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Contd from Part One...

Horrible British

   The Portuguese limited themselves to Goa and henceforth never allowed Moguls or Hindu Kings to Invade it, Even the Europeans like French, Dutch or British did not interfere with Goa. Its from here that the Spice trade was routed to Europe and that made Portugal a very rich nation, until 1961 when India took it back. Nevertheless in the current scenario, Portugal is facing a huge Economic Crisis after consuming all the money their Vulgar Ancestors looted from India, with a Hand to Mouth existence, soon this nation will be driven with poverty. 

    However from the Queens land England, immoral and cunning British had a far big plan of conquering India, and unlike other invaders, British intended not only rule this nation and make it poor, but to break the spine of this nation, in order fr a complete rule for ever, make the people dependent  Ignorant and deprive them of all skill and talent, the British planned to hit the Bulls Eye, which is to destroy the rich traditions and customs of our nation, destroy the social and cultural fabric by which the next generation can become useless, self loathing and hate our ancestors. The British to a great effect succeeded in making we Indians hate our culture and it is seen when our generation is so ignorant of the immense damage these immoral Horrible British have causes to our nation.


    Like their predecessors, Blighty British came to India under the pretext of Spice traders, at least our generation knows that British were Cruel to our ancestors and in our school history books, we have read chapter where in our kings lost their kingdom to the British, on many occasions its written that the British won war and ruled over our Nation for about 3 centuries. These Immoral Cheat British is somewhat exaggerated in our textbooks to be a Brave, Intelligent in their War strategy and our kings fought against other kingdom and in their bid lost to the British. 


   The British ensured Hindu Kings and Mogul Nawabs fight amongst each other so tat they could intervene, cheat both kings and Nawabs and win both Kingdom through deceit and blackmail, for this purpose if required the BRITISH WERE SUPPORTED BY FRENCH AND DUTCH TO CREATE A RIFT AMONGST KINGS SO TO PENETRATE THEIR UGLY TENTACLES IN INDIA.

  Yeah, we have read in our school text books that the British took away our land, our wealth made us poor. But many of the facts still remains unknown to the generation of their Indirect Cruel Intentions, Plans and Methods that brought doom not only to Hindus but Muslims alike, they enslaved our nation, worked on a Meticulous plan to break our self esteem, our confidence cause we Indians were mentally far superior to these Inferior race British (even to date this is the, fact). 

    We Indians got freedom in 1947, from Non Violence efforts of a Dhoti Clad Stick Holder (don't ask which stick) from Gujarat. We learnt in school that he unified our nation that made one voice to throw British out of India. Oh Well, this is what we believe, this is mentioned in our school text books, this is what our government wants us to believe. 

   Give me a Break, when Justice P.B. Chakrabarty, the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court once asked the British PM Lord Clement Atlee - responsible for conceding India's Independence, the much important question -

"What was the extent of Gandhi’s influence upon the British decision to quit India" His response, with a smirk: “M-I-N-I-M-A-L!“.He spelt it out in sarcasm
  How ironic it is to watch a British Made Father of our Nation printed on our currency notes, same as John Bulls have to watch a Ugly Woman on their British Pound.

   The British knew well that only applying cruel tactics like Moguls or Portuguese wont work long. They did a survey of our Nation and sought for reasons why our nation is so Rich and self Dependant. How ridiculous it is when our Historians never go beyond the Historical incidence that British won war against the Kings and ruled us but never put a minute to tell how rich our Nation was. They do mention that India was a Land of milk and Honey but they never ever elaborate the reason for its richness and absolute abundance. 

   To know what is India err Bhartamata, we have to know what it was, we have to go back in time, way before the Islamic Invaders. About 300 B.C India was Invaded for the first time from White Skin invaders it's from Greece that Alexander instead of Sea took land route and by Crossing the dangerous Khyber Pass with the help of Locals he came to India he saw as a Final Frontier after winning Europe and Asia. 

   Alexander came to invade India with a clear intention, and our ancestors never knew well of Alexanders Invading ambitions, and was prepared to face him. As  we have learned in our history books that Alexander the Great, had King Porus on his knees. 

The truth is totally different. It is never too late to know the truth.

Alexander the Gay nay Great... The first white skin invader of India...

   King Porus 's actual name is Purushottam, the Puruvanshi king. He ruled the kingdom of Paurava in Punjab . He stood a majestic seven feet four inches tall. The King of Taxila was his enemy. Alexander knew about this for which he gave the King of Taxila 25 tonnes of gold which he had plundered from Persia, as a bribe to ally with him. His own Greek army had never battled the war elephant.

   Porus had 85 elephants in his army and his own Greek army had never battled the war elephant. On the way to battle Porus, Alexander's soldiers were psychologically battered. Alexander has also heard that Nandas of the Magadha Kingdom had 6000 war elephants and the Emperor Chandragupta Maurya of the Mauryan Empire had 9000 war elephants. They also had hordes of Tibetan Mastiff dogs who could kill leopards and whip up a booming barking frenzy which terrified men and horses. His cavalry horses would be no match for the mighty elephants.

   His own Thessalian black stallion Bucephalus who was his body extension in a battle field and placed him in the zone , was a nervous animal prone to psychological mental blows.. For 10 years Becephalus however had served him very well in the thick of battle.

   In the bloody battle, on the banks of river Jhelum, Porus lost his young son. Alexander lost his horse Bucephalus, he also lost his brave Greek General Nicaea.

   There was NO point in defeating Porus , even if he could  -- he will have to face the mighty Nandas and Maurya's for sure. The Mauryas had a Ayurveda surgeon turned military strategist Chanakya in charge , known for his mental acumen.

   Initially, a demoralized Alexander sent the King of Taxila for truce, but Porus got furious on seeing the traitor Indian king and threw a spear at him and drove him away. Porus was poised to deliver the final blow that Alexander played the cheap tactics as expected from a White. He dishonorably sent his Indian wife Roxana to tie a rakhi on Porus, to be his sister--an old Indian custom. It now became Porus's responsibility to ensure Alexander was safe -- an iron clad guarantee. Stupid western mind can never understand these Indian concepts, Let them be stupids...

   After which, Alexander send his own emissary to sue for peace. There was NO other way he would have got back to Greece in one piece. After the truce , Alexander gave Porus "back" a few small kingdoms which he had captured to add to it-- not out of kindness but for self preservation. This Gay nay Great had bitten off more than what he could chew.

   Alexander was a hardcore homosexual , just like his father. Why did he marry dark skinned Roxana, just before coming to India ? It was for immediate political reasons--for the crucial alliance with King of Taxila. 

   After a few years Emperor Chandragupta Maurya set his 9000 elephants on Seleucus Nicator, Alexander's Satrap and drove the 400,000 Greeks away from India forever and retook Hindu Kush i.e. Afghanistan and Balochistan..

   The politics of Chandra Gupta's  master strategist Prime Minister Chanakya, who was a teacher in Taxila University ( the first world university of the planet, founded 3000 BC ) when Alexander invaded, is well documented in Indian history.  The immoral white historian has dated this university to 1000 BC, to show the world that Indian knowledge was NOT available from 3000 BC to 1000 BC, to the west.  

   Alexander came to the world's first civilisation which existed on the banks of the river Saraswati from 9000 BC to 4000 BC.  In 4000 BC the glacial mouth of this river at Himalayas dried up, and the civilisation died , forcing a mass exodus, shifting the focus to Ganges and the Indus valley civilisation.  Aryans went OUTWARDS and never INWARDS.  The Rig Veda written in 5000 BC does not talk about the Ganges at all. 

   In 7000 BC Aryan Indian Emperor Vikramaditya, based at Ujjain ruled from Jerusalem to Urals to Cambodia.  It was he-- who gave and never took/ vandalised like immoral white invaders but spread the laws of Manu.

   The power of the black meteorite stones at Mecca Kaaba , Jerusalem Dome of the rock , Petra (this civilization died after the black stone was stolen) and the temples of the far east were built by Vikramaditya. In India wherever we saw this black stone we built a temple on it, and then a town grew outwards.

   History re-invented by “our white skin is superior historian “  says -- the Greek soldiers were HOME SICK and tire d -- when Alexander used to send a percentage of his army back home on leave every month with the loot and plunder  – The real reason was that they were scared of dying – for the army of the empires of Maurya and Nanda were indeed too much for Alexander’s motley army on mangy horses. They expunged the Maurya empire and claimed it was created after Alexander died.

Porus you are pardoned: What they teach you in school (White Lie)

    HOME SICK INDEED!!! BULL OF THE FIRST ORDER, had Alexander won the war he would definitely gone after each and every kingdom. Because India was a huge goldmine compared to Persia or any other nations in the Middle east.

     The only reason why Alexander can be complemented is unlike his other European counterparts he had the guts to go all out with his army and declared that the intends to conquer their nation, he fought wars and won it, he did not go under th pretext of being a guest, or as a business trader that they could spend time in working with their propaganda, try blackmail some ministers of kings for their greedy gains. 

    Alexander was severely blocked by Indian King Purushottam, who was a minor king. It is very evident that when our ancestors knew that they are being invaded they stood an united force and never allowed these invaders to invade our great nation. 

   Our culture is what we are known for, we greet our guests as God, we are bound with the principles of Dharma and Gratitude is what made our nation. An Indian be it even those who converted to Christianity, know well that Guest has to be treated with utmost respect. What can happen when these Europeans came to our nation as guest to invade our nation, and we fell pray to their evil intentions. 


   But what did these pimps of pepper Europeans do, once they won faith of our kings, they took over his kingdom and made the King their paper puppet which I shall come to detail in later part of this post. 

   When the Greeks attacked our nation, our ancestors fought with a code of ethics as laid by the principles of Dharma (Moral Code). It is written by the Greek Historians that our ancestors fought the war with bravery, valour and honesty, they never used any cheap tactics when it was frequently done by the Greeks. 

   The problem only occurred when these immoral men with no dignity came to our nation to lot and destroy us physically and mentally.

   India was a rich nation not only in terms of Finance, but my great nation was the hub of Knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. Its the worlds oldest civilization, and my nation boasts of great legendary Emperors and Kings who even sacrificed their life for the sake of Dharma, our king always thought for the nation and well being of the people, which is why my Nation has a great legacy that speaks volumes of their legend which made such a great civilization.


   Europe was a very poor continent leaving our Italy which plundered Egypt and other nations in Europe, else all the other nations in Europe has a hand to mouth existence. The reason for this is that Europe has a cold climate for a major part of the year, hence nothing grows there like how our nation is blessed with Sunshine all through the year, even if these immoral looters keep looting us they can never rob our climate.

   Because of climatic conditions the people in Europe do not have much choice of occupation and job opportunity and hence life was very difficult to sustain in these nations. When job opportunity gets curtailed people tend to be more miserable and hence they look to loot other nations by which they can sustain themselves. 


   England ruled over France for more than 200 years, Ireland and Scotland was ruled by English for more than thousand years, England killed the whole natives in Wales for a complete takeover, Italy kept fighting against France, and other nations of Europe. Spain, Portugal, Holland all fought against each other and so with this wars here and there this nations were never at peace all for greed and nothing but greed. With all war happening here and there and nothing much to loot, its then they decided to explore other nations and if its people of different race and culture it will be much better to loot and plunder them with cruelty at top gear and plunder at the best.


     It's through this war that British makes is major breakthrough in India, after the so called victory of this war, the British gains its hold right on the capital of India. The battle happened on 1757 at Murshidabad was the capital of India during that period was located in Bengal about 93 Km North of Bengal ruled by a Moghul Nawab Siraj Ud Daula who never liked British. Our history books mentions British fought the with bravery and won Siraj-Ud-Dalula's 18000 soldiers by Robert Clive's 3000 Soldier.  

Again, the truth is totally different. It's never too late to know the truth.

   The fact is there was no war, the cunning tactics of Robert Clive worked here and he took over the whole of Bengal without shedding a drop of blood. Sira Ud Daula was warned by his uncle never ever trust the British in his lief as this leach will ruin his kigdom in no time if you ever shake hands with them, so the Nawab Sira was too cautious about British and kept them at bay. Robert Clive knew this hence he knew it will be suicidal to attack Siraj Ud Daulas might big army as they will defeat them in not time, and no way Young Siraj will ever come to terns with the British, so for months Robert Clive stays round the corners of Murshidabad, sends spies and do a in and out survey of Siraj Ud Daula's administration and with it other information that could help his propaganda.

   What he get from his findings is that Siraj's Prime Minister Mir Jaffar, was not in good terms with Siraj Ud Daula, and was looking to wipe out Siraj Ud Daula. Robert Clive takes advantage of this, he approaches Mir Jaffer and get him to confidence that if British wins the war then they will make him the Nawab of Bengal, Mir Jaffar like the deal and he began to play his cards against Siraj Ud Daula as he ordered his soldiers not to fight against British, hence Siraj isolated before he could counter to the situation, Siraj was murdered by Mir Jafffer, Robert Clive true to his words makes Mir Jaffer the Nawab but sooner the British wanted the whole of India to know that they have won Bengal they kill Mir Jaffer.
Of course they fired a lot of shots merrily into the air as propaganda that people could know there was a war.
After the victory of Bengal, the fate of many Hindu Kings and Moghul Nawabs came to Dire Straits.

    Sir Robert Clive became the first white ruler of Bengal, unlike Moghuls or Portuguese, this Pimp of Pepper rules Bengal with out much bloodshed, destruction of temple or by way of inquisition. When war and plunder worked for their predecessors, using cunning tactics by the way of deceit worked very well for the British and it paid them huge dividends. From Bengal they went from toe hold to foot hold and so they kept winning one region after another by blackmailing Hindu Kings and Nawabs that their Kingdom will be attacked if they do not wish to surrender, though they remained as Kings and Nawabs but as a mere rubber stamp of British.

   Robert Clive went to England with almost 700 Ships of Gold and other valuables to England, this is what shocked England no ends, when Bishops and King looked forward to hold their grip and enslave our nation. After Clive soon other followed and so with it the LOOT and ransack of Moghuls and Hindu Kings.

Tipu Sultan: the Twist in the Fate of the Queens Men England.


  Most of this pure gold is from the gold mines of Timbuctoo. King Solomon paid in gold for the spices, teak wood and sandalwood

  Tipu was having his food, when he was killed  by a single shot on his left cheek. He was stabbed three times on his chest and later dumped outside on the field among the dead at dusk. In 1799 the British used Commander General cum Prime Minister Mir Saadiq to kill Tipu Sultan, then dressed him up and put him in the battle field outside the fort of Srirangapatnam, make a stage rehearsal that he got killed in the Battle with British.

  As usual, British fired thousands of rockets and guns merrily into the air, to make it appear that a great battle was going on. The British army raped and pillaged at will, the whole  night. All this is not recorded by British historians and why will they as they are Gentle by Nature.

   British did great propaganda that Tipu Sultans gunpowder and rockets were wet, as they deliberately flooded the armoury in the basements.  Well Tipu Sultan knows where to keep his gunpowder, as flooding factor is always taken into account, these rockets and gunpowder was supplied to Tipu Sultan by the French ruler Philippe-Antoine Merlin de Douai, a few days after Tipu’s treasure was in the hands of British they got rid of Phillipe, with a good pension for siding with them to give degraded rockets and gunpowder so that none of the rockets would exploded even if they were dry.  

   Mir Sadiq and his assistant Mir Moinuddin, were bribed by Lord  Wellesely, that after killing Tipu both were murdered by British to make appear as if they were killed by Tipu Sultan loyalists. The British made ousted Hindu King Wodeyar, imprisoned by Tipu the new King of Mysore.






 In 1790 Tipu attacked the South Kerala Kingdom of Travancore, by which he had a broken leg which made him permanently lame. Tipu Sultan destroyed more than 8000 temples in Kerala, Mysore and Tamil nadu. He tried to made Persian the official language of Mysore by abolishing Kannada. In 1788 Tipu Sultan had razed Calicut in North Kerala to the ground.

   The way Tipu's army killed thousands of people in Kerala is too horrifying to describe. Hindus were hung upside down on trees , before being put to the sword and then left to hang there, with terrible stench everywhere. Elephants were used to tear bodies apart. Tipu’s soldiers raped at will, but they did NOT have intercourse with attractive dead women like what Timur’s Monghul soldiers did.

   However they used to line up thousands of Hindu men to get circumcised— stretch out the foreskin, slice with a knife and out—next guy!  Then they had to eat beef while bleeding from the tip of the penis, wrapped in a rag. When thousands of Hindus ran away into the forests, Tipu gave his royal word of honour to come back and he would forgive them.  As soon as they came back attractive women would be caught as slaves, men and children would be given the option—be killed or get yourself circumcised!  This happened to Kolathiri Raja and he preferred to be pulled apart by elephants than eat beef.

   Letter written by Tipu Sultan dated January 19, 1790, to Badroos Saman Khan: 

"Don't you know that I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over 4,00,000 Hindus were converted to Islam. I am now determined to march against that 'Cursed Raman Nair' without delay. (Reference is to Rama Varma Raja of Travancore State who was popularly known as Dharma Raja for giving shelter in his state to all those who fled Malabar.). Thinking that he and his subjects would be soon converted to Islam, I am overjoyed and hence abandoned the idea of returning to Srirangapatanam."

   The half breed Arabs sailors were called Mappilas. Most of these fair skinned Mappilas are rich as they grabbed the ancestral lands and bungalows of landlord Hindus who ran for their lives with families. They were also terrorized by Tipu Sultan and by the dirty antics harassment of these Mappilas, forced them to run away. 

   Tipu Sultan had, ruled his kingdom only for sixteen-and-a-half years. The territory of Malabar was under his effective control only for a period of eight years—but he sucked out all the wealth using local information from these Mappila spies. The British were monitoring all this and was quite happy with Tipu's progress.

   Let Tipu Sultan with the aid of his Mappila local spies, do all the temple vault breaking, temple foundation digging, ornament snatching from Kerala women, dirty , undignified , sweaty work and accumulate all the nice gold in some convenient spot, like bees gathering honey — we shall snatch it away for Amschel Mayer Rothschild , at that ripe time in ONE SWIFT AND SINGLE SWIPE.  

   In South Kerala Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple 24 billion US dollars worth gold was unearthed in July 2011. The main vault is yet to be opened.

   Hyder Ali first lay siege to Calicut’s King Zamorin ( Samoothiri ) in 1766 . The Calicut king committed suicide for he feared he would be tortured to reveal the whereabouts of his gold vaults. Anyways Hyder Ali got entire gold kept inside the palace and after 22 years, in 1788 his son 

Tipu razed Calicut again to the ground – he came with elephants, cannons, rockets and more than 68000 soldiers, via the Sultan Batthery ghats. He renamed all the towns with Islamic names. Kozhikode became Islamabad. Today only Feroke retains the old name. Rest have all been named back to original. British changed Kozhikode again to Calicut, to hell with British once again it is back to Kozhikode. 

   Famous ancient temples looted and desecrated by Tipu Sultan as per British records were : Triprangot, Thrichembaram, Thirunavaya, Thiruvannoor, Calicut Thali, Hemambika Temple, the Jain Temple in Palghat, Mammiyur, Parambatali, Venkitangu, Pemmayanadu, Tiruvanjikulam, Terumanam, Vadakhumnnathan Temple of Trichur, Belur Siva Temple, Shri Veliyanattukava, Varakkal, Puthu, Govindapuram, Keraladhiswara, Trikkandiyur, Sukapuram, Bhagavati temple Kodungallur, Maranehei Temple of Aaalvancheiri Tambrakkal, Vengara Temple of Aranadu, Tikulam, Ramanathakra, Azhinjalam Indiannur, Mannur Narayan Kanniar and Vadukunda Siva Temple of Madai.

   The biggest loss was the 7000 year old Thirunavazha temple, along with priceless Vedic records. This temple was even older than 6000 year old Guruvayur. Tipu Sultan was prevented from destroying the Guruvayur temple by Hydrose Kutty, who told him that the 6000 year old black idol has been shifted to the Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna temple in kingdom of Travancore for safekeeping.

   After Tipu's death in 1799, the kingdom was restored to the imprisoned 5 year old boy of king Krishna Raja Wodeyar by the British and the palace shifted back to Mysore from Srirangapatnam. You may be surprised to know that more foreign tourists visit this magnificent awesome palace, than the Taj Mahal. 

   Yes-- this was my nation, rich and proud --- once upon a time, -- till the Pimps of Pepper stole everything.

   Its so unfortunate as a child of what i learned in my History books is that Tipu Sultan was a great freedom fighter who fought against the British, all the while i thought that he was a great freedom fighter but then the fact is that Tipu was a very Cruel Islamic invader during the British era and it was never thought in our history texts that he destroyed and looted Hindu temples, nevertheless Tipu was cheated from all corners by European Pimps of Pepper British and French. When Tipu was made to do the dirty work of loot, rape, murder of Temple treasure and Hindus, never had he realized that he was doing it on the part of British, he made all the inroads clear the British, later by killing him the british had the cake and eat it too.. Tipu by far is the First Muslim Invader who worked for the British.

    After Taking all the loot from Tipu's Coffers to England, Queens men English became very very rich and powerful, it left Portugal, France and the Dutch far behind. It had plenty of wealth and England became the most richest Nation in Europe more rich than Italy, having set their base in India through East India Company soon the Finance, Administration and People came under Queen's  rule. After 1799, the set laws and rules and thrust upon the kings who were their puppets by now.With this money they set out to conquer other nations as well and wherever they went they just conquered with their tried and tested formula of DIVIDE AND RULE in India. 

The Mutiny of 1857, the First War of Independence

   When the cunning British was thinking they were doing this loot for the Queen and the sake of their Motherland, like we sober Hindus, Cruel and Barbaric Moghuls, Cheaters and Murderer Portuguese ll thinking they had it their way, some one sitting behind he scene pulling the strings and watching all was monitoring England. All that Tipu had looted went directly to a German Jewish Family called ROTHSCHILD, who in a way was not only ruling and controlling the finance before England set foot in India but even the Queen of England. 

   I should be writing a separate post on Rothschild, as this German Jew Family is the reason for all of world's problem. In every war, revolution, civil war, genocide, holocaust, invasion, and Inquisition this Family has made immense profits. If you have never heard of a evil that or seen it  that sits behind the scene and controls and pulls the strings, that which is very ruthless and shall do any thing for power and money, that evil which is behind the killings of many millions all over the globe and for about 300 years the word has never seen peace the EVIL IS ROTHSCHILD...

Yeah, never heard of  You, but Not Any More!!
And Finally for the JOHN BULL.
A TOAST FOR ENGLAND.. here it goes....

QUEEN... He called you a puppet..
   It's a clear indication from the above statement by Nathan Rothschild that he was the sole owner of the British empire. Oh MY GOODNESS ME... the English, what were they up to, in my nursery days like all those meaningless, boring and useless rhymes that never made any sense, Humpty Dumpty off all suddenly made sense and much in a big way.

   England as of now is having a fall in a mighty way and they will perish like a foolish Humpty never to be put again, When the British had the last laugh after exploiting Tipu Sultan whole sale, the Rothschild kept laughing oven the John Bulls again and again wherever the set their empire.

   With no future and a very bad GDP England is having at the moment and for all for the wrong doings of their Cunning, Cruel Ancestors, the curse form multiple nations across the Globe this nation is bound to doom, leave it the John Bulls shall never understand what i mean.

Even today people believe that-

AAA) Both world wars were fought for queen and country.  Sorry, they fought  for a German Jew who wanted to careve out the state of Israel.

BBB ) India was ruled by the Queen of England. Sorry, India was ruled by the owner of British East India Company , Rothschild who controlled the money supply of the planet.

How did R get so rich ?

He grabbed Tipu Sultan’s gold in 1799 AD via British. This Gold was stolen by Tipu Sultan from North Kerala temples - basically gold of Calicut king.

1857 The Sepoy's Mutiny... The First War of Independence

   All for the revolt from an ordinary Indian Sepoy from the British Army Mangal Pandey.... 

   Rothschild family owned British East India Company and in 1857, they decided to merge with the British Empire.

  The Mangal Pande incident at the 34th native infantry Meerut. Pandey did attack his superior British officer, but due to grave provocation. Pandey was moving his lips, while reciting a Mantra silently, which was taken a display of contempt by his British officer. In court , chanting the Mantra was described and recorded as babbling in religious fervour. He insulted him, struck and treated him like a mongrel dog.

   This cased the trigger amongst Indian Sepoy's that caused revolt!  

   All this thing about the Indian sepoys revolting because of having to bite greased cartridge covered with pig and cow lard is plain bull but it was a propoganda by Rothschild's via the British who ensured that the so called Sepoy’s revolt caused by Beef and Pork lard, was given enough time to spread slowly and gradually all over India. They used communications to great effect to allow slow spread of fire from hot seat of Meerut. The Rothschild's made sure brave Sikhs and Gurkha regiments remain on their side. 

   Sikhs, Mahars of Maharashtra and Gorkhas fought against the rest of India, in this First war of Independence in 1857. 2038 white soldiers 12 field guns could NOT contain the 2357 unarmed Sepoys of Meerut!! but as fate can have it the British sided with Sikhs, Gurkhas and Mahars won the war and defeated the Moghuls, there by making British the RULERS OF INDIA. From here on the Bitish did not have to look back and decalred complete domination over India.

   Mangal Pande was from Ghazipur, where the East India Company had their largest Opium Plantaton in 1820. From 1838, the British have been arm twisting Indians into Indentured labour, slavery, raping pretty Indian women at will in far flung plantations and many horror stories of Horrible British had been tricking back to far regions of India. Moreover all seepoy's were witness to large scale looting of India's wealth. India was the richest country in the world, in the 17th century, and the British stole everything and carted it back to England AND THAT CAUSED THE MUTINY.

   British officers were accused of mindless brutality but allowed extended appeals by their Court of Law, they would never ever be punished—such was the system, and with all the powers played ball. 

   The Vellore soldiers mutiny took place on 1806, was due to this, where more than 200 British officers were killed. They had to sit though daily preachings of Christian missionaries, who wanted to convert them by hook or by crook. Punishments included making them stand under the blazing sun. The Tamilian soldiers are known to be very patient with a bad temper. British do accept the fact that the Indian sepoys were highly disciplined, loyal and docile. Yet they were treated worse than dogs.


   Meanwhile the heads of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar’s 3 sons  were presented to him on a platter by William Hodson at Khooni Dawwaza. The Emperor was imprisoned in Burma in a tiny prison. With Zaffar's death the legacy of Moghuls gets deep rooted from India forever. 

    The 1857 revolt was the excuse to annex the whole of India, with NO more pretense of princely states. The British crown merged with East Indian company soldiers of Madras, Bombay and Bengal presidencies. Well paid German Hessian merecenaries just stated pouring in by troop ships.
THE FAMOUS BACK SWINGS OF THE ROTHSCHILDS ( burn your own backyard theory ):--






   Not many people know that Rothschild inducted Bene Israel Jews as army officers and more than  55% of the British Indian army officers were Jews . We do NOT talk about the Chitpavan ( Brahmin) Jews here. 

   The likes of Lt Gen JFR Jacob , Vice Admiral BA Samson . Lt Gen RM Jacob  and Maj Gen JR Samson are well known.  All of them were sponsored by Rotshchild and blood relative Sasoon the opium traders.  

  These Bene Israel Jews ensured and witnessed decline and collapse of Peshwa regime, surrender of Gwalior, Indore and Baroda, subjugation of Gujarat, Kathiawar and Sind.  

  During the 1857 Indian war of Independence these Jews were 100% on the side of Rothschild , the owner of British East India company..

The Navy Mutiny of 1946. The real War of Independence...

  Do you really think by merely spinning a Charkha you can get Independence?? Will the so called non violence ever work with these racist, cruel, Pimps of Pepper from Europe?? Do you really think this Non Violence preacher who worked for British in South Africa fought on behalf of Independence from the British or worked as an AGENT OF BRITISH

Ghumate Raho.....

  What made the British shat on their pants that they had to leave India in Haste The Navy Mutiny of 1946, is an incident which was never heard off in our History books. Its so strange whenever the British had to bite the dust, our History Books never bothered to mention it.

The Navy Mutiny and what happened read on...

   In 1946, the Indian Navy ( Royal Navy ) revolted.  The realization dawned on the cunning immoral English, that without the Indian Navy they would be cut off from England.  This naval mutiny, was later joined by the air force, army, police and RSS cadre who convinced British that they could no longer rely upon the Indian armed forces to maintain their hold on India.

   During this period the Rothschild was busy with their plans to carry out the state of Israel, hence the British were left out on their own to defend themseves agaainst Indians fed up with their racist attitude. 

  The Navy revolt in Bombay on 18th Feb 1946, triggered a mild vibration all over India. About 1200 airmen of the Royal Indian Air Force  went on procession in support of their strike, on Februray 20 1946. Indian officers of the RIAF refused to fly out troops, and the transport units refused to ferry British troops to fight the naval ratings and the Indian officers refused to pilot planes to bomb the ships. 

  Train tracks and roads were blocked by fallen trees. All this is a sunk part of Indian history—sunk by Gandhi and Nehru.

Sir Stafford Cripps, spoke in the debate at the British House of Commons.

"…The Indian Army in India is not obeying the British officers.  We have recruited our workers for the war; they have been demobilised after the war.  They are required to repair the factories damaged by Hitler’s bombers. Moreover, they want to join their kith and kin after five and a half years of separation. Their kith and kin also want to join them. In these conditions if we have to rule India for a long time, we have to keep a permanent British army for a long time in a vast country of four hundred millions.  We have no such army, and money….”   

  Much the fact they realised that their money plant Gandhi was getting ineffective in containing freedom seeking Indians who were fed up with British rule.

   The Navy Mutiny took the feet out of the Moderates INC they never epected this kind of revolt from the Indian Armed forces. Charkha man condemned the mutiny, calling it sheer violence. He criticized the revolting Indian Navy for acting without the call of a "prepared revolutionary party" and without the "guidance and intervention" of  "political leaders of popular choice". Yes he will certainly hate it cause with the Mutiny the British run away then who will spin his Charkha.

   And Gandhi had recruited  millions of Indian soldiers for both world wars , with 111000 Indian soldiers being killed in WW1 and 243000 soldiers being killed in WW2, without memorials or honor like mules and horses. 

   Rest of the surviving battle hardened Indian soldiers, some with limbs missing,  were itching to smash the faces of the hated racist British masters to pulp.  

   This was more because their British Officers were cowards,  and they found it out the hard way..

   These poor soldiers were cannon fodder , always in the most dangerous areas. And there was NO sign of British leaving India for good, despite the promise these pimps will leave, in case Indians soldiers fight against Germans, notwithstanding Gandhi’s non-violence and Ahimsa principles.

   Somebody scrawled BRITISH DOGS QUIT INDIA  on the sea-shore training establishment for training wireless operators (HMIS TALWAR) wall, and this evoked punishments like cutting off rations, forcing the cook to dilute curry with water, so that all can be fed. BC Dutt was imprisoned on suspicion after comparing his handwriting. And this was a bit too much to swallow, this mean tactic would explode badly on their sarcastic white racist faces.

   Gandhi and Jinnah could NOT tolerate any movement in which they could not lead. However, the Communist party of India supported this movement, without reservation.

This was the first time the British policy of “divide and rule” did NOT work.  The rebels had unanimously elected  a Muslim, Leading Signalman M.S Khan and a Sikh, Petty Officer Telegraphist  Madan Singh as President and Vice-President respectively.

Gandhi furious at being sidelined, cried "A combination between Hindus and Muslims for the purpose of violent actions is unholy and will lead to and would probably be a precursor to mutual violence - bad for India and the world."

Inko bhi Ghumao.... Tera Naseeb.

Gandhi used to sleep naked with Manu, Sushila and Abha.  He himself has confessed to this, in his book "My experiments with truth".

   After the outbreak of the mutiny, the first planned move was to take possession of Butcher Island where the entire ammunition meant for Bombay Presidency was stocked, telephone and wireless equipment, including transmitters at Kirki near Pune. By this it enured that all naval ships were fully under their command.

   The Indian naval officers began calling themselves "Indian National Navy", offered left-handed salutes to British officers and completely ignored them. 

   The news of the mutiny was communicated by signals and soon at Karachi HMIS Hindustan along with one more ship and three shore establishments, went on a lightning strike. The strikes spread like wild fire to military establishments in Madras, Vishakhapatnam, Calcutta, Delhi, Cochin, Jamnagar, the Andamans, Bahrain and Aden. Seventy eight Naval ships and 20 shore Naval establishments were affected.

   Just twelve days before the Indian Navy Mutiny ( which started on 18th Feb 1946 ),  600 members, including officers of the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF) camp situated close by on Bombay Marine Drive went on a hunger strike as a protest against a racial insult by the Camp Commander.

The Viceroy of India, General Wavell, held the RAF men guilty. Referring to the naval mutinies, he wrote, "I am afraid that the example of the Royal Air Force, who got away with what was really mutiny, has some responsibility for the present situation".

   On the quiet morning of February 26, 1946, some 120 army men of the Signals Training Centre, Jabalpur, defied their British superiors and broke free from their barracks, as an aftermath of the naval mutiny.  Part of a radio signalling unit, who were sick and tired of the racist abuse heaped on them by pathetic British counterparts. The jabalpur Mutiny was something they took for granted for they never thaought them to revolt for the Indian Army loyalty.

  The Naval mutiny was officially recognised as part of the freedom struggle by the government of India.  The men were allowed to serve in the navy of independent India and retire with full pensionary benefits, pay and allowances.  What's more, they were awarded special freedom fighter's pensions.  

   All that the mutineers of Jabalpur received for their efforts was a vicious bayonet charge, rigorous imprisonment and dismissal without benefits.  Even today we find old and desparately poor Jabalpur  army men inquiring on the Internet, if it is possible to get a pension.

   Meanwhile, one of the survivors of the mutiny, Lance Naik Neelakantan Nair, went to the Kerala High Court seeking directions to the MHA.  In July 2003, the court directed the MHA and the state government to look into the matter and report back in six months.  But nothing came of it.  Finally, in a letter dated February 14, 2003 (No 8/2/2003-FF-P), the MHA stated that the issue of granting freedom fighter status to the mutineers had been "considered and it has been decided at the level of the home minister that they cannot be treated as freedom fighters."  

   Ironically, the naval mutineers were also radio men just like the ones in Jabalpur.  So why did the British hush up the Jabalpur army men’s  mutiny?  They feared trouble if the news of the revolt spread to other army units across British India.  A year later, as independent India finally became a reality, the brave men of Jabalpur became a footnote in the forgotten records of the Corps of Signals.  

   Seeing the Jabalpur and the navy mutiny of Bombay together, the British were worrying about the probability of a larger insurrection, and literally getting fried for their past racial excesses . When the men of the Jabalpur company stood in defiance, they made history— this was the first and only major instance of Indian army regulars challenging the British. The steadfast loyalty of the British Indian army , was considered the backbone of British rule in India.

   The Jabalpur mutiny, left a long deep irreversible impact on the British. The then commander-in-chief of the British Indian army, Gen Sir Claude Auchinleck, sent several secret cables back to London, discussing a quick transfer of power from British hands to the Indians.  

   No army, no navy, no airforce, no communications, with police joining the strike was something the British never ever expected. 

Even the ever loyal  Gurkhas had refused to fire on striking sailors.

So how did the Indian Navy mutiny shake up the foundations of the British empire?

   An annoyed Sardar Vallabhai Patel  summoned the ring leader  Petty Officer Telegraphist  Madan Singh in a flat at Bombay and literally shouted at him and demanded that he stop the mutiny. Cutting no ice, then  Jawaharlal Nehru called Madan to his brother-in-law Huthee Singh’s flat and tried sweet talk and cajoling . 

The typical good man bad man psychology.  

   Nehru lays the honey thick "Agar main bhi aap ki jagah hota to main bhi jazbaat mein beh jaata".  Nehru assured that there would be no victimization, if the mutiny stopped and the culprits surrendered. Madan made it clear that the Navy will  surrender only to Indian national leaders and not to the British authorities.  Despite Nehru’s assurances , hundreds of Navy ratings  were dismissed on the spot.  

   Patel issued a statement calling on the strikers to end their action, which was later echoed by a statement issued in Calcutta by Mohammed Ali Jinnah on behalf of the Muslim League. Under these considerable pressures,  the strikers gave way. British airplanes wree making show of strength low flights. Their naval ships from Ceylon manned with Canadians, Aussies and New Zealanders arrived at the Gate way of Bombay.

   Despite assurances from Nehru and Jinnah widespread arrests were made by the British. Madan Singh himself was placed in solitary confinement for three and a half months. There were several unilateral court martials. None of those dismissed were reinstated into either the Indian or Pakistani navies after independence.

   The Navymen had the wireless system under their control.  They were able to  win over almost all the 70 ships and all the 20 seashore establishments.  They had secured control over the civilian telephone exchange, the cable network and, above all, over the transmission centre at Kirkee manned by the Navy, which was the channel of communication between the Indian Government and the British.

   Hundreds were killed , all this was hushed up Most of this happened when British tanks tried  to smah through  the barricades put up by civilians.  Besides, there were some casualties even among us as a result of an exchange of fire between Indians and white British troops .  

   On February 20 and 21, The navy men gave a call for a general strike which evoked  tremendous public response. It was perceived as a challenge to the Queen’s  authority.  Widespread rioting took place from Karachi to Calcutta, as the police did NOT report for work ..

   In Karachi, revolt broke out on board the Royal Indian Navy ship, HMIS Hindustan off Manora Island. The ship, as well as shore establishments were taken over by mutineers. Later, it spread to the HMIS Bahadur. The next day, ratings from Castle and Fort Barracks in Bombay, joined in the revolt when rumours  spread that HMIS Talwar's ratings had been fired upon.

   Several Indian low rank naval officers who opposed the strike and sided with the British were thrown off the ship by ratings.  Soon, the mutineers ratings were joined by thousands of disgruntled naval ratings from Bombay, Karachi, Cochin and Vizag.  Communication between the various mutinies was maintained through the wireless communication sets available in HMIS Talwar.  Thus, the entire revolt was coordinated in a marvelous manner .  

   The strike initiated by the naval ratings soon took serious proportions.  Hundreds of strikers from the sloops, minesweepers and shore establishments in Bombay demonstrated  near VT .  British personnel of the Defence forces were singled out for attacks by the strikers who were armed with steel rods, hammers and even hockey sticks. 

   The white Christian man first came as missionaries and traders , and then they took over by sheer cunning and dishonourable deceit.  They had killed millions of Indians- unrecorded and unsung. 

   Indian soldiers causalities in both World Wars were recorded as white British soldier deaths. No memorials were made for the brave Indians soldiers. The 2nd World War showed the true worth of the white English speaking soldiers – THEY WERE COWARDS. Indian soldiers had seen for themselves how a large and well armed British force capitulated like pussies - to the lesser Japanese forces at Singapore and Burma. The Indian soldiers saw that these English speaking white men lacked the guts to spill their own blood in combat.

   On the morning of February 21, 1946 the white guards opened fire at the Indian ratings trying to escape from the castle Barracks and this transformed a peaceful mutiny into a violent armed uprising. By this time the Strike Committee shifted command to the RIN flagship Narba . The ratings in Calcutta, Madras, Karachi  Vizag and other naval centres , also went on strike with the slogans "Strike for Bombay", "Release 11,000 INA prisoners" and "Jai Hind".

   After regiments of the British army were deployed against the civilians in Bombay on February 22 and 23 1946, the number of people killed rose above 300.  All rebel ships manned guns, raised steam and began to hoot on the ship’s whistle their intention of defending their comrades on shore. The sheer noise which could be heard for miles around , unnerved all the British.

   But this was a mutiny that received unprecedented passionate public support.  They mutiny leaders had monopoly over the wireless communication sets and guns available in Mumbai and most other places. Thus, the entire revolt was coordinated.

   By this time, all the armouries of the ships and establishments had been seized by the striking naval ratings.  The deck and engine hands,  stewards, cooks and wireless operators of the striking ship armed themselves with whatever weapon was available to resist the British destroyers that had sailed from Colombo and Trincomalee in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).  In Madras and Pune, the Indians in British army garrisons went on strike..  

   Even the burhka-clad women of Bhendi Bazaar and Dongri ,  joined in the agitation throwing hot water and  pans, from the roof tops,  at the white British soldiers who were called out to patrol the streets for a show of strength.  These same women showered flowers on the Indian muntineers and public who were resisting.  

BLPI members Prabhakar More and Lakshman Jadhav led 3 lakhs of unionized textile mill workers out on strike. 

   The other navy rating members chosen in the mutiny leadership committee , were Leading Signaller Bedi Basant Singh, S.C. Sen Gupta, Chief Petty Officer, School Master Nawaz, Leading Seaman Ashraf Khan, Able Stoker Gomez and Mohammad Hussain.

   More than 35,000 people, Hindus and Muslims—gathered at Idgah defying Section 144 which had been imposed by the authorities. To disperse the crowd, the police resorted to firing.  More than 50 were  wounded. 120,000 people at Calcutta on the call of the CPI joined the strike. It continued till the 25th Feb 1946, when the British with their full armed might surrounded them, many were killed and wounded.  Almost all Indian cities witnessed hartals.

   The negotiations moved fast, keeping in view the extreme sensitivity of the situation and on the fourth day 22nd Feb 1946,  most of the demands of the strikers were conceded in principle. On February 23, leading seaman M S Khan, president of the Naval Central Strike Committee, announced: “Our strike has been a historic event in the life of our nation. For the first time the blood of the men in the services and the people flowed together in a common cause. We will never forget this. Jai Hind!”

   At 0600 hrs on February 24, 1946 white flags were raised from the decks of all ships to announce surrender.  In its last session the strike committee passed a resolution which stated, "Our uprising was an important historical event in the lives of our people. For the first time the blood of uniformed and non-uniformed workers flowed in one current for the same collective cause. We the workers in uniform shall never forget this. We also know that you, our proletarian brothers and sisters shall also never forget this. The coming generations, learning its lessons shall accomplish what we have not been able to achieve. Long live the working masses. Long live the Revolution".

   Two aspects stood out in the eyes of the British. One was that the participants were sailors who in general were much more educated than the average gullible illiterate recruit in to the British Indian Army.  Secondly, the ring-leaders were from the Telegraphists Branch, who again were more educated and intelligent than the average navey men.  And the Telegraphists used their trade to effectively spread their message (like a wild fire).  

   Without the Royal navy they were cut off from England. Indians in the Armed forces were no longer trust worthy. The Navy mutiny, that no one since Independence heard of ( till the Internet age ) did to the British colonization, what no other action including Quit India movement could have done in the long struggle of 250 years.

To hell with Gandhi , his Ahimsa and his non- fuckin' -violence.





Today India’s navy , 4th largest on the planet, is more powerful than England’s .  If England ever makes a misadventure (like Falklands)  in India ever again , they will be a severe price to pay.

(Note: Excerpted from Captain Ajit Vadakayil Blogs)

   When i read the Navy Mutiny for the first time, it gave me such rude shock, this was so impossible for me to believe that a demeanor people from the west could rule us for more than 300 years. Its such a matter of shame that these ridiculous characters with no dignity could take advantage of our Innocence, Loyalty, gratitude and treat us like dirts. These people still ridicule us calling us Black Dogs, Appu,  Snake Charmers, when what they dont realize the fact is that its because of we Indian working on white collared profession is still contributing to their nations progress and yet even now they show their racist mindset.


  Yes they looted us, this is the fact, yes our kings were fooled, yes they made us poor and saw to it that we remain poor for ever. In their loot they have taken away many million tonnes of gold and other valuables from India, but if instead along with it had these Racist Nation had ever taken a Kilo of Humanity, Virtue, Gratitude, Kindness, Good Mannerism  and Humble way of living i guess this Nation England would have been a Peaceful nation, but thats not bond to be they were a Mere Pawn in the Game and who's the player? YES YOU GUESSED IT, RIGHT It's THE ROTHSCHILD...

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You....

Jayan Divakaran.

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