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Houseful tips for a Healthy Living...

  The world has moved on... we are in the 21st century. A++s we have moved on to an independent nation from the cruel clutch of immoral British, we moved on.

   From an Undivided family to a nuclear Family with a phenomenal change in our culture, tradition and customs. The Women of our nation has to adjust herself all through the hectic lifestyle of the Cosmopolitan and other developing cities of our nation.

   About hundred years from now we lived in a close knit family where all lived in one big house, shared incomes and expenditure amongst each other equally, the elders in the house stood as moral who held the family together they gave guidance about how to lead peaceful and harmonious life, hence all lived a peaceful an healthy life, lived longer without any disease or mental distress.

   After Independence with technological revolution times changed by with modernization, women of now has become more capable and independent as they are capable of taking care of them self and their family alike, a lot of responsibility have been added to her life as she not only has to manage her household chores which is no less than a managers task as she has to play the role of a economist as Inflation has become a chronic mess in our society, followed by attending to her husband's need, taking care of her children right school to college is a Herculean task in itself. Apart from this she has to keep check of her health and also her family, the most disturbing fact is the our health is  deteriorated gradually year after year with air, earth and water pollution. The quality of our food keeps deteriorating with chemical GMO foods we are falling prey to Greedy Doctors and Evil Pharma Sector that by the time we reach our middle age we spend our hard earned money on pharma drugs that saps each and every penny in a jiffy.

    More difficult is the task of working women, where she has to handle not only her family but work pressure too. Our family life has become too nuclear in city as we are used to living in concrete jungle, work 9 to 5 traveling in crowded buses and trains, where the city air pollution is far below standards is taking a lot of toll on our health. 

  With less trees when fully grown ups are mindlessly axed by government over development issues and increase in rise of temperature every year due to global warming our life is becoming increasingly difficult and it seems there is no respite.

   So how do we live a better life in this fast rapid world. A healthy and peaceful life that can do us and our family a world of good:

  Health is wealth, our nation is blessed with Ayurveda, There were three stalwarts who are still an inspiration for Ayurvedic practitioners even today they were Maharishi Sushurta, Charaka and Vagahatta. 

  Maharishi Sushruta, son of great Bramharishi Vishwamitra was a pioneer in the field of surgery, he did operations that we know as plastic surgery many millenniums back and its his student Maharishi Charaka who assisted him in the field of surgery. Maharishi Charaka was a man from a low cast and as he gained knowledge from his Guru Sushruta who was a prince gave medicine made from medicinal herbs, when Suushruta and Charaka went to the extremes in the science of Ayurveda where medical expertise however in Maharishi Vagabhatta a super genius who unlike his predecessors kept his study and research so simple which can be easily followed by anyone and taking such simple steps can prevent you from chronic disease, keep you away from dangerous pharmaceutical drugs pay rich dividends.

   The great Maharishi Vagabhatta a Brahma whose Guru was Charaka born to a low cast, was of the firm belief that the cure for 80 to 90% of the disease came from your kitchen only by using spices from Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Onions, Cloves, fruits vegetables all have medicinal properties and by using it with the right dosage and quantity helped you in curing many complicated disease as well improve you immunity system that worked as a prevention from many ailing disease. 

Certain changes in your Kitchen can do a world of good to you and your family...

Tip One: 

   A simple exercise like Surya Namaskar of Maharshi Patanali was one of the most simplest and best exercise ever known to man kind.It has many a benefits, a woman practicing this exercise will never suffer from Breast Cancer or other disease. Please click on the link below to know more....

   While doing the Surya Namaskar, please give time to your body to get adjusted to the various postures in this Exercise. It shall take time but only perform it once your body becomes flexible you will know the wonder of this exercise.

Tip Two:

I am not taking you to medevil era...

   In the world of technology, we have given every thing machine, in the Kitchen we have Grinders, Washing Machine, Fridge which no doubt consumes less of time and we are so much used to it that we could not even think of loosing it for a moment. We have seen it or at least heard about it but the generation of now has no clue that our ancestors used stone grinders for their house hold chores  

     Yes it might come as a surprise to you, but have you ever wondered that this device was used since time immemorial all over the world for making flour out of rice and wheat grains. This hand made machine was designed by our maharishis for the benefit of man kind as working on this stone proved two benefits. The device worked by putting small quantity of grain in the hole of the stone crushers and then it was made to rotate with either using one hand or both the hands. 

   A normal stone crusher could weigh roughly between 15 to 20 Kg. The bottom rock would remain still and the above one would rotate on it as the wheat or rice grain is put in side the orifice it would get crushed with the friction between two stones. 

   There are several advantage to stone grinned wheat flour. The endosperm (wheat Starch), bran (wheat Fiber) and germ (Wheat Oil) remain in their natural and original proportions when the stone is grinded manually in a gentle pace the wheat germ is not exposed to excessive temperature, the heat causes fat from the germ portion to oxidize and become rancid and as a result much of the vitamins is destroyed, the temperatures attained in a machine mill stone chakki, produced by friction, are of the order of 110-125 deg C. At such high temperatures, the carotenes present in the bran tend to exude the characteristic roasty smell. 

   Grinding on a Manual Stone Grinder (Chakki) is not only gives out healthy wheat flour but the main advantage of Stone Chakki is that its a great tool for exercise, yes have you wondered how much money you have to spend in the gym to get of that excess fat from your tummy, you spend a lot of time on treadmill, bull worker etc, you get unsatisfactory results as the excess fat stay on many feel dejected and lave hope of burning their fats.

  Working on Stone Chakki is the best exercise for your stomach. the moment you sit on the ground in Padmasana pose or the way you see in the image above, as you rotate the wheel the first impact of the action happens on your stomach. As you keep rotating it the fat in your stomach and hip area starts burning to a good effect. Our women folks used this device and hence they had a strong body, they never suffered from Menstrual problems. It is found that pregnant females who have used it never had medical complications had natural delivery giving birth to a health baby. 

   Women using Stone Chakki never had problems like diabetes, blood pressure or PMS syndrome. They also do not have excess fat in their body and are capable of maintaining a well shaped body as per their desire, not only females but male with excess body weight can also use it. The benefit of this device is that it will take away your excess fat and along with it provide you healthy wheat flour too. Rotti or Chappati made from this flur tastes much better that what we get from a machine mill.

   In this hectic lifestyle its very natural to think that we dont have time and we will not even get it, but the beauty of this device is that it can be used any time unlike gym where you have a fixed time and you can use it at least once or twice in a month during your holiday of if you have time. You can start by grinding 1 kg and gradually increase it as you get tuned to it. Wont it be better instead of wasting thousands of money in a Gymnasium better to buy one from a stone worker and this will stay with you for the rest of your life and be used by your family members too.

Masala Stone Crusher.

   Above is a stone crushers used mainly in South India, again using this stone crusher has a impact on the stomach. Please remember Maharishi Vagabhatta always said that if your stomach is in good shape then you have a good health. All these stone devices was a great boon to the females of India hence we never seen old females having Sex related disease and PMS problems which is very common nowadays. So if you indeed wish to reduce your body weight and free yourself from Blood pressure and diabetes then i recommend you to use it. Yes you have electric grinder but you can use this stone chakki as an alternative as and when you have time.

   For the layman, give time to adjust yourself will be difficult in the initial stage as the stone is heavy to move around, don't give up think as if you are doing a exercise. 

Tip Three:


   In Ashtanga Hridayam, Maharishi Vagabhatta has suggested that food can be cooked in Earthen, Copper, Brass, Steel, and Iron.

    Of these he has given prime importance to Earthen Cook ware, Our ancestors have been cooking food only in earthen cookware and that was the reason they were healthy and lived long. When we use earthen cookware the minerals of the earth gets into the food and these are much essential for our body. 

    I am using earthen cookware, initially due to inexperience a lot of them got broken this is due high flame from the LPG which the pot is not able to sustain develops cracks and get broken, the other disadvantage is that its clay and can get broken too. But believe me once you cook food you will simply love the taste of your food.

    The other good advantage of using earthen pot is that it consume much less fuel than other cookware, sounds strange though but as you keep it on the flame it will take time to heat up unlike other metal cookware which heats up rapidly, the earthen cookware stores the heat for a long time. 

    Suppose you have to cook rice, it will take a long time to boil but once it reaches the boiling point you can decrease the flame of your burner and you shall see that the rice is still boiling. This requires some practice though but you will see how it saves you fuel expense. The other great advantage of using eathern cookware is that it keeps the nutritional value of the food you cook in it intact. This is not possible in any other cookware other than Earthen cookware.

   Your Chapattis and Roti's would never taste any better ever if you cook it on a earthen pan or tawa. Just try it with the flour you grind on a stone chakki and get it baked on a earthen tawa, you shall know what flavor is.

    After earthen cookware, Vagabhatta said that Iron is better this is followed by brass, copper and steel. 

    Though brass is a far better cookware compared to copper, in brass the food not only cooks well but even the food does not stick if your food gets over cooked. Its a best cookware when it comes to metals, because iron gets prone to corrosion and copper gets black with oxidization. Steel is a neutral metal, as its slightly cheaper than brass. If you have to cook some thing sweet like Payasam, kheer or sweets, Copper is the best metal.

     Nowadays in the market we only fond nonstick cookware which comes with a chemical coating, the manufacturer says that its is a oil less nonstick cookware where you food dont stick and it helps save your fuel. 


    This chemical coating is a film that slowly gets corroded and it gets mixed with the food when you cook. this chemical coating gets in your stomach and this makes you diseased. It becomes toxic and created free radicals that can cause cancer. So please if you love your family do not cook food on non stick cookware. Yes the market is flooded with nonstick cookwares many scientist and companies will claim and make you believe that these nonstick cookware is safe and better for your family, but think about this as you use this within a year or two you will see the coating film is gone then you have to but the same again and again and again. if you buy a brass of a Steel cookware you dont have to buy it again and again, it will remain for a lifetime. If the food is sticking so be it at least be assured that your health is safe.

    The other problem is use of Aluminium utensils, our ancestors where masters of metallurgy  they knew metals that could be found beneath the ground, India has plenty of aluminium ore and our ancestors never used it cause they knew this metal is not good for health. Hence they always used brass or Iron etc. Nowadays our market is flooded with aluminium utensils as it is cheap compared to rest. Do you know if you cook food in this then you get prone to respiratory disease, which is why there is a rise in asthma cases in India. Prolonged use of this metal will weaken you immunity system and make you unhealthy. Aluminium was introduced in India by Immoral, Racist British. They deliberately made food in aluminium utensils so that they can become weak and unhealthy. Now in every tea stall you shall find tea (slow poison) being made in aluminium utensils even at home, just imagine how you aggravate you health with this toxic metal.

   Hence a humble request, please decide to change your cookware if you are using aluminium or non stick cookware as early as possible and replace it with earthen, brass, iron or steel. Even ceramic cookware is a very good option as it is very durable and healthy and is a non stick cookware too. The price of ceramic cookware is expensive as compared to the rest. 

    Secondly, there are certain cookware like nonstick which is basically a aluminium metal with a black chemical foam coated on top of it which is dangerous for our health, and there are certain utensils which are copper plated or brass plated etc. even these utensils are not good as they are made of impure quality, so please buy a genuine one even if its expensive.

Tip Four:

    Use Earthen pot for drinking water.
    If you are done with filtering your water then please store it in a earthen pot and use this water. The water in the earthen pot will remain cooler than the room temperature by 5 to 7 degrees and as the water when stored in the earthen pot gets all the nutritional elements of earth and this water when consumed has a multiple benefits for your body. The water sored in earthen mud pots also known as 'Matka' in Hindi is always cool, sweat and has a earthy taste.

   Have you ever had a drink of cool refreshing water from a ‘matka‘ or earthen clay pot placed outside? 

    Surprisingly enough, the pots are exposed to blazing sunlight, yet the water within stays so cool. How is that possible?

    This is because of a physical process known as evaporation. When a liquid changes to a gaseous (or vapour) state without boiling, it is known as evaporation.

   A matka is made of mud and has many minute pores (extremely small holes). No matter how tightly you pack the mud, these pores remain. It is through these pores that the water, placed inside the matka, oozes out. Now, to evaporate, the water needs to absorb heat, which will change it to vapour.

   The only way the water oozing out of the matka can turn to vapour is by absorbing heat from the liquid within the matka and the matka itself. Due to this process of continuous absorption of heat from the water inside the matka, in a few hours, this water becomes cool.

   Glass and metal do not have any pores. So the water placed inside glass and metal vessels cannot seep out and evaporate. Therefore, the water inside remains hot.

    You know, an adult marching through a desert may sweat up to 10 litres of water a day! A person may lose a lot of body salt through the sweat if he perspires too much. This can result in painful cramps, especially if he drinks water without adding salt to it.

   That is why you must remember to drink about about 4 to 5 glasses of water before going out on a hot afternoon.

    After earthen pot, the next best source of string water is copper vessel followed by brass and steel is a neutral metal. Never store water in an Aluminium Pot and never ever in plastic bottle. If plastic bottle is exposed to sunlight the plastic will emit toxins in water and this water will cause cancer, hence do not buy distilled mineral water in plastic pearl pet bottles. Also dont store water in Refrigerator as it reduces the temperature of water and a cold water is very bad for stomach. As you drink refrigerated water the cold water will instantly cool your stomach. Your stomach requires certain warmth to keep it activated if it becomes cool it will drive blood from all parts of your body in order to get warm, hence it will effect your blood circulation badly causing a low or high Blood Pressure. So please do not drink such water and never with ice. Iced water is main reason for constipation.

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Tip Five:

Edible Oil.

    India is the only nation in the world where we have a wide variety of food compared to any nation be that Steamed, Roasted, Marinated, Baked, Boiled, Fired, Deep Fried. Our food is the most hygienic, nutritious and most healthy. Oil play a major factor as majority of our food required oil and its used in small or large quantity depending on the food you prepare. Most of the Food is cooked at high temperature in excess of 100 degrees and Oil play a very significant role in our health.

   If the oil is of Impure quality then it will create serious health issues from cholesterol built up to obesity and heart attack. If an example has to be give then in Kerala about 80 to 100 years from now now one had ever heard of heart attack as our grand parents used to cook food in healthy Coconut oil. After independence with greedy politician taking over, one fine day they declared that Coconut Oil is bad for health and it should be replaced with Palm oil, soon the government started to import this useless Oil from abroad resulting. sooner people became ill and number of heart related disease in Kerala increased manifold year after year. Greedy Doctors and Evil Pharma made millions with due to introduction of Palm Oil in Kerala.

Please click the link to know more:

    If we go to any super store or a grocery store we find only refined oil, there are plenty of Oil Companies show advertisement that refined oil is much better for health, that it reduces cholesterol, it has less fat, let me tell you all this is advertisement give us false information and refined oil is not GOOD but VERY VERY BAD for health. When Oil Firms refine the oil they get the opportunity to produce more oil by adding impurities in it and get better margins in this bargain we loose our health and hence we see rise in heart attack cases in India. 

    A natural oil is where the source could be coconut, mustard, groundnut etc are crushed raw and the oil is extracted out of it. The oil might have a strong smell but that is how it should be the more natural the oil the more better it shall be for your health. You will only be able to get such oil in loose from a trusted shop keeper who sells it. None of the oil companies will give you a pure oil as it will have some impurities in it. All you can do is never buy refined oil and select original oil extract even it costs more. 

   Olive Oil is very costly, but this oil is not meant for Indian foods as we use high flame for cooking and in deep fry and fried foods, olive oil is meant for salads and low flame cooking. If we heat olive oil at high temperature it will create free radicals and this if consumed will cause cancer. 

   And please keep away from GMO oil and Soya Bean Oil...

Tip Six:

Replace Sugar with Jaggery.

    Sugar is a poison and the main reason why your boy is suffering from many chronic disease, please replace this white poison with Sugar, the sooner you o it the better for you and your family.

Please click link to know more:

Tip Seven:


    The table salt we get from market of TATA or Captain Cook also known as iodized salt is not at all healthy as it is a processed salt and comes with many disadvantages. If you are health conscious the please replace it today itself with Sea Salt which is cheaper than than salt made by CORPORATIONS. Shun away table salt and use pink salt, and see how blood pressure improves.

   The best salt available and which can make you healthy is the Pink salt which comes from the mountains of Himalayas. This is also called Pahadi Namak else Upvas ka Namak in Hindi. 

To know more please click on the link:
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Tip Eight:


   What is more tragic of all is the fact that our market is flooded with Toxic A1 milk, which i the main reason for medical complications found in Women in India. 

   A2 milk sold by government and Corporates alike is milk we get from European and Holstein Hybrid Cows in India. Its so Ironing that in India we Indians have to drink this useless and Toxic milk, while the west is drinking safe and healthy A2 milk from the Our very own Vedic Indian Breed (desi)Cows. 

   I have traveled all parts of Mumbai to get desi cow milk, i could not get it. Milk men dont sell them any more, you will get buffalo milk apart from it forget Indian desi cow's milk. 

   Consumption of A2 Cow's milk will cause PMS syndrome and Breast cancer in Females, and its a big health risk for infants.

To know more on this please click on the link below:


Tip Nine

Ozone Generator

    If you care to sanitize you room, keep it clean from harmful virus that causes fever and infection. If you are interested to use chlorine free water, and like to use oxygenated live water, If your toilet room is very stinky, else your drawing room is having bad Odour. Then Ozone generator is the solution.

   Ozone is a multipurpose miracle gas. To know more about it please click on the link:

OZONE: A Multipurpose Miracle Gas. Protect Yourself from Ebola. 

Tip Ten

Negative Ionization Generators

     In metropolitan cities with concrete jungle and bad climatic condition and bad quality of air, moreover with Mobile cellphone towers from various companies sending high radiation signals 24 hours a day is taking toll on out mental and physical health.

     A Negative Ionization generator in your home will do wonderful benefits to your health. Its very effective in people with Asthma problems.  For you children using Negative inonisers in the study room it will improve their power of concentration, your child will become more creative and attentive in his studies.

     A negative Ionization generators calms your Blood Pressure levels and stabilize the blood circulation. Its an effective room cleaner as it nullifies dust in your room clean and improves quality of air in your room.

     Its a well researched fact that people using negative ionisers have a healthy life, they seldom have Blood pressure problems, are very active, work with effective enthusiasm, and have a positive attitude. Negative Ionization generators is a must for schools and college, Office and Work out area too. I recommend this a must buy for every household for a healthy happy family.

Tip Eleven

Methi (Fenugreek) Seeds: WOMAN'S BEST FRIEND.

There is a saying--if a food is bitter and bad tasting it is good for health. While is a food is very tasty it is bad for health. Methi seeds is very bitter in its original form. 

It's very effective in preventing PMS syndrome of women folk. The seeds are good for lactating mothers and to ease child birth. 

Benefits of Fenugreek seeds are as below:-

  • Relieves menstrual cramps and regulates menopausal symptoms.
  • Pregnant females after delivering her baby should consume it immediatly to heal her vaginal wounds and eliminate toxins. Methi seeds increases volume of milk for the newborn more than three fold within 48 hours.
  • Reduces Bad Cholestrol.
  • Lowers blood sugar level and treating type 1 and 2 diabetes. Improves Glucose metabolism.
  • Good for treating heartburn and acid reflux after a binge of overeating rich foods.
  • Induce natural child birth and to ease child birth to avoid Cesarean.  Indian women have natural childbirth.
  • Prevent painful arthritis. The leaves of Fenugreek as a soup is equally effective.
  • Improves digestion, metabolism for over weights. It has lot of soluble fibre. 
  • Reduces fatty tissues, Relieves flatulence.
  • Prevent falling hair and baldness. People use it as a poultice on the head. Women grow beautiful hair. Kerala Ayurvedic hair oils have uluva oil in it. Women use it as a hair conditioner, mixed with curd.
  • Prevents liver damage.
  • Anti-microbial, Anti-parasitic and Anti-inflammatory.
  • Prevents Ulcer as it contains lot of slippery mucilage, which coats the stomach and intestine. reduces risk of colon cancer.
  • Strong anti-oxidant which can prevent cancer and fortify the immune system.
  • Purifies blood.
  • Prevents heart attack as it thins blood and prevents abnormal clotting.
  • Prevents respiratory problems like bronchitis, sore throats, pneumonia, common colds ( that is why in Kerala people take it in monsoons ) , asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, tuberculosis etc. Expectorant for lungs. Such is the super anti-oxidant action.
  • Natural treatment for kidney , prevent kidney stones and gall bladder problems.
  • Removes Pimples, wrinkles, dryness of face, Relieve diarrhoea.
  • Anti Alzheimer disease due to CHOLINE.Choline is the ONLY cure for Alzheimer's. Ever wondered why Indians rarely have Alzheimer's.
  • For Hernia and Testicular Pains. A Natural Diuretic.

    All one must do is before u sleep take a handful of Methi (fenugreek) seeds and soak it in a galss of water, as you get up drink this water and eat the soaked seeds. It will address many of your health issues. Methi leves are very vital for our health as it contains lots of fiber, in India many foods are made with Methi leaves.

Tip Twelve:

   Cinnamon: The best Bad Cholesterol Remover.

     Good News for those who are overweight, Obese and people who suffer from Cholesterol related disease. Cinnamon or Dalchini as is known in Hindi is the best for your health. 

   People in Egypt used used to chew this spice how Hilly billy Yanks ate chewing gum. Cinnamon has many advantages and health benefits. Cinnamon is the most favored spice used in every recipes in India. It adds flavour to your food and with it improves your health. Using powdered Cinnamon is more effective.

Here are some benefits of Cinnamon:

  • Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-clotting agent.
  • Therapeutically it is used for colds, flatulence, digestive disorders, painful menstruation.
  • Improves energy, vitality and circulation and hence particularly useful for people who tend to feel hot in the upper body but have cold feet.
  • Improves energy, vitality and circulation and hence particularly useful for people who tend to feel hot in the upper body but have cold feet.
  • Removes bad breath, headache, acne, induces natural birth control, goof for arthritic pain.
  • Chinese used it for treating diarrhoea and kidney stones 5000 years ago.
  • The Egyptians used it as an embalming agent.
  • Rich in Iron Content, is good for anaemia especially vegetarians. 1teaspoon of the powder contains 1mg. of Iron
  • The calcium content in it makes it good for bones too.1 teaspoon of the powder contains 28 mg of calcium.
  • A good way to start the day is with cinnamon tea—just ½ teaspoon of cinnamon for a cup of tea
  • A word of caution: —Cinnamon powder should not be therapeutically used for long periods.
Tip Thirteen

Sleep Position

       Sleep is on of the most essential requirement of your body, a sound sleep ensures healthy life. A good sleep refreshes your mind and activates your body organs to function properly. A bad sleep also known as sleep disorder can cause havoc to your mental and physical health. 

    In this age of Hectic lifestyle where its very common to every person to suffer from depression and when it happens it's certain that a good sleep is a remote possibility, people resort to sleeping pills and psychological treatment only for a better sleep. Even in the age of cut throat competition and high expectation not to mention work pressure, work load, late night parties, watching useless T.V serials, late night working on the laptop we sacrifice our health completely and in the bargain we loose our sleep.

   If you want a good sleep, all you have to do is change your sleep position. For this you shall require a Mariners compass and look for the North, South and East, West coordinates. Set your cot to North South direction with the head of the cot facing south. Sleep in this position with your head to the south and feet to north. See how you sleep instantly, what's more if your sleep in this position you shall never have broken sleep, as sleep disorder is more common than late sleeping, the next day you will have a refreshed mind with and you shall feel more active and satisfied with your sleep. 

    Sleep disorder is a big problem with obese people, if they sleep in this position it will help them overcome this problem. 

    Other position can be east south but North South is the best, there is no rocket science behind this, as we know that Mother Earth is a Magnet, it has a North and South Pole, same way out body is also a magnet with head as north as our feet as south pole. As you know that opposite poles attract and same repels, this is why we must place out head to the south and feet north while sleeping, we get in tune to the gravity of the planet while sleeping, it improves our blood circulation which helps us to over come sleeping disorders. Sleeping disorders mainly happen due to stress and it can happen due to personal or professional reasons though, even dreaming while sleeping is a part of sleeping disorder. Never ever sleep with you head in North and feet in south, you will have a very bad health, if you have to know then sleep in with your head in south for 6 days and the next day sleep with your head in north, and see the difference for yourself.

    A sound sleep is when you dont see any dreams, or wake op with a nightmare. A sound sleep is when your mind is not functioning at all that you are not able to hear outside noise. A sound sleep is specifically a routine set in your body that you will sleep exactly at the said time and wake up at the specific time every day. If you are in this routine rest assured you are having a good health. 

    And sleeping in a south north position will certainly help you in achieving the desired sleep. Best of luck......


    Snoring is also a part of sleep disorder as you are not breathing well while sleeping, though the person is sleeping well but it's an obvious nuisance for their life partner. If this is a chronic problem then dont worry, simply apply two drops of ghee (Clarified Butter) in each of your nostrils. It will clear blockage and snoring will vanish.

     For a better sleep i recommend to use negative ionizers. 


    Certainly an external problem of sleep disorder, this small insect has killed millions of people with Malaria, Dengue, Chikunguniya. Its very irritating when you are about to sleep and this flying insect disturbs you with it's bite. 

    Many corporates made millions by selling mosquito repellents, coils etc but not to much effect. Well using mosquito nets is one best way but if your paint your bedroom with Indigo colour then mosquito will seldom bite us cause they have colour blindness hence it becomes difficult for them to find their targets. You can also use Indigo coloured night lamps else a bed sheet with indigo colour will also do. 

   Nowadays we get blue led light strips on electrical store use it and have a mosquito free sleep.
Tip Fourteen

Water a wonder medicine

     Do you know that 5 to 6 glasses of water early in the morning will do wonders to your health. Drinking water early in the morning as you wake up is the best thing your could ever do to your body.

    Our body is primarily made of water...

   So if our body has majority water then its only through water we can cure ourselves. The only way of flushing out all toxins and impurite in the form of bad cholesterol and excess body fats is through water itself. Since all body parts are made of water its only through water we can not only clean it but also activate out body organs and make them to function properly.


   Yes, and its very much possible, i was overweight by 15 Kg now in one and half month only by consuming water early in the morning i have shed more than 10 kg and without any exercise, from 97 Kg to about 84 Kg and i feel lighter and i do fit in my old pants too... Why dont you try it by yourself, if you want to see better result than early in the moring you can boil water and a lemon and add a bit of honey and try this from a month and check your improvement by yourself. 

     Lemon is a fruit which is highly alkaline, it has good capability of burning your fat and this fat will later be flushed our through your Urine. In a way this is a natural way of liposuction an operation that takes lakhs of rupees and has its own risk and side effects is happening with no expense.

   Lemon Water not only takes away your excess fat but activates trillions of blood cells in your body and makes your active and energetic the whole day.

    Try using green lemons that are small instead of large ones as shown in the image, as they are more effective and better for health.
Tip Fifteen

Good Sex Life

    A good sex life is a must for any married couples. 

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I do hope you find this tips useful to your daily life, i wish you use it for a better living.

May Maa Bharti Shower her grace on you.

Jayan Divakaran

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