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     What can be worse for a Nation facing hardship under the cruel clutches of Barbaric Moghul invaders who already did mass harm to the Once Great Civilization in their 900 years of rule broke and destroyed our temples, burned Vedic Scriptures, looted gold, diamonds and countless precious artifacts. murdered our Hindu ancestors in the most cruel manner, raped our women folks, these pervert Islamic invaders even raped those females who committed suicide by consuming poison. 

   Which is why during the medevil era, lots of females committed Jauhar immolating themselves in flames to prevent these barbarian Islamic Invaders from insulting their dignity. The practice later ridiculed as Sati by a British stooge Raja Rama Mohan Roy, that during the British rule he started a movement to eradicate superstition in Hinduism by abolishing SATI. This Bengali Opium agent has a important place in our history textbooks, all for the cause that he worked for British.

     The fact is no widow was immolated in flames with their husband in Sanatana Dharma, it was by her clear choice if she wished to no body forced her to do this act. Sati was a act done by queens and princess of Royal family when their husband died in war cause they knew that life after their husbands death would become worse than hell. Maharaja Ranjits Singhs wives committed Sati after his death and it included a Muslim Female too. Unlike Islam or Christianity, there is no protocol or forced rule that you get punished if you toe the line.

    Sati and Superstition was a propaganda by British via Roy to ridicule our Dharma to make ignorant Hindus hate our religion and embrace Christianity.

"Bad Bad Hinduism Good Good Christianity"

    Well, who listens to the oppressed Hindus who became slaves to foreign invaders, who cares for their plight, agony, tragedy, while their Temples were broken right in front of their eyes, when their wives raped and murdered, daughters sold in open market as slaves for prostitution, their holy scriptures burned to ashes and with it many works of our ancestor lost in oblivion, those magnificent stone sculptures broken to pieces with stone axes, with thousands of temples more than 5000 years old made by our genius ancestors brought down to a deplorable condition by immoral Islamic invaders, Hindus had no choice but to forget their ruthless crime and move on.

   Many Hindus who braved their onslaught fought and died, but those who could not were made to convert to Islam with sword on their neck. From Babur to Auragazeb Islamic onslaught continued loosing many Hindu Kingdom from Raja Dahir Shah to Prithviraj Chauhan, though some brave Rajput Kings and Chatrapati Shivaji to Maharaja Ranjit Singh resisted well to Moguls. In nine hundred years of cruel rule, Hinduism paid a heavy price, the once Glorious Vedic Civilization faded for ever.

   When every thing was going good for Moguls, and the Mia Nawabs dreams of a complete takeover and their viscous plans to rule and spread Islam all over India was in progress, comes the Nightmare from across the seas....

  The white skin invader came with the pretext as spice traders and pepper is what drove them to our nation,,,


    They came they saw and not only they conquered but their intention was to loot every thing from our nation, these immoral white men invaders from Europe, be it from Spain, Dutch, France or England these greedy and Immoral Europeans had an intention of ruling over the nation with loot, wherever they went they brought Tyranny, Plunder, Slavery Disaster and Ruin.

   Not only India, but every nation on this planet these immoral white invader set their evil eyes faced the same fate. Poverty, Hunger, Disease, Holocaust, Genocide, Inquisition, Civil War, Divide and Rule all followed by Deceit. 

   Spain took South America killed the natives in Peru, Brazil and Argentina in millions. Sadist Columbus a Jew, killed around 100 million native in America. British killed Eskimos in millions in Canada and about 50 to 70 million Aborigines in Australia. The Dutch, French and British combined took the whole of African Continent and since then Africa has never known Peace. 

   A lot of Ethnic violence occurred between rival groups in Africa which was a deliberate attempt through false flag attacks by White Skin Invaders exactly the way they used in India for Divide and Rule so that these rival groups could fight amongst themselves and kill each other, if this did not work then spread disease like chicken pox and small pox to reduce the population and later take over and by violent means make them slaves forever.

   Millions of Black people were driven to Slavery imported to Europe and America which made the White Slave Traders rich by the night. Along with Africans, Indians too were involved in slave trade the reason why we see lots of Indians in the Caribbean Islands Africa and other parts of the world. After the discovery of Gold and Diamond Mines the situation got much worse for the Africans with millions deaths year after year and more Gold & Diamonds can be extracted all types of Cheap politics and tactics are used in Africa till date the White Man' s Greed that never Stops.

    When the African nations like Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia  etc have to be the Richest in the World, the Irony is people there are extremely poor, with Crime rate in rise, Ethnic killings between two groups, Drug Trafficking, Sex Rackets, Prostitution, Rapes, Murder, Kidnapping. Today Africa is bleeding all for white man's grace. In the White men's world their Media that writes WORLD'S HISTORY has mentioned rivalry between two Ethnic Groups are the reason why genocide keeps happening but have we ever thought the matter of fact as to how it started, who made it worse, who gave them guns and ammunition that these rival groups keep killing each other, Why is that White men own Gold and Diamond mines in Africa, and Whose gain it is and Who is loosing? These evil white men will make sure the trend continues and people be deprived of peace and prosperity.

   I do wonder why the whole world is still crying for Holocaust  of 6 million Jews (6 million is a dubious figure) under Hitler rule that happened about 8 decades back, when millions of Poor Black people die in Africa every year. If we take that statistics, genocide in Africa easily surpass Jew figures about 10 to 20 times, no body cares for the plight of African nation when it gets severe by the years. 

Why on earth is the World Media not crying in the same tone for Africa as they do for 6 million Jews? Why?

   OK.... lets assume before White invaders set their foot things were bad in Africa, that there were clashes between two groups, civil war like how it happens now did happen between two rival groups of tribe or a clan, but Was it this sever? Was it ever as horrifying as it is now? Was it this Brutal?? 

  Have we ever thought for a moment if Africa were not invaded by white men, would situation have been in such a dire straits as it is now....


   If we go back in time there lived a King by the name of Mansa Mausa of Mali a generous King who ruled Mali from 1312 to 1337 was the Golden Age in the empire of Mali.

    Mansa Musa set out from Mali for Mecca with an entourage of 60,000 people as per Ibn Batuta who visited Mecca 9 years later. Since his empire was one of the richest in the world, the caravan of travelers must have made quite an impression to everyone they passed. 12,000 servants accompanied him, each wearing valuable silks and carrying a 4 pound bar of gold.  

    More than 100 camels of this caravan carried more than 300 pounds of gold nuggets , each. The propaganda is that he gave all the gold away free,  en route. He had lots of scholars with him and he bought up every book of knowledge on the way for nearly one year.  He also hired Doctors , Architects , Teachers , Thinkers, Translators and Scholars and took them back to Mali with him.  He would set up great universities.

    Those days the King of Calicut had his own camel caravan operating between seaports Aden, Salalah to Mecca and from  Bernice in Egypt to Mali – and he got royalty for the goods and the books of knowledge translated to Arabic.

   This wise king knew that knowledge is more precious than gold, which very few understood those days.  

   Most of this knowledge in those days were transcripts of Vedic Indian books in Astronomy, Medicine, Maths, Science etc translated to Arabic from Malayalam and Sanskrit books of Kerala--my home state.

     Musa’s Mecca trip and his barter of gold for books and scholars would soon establish Mali as one of the intellectual capitals of the world.  Mali developed one of the richest educational traditions of the world at that time.  Libraries were all over cities such as Gao and Timbuktu. Public and private collections had thousands of books. Most of these books are still lying in deep foxholes in the desert sands at the people of Mali do NOT trust any central library which can be raided by the cunning white man.

    Mansa Musa was the richest man ever to have lived! The 14th Century king of Mali is ranked at number one in a new inflation-adjusted list of the world's 25 wealthiest people of all time (three of which are still alive including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet). This king is said to have had a personal net worth of $400 billion at the time of his death in 1337 !

   Mansa Mussa's pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324 had made Mali known worldwide and attracted the attention of the Kings of Portugal and Spain. The fact that so much of gold was bartered and taken away to Calicut was NOT lost on them. 

    Today, nothing remains of the palace built by Mansa Musa, but the mosque still stands as a reminder of the past. After the Europeans actually reached Timbuktu, it was reduced to little more than a "mass of ill-looking houses made of earth." 

   They had no interest other than looting whatever wealth was available.  The local population hid the books in fox holes in the desert and most of them are still there in these holes.

    Never mind the poverty and the suffering.  French and British soldiers are now in Mali, to re-install their "pro-west puppet democratic government".  

    Christianity must get a toe hold and prevail, right?

   As Africa met its doom with white invaders, India was already doomed with Moghul rule, our Vedic Culture and Hinduism in turmoil, and always under threat from Islamic invader looking to loot temples for gold and precious stones, India was still the most richest nation in the World, the Moguls never broke spine of India trade and Business venture which we did with Africa, Europe and Arabs in the Middle East. India was a rich nation still and people were self dependent and rich and well settled before the white men came ashore. 

   India has the highest GDP in the world followed by China for many millenniums, India not only had spice trade but it's  cotton had a very huge demand all over the globe, it is said that the quality of cotton was of such a premium quality that our tradesman used to weigh it in Gold to the buyer. Also its artifacts and handicraft items had a huge demand in Europe and African Nations. 

    The Arabs in particular had since trade for many millenniums which they sold in Europe and so they held a monopoly over the spice trade. For many many years even before the birth of Islam Arab traders used to come to North of Kerala and purchased various spices in return for gold and other valuables. The Arabs also traded in ships that was made in North Kerala, also the world over there was a huge demand for Rosewood, Mahogany Sandalwood, Teak wood used for furniture and ship building. This is how Kerala maintained business relations with Arab for about 4000 years. It is from Kerala that the Arab learnt our Vedic Maths and Astronomy. Europe never knew to count as they used Roman Alphabets, and numerical system came to Europe came through Arabs.

   On the other hand Spice trade was a huge demand in Africa to, as before the birth of Christ when Egypt was conquered by the Romans, they were of the belief that the spices from Kerala was grown locally in Africa hence they the Romans purchased spices from Somali spice traders for a premium and this made them very rich. In short the African Spice traders fooled Romans for many years that spices were grown in Africa. These traders from Africa like Arabs also traded in diamonds and other precious stones along with expensive timber from the jungles of India.  

    Through Arab and African traders India imported it's finished products and raw materials all over the world through a fair Business Transaction and a prolonged Business ethics between the two India had plenty of Gold reserve and other precious stones in a good stock which they stored in Temples which is why Islamic invaders and Moghuls attacked and destroyed Temples in search of gold and other valuables. As time passed by, the White Men came to know about India's richness through the Arabs which made them jealous and their greedy eyes saw India as a main source of destination for loot, hence they came for Destruction.....

What's so big in Pepper?

   I am a second generation Malayalee settled in Mumbai, my native place is Kerala and any part of Kerala has this creeper that gives Pepper, it does not need any acre just plant it and withing 6 months it will give you pepper in plenty. It can be planted near by a tree, on your compound wall etc. In Kerala it's a very common sight and every house has it. Pepper is free in and people use it for their daily needs. But Pepper has a demand and its comes at a good price once it goes out of Kerala. Pepper has its medicinal Benefits more so it adds taste to your food. It is not a seasonal spice and grows every season. 

  Pepper is expensive in North India where growing this creeper is impossible because the climate of North India is not favorable. It can only be grown in the Konkan Belt of the India  and hence this particular spice has a huge demand The Arabs and African Traders came to Kerala mainly for this spice along with other spice like Cardamom, Cinnamon etc. 

  Pepper soon gained more demand all over Europe and soon Arabs and African Traders demand for pepper increased. Hence Pepper became one of the main source of Barter amongst Kerala merchants and International traders. When Arabs and African purchased pepper from us for a good price, pepper was sold to Europeans at a high premium, so much that Pepper became too valuable and was priced more than the value of Gold in Europe. 

  Hence in Europe, Pepper was known as 'BLACK GOLD' the term we give to oil nowadays. In Italy merchants used to fight for Pepper Monopoly for which they fought and killed over greed for pepper. For many Centuries when Pepper was traded with Africans and Arabs, these Uncivilized men thought that it shall be better to come to Asia and trade with these Spice than taking it from Middlemen. 

   But during those days the Arabs and African kept their trade with India too secretive and Indian Merchants being loyal never cheated their Business partners. These immoral White skin Invaders decided to find the sea route to Indian as Crossing the land is too dangerous with the treacherous Khyber pass in between Pakistan and Afghanistan. If you loose your way in Khyber pass then you shall freeze to death. It took a long time for the White Skin invaders to come to India. It was started by a Jew Christopher Columbus who discovered America thinking its India, though accident, Native Apaches had to perish for Hilly Billy Yankees.

   Later the Cheat, Immoral, Thief and a Liar Uncivilized Vasco Da Gama made it to India when his Horrible feet touched the shores of Kerala....

  With the Portuguese finding the sea route to India, soon there was a huge wave in Europe, Arabs and African Traders were dumped forever and after Portugal, the Dutch made their way to India later French and ended with British. All the four European came to India under the pretext of trading for Spice and more so Pepper, as time progressed so did their cheap propaganda followed by deceit and blackmailing Kings and his ministers, these white skinned Invaders made their mark as usual we all known that Dutch and French did not make any much significance with their bastion in North Kerala and Pondicherry, Goa was ruled by Portugal till Arrogant Nehru had to kick them out in 1961 after his folly with the Indo China war, the British stuck to India like a magnate to Iron, in their ruled all over the nation for 300 cruel years, they turned the most richest nation in the world to the poorest and from a self reliant and dependent nation to the most deprived. 

  Our nation India awaited another version of Loot, Murder, Rape of our civilization. where Islamic Invasion met its dead end a new Invasion of the most brutal kind took its birth.  With the new found Sea Route, the Pimps of Pepper found a window Opportunity of loot, plunder, murder and rampage a civilization, make it their slave and exploit its natural resources in every way and use it for their own means.

    The first Pimp of Pepper was the White Skinned invader Vasco da Gama from Portugal , sailed all the way from Europe to Africa and finally reached Calicut in the year 1498. 

    He landed at Kappad beach at Calicut . 

  At night Vasco da Gama's sailors stole pepper vines in large quantities, literally vandalizing large tracts of pepper groves. ( cutting the roots of hundreds of meters long pepper vines) , and took it in pots on their ships in great secrecy. 

   They had zilch idea that every inch of their thieving progress was being monitored by dozens of eyes in the dark. When Zamorin was told about this, instead of getting angry, he had a hearty laugh and said "Vasco Da Gama can steal our pepper plants, and our soil-- but there is no way he can steal our Thiruvatira Jnattuvela (tropical wet weather)."

   Samoothri Moose known as Zamorin the Calicut king was a honorable and generous man who took pride in never breaking their word, once given. So there was NO need for extensive written marine charter party contracts and on the spot cash payments.

  Vasco Da Gama tried to impress the King of Calicut with glass beads , scarlet hoods and coral, which made the King to dislike this Portuguese cheat in flash.

   On his second voyage in 1502 Vasco Da Gama came with 25 ships , thousands of soldiers and large canons. En route to Calicut they caught a pilgrim ship on passage to Mecca and burnt all 700 including women and children alive. He pounded Calicut city with his long range guns. When a messenger was sent by the king, Vasco Da Gama cut off his lips , and ears-- stitched the ears of a dog in place and sent him back.

   This incident angered the Calicut king who sided with the Arab traders, who were the middle men for at least 6000 years and drew them away from Kerala. 

   Later on as Portuguese sailed north to Goa and made their Bastion for more than 400 years and Goa was changed for ever, with inquisition from the most cruel Missionary of all time St. Francis Xavier. Unfortunately many Schools and Colleges in India is named after this Sadist Christian Missionary.

   Portugese admiral Alfonso De Albuquerque was driven away by the Muslim ruler of Bijapur and Goa Yusuf Adil Shah.  However after 3 months he again re-attacked with a larger force,  with help from a local Hindu Chieftain Thimayya. On 25th Nov 1510—he captured Goa.

    St Francis Xavier reaches Goa on May 6th 1542 on orders of Ignatius Loyola , at a young age of 36. Pretty soon, he found out the hard way-- that the local Indians are NOT easy to get converted from Hinduism to Christianity. He started by ordering the temples to be demolished. 

   In 1545 Francis Xavier, frustrated -- wrote a letter to Rome and to the King —

QUOTE “ The Hindus are an unholy race. They are liars and cheats to the very backbone. Their idols are black—as black as black can be— ugly and horrible to look at , smeared with oil and smell in a evil manner. “--UNQUOTE

    He then formally ordered the Portugese Inquisition of Goa , which ran from 1516 to 1812. The rest of Europe had terminated the Inquisition in 1774. It stopped in 1812 due to British intervention. More than 20000 people were brought under trial by this Inquisition.

    The Portugese first started off with high ranking Saraswat Brahmin Hindus who held the land and riches and made to undergo brutal inquisition. They were NOT allowed to wear the Shendi ( hair tuft ), have a Tulsi plant in front of their house, wear the sacred thread , have idol in their homes, wear sandals, read the Vedas etc. This drove many of them away from Goa, leaving the land behind. Some of them out of fear of inquisition unwillingly converted into Christianity.

    What they gained from Inquisition is an opportunity to steal many ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts on Science, Medicine and Mathematics. It is from this cruel man Xavier that Europe came to know about medicinal leech vaccination that later Freemason Edward Jenner made a name for himself. 

   As years passed by the locals were converted into Christianity and brainwashed that Hinduism is a satanic religion, Hindu Gods and Goddess are Demons and devils and made them hate our religion, they were saddled with Portuguese surnames , given menial jobs, made to eat Beef and Pork and drink cheap Feni ( a local brew made of Cashew and Coconut ).

Later Portuguese used Sultan’s palace for Inquisition purpose where 200 prison cells were built under the orders of the Pope. The Taj Hotel at Fort Aguada was also used as a torture cell.

   On Jan 31 st 1620, the Portuguese government ordered that NO Hindu marriages can be performed in Goa. And on 1625— ordered that NO Hindu infidel can be employed in Goa. In 1567, more than 300 Hindu temples were destroyed. Enacting laws, prohibition was laid from 4 December 1567 on rituals of Hindu marriages, sacred thread wearing and cremation.

  All the persons above 15 years of age were compelled to listen to Christian preaching, failing which they were punished. In 1583 all Hindu temples at Assolna and Cuncolim were destroyed through army action. Converted Hindus , who were detected to secretly  hold their old religion in esteem were burnt at the  stake or brutally tortured.

   Brutal methods used were – To tear off the tongues--  To blind the victim with sharp sticks or red-hot iron spikes-- The pulling of the flesh with pliers-- The skinning of the accused alive-- Quartering (in which the victims intestines would be pulled from the body) and impaling, in which a stake would be hammered through the victim’s body avoiding the vital organs, resulting in a slow death that could last for hours or days. A sharp iron fork was used to mangle breasts. Red hot pincers were used to tear off flesh. Red hot irons were inserted up vaginas and rectums. A device named the turcas was used to tear out fingernails. After the nails were ripped out needles were shoved in. Boots called bootikens were used to lacerate flesh and crush bone.

   There was no limit to the types and cruelty of the tortures. The inquisition meant anything was allowed. The inquisitors were sadistic and mentally disturbed. An "Inquisition" was supposed to be a legal inquiry by the church.

    After the poor victims confessed to things they never did more torture was to follow. On the way to the stake or gallows victims were flogged, burned, branded and had their hands and tongues hacked off.

   Fillippo Sassetti , an Italian merchant from Florence,  has chronicled everything. Being the first European to learn Sanskrit. Between 1578 and 1588 he had sent a huge number of letters to the grand ducal court in Florence –all about the Portugese inquisition and the Indian view point. 

Fillippo Sassetti

"The fathers of the Church forbade the Hindus under terrible penalties the use of their own sacred books, and prevented them from all exercise of their religion. They destroyed their temples, and so harassed and interfered with the people that they abandoned the city in large numbers, refusing to remain any longer in a place where they had no liberty, and were liable to imprisonment, torture and death if they worshipped after their own fashion the gods of their fathers." wrote Filippo Sassetti.

    A French traveller by the name of Dr.Charles Delone had got himself imprisoned in the Sultan’s palace (1674-77) and saw things for himself . His observations are in his book published in 1687 and is named "L’inquisition de Goa".  Charles Delone was an eye witness to the atrocities, cruelty and reign of terror unleashed by priests. He published a book in 1687 describing the lot of helpless victims. While he was in jail, he had heard the cries of tortured people beaten with instruments having sharp teeth.

   Voltaire wrote on the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa— Quote
"Goa is sadly famous for its inquisition, equally contrary to humanity and commerce. The Portuguese monks made us believe that the people worshiped the devil, and it is they who have served him"
Historian Alfredo de Mello described the Portuguese in Goa : Quote—
"Nefarious, Fiendish, Lustful, Corrupt religious orders which pounced on Goa for the purpose of destroying paganism (ie Hinduism) and introducing the true religion of Christ"  Unquote.

   When India became independent in 1947, Goa remained under Portuguese control. The Indian government of Nehru insisted that Goa, along with a few other minor Portuguese holdings, be turned over to India. Portugal, refused, France, which also had small enclaves in  Pondicherry, gave them up. On December 16, 1961, Indian troops crossed the border into Goa. Code named " Operation Vijay ', the move involved sustained land, sea, and air strikes for more than 36 hours; it resulted in the unconditional surrender of Portuguese forces on 19 December.

Even today the mother language of Konkani binds all the people of Goa.

  How many of you know that Roman Italian Inquisition started in 1545, with our people in Goa, when Francis Xavier impressed on Pope Paul III, the urgent need to punish the filthy pestilent Indians, worshiping evil back stones and following false doctrines . 


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