malayalam movies with Bollywood. 

That was an era when the Great movies were made and all types from Arts to Semi Art and Entertainment movies had a class of its own and that movies gave credit to all the people who had the share in the making of the movie that be the Music Director, Script writer, Support Casts, Comedian, etc. But the credit of the Movie went primarily to the Director unlike now where all the credit goes to the Hero of the movie in Kerala people used to watch movie cause of the Director which has never happened else where in India. 

Because of the immense talents these directors possessed Kerala the Movie Indusrty started making its significance in the National Level and acclaimed many National awards compared to the Cinema from other states which was more entertainment and Multi budget oriented movies.

As a result brilliant movies started coming one after other with a nice family theme that had some good morals one could learn from those movies, the fame and demand for directors became widespread, all characters heroine, supporting characters did their act and got credit and all along director had a big say in making those movie a super duper hit. If a movie was known in kerala then it was because of DIRECTOR AND NOT MEGA STARS. Please understand these great Directors gave credit to the movie and not the main character.

And when it comes to direction two directors made a great impact and these legends are still being remembered even after 2 decades of their demise. They are Bharatan and Padmarajan.



Malayalees miss them and shall miss them always, with their demise goes the charm of Malayalam cinema, in their time it was a constant supply of intellectual movies, Malayalees had a pride for the the quality movies and soon people from other states also liked Malayalam Movies. The way they defined art in their movies has never or rarely done by any directors in our Country. They gave fame to many stars and supporting actors also made to fame with their acting skills. Yet there are great talented Directors still in the Indusrty.

Now back to our Mallu Gods

Both are above 55 years and spent more than 35 years as hero then and even now. 

OK agreed they are the legend with tremendous potential, fantastic acting skills and they have indeed proved it time and again in the past with many great movies to their credit that put Malayalam movies in a different platter in South Indian cinema. 

The two megastars Nay Mallu Gods, i for instance had been seeing this two as full time heroes right through my childhood. Every year both of them used to act in about 10 to 15 movies every year. Also both had great opportunity to work with Padmarajan and Bharatan etc. who had fantastic story and skills of making masterpiece movies. Non malayalees might not or may like it but every keralites loves and remember those movies even to this date. 

Mammootty's Movie Amaram directed by Bharatan remains his  best ever performance till date.

and Mohanlal's Toovanathumbikal directed by Padmarajan was one cult of a movie still discussed for each and every segment of this movie made wonders.  It starts as a semi art movie and gradually it takes you to a different dimension.


With these two masterpieces the already famous stars locked their tags and from hero to Super Stars of Malayalam Cinema and then onward none could rock them to pieces as they held a respected and prime position in people's hearts and mind. Then on they left all the other upcoming heroes behind far from their reach. 

Even i for one was a big fan of the Mallu gods. They gave one hits after other and as they gained publicity like never before Producers and directors queued after them for Movies leaving the carriers of many other upcoming stars in trouble. Other stars like Mukesh and Rehman had to go backstage and work as support cast though they were a Mighty talent.


If 80's was their struggle to stay as Heroes Right through the 90's, Mallu Gods ruled Malayalam cinema as Super stars and people accepted them as their own with the charm of limelight shining on their heads they decided to monopolize Film Industry and in the bargain Charm of Malayalam cinema faded into oblivion. With no competition from small players competition brewed between the two, slowly but steadily grouopism started building in directors producers script writers and side characters either dedicated to work with one mallu god or other. With grouopism cheap politics started creeping in and it only got worse and worse and those who suffered were ones loyal to their profession. 

If any actors shot to fame Mallu gods ensured that they don't go too far to reach the limelight where in they will loose their market. In doing so they never allowed newcomers to get the role of hero. Many great talents in Kerala cinema had to call it close of being hero and made it by being side actors. Some actors like Suresh Gopi and Jairam however made it big but still miles way out of Mallu God' stature. 

Long time back there was a Movie of Suresh Gopi called Kaliyattam, this was where Suresh Gopi did a marvelous performance and it became a huge hit in Kerala, had he got some two or three movies more he would have simply shot to the fame of the mallu gods and gone beyond that  but as soon after the release of this Movie Suresh Gopi, when this movie became a mile stone of his carrier plenty of awards and rewards to his carrier. Before this Movie Suresh Gopi was known for his Super Action packed Movies though it was hit but still he was way beyond the reach of Mallu Gods.

Suresh Gopi in the Movie: Kaliyattam
With Kaliyattam, soon people were expecting a third Super Star in the making but it was never to be, Malayalees like to watch immense talent skills in the Movie Suresh Gopi provided it will all justice but some thing happened that after this movie he was not seen for a long time in the main stream cinema, that there was a long time struggle for him to survive in the industry, all of a sudden his movies reduced in numbers and so were his fans who wondered where is he? How can it be that a Man who proved himself to the likes Mallu God's went in to decline when he should have shot to fame how come his carrier graph went spiraling down. Who could play the politics of getting them down and who else can make such regulations are none other than MOMA. Much so that even the Director of that Movie Jayaraj had not been heard often.

People kept wondering where's Suresh Gopi when what they didn't knew is that all sorts of Dirty Politics was played on him to suppress his growth, soon directors neglected him and so did producers who were loyal to the MOMA.  

The Clan of MOMA ensured that these stars who were threat to Mallu gods should be ignored and those who were rebels be immediately throw out from the industry

To ensure New comers should not get an iota of chance Mallu Gods acted not only in "I Am God" movies but also in Parallel cinema known as Art movies as Malaylees like art movies. As of now kerala cinema is a circle evolving in between these two gods it has lost its sheen, grace that a one time great industry is down to a degraded level and worthy to be compared with Bollywood. In fact it's so degraded that Bollywood is better that Malayalam cinema.

Like in Bollywood where son follows fathers step Mallu God Mammootty has given blessings to his sun to act in Movies all at a good age of youth. His Son Dulkar Salman is being given a red carpet with all amenities to shine in the Main stream cinema, and why not he is young in his early twenties and has all the time to shine like his father did.

You see when in was a child about 3  years i be watching these Mallu god's as a Heroes gradually they succeeded from heroes to a star and from Star to Super Duper Star status, i don't mind them being there with their immense talent unlike Bollywood where a Buffoon can become Superstar if he is son of a Super star, but what i don't like to take is that i seen them in my adolescence, in my youth till i got married and even when i became father my son who is aged 5 has to see this old goats as Super Duper Stars and my fear is will my grand son seen them Super God's of Mallu Cinema "GOD ALMIGHTY WILL THAT HAPPEN'

The chances of seeing a Malayalee super star of my generation has gone Phooss.... Mallu Gods have destroyed their carrier all for greed to stay on top.

Another Multi talented Actor called Siddique went into drains and do away with his carrier for MOMA... now he is working as a support cast or some villain roles


There is one great actor who could have given Mohanlal a big competition and he has all potentials to beat any one with his talent and that is Manoj K. Jayan, though he is still under rated but in a Movie 'Anandabhadram' he did a negative role of a Black Magician was without any doubt one of the best acting skills ever seen in Malayalam Cinema. Some 4 or 5 movies like this and certainly people will start liking him and ignore Mohanlal who is busy in letting people believe that he is God. 

And indeed this man has more potential than Mohanlal many will disagree but if he is given the exposure surely he will prove what he is worth. But man in this era of MOMA forget it your talent will never be recognized by people who worship MOMA.

Manoj K Jayan in the Movie: Anandabhadram

The scenario is such that politics in Malayalam cinema is so bad and getting cheaper by the years that these Mallu gods decide whom to cast who should sing who should be the director, scriptwriter even cameraman and choose their own heroine (you know what i mean). Its been over a decade or more i have seen a good Malayalam movie with all non sense violence and Anti Kerala culture pro western mindset called 'Modernization' is being embedded there is no cultural feel in movies off late like malayalam language is there but none are Malayalees. 

Whats bad the new crop of heroes neither have the potentials to make it to the top as their fate is limited and decided by MOMA. A hero in the movie has a life of around 15 to 20 years where they can work and prove themselves and if they make a stage these gangs of MOMA pull their strings. It they loose that two or three years in the lime light people start to forget them as their memory is limited and if that happens it's a big risk for them for for they have to start again as it had happened to actor Mukesh when he was deliberately neglected by film industry with no offers and he was running from pillar to post for a long time same happened with Rehman Siddique and a point came that they realized if they have stay in the industry then it would be better to work as a side cast along with these Mallu gods with a condition that they have to praise this Super Personalities like Gods and for that many crap of Movies came in the between 2005 and at present where these two personalities are to be compared like Rajnikant in Tamil Cinema where he has a God Status. 

Well well Rajnikant is a different personality Mr. MOMA's and never ever will you make up to his caliber so dear MOMA's its a request that Malayalees are Malayalees and Tamils are Tamils and there is a different mind set in watching movies where Malayalees like to watch a simple elegant and practical Movie that has substance. Rajnikant is known for his generous qualities like helping the poor etc which none of you have. Moreover he has a Fans club which he did not set up but what did you do you created such a club so that you can rule the masses. And what is your Fan Club except some die hard fans, majority are Goons involved in extortion and Political workers from Congress and Communist parties Aint it SAAR??

Unbearable to tolerate are these fans association of mallu gods who are no other than the unfamous ATTI MARI AND NOOKU KOOLI gang . These useless pests are a curse to kerala that has paralyzed its progress.

Both commies and congress use this horrible gang for extortion from public. Attimari are the coolie gangs in Kerala who charge a bomb for loading and unloading. Their rates are unmatched anywhere in India and cant fiddle with them cause police and politicians are hand in gloves. If a contractor comes from say Maharashtra he will be charged 10 or 15 times the coolie charge compared to rest of the states else they will charge any amount they feel. After this incident that contractor will never come to work in Kerala. 

Nooku Kooli: Pay me while you work gang.
Whats Nooku Kooli this is very interesting these rascal coolies will not load dirty or heavy loads like cement so they will say to bring coolie from somewhere else and get your job done and they will charge money only for watching it THE PAY US TO WATCH YOU WORK GANG (see the amount of khoon paseena they loose in using their eyeballs) again this is a exorbitant amount. Many people have fought over this but this cursed people still rules kerala all over communist and congress lobby who shares their loot and backed by police.

As this gangs are looking for new way of extortion these people have been funded by Mallu gods to make an association of their own and praise them to sky. In the name of these mallu gods they extort money from shopkeepers and public and are a extreme nuisance. I seen a program where a shopkeeper was talking about this association's menace and they went to bash him right in front of camera. 

One veteran actor Thilakan's house was ransacked by Mammootty fans association over some small tussle. May be mammootty was not responsible for this but its these mindless goondas who only know to cause destruction. So now people in Kerala is under a new threat and its these stupid fans association. As one today i chatted with a fan saying them the fact of their gods they just got vocal with no ability to understand practicality of their gods, they kept asking my house address so they can come and stone it you see its that useless. 

Click on the link below to know more about Thilakan's saga

Sadly these men whom i looked up to as my icons has reduced themselves to a pack of potatoes who refuses to budge to their age still doing the same "I AM YET TO MARRY" type roles marrying girls to the age of their grand daughter and it simply looks ridiculous.

Mallu God Mohanlal created many alcoholics in kerala. In all his "I AM GOD MOVIES" he aggressively promoted alcohol in his movies coupled with violence and bad mouth through those aggressive dialogues digested by many youths that generation of now are dipped in brandy and create ruckus on streets. 

When Kerala is known for the most Alcohol consuming state in India leaving Punjab by miles it's been a chronic problem their family members have to suffer for their addiction to alcohol it seem the drunkards have dedicated their souls to alcohol that causes financial drain and their wife have to suffer long through because of the Alcohol menace their Husband is as good as a lump of flesh who will not work or do any household chores as their only Hobby is to consume Alcohol, so to add insult to injury rather rub salt over the wound MALLU GOD MOHANLAL comes with a disgusting Advertisement Vaikittentha Paripadi (Whats the program tonight). If i am not wrong he dd this advt. for Alcohol Barron Vijay Mallya. After this Advt. went viral Mohanlal was severely criticized by Women's organization and even the Media Circuits (strange) for his utter irresponsibility towards Social Cause. 

This is when the whole of Kerala from adolescents to old are under addiction of alcohol and when many social organisations in kerala were scratching their heads thinking how to control this menace, comes this advt. that added fuel to fire, it created a huge storm and even the Government had to intervene. This advt. was banned within a month of its release and that dented the reputation of Mallu God Mohanlal soon after he apologized for his folly. He was under the belief that as a God People will accept what ever he displays.

There was a good point laid down by Director Kamal about Star effect in the Advertising industry. He said when an Actor becomes a Hero and graduate himself to Star and Super Star they make a place in peoples hearts and mind and become an icon in household and automatically they become part of the Social Cause. Sooner society start adopting to their like and dislikes people start looking at them as an Moral. They look at them for inspiration in their life and because of such social responsibility the Super Duper Star form Tamil Nadu Rajnikant has only acted in Movies and never done any Advertisements

But in Kerala he says Mohanlal came with his first Advt for Malabar Gold and then he acted for Muthoot Finance later the Alcohol Advt. Vaikittentha-Paripadi. The sequence of these Advts. goes like this, first you get married with a good quantity of Gold in short he is influencing people for Dowry, then you can Mortgage that gold with a Gold finance company and as you get a good lump of Money KYA DEKHTA HAI now hang out in style over a Whiskey in the evening . 

If this is the Moral a Super Star is displaying to the people then the Society is bound to doom and this is exactly WHAT THE MALLU GOD's ARE DOING FOR THE PAST 1 AND HALF DECADE. 

What's more sarcastic is the Competition between the two Mallu God's if MO does a gold advt. MA will follow him, if MA does a loongi advt. MO will follow him, and we been seeing this for 10 years or so before this both never acted in any advt.but as one started quickly the other followed as this competition helped the Advertising Industry to a good scale and so did the Companies, this same trend was followed in Movies too and in the same flow. If MO does a art movie MA will follow him, MA does a family movie MO will follow him, if MO does a Army movie soon it will be compensated by MA, similarly this MOMA effect is found in I AM GOD movies, I AM INVINCIBLE movies, I AM A FAMILY MAN movies and finally I AM YET TO GET MARRIED movies in the bargain destroying life and carriers of fresh talents. Some times i wonder if MOMA has done deliberate competitions to keep others at bay.

They themselves ruined the once marvelous empire of Malayalam cinema they built with all their hard work and efforts with no hope of revival if legacy of Mallu Gods continues. 

Malayalam Cinema at present:

It pains no end to see the quality of Malayalam Cinema have deteriorated in the past one and a half decade to such extents that it is in the state of coma, the once great Movie making Industry is reduced to crumbles. Now trend is Malayalees flock to see Tamil, Kannada and Telugu Movies where we see young bloods doing the Hero's role not like here where a Grand Father nay Mallu god is dancing round the bush with a young teenager.

Sadly the Malayalee culture has suddenly vanished form Malayalam Cinema, where great emphasis was given to our Culture now its nowhere to be seen. 

Previously Malayalam Cinema was funded by some Christians and Hindu merchants but with passage of time and advance in technology many Christians and Muslims came into funding Malayalam film Industry and like Other South Indian counterparts Malayalam Cinema also came in to the Multi budget foray soon the Mallu Gods got same package as super stars from Bollywood would claim for a movies, but apart from them others did not have substantial increase. 

Previously the Malayalam Cinema was majority ruled by Hindus and with it came some caste conflict as it has happened with Thilakan but now many Muslims and Christians have come in the Main stream and now the situation is so worse that this Industry is wholly Islamic funded like Bollywood. 

Hence the reason we see Anti Hindu culture and immoral Movies with no theme as sex, insults and abuse, violence, alcohol and entertainment has become the forte. Rarely we see Malayalees wearing Mundu our traditional wear. Believe it or not watching a Malayalam Movie is equal to frying your Brian now all you can do is compare it with Bollywood movies and analyse which is more torturous. 

Recently i watched a new release called Bangalore days which is big hit in Kerala all is fine in this Movie no Mallu Gods but son of one Mallu God Dulkar Salman in in the lead in this Movie. Noting wrong with this movie but it has one feature that it was showing Anti Hindu culture in a very soft manner, every aspect that was country in this movie was shown as outdated not that youngsters were portrayed but the elders in this movie was shown hating our outdated culture.

Bangalore Days.

Let me tell these buffoons making such stupid anti culture movies. Where ever a Malayalee goes even if he or she is born out of Kerala takes their Malayalee roots along with them. They take pride in their Vast Culture, preserves it and surpasses to the future generation, A PERSON WHO DOES NOT DO THIS IS NOT A MALAYALEE.

Now the recent trend is induction of many mulatto mallus with ridiculous looks and shabby dressings promoting violence alcohol and drugs misguiding the youth.  The once talcum powder laced Chandana kuri super clean Malayalee has to watch this.

No clue where the Malayalam Cinema industry is heading but for sure with lost glory and art at stake its dieing slowly with AMMA, the Association of Malayalam Movie Artist could be some respite for the age old actors and actress who dedicated their life for the Art, its another body ruled under the iron fist of Mallu God's. 

I wish the once great Malayalam Film Industry could revive back to its past glory but i think it's going to be a distant dream......

P.S: For those who want's to know what Malayalee Culture is, what is Hinduism its customs, traditions and belief must watch this Genius Movie "Paithrukam" directed by Jayaraj. This Movie should be watched by all those Beedi Smoking Communists and Modern generation to know what's Faith and Hope that's called Life.

May Maa Bharti Shower her grace on you,

Jayan Divakaran.


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