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Pancha Gavya Chikitsa (Cure with Cow Products)

   Since the history of Civilization during various periods and in various regions in India various types of treatment have been used for curing diseases of all those prime importance was given to Cow products. The products used from the Holy Cow are Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow’s Urine and Cow Dung.

   Cow Product remedy is given most importance in our Vedas and Upanishads, the ultimate jewel of Human Civilization, Ayurveda one branch of Veda which our Great Maharishis had provided to us without any pride or prejudice never thinking of patents and copyrights like the Ugly west, gave us the valuable Ayurveda in its very simple form looking for every part of cure, uprooting the real cause of illness to make our lives happy and healthy gave great significance to Cow Products and remedies.

   The Five Products of Cow known as Pancha Gavya has been scientifically tested and researched based on which it has been given a prime importance by our ancestors. Our Rishis and Ayurvedic practitioners were have always used natural medicines in their medical treatment. They discussed between themselves with the ways and cause of treatment for various types of disease and also remedies for prevention, with which a lot of profound knowledge provided by these super genius were recorded verbally then written on palm leaves by our ancestors, fortunately even today we have this divine knowledge by which we are able to analyse cow products with the help of modern technology.

   These Cow products are extremely beneficial, effective, natural and cheap compared to Allopathic Medicines which is full of chemicals and side effects and very expensive, if Cow product remedies are used by the population in general then it will work wonder for their unhealthy life and will certainly reduce their expense which the Pharma Sector in particular is looting from the people.

   The Evil Pharma sector is a Multi-Billion dollar business and they want people to stay ill so that people can keep spending money on their deadly medicines and die in a Hospital that charge a bomb for their miserable life. Go Chikitsa is a primarily a cheap and effective treatment though it is long term but the advantage is that it’s with our any side effects and more of prevention of Long term Chronic illness like Diabetes, Blood pressure or Heart attack, liver and Kidney failure etc. Go Chikitsa is a Simple and Effective Solution to many diseases that one can ever imagine, it’s no wonder why our ancestors revered as Holy, Divine and was respectfully treated as one’s Mother.

   Only if we rely on Modern Pharma medicine that we shall die a miserable and painful death as looting your money their basic objective and nothing else, the sooner we rely on Ayurvedic, Healthy and Cow Products we will not only see a healthy nation but also our Holy Cows which is being ruthlessly slaughtered in various slaughter houses across the nation will stop,

   What’s more painful to know is that we are having hybrid cow’s which have been cross bred by a rascal Varghese Kurian, now Our Farmers are relying more on European Cows which gives Toxic A1 milk whose Urine and Dung also is Toxic, the Ugly west have replaces their Cows with Indian Breed Cow’s and are drinking nutritious A2 milk, but the horror is we are drinking toxic A1 milk, try in any metropolitan city of India for a A2 milk, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT, everywhere you only get a A1 milk of European Jersey and Holstein Cows. This is a big danger especially for our females as they will suffer from breast cancer or infertility, more dangerous it is for infant as it will prove fatal, PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR INFANT OR YOUNG ONES WITH A1 MILK, ELSE FEED THEM BUFFALO MILK WHICH IS SAFE AND HEALTHY.

   If you use Cow products as medicine or Tonic there are great chances that our Vedic Cows will get rescued from Slaughter house and our farmers will use them not only for Milk but even for its by-products. I predict that from 10 years from now Cow Urine therapy will gain a huge reputation and soon many people all over the world will use this therapy for getting healthy, also this will provide employment to many and it will become a good source of Income unless the Evil MNC do not intervene. The media of course will neglect the benefits of our ancient science as they are hand in gloves with the Evil Pharma sector but our people will become aware of this propaganda and will resort to our ancient roots.

   Our tradition and customs have been such that we have given a prime importance to the Holy Cow and there are festivals and customs where the Divine Cow have been worshiped in various culture and regions of our nation, now where it was ill-treated but it pains to see that today our people give no respect to this marvellous creature but is looked upon as a Milk generating machine as it stops giving milk it’s sold to slaughterhouse or seen as a nuisance and discarded.

   When actually the Divine Vedic Indian Cow is a walking treatment in itself, its full of medicine in itself, all that she gives in the form of Milk, Urine and Its Dung is full of nutrition and has manifold benefits that not only it can be used as medicine but her Urine and Dung contribute a lot to agriculture and environment. Our Farmers once i.e. before the White and Moghul invaded our holy nations were the richest in the world, now reduced to the poorest and helpless keep committing suicide every year, other than counting these suicide death and looking to help the cause our Government does NOTHING.
   The A2 milk of the divine Cow which our Ancestors have been drinking for many millenniums till the Evil British set their first slaughter house and we and our coming generation are at loss of this nutritious Milk is full of benefits, the resecne of the Divine cow cleans the Aura of the House in a Big way, the cow provides pleanty of oxygen in her viscinity, which is why a person suffering from expreme depression feels at peace and harmony when he sits under the presence of the Holy cow, it’s a challenge just it in front of any cow of Indian breed and see how happy and healthy you will feel, if you don’t feel so, I am ready to lose anything. The Cow gives out Pranvayu (Oxygen) and this is why people who have Cows and their courtyard seldom suffer from illness, are happy and healthy.
   Its dung is very beneficial to Agriculture that if you lay it across the fields then it will attract rainfall, more over this dung has no expiry date and it’s a favourite fodder for earthworm and we all know that earthworms are farmer’s best friend.
Cunning, Horrible, Rascals British successfully eliminated the Guru Shishya form of education system prevalent for thousands of years in our nation thought Ayurveda and the various benefits of Cow Products and these economic and beneficial treatment got replaced by dangerous Pharmaceutical Medicine which is not only dangerous but Allopathy has no cure for various diseased which Ayurveda and Pancha Gavya Treatment can provide. What this Suppressed world requires is Ayurvedic and Pancha Gavya Treatment if they do not wish to get eliminated with Pharma Drugs and exploitation by Pharma MNC.
Already Europe and America is suffering from mental and physical disease Alzmer’s Schizophrenia  Parkinsons etc. that the solution is Ayurveda and vegetarian foods, America is plagued with GMO foods and so is Europe and this evil is coming to India too and this will certainly hamper our health to a great extent that only Pancha Gavya treatment can help or prevent us from the dangers of GMO.

Pancha Gavya Chikitsa is a Boon to Humanity
   I am only giving a glimpse of our Ancient India Ayurvedic literature about the methods and remedies of Pancha Gavya Chikitsa, as it is a voluminous text, but adhering to this simple remedies will prevent you from various disease viral or contagious as well long term illness can be cured without any side effects more so you shall have a better immunity system.

   Pancha Gavya involves, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Urine and Dung of a Cow or Bull of Indian prodigy. All this five products make Pancha Gavya apart from these if required then butter and butter milk are also used for certain treatments. Either these five products are mixed together or there is a variation or mix of two or three products for the preparing medicines. These five products are the main ingredients of Ayurvedic medicines too and Pancha Gavya Products are so beneficial and healthy that they can be used as internal and external medicines too.

Cow’s Urine or Go Mutra: 

Click on the link: http://jayandivakaran.blogspot.in/2014/10/gomutra-cows-urine-therapy-quantum-tonic.html you can read the benefits of this Quantum medicine and understand the benefits of Cows Urine for your health. Cow’s Urine will generate a lot of employment and this will contribute to our economy in a big way in future. Cows Urine was used as an Antidote by our ancestors by which even poison became ineffective in our body, Cos urine is also an effective anti-septic instead of using Dettol use Cows Urine, it’s a very good medicine for all types of Skin Diseases. Also it is an effective Pesticide.

Cow Dung or Gobar:  The Dung of Cow is very effective in preventing us from radiation. Moreover it neutralises radioactive elements in the environment. An effective fertilizer used for farming the dung can be used as insect repellent to drive away mosquitos it is used for curing various types of skin diseases.

Milk or Doodh: Drink a glass of A2 Milk of Vedic Cow with a Hump on its back with a spoon of Ghee made from Indian Cow before going to sleep and you will always remain healthy and happy. This milk is full of nutrition as it has Vitamins and is easily digestible. This milk is not pure white but is pale yellow in colour which possess gold elements and this gold elements works as a protective shield for your heart and prevent heart related diseases.

Curd or Dahi:  Place curd in a silver vessel for a day and give it to a pregnant female in the early months of her pregnancy, it will prevent chances of abortion and the foetus will be safe, it aids in normal delivery and also the infant born shall be healthy and intelligent, having curd like this during pregnancy will never allow the child to be born as spastic or handicapped also it helps in preventing premature delivery. This curd will provide sufficient breast milk for her baby and this curd must be taken only during morning or noon hours and not at night.

Ghee or Goghrut: the Ghee is the ultimate by-product of Cow’s milk and it’s also referred to as ambrosia by our ancestors, it’s the main ingredient used in the Lehiyam and Prasham category of medicines in Ayurveda.  It is used in various types of illness the better the quality of ghee the more effective will be the medicine, ghee is very effective for Ear, Nose and throat related diseases and any problems with your eyes shall be cured from cataract to eye sight Ghee is the ONE STOP SOLUTION.

   Ghee should be given to children as it is very useful for memory and brain development. Any one suffering from memory loss must eat Ghee periodically for at least 2 months, they will see the result for themselves.  Click on the link to know more about ghee.
The five elements of the Universe are the Either, Air, Fire, Water and finally Earth. Our body is even made of this elements and all these element are available in separate and equal proportions in the Pancha Gavya, which has the ability to cure all disease ranging from Constipation to Cancer. Apart from Death it can sure all types of illness and also it helps in maintaining a pollution free environment.

   The reason why we suffer from illness because of the equilibrium of three Doshas Kapha, Vatha and Pitta gets disrupted, If our body is a tree then Kapha is the upper part of the tree and its place in related head, Pitta is related to the middle portion of the tree that is chest and stomach and Vatha is related to the roots of the tree and this is the legs portion. Air consists of Oxygen also known as Pranavayu which keeps circulating in our body at a said proportions if this circulation gets disrupted in the said places in unequal proportions then your body becomes weak and we suffer from disease. This opens the gate to many other diseases and hence a person leads an unhealthy diseased life.
If this root cause is not identified and rectified at the earliest then it will accelerate and start to harm other organs of our body and later result in death. In the whole of Universe the Ghee of Divine Cow is the only source of food which has plenty of OXYGEN which stabilizes the three Doshas and maintains the equilibrium in our Body. This is scientific fact that if we burn a spoon of ghee then it is equivalent to creating more than a ton of Oxygen into the environment which is why Ghee is used in Many Homams a fire ritual. To know more about Agni Homams click http://jayandivakaran.blogspot.in/2014/12/agnihotra-be-agnihotri.html

Heart and Mind: If we perform an MRI scan we find that our mind shrinks in the later part of our life by which we lose our memory power, and as a result as we age we begin to forget more. There are many reasons for heart disease or failure like Anger, depression or bad diet etc. When one gets angry then blood rushed to the brain at a faster pace and disrupts the working functionality of the body in a far bigger manner during which the blood becomes thicker this created an extra pressure in the nerves as your heart is beating heavily and rapidly a lot of stress falls on your heart at this moment as it becomes confused where to flow the blood as a lot is being consumed by you Brian when you are angry.
   However it is very necessary for a stable mind and body to have good production of chemical transmitters in the nerve cells as these nerve cells are inter connected which is why chemical transmitter helps in proper transmission of communication in between the nerve cells by which our body’s equilibrium and temperature can be maintained. As we get compounded with diseases these nerve cells keep losing its potency and after having given up, the body releases stress hormones the last weapon of the body by which either your body shall win or lose the battle.

Impact of Ghee on Mind related diseases: Apply two drops of ghee of India Cow on each nostrils in the morning as you get up, afternoon and night every day for two months and see the rest for yourself, this is also beneficial for a person suffering from sinus or snoring problems too. The membrane of the nose is directly related to brain so by putting ghee on your nostrils will go directly to your brain and cure your memory problems and the nerve cells starts to function properly. It increases oxygen in your Brain and any severe disease like Hamerage, Blood Clot, swelling etc.

   Ayurveda is a slow but steady process, it’s not a two minute instant result like we notice in Modern Pharma drugs. Which is why we need a steady course and apply it with full faith and dedication followed by cent percent belief else it shall never work and the disease will keep coming back and back again.

   Prevention of Hair loss: Applying Ghee drops on your nostrils for six months every day will also help in prevention of hair loss and
   There’s no cholesterol in a pure Organic Ghee of Humped Indian Cow, however if you purchase a impure ghee then be convinced that you will have a bad result so please buy a genuine one all the local brands are impure ghee products. Ghee helps in improvement of Growth Hormone which is very necessary for our body, which is why it is compulsory for children to eat Ghee, Chavan Prash if it’s a genuine one must be consumed by children for their mental and physical development.

   The Ghee cleans your body of all toxins also it is a good lubrication for the veins and nerves in your body allowing free flow of blood and aiding a proper blood circulation.

The Wonders of Gomutra or Cow's Urine:

  • Any type of harmful Virus or bacteria gets destroyed with consumption of Cows Urine.
  • It neutralize Tridosha in your body.
  • It cleans your liver from all toxins in an effective manner, for chain smokers Cows urine is the only medicine and a boon.
  • Cow's Urine has all the necessary elements required for the body in equal proportions it improve the immunity system in a big way, it's a great boon to Mankind.
  • Cows Urine has Copper in abundance which is the the most essential requirement of our body also it has gold which gives us strength.
  • Depression causes a lot of stress on or nervous system, cows urine provide strength to mind and heart it acts as a protective shield for your heart.
  • Its very effective in removing toxic substance from your body, so if a diabetic patients has been consuming pharma drugs for long time and has accumulated toxins in his body which causes Side Effects, Cows urine removes these toxins from the body.
  • Cows Urine blocks Old age you remain active and fit for long. 

The Humped Vedic Cow of Bharatmata

||गोमुत्रो त्रिदिनं स्थाप्यय विषं तेन विशुध्यति ||

If the cow eats any toxic substance then her flesh has the capability to absorb it and it this poisonous substance does not get mixed in the urine dung or milk at all, which is why she is considered pure, divine and विषनाशिनी Vishanashini (eliminator of Poison) by our ancestors. 

||गव्यं पवित्रं च रसायनम् च  पथ्यं च ह्रुघं बल बुद्धि स्यात् 
आयु  प्रदं रक्त विकार हारि, त्रिदोश, हृद्रोग, विशपहं स्यात ||

||Gavyam Pavitram cha Rasayanam cha Pathyam cha Hrugham Bal Buddhi Syaat
Aayu Pradam Rakta Vikaar Haari, Tridosh, Hrudrog, Vishpaham Syaat||

Meaning: Of all the medicinal portion the Pancha Gavyam is the most sacred, the best prescription ever, pleasing to heart it is the best for physical and mind development. Provides long life, improves blood circulation, removes Tridosh, Heart disease and eliminated poisonous or toxic substance in your body.

   Listed below are the byproducts of Pancha Gavya treatment:

Gomutra Ark: It's basically obtained by distilling Cows Urine. 

Benefits: usefull for all kinds of Illness, especially for reducing cholesterol and weight loss. Dosage: 10 to 20 ml twice a day in morning in empty stomach.

If an alcoholic wants to get away from addiction then this Ark will help him in a big way. All he has to do is drink this ark twice a day for 15 days and he will witness a much better change in his addiction for alcohol.

Gomutra Harde Choorna:  It aids digestion, improves your appetite, very good for acidity related problems, a good remedy for migraine, this Choorna or Powder in this age where we consume chemical foods, this choorna absorbs all poison from these chemical foods keeping your body system in proper function. All you need to do is put some of this powder in your food or salad or consume some powder after your dinner.

Gomutra Haritki Vatti: Its very useful for all types of stomach related problems, Use two tablets daily in the morning and evening.

Gomutrasav: (Ashtang Hriday) Useful for Diabetes  

Balpal Ras: Very useful for Children for digestion, intestinal worms, vomit, problems is growth factor, problems in tooth decay, Mental depression, problems with liver and protection. Feed your child with this tonic every day for a better healthy child.

Naari Sanjeevani:  The name it self suggest that this medicine or Tonic is made specially for females mental and physical development. A very good medicine for women with Menstrual Disorder, Leucorrhea (white discharge) and other related disease, its very beneficial for back pain, head ache, heart problems, acidity, anger, sleep disorder pimples. If its consumed every day then the female become healthy in all means and she will look Beautiful.

Gomutra Poonnarnavadi Ark: Good for Kidney patients.

Gomutra Poonarnavadi Vatti: Useful for Urine related problems and Kidney problems.

Gomutra Gudmaradi Ark: Very useful for Diabetes.

Gomutra Madhumehari Vati: for prevention of Diabetes.

Gotakrasav: Useful for Piles, stomach related problems, acidity and indigestion.

Gotkrarishta: Improves your taste buds, good for digestion, Diabetes, Constipation.

Panchagavya Ghrut: Cures Mental depression, madness, skin disease, bad memory.

Trifaladi Ghrut: Cures Eye sight, night blindness, Cataract, redness in eyes, improves immunity system and makes you strong and healthy. 

Ashtamangal Ghrut: A very good tonic for small children to improve his mental health. give it early in morning and night.

Bramhi Ghrut: Again for mental strength but for adults, it ve

Arjun Ghrut: Useful for heart related disease.

Jatyadi Ghrut: Good for healing internal and external wounds.

Gomay Vatnashak Tel: This oil is best for joint and muscle pain and can be used for body massage.

Gopal Nasya: Good for sinus, head ache, migraine and Husteria.

Gomeya Malham:  Good for eczema, skin disease, rashes and deep wounds.

Gomeya Dadnashak Batti: Good for any type of skin disease.

Angarag Choorn: removes pimples and improves the glow of your skin, remove bad odor from your skin. Kills harmful bacteria hiding beneath your skin.

Gomeya Dantmanjan: very useful for tooth ache, bad breath, kills worms in your teeth, removes impurities in your teeth and very beneficial for dental health.

Gomeya Navgraha Dhoop: It a very good mosquito and insect repellent, the bhasma of this dhoop is used for curing deep wounds as it helps the blood to clot.

लोका समस्ता सुखिनो भवन्तुः 

Jayan Divakaran.

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