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Nature’s Way of Life

Good health is man’s inherent nature; that is “A sound body with a sound mind”.
To live in harmony with nature is to cease being an egoistic individual and thus open the gate way to true happiness and peace. Giving is nature’s way of showing love. So the joy of living is in giving.

Whenever there is an attempt to transcend the narrowness of the ego we will find joy and laughter.

Hence living in accordance with the laws of nature is a step towards evolution. Practice of nature’s way of life aids aspirants in their spiritual evolution.

Harmful substances in the diet.

Sugar: All the experts in nutrition denounce the use of sugar and salts in excess. Foods like chocolates, ice creams, chewing gums, Pepsi, Coco Cola, syrups and canned foods contains lots of sugar causing tooth decay, diabetes, migraine and skin disorder.
Nutritionists have named sugar as ‘sweet poison or white poison’.

Really speaking the human body does not need refined sugar for energy. The requisite sugar is available in sufficient quantities from fruits, cereals and pulses.
Sugar weakens the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria. Sugar is called ‘thief of calcium’ hence the boned get brittle tand teeth become weak.
Instead of sugar once can use jaggery as it does not go through processing as sugar. Jaggery has iron which helps in forming haemoglobin in the blood.

Harmful effect of sugar:-
o   Increases acidity
o   Ulcers are formed in the stomach.
o   Distorts the blood consumption.
o   May develop heart disease and diabtes.

Salts: Nowadays, use of salts has exceeded all reasonable bounds say the nutritionists.
 One must use only 2400 milligrams (1 teaspoon only) of salt per day in vegetables, sups and curries all together. But now salt is added even to chappatis, butter milk, salads and all bounds of good senses are crossed. Now salt is sprinkled in fruits. Even peanuts, almonds, pistachios are salted.
Excessive salt causes headache, insomnia, sinuses, epilepsy, rheumatoid, arthritis and even cancer. Salt is essential that one must cut down salt intake ti maintain a balanced health.

Ghee (Clarified Butter): ghee in moderation is good. Ghee is the best among all oily substances due to unique quality of increasing the potency of herbal preparation. Ghee made from milk of Cow of Indian Breed that has a Hood above her back is the best amongst all variety of Ghee. It is oily, has a sweet pleasant smell and tastes good is useful for enhancing intelligence, strength, life span, semen, vision, fetility, glow, tenderness and sound quality- says Ayurveda.

Ghee is nourishing and lends stability to the body. It fortifies the heart and provides nourishment even during old age, cures mental disturbances, stress, emaciation, anorexia, burning and injury.

This regulates vayu and boosts digestive powers. It flushes the out doshas from srotas, by cleaning and lubricating them. Ghee is used in diverse ways as part of diet with medicinal preparations, and from massage to mental diseases and physical weakness. Mature ghee which is years old can clean and heal wounds.

Circulatory system and diseases:
            Millions of people in the world suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels which are called ‘cardiovascular’ has already become the number one killer disease in the world. The heart is a tough muscular pump whose constant function is to eject blood to the arterial system at an average rate of 70 to75 times per minute. The heart keeps the blood circulation going by receiving it in its chamber from every part of the body through the venious system and then pumping it out all parts of the body through the arteries.

                When any part of the circulatory system does not receive the needed blood supply, it gets damaged. This damage could be the heart itself or in any part such as lungs, kidneys, brain and other organ. Due to any breakdown in this mechanism in the heart there is heart ailment or heart attack as it is commonly called.

                There are various types of heart ailments. They are atherosclerosis, hardening if the arteries, coronary thrombosis, sudden blocking of the arteries of the heart, and hypertensive disease.

Atherosclerosis: the inner wall of the arteries get thickened due to gradual deposits of fatty material. These gradual deposits take the form of layers in the inner walls of the arteries and as a result, there is hindrance to the flow of blood, consequently blood clotting occurs in the roughened areas, and the blood circulation gets blocked.

      Coronary Thrombosis: There is a sudden blocking of one of the arteries or its branches and then the supply of blood to the heart is affected partially or wholly. The sudden blocking takes place due to the deposit of clot in the narrow artery. Due to lack of blood supply, heart attack takes place with pain in the chest and arms and there may be perspiration.

Hypertensive heart disease: this occurs due to constant presence of high blood pressure in an individual. When the blood presence continues to remain high, it over strains the heart muscles and the whole of the circulatory system. This over straining causes wear and tear of the tissues. Leads to the hardening of blood vessels and diminishes supply of blood to the heart and brain. Sometimes the blood supply to the brain gets so diminished that paralysis of one or both sides of the body occurs. The illness resulting from strain or stress is known as psychosomatic. The main cause of strain is due to nervousness arising cause of fear, anxiety, frustration etc. most of the disease of this type such as heart ailments, hypertensions, asthma, etc. are mostly related to these mental strain and stress.

High Blood Pressure: In a normal and healthy person, the blood pressure remains 120 systolic and 80 diastolic. But when there is abnormalities in the arteries or in the circulatory system, Systolic pressure rises very high and at times diastolic also rises.

                      The rise in pressure is caused due to the narrowness in the arteries, the heart has to work harder for pushing the blood through them as a result of which there is high blood pressure. In medical terms this is called ‘Hypertension’.
                  Though it is normal for the blood pressure to rise during excitement and at certain emotional moments, it goes down shortly. Such rises do not cause any harmful effects, but when blood pressure continues to remain excessively high, it causes various disorders such as tiredness, bad temper, visionary troubles, difficulty in breathing and coldness in hands and feet.
         Nature cure is a philosophical way of life, looking at life health and disease. Nature cure teaches us the principle is scientific dieting and right living. If accumulated poisonous matter which clog the system is eliminated through proper methods such as fasting and proper food, disease can be cured.

         During the process of metabolism, constructive and destructive changes and oxidation takes place in the system. Waste products when formed, are eliminated at once through kidneys, lungs, skin and bowels. If they continue to accumulate owing to inefficient action of the eliminative excretory organs, slow poisoning takes place and disease result.

          Nature tries to get rid of all impurities through its healing power. Every acute disease is a result of the purifying effort by nature. That time the methods like moderate eating, fasting, water consumption are to be tried to remove the disease. 

Nature Remedies
Nature has provided many herbs which are useful as home remedies. Most important among them are lemon, amla (gooseberry), holy basil, ginger, mint, tomato, carrot, onion, garlic, cucumber and coriander.
                These household remedies act as medicine and also act as a natural tonic.

                Lemon: Our body is like a house. It needs regular cleansing to operate at a peak performance. There are various remedies which are very useful in day to day life.

Ø  Drink a glass of water with one lemon juice in the morning before tea. This is a great remedy for cleaning the body internally.  Lemon juice is a good combination with water. You can add jaggery or honey to lemon juice with water. Lemon changes its qualities according to seasons. Though acidic, it pacifies pitta, the burning sensation in stomach. It interacts with enzymes and its acidic form becomes mineral composition.
Ø  Lemon Juice expels water from the body. It has an abundance of Vitamin C.
Ø  Lemon juice cures anaemia, joint pain, bleeding and oral disease.
Ø  Cures flatulence, indigestion and vomiting.
Ø  Helps bowel movement.
Ø  Cures sunstroke and dizziness.
Ø  Cures blood pressure and heart diseases.
Ø  It’s a beauty aid- Two to three drops of lemon mixed with a little honey if applied to face and wash after 15 minutes will make your face glow.
Ø  Lemon juice also helps your skin to glow, also it cures pimples.
Ø  In the winter season as the skin gets dry, add lemon with milk and apply to feet the cracks will get cured.

Amla: In Ayurveda Amla is called Amrit Phal, that which gives health and longevity. Amla is rich in Vitamin C.

Ø  The problems of teeth and gums are cured when powder of Amla is mixed with water and taken every day.
Ø  Cures throat problems.
Ø  Cures acidity instantly.
Ø  Amla pacifies Tridosha, purifies blood and cures indigestion, lucoderma and dysentery.
Ø  Improves vision.
Ø  Amla is a hair tonic. 1 kg of Amla to be grated with 4 glasses of water, grind it in mixer. Strain the Amla juice, add sesame oil 4 times the juice. Heat it, boil like ghee, strain the oil and preserve it in a glass bottle. This oil has to be applied at least three times in a week the hair becomes thick and long. Grey hair becomes black. You can also add Brahmi leaves while grinding Amla in a mixer.  This is a good combination for the growth of good hair.

Amla Supari: Grate 100 grams of Ginger and 1 kg of Amla, add little salt and dry it in sunlight Vitamin C will not diminish. The supari is very useful in many ways as it pacifies acidity and stops vomiting and cures indigestion.

Amla Powder: Grate 1 kg Amla and then dry it in sunlight after it becomes dry powder it in mixer and store in a bottle. Use this powder with water for various problems like throat irritation, itching bowel movement etc.

Diabetes: Amla juice mixed with a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice taken dailyfor two month will stimulate pancreas, enable the secretion of insulin, thus reducing blood sugar. Ageing is arrested by the use of Amla Brahmi oil for the Air.

Holy Basil (Tulsi): Most of the traditional Hindu homes, away from concrete jungle cities, have Tulsi plant, right in front of the door. In cities they keep it indoors in a little pot. No self respecting Hindu household is considered complete without the Tulsi plant, this is because the presence of a Tulsi plant in a home signifies the presence of Goddess Lakshmi herself Holy basil has a property of preventing harmful bacteria and insects from entering your home. There are two types of Tulsi.

tulasy amrta-janmasi
sada tvam kesava-priya
kesavartham cinomi tvam
varada bhava sobhane

“O Tulasi devi, your birth is from nectar, and you are always dear to Lord Kesava. It is for Lord Kesava that I collect your leaves. O beautiful Tulasi, please grant us this boon to serve the Lord.”
There are two types of Tulasi.  One is called Krishna Tulasi because it is said to be the same colour as Sri Krishna – purple.  

The other is called Rama Tulasi and is light green in colour.  Krishna Tulasi is            the more powerful of the two.


If you plant Tulasi plants in your garden the air will be pure within a wide radius, and bacteria-free. Tulasi plant is extremely sensitive and aware, and quickly able to register the vibrations around her.

Living Tulsi leaves contain a natural ether, which drives away mosquitoes. The British loved to plant it in their lawns calling it “Mosquito Plant”. Traditionally, in temples the priests keep water and Tulasi leaves in a copper pot and offer three small spoonful’s as prasadam to devotees, who drink part of it and dribble the remainder on their heads. Susruta Samhita, Padampurana and Garudpurana, after centuries of observation in humans, describes Tulsi as a ‘child giver' and great spermatogenic agent. They report Tulsi as a fertility Improver and enhance the chances of woman bearing progeny.

Tulsi is the pillar of the traditional Ayurvedic holistic health system. Tulsi also alkalizes the body. It increases the body's efficient use of oxygen, boosts the immune system, slows down aging and provides a rich supply of anti-oxidants and other nutrients.

Tulsi protects you from solar Radiation. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, Tulsi will be the only saviour.

Ø  Holy basil gives out a lot of oxygen, therefore the environment is clean.
Ø  People put holy basil leaves in drinking water so water remains purified.
Ø  Phlegm and throat problems are cured with this water. Malaria can be prevented by eating 4 leaves of holy basil every day.
Ø  Few drops of juice of holy basil leaves cured earache.
Ø  Holy basil leaves and ginger are to be mixed and prepared in to decoction. These decoction is to be taken to cure cold. Cough, asthma and headache.
Ø  Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.
Ø  Leaves of Holy basil are to be used with tea which cures sore throat.
Ø  Apply the juice of holy basil leaves on the affected parts of insect stings or bites.
Ø  A decoction of leaves is to be used for beneficial results in gout.

Ginger: There are excellent qualities in ginger. This is used as chutney, tea and various curries. Sun dried ginger has other qualities.

Ø  Decoction of ginger, holy basil leaves and jaggery are useful in curing cold, phlegm, fever and joint pains.
Ø  Ground ginger with jaggery would pacify flatulence and helps digestion.
Ø  Dried ginger is used as Ayurvedic medicines. Dried ginger is to be grounded with jaggery and made to small tablets. Take 3 tablets at a time twice a day. This reduces cholesterol in the blood.
Ø  Mental problems are cured with dried ginger and Ayurvedic medicines. Dried ginger also improves your memory.

Mint: Mint has a strong odour.

Ø  Mint cures hiccups, cold, cough and throat problems.
Ø  Mint drives away insects. Therefore mint is to be grown around the house.
Ø  Mint chutney improves glow of skin.
Ø  Mint leaves are to be used in tea and salads.
Ø  Juice of mint leaves, honey and lemon juice is to be mixed and taken to cure flatulence, vomiting and worms problem.
Ø  Mint improves iron in the body.

Carrot: Carrot is an invaluable vegetable. It contains A, B and B2 Vitamins and calcium, phosphorous, potassium and iron. Therefore this is a store house of nutrition. Carrots are to be eaten raw daily. The following benefits are to be obtained by the regular use of carrots.

Ø  Improves eyesight.
Ø  Helps Digestion.
Ø  Cures Kidney problems.
Ø  Improves health of gums and teeth, one has to chew them properly.
Ø  Saliva joins the mastication and the digestion improves.
Ø  Ulcers and cancer will be prevented.
Ø  Night Blindness is cured.
Ø  Improves memory power.
Ø  Youthfulness is enhanced.
Ø  Carrot halwa spoils the health as cooking makes carrots useless better to eat it as salads.

Tomato: Tomato should be used as a Fruit.
Tomato salad has to be taken as either salad or along with sprouts.
Ø  Juice of tomato and garlic is to be mixed and is to be taken as it cures tuberculosis.
Ø  Add turmeric in the tomato juice to cure asthma.
Ø  Add honey to the juice of tomato to cure skin diseases.
Ø  Soak 4 almonds in water for 2 hours and then take with tomato juice to help improve mental retardness, mental maladies and to cure paralysis, polio and indigestion.
Ø  Intellectuals who work day and night should take almonds with tomato juice.
Ø  Rub face with tomato slices and the face will glow with radiance.
         Onion: Onion has a cooling effect.
Ø  Hence the heat problems such as fever, onion juice is rubbed on the palm and feet.
Ø  Juice of Onion cures cholera, dysentery and diarrhoea, one can add coriander juice with it.
Ø  Spoonful onion juice with honey three times a day, would cure cold, bronchitis, hiccups, tonsils and cough.
Ø  Though onion is cooked, its values does not diminish hence can be used generously in our diet.

         Garlic: Garlic has been highly valued for centuries all over the world for its health building qualities. The odour in garlic is due to its sulphur content.

Ø  Garlic is good for heart, a stimulant to the appetite and useful in treating lucoderma, leprosy, worms, asthma and cough.
Ø  The garlic kills worms hence this prevents cholera and typhoid.
Ø  Reduced cholesterol in blood.
Ø  Helps the blood circulation and prevents pain in various parts of the body.
Ø  Helps curing of asthma and bronchitis.
Ø  Cures respiratory problems.
Ø  Use garlic chutney often which will be a magical treatment in a lot of diseases.
Ø  There is a lot of pollution, adulteration and environmental degradation around. Hence to keep up good health, onion and garlic are to be used generously.
Garlic Oil (for all Ailments): 100 grams of Mustard oil, 1 Pod of Garlic. Heat the mustard oil and put the ground garlic and let it be brown, allow it to cool later strain it and keep in a closed bottle.
Apply this oil wherever and whatever the pain may be, like cramps, pain in the back, frozen arm, and pain in calves, neck, and heart. All pain will be relieved within no time. Apply this oil and then cover the part for 5 minutes. Do not go for any pain killers but apply this oil and see the difference yourself.

Cucumber: Nature is very kind to provide seasonal vegetables and fruits for our convenience. This vegetable gives more coolness during the summer season. Cucumber contains iron, magnesium, phosphorous, sulphur and chlorine. It also contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats and A, B, C and E vitamins. Never peel the skin of cucumber as its benefits are innumerable.

Ø  Minerals are balanced.
Ø  Kidneys will functions efficiently.
Ø  Constipation is cured.
Ø  The juice of cucumber is useful for application on the face to remove pimples and stains thereafter.
Ø  Pacifies the heat and burning sensation of the body.
Ø  Mouth ulcers and acidity are cured.
Ø  Joint pain is cured.
Ø  Take carrot, cucumber and spinach juice together to keep health of hair and skin.
Ø  There is potassium in cucumber, hence heart disease won’t occur.
Ø  Eat cucumber with skin, so problems of tooth, gums and bad breath can be solved forever.
Ø  Dandruff and hair fall will be prevented with the use of cucumber as a salad or juice etc.
Ø  Cucumber is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

Coriander Leaves: This enhances the taste and flavour of your food. There are many medicinal qualities in coriander leaves, it has A, B and C vitamins in plenty as well as irons.
The juice of coriander leaved and honey (each 1 spoon) is to be mixed and taken before sleeping at night. The following disorders are cured:-

Ø  The disorders of lungs.
Ø  Heart problems.
Ø  The ears, nose and eye problems.
Ø  Prevents T.B and asthma.
Ø  Two drops of coriander juice in eyes and the problems of eyes are cured. Coriander leaves should not be cooked and can be used in salads.

Harda (Myrabolan): In Sanskrit, Harda is called ‘Abhaya’ meaning to feel fearless. This helps the body to detoxify and maintain the health. Bowel movements are eased and constipation is cured.

                Pound the Harda leave out the seed. Soak it in water for 4-5 hours and drink the water in the morning before brushing your teeth. This keeps the young and old healthy hence the name ‘Abhaya’. One who used Abhaya water everyday will ever live fearlessly having excellent health.

Vegetables and Fruits- Sources of Radiant Health:

All life on earth emanated from the green of the planet. Vegetables and fruits are nature’s way of giving us life. They are the sources of the vibrant health. When we say nature we perceive the green world. The green in the plant is called chlorophyll. It is the pigment that makes the plants green.
            The carbohydrate are formed when carbon dioxide and water come together in the presence of sunlight. The chemical bonds of the carbohydrates lock in the energy of the sun. This energy is released when the human body burns the plant food as fuel. There is divine give and take between the human world and green world.  They are interdependent.

                There are medicinal qualities in chlorophyll. Wounds are cured when the juices are squeezed from the leaves and applied on the wounds. The deficiency of chlorophyll in the body is an invitation to various diseases.

                Clean the vegetables and leafy vegetables under running water before cutting them. If we wash the vegetables after cutting them will be grave as lots of vitamins and minerals also will be washed off. Hence take care to wash vegetables and leafy vegetables before cutting them. Use them immediately for salads and curries, otherwise they lose vitamins and enzymes immediately. Do not use soda bicarb or baking soda while cooking. Sprouts may be added with vegetables for salads.

                There is calcium, magnesium and potassium in vegetables and leafy vegetables. These minerals help the heart to function efficiently. If there is any obstruction in blood circulation to the heart, the stored minerals immediately give energy to the heart and keep it steadily functioning. The juices of leafy vegetables and vegetable supply minerals to all0 the cells of the body. Ageing is arrested through the juices of leafy vegetables. Thus juices remove the stress of the mind and they rejuvenate the body.

                There is a leafy vegetable called ‘Brahmi’ which grows on a creeper. In Sanskrit, Brahmi means ‘God Like’. Use of Brahmi leaves in salad, chutney or chutney with curds (Tambuli) keeps the body and mind cool.

                Brahmi cleans the blood and supports the function of the heart. The innumerable use of Brahmi are:-
  • Brahmi enhances memory.
  • Provides A, B, D, E and K Vitamins.
  • Helps in cure of cancer, remove all toxins from the body.
  • Brahmi improves intelligence.
  •     Brahmi removes the problems of eyes, skin, nerves and digestion.
  •     Cures leprosy.
  •     Brahmi hair oil may be prepared at home for thick, dark hair.
  •     Brahmi may be added to juice also.
  •     All should use Brahmi in their diet in the form of Chutney or Tambuli at least once a week.

                Fruits: Fruits are the glory of the nature. Whatever is essential is made available in plenty by Mother Nature. This indeed is a cause of great joy and optimism. Fruits provide minerals, vitamins, fibres and hence immunity power. So eat more fruits and vegetables. It is now recognised that fruits having Orange, red, yellow, purple and pink colours have high levels of carotene a suspected anti-cancer substance. Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C and bio flavonoids contain important immune strengthening nutrients. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in folic acid and B complex vitamins necessary for proper maintenance of red blood cells and nervous system. There is a lot of talk today about genetic, inheritance of diseases. The research says that only 2% of all cancers are attributable to genetic factors while 35% are diet related.
                The juice of fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables is the richest available food source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. We just can’t eat enough raw fruits or vegetables. In a day to nourish the body hence we need extra nutrients to help the body to detoxify large amount of environmental toxins. Eating many carrots s difficult but juice of carrot cab be had at a time. That is why juicing is such an addition to a busy lifestyle.
          Enzymes in vegetables and fruits are destroyed when cooked. Hence raw produce should constitute at least half of one’s diet. Cooked foods require five to six hours for complete digestion, while raw foods require 3 hours. Fruit and vegetable juices are digested and begin to get absorbed within 30 minutes. Therefore these juices afford rest for the digestive organs. Hence ailing people are given fruits and vegetable juices as they are easy to digest.
            When we eat fruits we have to eat them with their skin if possible. There is a nutrient called pectin in the skin of the fruit which helps reduce cholesterol in the blood. Hence guavas, apples, pears, cucumbers, carrots all such should never be peeled.

                The physical condition one has tomorrow stars with what one does for his body today. As we eat so we become.

                In fact once we begin to drink fruit juices or vegetable juices on a regular basis, we may not need vitamins, mineral supplements. Vibrant health is promised through rich fiber rich food on daily basis. The optimum use of vegetables and fruits in daily diet promises not only vibrant health but also enhancement of beauty with dark thick hair, sparkling eyes and glowing skin. Therefore it’s always said
“Pure food brings pure energy
Pure energy brings pure mind”

                The children of today are the fortune of tomorrow. Hence they are to be made aware of a good life style and a healthful diet. Health is not a commodity that one could buy. One has to earn it with wisdom. The definition of balanced food according to Indian Science is:-

  •      The food that provides for easy digestion and Nutrition.
  •      The food that develops immunity in the body.
  •      The food that creates vitality and peace of mind.
  •      The food that enhances beauty and vibrant health.
  •      The food that bestows longevity.

Once can adjust the food regimen as per physical and mental requirements.

One should aim for a disease free life!

Who is a health person?

An individual is free from diseases and one who-

  •        Displays minimum ageing.
  •      Completes all his tasks efficiently.
  •      Takes pleasure in his work.
  •       Has both material and spiritual knowledge.
  •      Has a strong body.
  •      Is energetic and healthy.
  •      A person endowed with this application is successful in all undertakings.


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