Sunday, 24 August 2014

Great Quotes the World Ignored.... Part II

Continued for Part I

The God of Reggae Bob Marley: The Icon of Caribbean when it comes to Music, gave Dam to this world's rule and its slavery laws lived his life free and like a vagabond. Never cared for money smoked Pot (Marijuana) rather recommended everyone to smoke it cause he knew the source of happiness lied in the weed, the same banned world over so that Pharma Lobby can flourish. 

Lived for Music and never traded with it, helped his poor friends by giving them his songs copy rights. 

With Music he was the one who let the world know that we are enslaved by the evil forces that the system is a rot and we must fight against it:  GET UP STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS.


Bruce Lee

Certainly he does not need any introduction, the whole world knows him for his 4 Punch pack movies that created an ever lasting impact on peoples heart's and mind. An inspiration for many and so were his statements as strong as his karate kicks.....

Jim Morrison:  First of the Rock Band ever created called "The Doors" Jim had his way of setting rules to his life. A legend ever to be remembered for the songs he composed influenced by the Native Apache Indians. Unfortunately drugs and Alcohol took toll on him and he died very early in his short carrier. The Only wish he had was people remember his as a poet.

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