Sunday, 24 August 2014

Great Quotes the World Ignored.... Part III

Continued for Part II...

Micheal Jackson: 
All knows him, i never knew that he could be such a good thinker for his cause over the environment world and race, this master of break dance could ever come with gem of quotes was and now i understand why evil media portrayed him as a child molester. To be frank it's not for his dance or his pop songs the fact is i would never have liked him had i not read this quotes from him. 

John Lennon:  
Leader of the Great Band "Beatles" that rocked the whole world for the Rock and Roll Music for many years still the Band still has a place in heats of millions. 

Khalil Gibran:

When it comes to expressing  love, emotions, feelings, faith, hope, loyalty, sorrowfulness, tragedy and desperation who in the world can come close to this man. Known for some gem of short stories and novels he written during his life times is indeed one big boon to this world where lies, deceit and violence rules.

He never wrote with his mind rather his heart did the works and it was evident form all those short stories. Its such a wonder that this world had such Great Super Legends but the world seldom noticed them..... WHY ?????

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