Sunday, 24 August 2014

Great Quotes the World Ignored.... Part IV

Continued from Part III

Srinivasa Ramanjan:
A simple man born to a poor Brahmin family form the remote village of Tamil Nadu, grown up to be world's greatest Mathematician ever unlike Tesla Sirnivasa Ramanja became a victim of British Racial abuse for he was a Indian and Racist British used him like a toilet tissue paper, they invited him to England but ill-treated him which ever way they could could by copying or stealing his Maths formulas and theories to adding their won names to his theories for doing nothing.

In England he was kept in the most poor condition with a poor pay and and a dejected Ramanujan came back to India with Depression and in bad health he confessed to his wife that a lot of his works were stolen by Pathetic British. He was India's answer to Nikola Tesla. Both exploited by evil men.

Swami Vivekananda:
The great philosopher and thinker who gave Hinduism a World Recognition. The man known for his great oratorical skills was liked not only in Indian but in the west too.

And finally let me end with a good note....

The only Super Star in the Whole of Galaxy Rajnikant: Those who know him, knows him. Those who do not know him will certainly know him MIND IT....

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