Thursday, 22 January 2015

To hell with Monopoly, Brand and Corporatocracy.

  • Copyrights, Brand, Patents and Monopoly valid only for rich European nations and America.
  • World Trade Organization: Big Fish eat Small Fish Policy....
  • Ensure MNC Corporations, Lobbies Business Cartel exploit market conditions.
  • Kill Local Business, Skilled labor and Occupation, sell products of inferior quality at a very huge premium to bleed people giving them limited choice for selection.
  • Brainwash people with Advertisement from Super Star Celebrities and Sport Star to replace and kill the Unorganized Local Mini and Micro scale Market & Cottage Industry.
  • When Cost of Production (COP) is much minimal, only by labeling a brand logo on it shoots the value of the product by 100 to 1000 times and more than COP. 
  • Are we So Foolish to pay heavy premium blindly for foolishness?
  • exploitation & Domination of the Rich over Poor, Rich nations become Richer, Poor nations remain Poorer, by exploiting their own man and material resources.
  • Converting Unorganized Sector to Organized Industry or Market is a clear indication that local markets will soon choke to death, that masses will soon come under the mercy MNC and options for people's freedom of choice shall be regulated, exploited and limited.
  • All MNC's have meticulous ONE SIDED CONTRACT, like having the cake and eat it too, you are 100% exploited, (Heads i Win, Tails i Win, Ba!!s to You)  you are nothing but one of the many millions of scapegoat.
  • If heavy premium and Copyrights are a form of exploitation for America then good or nothing cheap Chinese goods is yet another big menace.
  • Selling goods for a dirt cheap price much beyond one's imagination killing the whole basic structure of Indian Cottage industry leaving millions of micro scale and unskilled labors of of job.
  • Export Dumping a big headache for India, with Corrupt government that works only against the people does nothing to stop this menace.
  • Selling goods of cheap quality with less life we are purchasing LOSS by buying the same goods again and again our nation has becomes a huge dumping ground for Chinese products for the past 14 years.
  • When our government is failing to protect its own citizen, being Swadeshi can  help us from this disaster.
  • The realization that you are being looted, will only help you and our nation.

   The first thing this government must do is to slash an overrated value of Dollar from 60 rupees at present to well under Rs 40/-, rather it should come well under Rs 30/- a dollar, America as of now is producing nothing when economists of business channels will give you all bull, like India the American market is also flooded with Chinese products the only difference is America have a stringent quality check, when India is a dumpong ground to all the inferior products the world produce, and this is helping China in a big way as they sell their scrap for a margin. The very first focus is to curtail this hyper inflation which pizza mummy's corrupt government made a mess with a lot of scams.

  America is home to all the worlds most richest and powerful Multi National Corporations who have set up their manufacturing base in China, when all the Americans have lost their employment due to cheap Chinese labor, these MNC is making money on the basis of Copyrights, Patents, Brand getting manufactured in China at one tenth of the price compared to America, and charge a very heavy premium by kicking out the local markets with the help of lobby, then create a monopoly that people has no choice but to purchase products from them.  People think that its their brand name and premium quality product that they are being preferred by the market, but the horror is that they kill all small time and big time competition to make a Monopoly and to bleed people with heavy premium.


   In the bargain we think Americans are getting rich, but that not the fact as American MNC are getting Richer and not America, Americans on the other hand are getting poorer as this nation is facing a mass crisis of employment.
  From Poisonous Soft drinks to Harley Davidson, after drone attacks, charging a heavy premium with Copy rights and patents is another way of bleeding people for Americans.
If we look back at India's progress for the past 15 years, i wonder how much this Nation is relying on American Investment, only if they invest in India we see progress and development, no Dollars no Development. DO WE REALLY NEED TO RELY ON SOME OTHER NATIONS LIKE THIS, if the market has opened then why is it only helping only foreign investors why are local companies given no liberty and manufacturers are being choked and suppressed.
   I am not able to understand, what's the problem with this government, make it very simple, abolish many draconian taxes and duties, abolish many paperworks and formalities from government that is killing local business opportunity  why cant the government give liberty to our business men they way they give a red carpet treatment with European and American MNC, give trade opportunity and options for our Skilled and Talented Professionals, skilled and unskilled labors and  encourage for a more 'MADE IN INDIA' products, we don't have to sell it any where nor to a white men or an Arab just sell it in India to Indians, just apply Indian goods and products in the markets and see withing a decade how our Nation becomes a well developed and progressed nation. 

   Why on earth is this government going GAGA over 'MAKE IN INDIA' when what we need in 'Made in India' and sell it to the world. Why is the present government behaving like a beggar in front of Europe and America to invest in India when we have intelligent people  highly skilled people, young generation with all the material resources you need all over the world, why on earth is Modi and his government so keen to get these White racists nations to invest in India, why are we looking at solutions at these developed nations when these cruel nations are a disaster for our nation itself.

   Why is this government not encouraging the Non Resident Indians living in America and Middle East to come back and stay in India, why cant this government give them opportunity to set up business in India and contribute for the progress and development of our nation, rathie Mr. Modi Sahab you want our teachers to go abroad and teach the world, when our young generation should suffer because of want of good teacher, is that the way you are thinking of 'Sab ka Sath Sabka Vikas'

   To whom are you giving Sath and for whose Vikas are you working Mr. Modi: Europe, America or Zionist Organizations. Modi, wake up we did not vote you to see another puppet on the post of P.M, we already had that experience for 10 years, and because we were fed up of Pizza Mummy's regime we had seen a strong leadership in you, but now the slight notion is that the Sher that you are is slightly behaving like a Khargosh, when Punjab da Puttar was a genuine breed.

   When Corrupt paid pimps of Media and Secular fronts were running after you like blood hounds calling you a Genocider, they never stopped for 12 years straight till you became P.M they attacked you from all corners, its the Social Media that stood by you, they protected you like a shield and exposed paid media with their pants down, yet you never gave social media which shows your level of gratefulness. 

  If you follow your predecessor then India will soon meet it's doom, we lost 10 years under the Corrupt UPA government, these slimy Congress and allies think that they will come back if you become a mass failure, but be rest assured even if you are a failure Congress will never come back, it will meet its death soon, nor your NDA regime will come back, ad when AAP an MNC party is thinking they will rule over, let me assure this party will never ever rule India. As by 2019 there will be many people with awakened minds who will have the capability to identify Judases who sell our nation or few pices of silver, they will be capable to know the wolves dressed as Emperor, waitress turned empress is one big example, Mr Modi, if you and your party has to stay please work for our benefit than the MNC lobby as the way you are proceeding with things, i would not be surprised to see Walmart in full swing in India.

  When America denied you visa, you said Americans will come to you bending on their knees to grant Visa in Gujarat, and what did you do you gave them Visa on Arrival, WOW, what was the need for this, and you also provide the same for Australia, these two nations known for a good reserve of Christian Missionaries, pedophiles, Drug Mafia, Murderers, Rapists, Prostitution and above all Body organ smuggling, i will not be surprised is crimes related to all this will see a steep rise, already Mumbai and Goa is filled with Russian Drug Mafia and Prostitutes, are you taking any measures to stop these menace. 

   What has Manohar Parikar the Ex C.M done to solve the menace of Goa, that he can bring a big change in our weak defense sector? 


   The man in middle is your main arm, a person who holds a mix portfolio of finance and communications, men to his left and right are your sworn enemies (if you forgot), to his left is one of the cheapest journalist this nation has ever seen, got paid well from abroad criticized you even when supreme court gave you a clean chit, and to his right is the most corrupt Finance Minister ever had he stuck to this post more than anyone till date, this man could have been jailed under your regime, but yeah social media is well aware that politicians work on a 'I SCRATCH YOUR BACK YOU SCRATCH MY BACK' policy which is very evident from the above picture, its very painful to gauge if there is any unity within the BJP, Is BJP fooling people after May 2014 elections?? I wouldn't be surprised. 

  What do you expect us to believe Modi Saab, when your right hand is launching some stupid book of your Enemy No1 with your Enemy no 2, what should we take from this? or is it that you have given the same leverage to Rajdeep Sardesai, what you gave to Americans for denying Visa? 

   If this is how you are treating your enemies which happen to be grave danger for our nation then certainly we have opted out for a weak government, the social media will ensure that you shall not win 2019 elections. 

  What have you go to say when a majority of more than 80% of you NDA government could not hold less than 19% of minority opposition, the whole winter session went with out a single bill being passed, who is powerful it seems the minority opposition has it more than your majority government Mr. Modi, as an opposition for the past 10 years, your party was a MASS FAILURE, you did nothing to stop scams, the only good thing you did was make people aware but you never took steps to prevent it, yeah yeah i know the scratch policy right Mr. Modi.

   Is this what India wants? Is this what we voted this Government for? Before the White invaders invaded us and made poor in 300 years flat, India sold its goods and commodities all over the world at a premium for it's genuine worth not through Copyrights or Patents of ugly west.

   When will this nation have only Indian brand and Indian product only then there shall be progress and development, i.e. if i purchase products from Patanjali or Khadi Graham Udyog or a Product of India only then one shall contribute to the development and progress of our nation else even purchasing a can of Coco Cola is a loss for our nation in the form of money drain.

   Do this research for your self, just observe in between those hopeless Sasumaa, Bahu serials we have Advt.break there is a series of 10 to 15 ads, just count the number of Ads belonging to foreign MNC and how many are Indain Ads. you will find rarely find any Indian Advt on the tube Dabur, Tata, Godrej etc the name are so few that you can count itou yur fingertips. But the Advt related to foerign MNC are plenty and it just goes on and on, you might find it strage that many product you think which is Indian are in fact a MNC from foreign nations. which is why it is very necessary to label this products as a Swadeshi Product so that people can know which is foreign and which is not. To know more in detail click on the link

    Please understand as i have been mentioning in many of my previous posts, that purchasing any MNC product is a money drain for our nation, we loose our currency value the moment we buy more MNC product, for that matter even if its America or China we stand to loose our nations wealth, if wealth is lost every thing is lost, gradually we are in the process of becoming more dependent on developed nations like we are now in the current scenario, our political ad trade analysts, economists, financial pundits, all speak on behalf of attracting more FDI in India, please know the facts that these will help only the slimy politicians who have sold our nations for commission from MNC lobby in the long run this FDI will only hurt us more and help the MNC in all ways.

   Modi Saab, what was the need of the hour to allow 100% FDI in Railways, and like Visa on Arrival episode here too you announced this decision like a matter of pride, we all know what Railways means to our nation, its the lifeline of our nation, the biggest employer in India, how on earth can you commit such a big blunder and what was the hurry to do this when Railway is well organised only that its running in loss because of weak corrupt government who assured it becomes loss making and they did it. 

   You just sold our trust and belief by committing such a huge mistake, it will be difficult to see the way you shall be moving in 2019 elections, BJP is too secretive and unpredictable in their approach to a matter, it seems that decisions are coming from abroad and your zionist masters are indded having a good grip on you, i still dont understand if you have shaken hands with BRICS is it for destroying it or moving towards a new horizon, Putin is vary about you and soon he will think its better to isolate from you, if this happens then you are no different from Sonia Gandhi Mr. Modi we are watching so better beware. 

   Why are you hell bent to interlink the rivers of India and so adamant to give the contract to Israeli companies, when there are plenty of Indian companies with all potentials and brains to do it why do you want this Zionist nation to help India? India does not need Israel it's this nation that needs India and same is the case with America andmany European nations, Putin is the only leader with Ba!!s of Steel who has been fighting for 20 years to throw Rothschild out of Russia he has succeeded in a major way but still there are rats in the way and he is been attacked by Foreign funded NGO and media like how you were haunted by the media. 


   Mr. Modi must know that Zionism is not what India wants, and who ever sided with Zionism has gone down the drains, America is following the suit, under a debt above 19 trillion dollars to the Federal Bank this nation is moving to the path of being a third world nation status, the Rothschild has assured them this future of blunder as the Federal Bank belongs to the Rothschild, America is under the debt, a horror of future awaits the Americans as they all will become slaves of Rothschild in the net 10 years, they will have a future far horrible than what the Russians had back in the early 1990 when Russia lost its Super Power status. 

   What's much clear is that nor Media or we the people are unaware of the motive of NDA government as the previous government was a rabid Anti India and more a Pro Secular and Anti Hindu, your regime looks to keep every one in the dark, so what we can understand is the close network of decision making is happening with you and the Zionist Israel is a very deep concern for India's future. What ever it is the motive of the NDA government seems to be very much in favor of the Zionist and in this only the people is going to face hard times as all MNC will be making profits and raise their turnover on a year on growth. More the MNC get regulated and controlled more the people of India will bleed.

    Being from the Sales profession for more than fourteen years, all the sales professionals are aware that attire matters a lot, to meet a Vice President of an MNC firm without wearing a tie, or have a personal meeting with a CEO without a Suit, 100% chances it will be a disaster because for them what matters is in order to be a sales personality, a person that can make a difference in style and in talent, your clothes must speak out, need not matter about your sales knowledge, bt the brand you wear shows that you hae a credibility in the company and that make ye a do getter that stands you out from the rest, Even in some reputed MNC the one big factor the Human Resource will look in you is the way you attire and it only comes if your are branded. A dog that wears brand in short a Brand Dog.

   Yes i had it all, Arrow or a Alan Solly Shirt in Dozen, Louis Philips or a Van Hussein Trousers again in dozens, a Samsonite bag for my Dell Laptop, with a Lee Cooper or on a Fendi, a Casio or a Citizen on my left wrist top with a Sheaffer Pen i was all an MNC display in Flesh and Bones, now what missed is a pair of Ray Ban Goggles. Never Mind the Suit had to be a Arrow or a Louis Philips all taken on Festival Discount.

   A Brand Dog called me had to spend more than 50% of my salary to purchase the above brand to keep myself in pace with the competitive world. And yes professionals in my field are all BRAND DOG, they might not like the term i use but sure they are TEEE HEEEE. Some times pay it by my commission and sometimes through me credit card i spend my hard earned money for a Brand let me put it again BRAND that only belongs to the MNC

   If Nike or Lee Cooper makes a shoe then its a brand and a shoe, but if a cobbler makes a shoe all with his 3 decades of experience, using all the required technicalities design and caliber in it and sells it at a much cheaper price compared to Nike or a Lee Cooper, its not considered as a good product cause it does not have a logo or a label with a BRAND NAME, people from the status quo will outright reject it cause the shoe does not have a brand value. The business world recognizes people with Brand Value, higher the brand higher the status and higher the brand higher the premium. This cobblers profession is in danger as the shoe company takes away his occupation, he either has to look for a new job else has to work in the same shoe company for a meager salary.

   Let me give you an example of how a unorganized market works, more the market is unorganized the better it is for the society and nation, as goods and product can be readily available with better quality and service and whats more a unorganized market is a best example of providing business opportunity and employment to many. A unorganized market is basically swadeshi where indigenous products and goods are traded, when i am talking about a unorganized market, i am not only talking about India but world over that be for Americans or the Europeans, Africans all over, for the MNC is the enemy of mankind.  

  Assume there is a village of many skilled and unskilled labors like hand loom weavers, blacksmith, goldsmiths, carpenters, cobblers, etc. now let say this village has around 200 farmers who produce about 3 km of best quality cotton cloth hand woven with all extra care, they give it a natural dye with organic colors that does not have harmful chemicals. These cotton fabric has a reputation of long life and also the color does not fade easily. These weavers purchase cotton from cotton farmers and sell it to the trade merchants who sell the same to the city merchants where they are sold to city dwellers or sent abroad for a premium value. We had such for of trade for many millenniums till pathetic white skin invaders from England came and destroyed everything we had. 

   This form of unorganized sector market as defined above was very simple and elegant form of a one way transaction between purchased and buyer at a fixed price either to monetary or a barter system, where word of mouth and not some legal bond was given more prominence. This market though unorganized in nature easily paid a said amount of tax to the King's administration when and so the market went with a proper simple understanding every one in the transaction from cotton formers to weavers to merchants made profits as they sold goods and products, the merchants made more profit and at a heavy premium not on basis of giving substandard products but a genuine product of ultimate quality which definitely had its price, all became rich and self dependent. Inflation was hardly heard off else inflation only happened when there when there was shortage of supply mainly due to bad weather or other reasons, a unorganized market ensured that employment in relation to skilled and unskilled labor was in abundance. Right from city to village, people from various profession and occupations are well paid, self sufficient and pay taxes and duties as nominally charged by the administration. 

   Now what is an organized sector?

   In the metropolitan cities of India, the present generation is severely hoping the Dracula of mankind Walmart to launch in India, even Walmart is eyeing to come to India and their Lobby is working day and night for its entry in India, as of now it has a partial entry by the way of Airtel, this Indian Company is a parter of Walmart and supports Zionist agenda. Though Walmart is the final stage of an organized Market, Walmart the ultimate Shopping mall giant of the globe that even big time retail giants like Big Bazaar  D Mart, Reliance Retail etc are most afraid off, Walmart is a gamut of many ruthless, greedy and slimy MNC that sell branded products at a much cheaper rate that what you shall get at a very high price in a retail shop or a mega mall,  they sell this product so cheap that in the bargain it kills a lot of people involved in supplying products from the Manufacturer to the retailer i.e. Walmart completely nullifies the role of Distributor  Wholesaler and retailer in between, Walmart has a good warehouse and logistics operations by which they can stock the whole out put of a branded company in their warehouse and sell it at 1/3rd of the price and much below it as compared to other retail giants. The price variation between Walmart and other retail outlets is so huge that people will flock to Walmart only for they can save a lot by paying less, in the bargain many shops and retail outlets have to shut their business due to Walmart taking away their huge share. 

   Just recently had a talk with a friend and he said Walmart is far better for us as it will take away Baniya Monopoly. I said yes we have been under the mercy of Baniyas in the retail market for a long time, but then i made him to think  the territory that a Baniya Retailer can have he said not much bigger than the area where he has set shop, then asked whats the territory of Wallmart he said the whole nation, then i asked in your area how many Baniyas are there he said more than 20 to 30, when Walmart comes in how much shops for a state he said they might go with a mall or to per suburb or 4 to 5 mall per district, then i as who has a better reach, Baniya has a better reach, now thing this IF Walmart sets shop in your locality when Big Bazaar and D mart is a big competition for them already what will happen to them, he said many will have to force shut shop, i asked what their qualification, around 10 pass may be or may be not, if he shuts shop what will his family do, now he is clueless, can he do other job apart from this, he said it will be difficult, and how many will have to close shop if Walmart is in full swing, this he got right he said all the shop will get closed within 3 months time. 

Its then i hit the nail on his head: NOW CHAMP, CAN YOU ANALYZE THE HORROR....

   In America, during the initial years of its set up, Walmart was given huge support by the Americans and the Government, nobody ever knew the true intention or the horror of Walmart, as soon as it functioned, within 3 months about 25,000 small and medium retail shops had to force shut down due to huge competition from Walmart, they lost their long term customers to Walmart. As time passed by many followed and it killed all the retail sector in that Area, whats more even people came long distance to buy from 
Walmart that it completely destroyed the small retail shops in America. These small retail shops were run by the middle class and upper middle class family in America.

  As Walmart swiped the whole of America it began to look overseas and set shop in Europe, they had a big launch in Germany, soon the same horror followed Germany as many small shops were forced to shut down owing to competition. Like wise in other European nations too, many revolted and It had to shut its operations in Germany. 

  Its then people realized that Walmart is indeed bad for the economy, it kills a lot of employment opportunity and though Walmart boasts that they employ a lot of people but employment on what scale for making millions unemployed.

  Where ever it goes it created a huge problem to the economy and employment of millions of local people in that region and this creates a huge problem. The government does not help the local people because of a Strong Lobby and the Corrupt Media never reports the horror of Walmart cause their mouths are stuffed with money for suppressing this news. The real problem is people believe what is right and wrong only when our print and tube media display the news, what they don't realize is that Media all over the globe is controlled & regulated by the Zionist organization, that display false and incomplete news to make u more ignorant.

    Have you ever seen a single economist or a financial analyst coming on the tube and talk about the ill of Walmart, rather they are all praise for Walmart talking about its merits only, when honest economists know for certain about its impact these slimy corrupt paid economists from the lobby are putting patterns in our thought process that Walmart is very good for us as it will help us with a lot of savings, a Levi jeans that costs Rs. 2000/- to 3000/- in a retail outlet will cost abut Rs 600 to Rs 800/- in Walmart. People are going GAGA over this that a brand value called Levis jeans will come cheap. 

   What they are believing is that a Brand called Levi is available in Walmart is coming at a very cheap value as compared to any retail or super market could provide and how could it be possible that Walmart can provide us World renowned Brand Jeans called Levis for such a cheap rate. 

  Walmart boasts that they have a strong logistics and an efficient supply chain with mega warehouses, they do a meticulous survey of a nation after getting all the required data from survey firms, they cordially plan to set their mega mall in the area which has a significant number of middle and upper middle class population, and in the end what does our middle class wants, they want products and goods at a much cheaper price, they want to run away from INFLATION, they want savings for future, if Walmart is providing the same Levi Jeans for 1/3 the price then why go to any retail shop and waste money, when Walmart is providing 3 for the price of one, anyone including me will certainly flock to Walmart after all who does not want to ave money, Right??


   Levis has a history, of being the oldest American Jeans Brand, it has a huge legacy, it was made by Americans for many decades and the jute was hand selected and stitched to perfection and that made Levis very famous. For many decades people loved chose to wear Levis cause of its quality and not brand for it was long lasting and a perfect fit for anyone who wore it, and time passed by and generations choose t wear it Levis became a brand in America, so it started to export it to European nations when American tailors were Stitching the pats from American made jute, the demand grew manifold in Europe as the demand increased there were more Employment opportunity for jeans tailors in America and these tailors made Levis famous all over the globe.

Premium is not margin, when margin is a set amount of profit you gain over selling a product, premium is where you need to pay a heavy price for acquiring the SO CALLED BRAND.

   As it became a world brand sooner a premium amount was charged on it that zoomed out it's price by manifold, it became out of reach form many as it created dent in their pockets, but who cares its a world brand we need to show we got class, its about my status quo i want to be the quite essential BRAND DOG, so lets purchase a pair of Levis Jeans even if it creates a dent in my pockets i will say yes to LEVIS.

  Now as America sold Levis to the world they became rich as they earned foreign currency from across the globe they made millions and it helped America and Americans in a big way Levis as a company turned to a large MNC in apparels  But as the globe turned to glottalization this is what hit the Americans more than a MNC corporation like LEVIS.

  Sooner the management of Levis thought that an American tailor will cost me more if we compare his salary and perks, we can have about ten tailors from a developing or an under developed nation by setting up a company in these nations, the rough estimate for making the jeans will be much less than 1/3 of the cost that we need to spend in America on Americans. As Dollars have a much high values compared to currency value if any under developed and developing nation, America can spend a very less amount in such nation.

  Soon Levis started to set up company in nations like China, India etc, and that was the end of saga for American tailors who stitched jeans for decades, many of then were given pink slips and some told to compromise on wages these jeans whihc has a world brand value are now being stitched by Asians. When all the hard efforts were done by American tailors to make it a brand and when it came for then to reap the benefits they got replaced from Indian or Chinese tailors who are stitching these brand pants. 

  I remember back in 1995 when i had purchased a pair of original Levis jeans it had a great feel, later as i purchased i never got that feel as these pants were processed and manufactured in Bangalore by India tailors. So the skill f an American tailor in to making of the jeans pant is gone as the unskilled Indian tailor is stitching it, or it could be the quality of jute used it never mind but there will be a difference between a Pro American tailor and an Indian tailor. 

  What's the use of paying premium when i am not having the desired satisfaction of the brand product, why pay premium when this product is not coming from the country of its origin where this Company belongs, which means they are using our natural resources our man labor and using their label and sell it us and run away with our money. And it so ridiculous to know when they write "This is the jeans that built America". 

 Arvind mills a company based in Bangalore that caters to all world renowned Apparels brand is making Levis jeans pants and shirts and supply it to all retail chain across the nation. All that Levis has to do with Arvind Mills is to share the fashion details stitching methods, Arvind mills will get the tailors and other facilities an when they sell it, that premium amount will got to Levis. Levis is making money only on the basing of their Name and nothing else. The rest amount of the margin which is minimal is shared between Arvind and retailers. 

   Now why to purchase Levis when the we are paying Premium for nothing, is this jeans coming from America: NO, is this jeans stitched by Professional American Tailors: NO, Is American Jute uses in it: NO
  THEN WHY on EARTH ARE YOU BUYING IT, this is how MNC are fooling us this word Brand is already dead as it has lost its sheen and value, you will never get the desired quality you only get duped by the Corporate greed. Just think over, if you are buying a Sony T.V,is it the same quality like how it used to be about 25 years back, SONY like before is not being manufactured in JAPAN, rather they outsource the technology some other company in Taiwan, Thailand or Indonesia, get it produced there and sells it to the world. All that SONY is making money for using its name and for that they are getting a premium. These MNC has  no problem of Union, wages perks and are exploiting the third world nation by bleed their market with heavy premium, they throw out all local competition and create a Monopoly.

  If this is the case of Levis rest too follow the same, like Coco cola is made in India and not America, all that America is doing is exploit and use our natural resources, charge a heavy premium and loot our wealth, in this bargain are Indian happy: NO Are Americans happy: NO, then who's happy: THE MNC, THE LOBBY AND THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS.

   Many of these MNC's with a so called loot nay brand value will support and sell their products directly to Walmart and that so called Premium will be decreased to a great extent, these MNC's have no problem as Walmart takes total annual production of these MNC ad stores in their Warehouse, these MNC's get what they want and Walmart get what they want, in the bargain this is Local Business terrorism, people thing they are being saved by mass inflation but what they don't understand is they are digging a lot of graves as million of people will and shall get unemployed due to Walmart.

   If Brand ins not all then we have another big menace: CHINA

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    For more than two decades the whole world has been witnessing a change, gone are the days when quality mattered the most, now its about volumes, cheap products for cheap price, and by what means can it be cheap, by all means, right from man labor, land, water, electricity, natural resource and currency, by all standards it cheap and that to at one tenth of the price as compared to any nation all over the world. China kills the opportunity of any nation who wants to manufacture and sell its product either to a foreign nation or in their own country.  

   China reduces a manufacturing businessman to a mere trader or a distributor. And these businessmen have no problems in being a trader as his estimation of being a manufacturer exceeds more than purchasing products from China. as a manufacturer he has to face a a lot of problems from excise duties to a lot many taxes which will kill his business half way. Buying from China ends a lot of hassles as the purchase values is cheap and the margin is very high. He gets what he wants from China. He does not have to employ skilled and unskilled labor, he reaps a premium, All for money.

   If business men traders have no problems and is reaping profits from it he has no problem to purchase goods and products from China, but on the local front its a big loss and a mass disaster for many skilled workers as it restricts them from having employment any where and as a result they have to sit idle in spite of talent and caliber, China takes away everything.

   So if a Youth wants to invent and manufacture a premium product then America blocks the way with patent and copy rights and if he has to sell something standard and cheap products China washes away all his efforts. This is not only the problem with India but all over the globe, people have the same problem, and this horror is killing many civilization as market all over the world have to rely on China for any finished goods and raw material. And is it good A BIG NO, its no good at all as the quality of these goods is so inferior that you end up buying the same products again and again and frequently that not only cause dissatisfaction but even money drain, not only that you are piling the dump by buying the same product again and again. This is how China dumps a lot of its scrap to many developing and under developed nation and makes profit. 

  Back in America even the American flag is Made in China, at least India is still better than America, but even in India China has dominated in every sector, China is home to all the MNC plants in the world apart from Japan who has its manufacturing base in Taiwan or Malaysia. This gamut of American patents and Copyrights and China's cheap manufactured products is only helping few and hurting many. 

Now is China Nay Chinese Happy?

   The Communist regime in China has been treating the people of China like worms, and for a long time China like India was an under developed nation until the late 1980 they decided to open their bamboo gates to glottalization, its then all the developed nations decided to set their manufacturing base in China, and hence China has not looked back, every year it looked to attract more MNC to set base in China, and now it has dominated the world in such a way that, every nations over that globe has a Chinese manufactured products in their home. 

   But in the bargain to rule over the globe, Chinese workers are manipulated to such an extent that they work about 12 to 15 hours per day, which is phenomenally higher than any nation in the world, even their wages are unbelievably lower than any worker in the world and these are the main reason why greedy corporation flock to china as man labor, land, electricity, water etc are much cheaper compared to any standards. Chinese labor are most exploited in the world and this is due to the Corporate greed that these people are made and forced to work long hours without any perks or facility.

   So are the Americans happy? NO! as this nation is facing a huge problem with unemployment, every year Americans are loosing jobs in a good rate, and this nation is on the verge of becoming a third world nation as they have a huge debt of around 18.5 trillion dollars to the Federal Bank run by Zionist Banking Cartel which is no way recoverable.

   Are Indians happy? NO! as we Indians are completely reliant of American investment if they invest only then we can see some progress and development happening else it will be stagnant and also the Chinese goods that has plagued our nation to and extent that this will be a chronic threat to our small scale and cottage industry.

The Solution:

   The solution here is only to buy Swadeshi manufactured goods and products and shun away from selling MNC products,i am not saying this for India only but for the whole world too, this is high time we realize that the government is working against the benefit of its own people and are working in behalf of the MNC via the LOBBY. Its high time we realize this and work for the sake of humanity and this will only happen by being more Swadeshi helping the local business to grow.

  For this to happen you must stop visiting high profile shopping centers like Walmart etc. and buy from local market which might not give you that appeal but this market helps you to be smart as you understand more what is the product you are purchasing,of course if you purchase for the first time definitely you shall be cheated by some shopkeeper who might try and exploit you but give it some more try i am sure by the 3 or 4th time you will become more clever and will understand the tricks of the trade. 

  What's more surprising that these products are not only cheap but very effective too, only that you have to find he right shop keeper and he right product, once if he market comes to know that you are a frequent visitor then they will never fiddle with you but only give the best of the products they have, u see these market is more relationship bond unlike a shopping mall where you are just a customer to be exploited, many of these retail vendor are selling their goods for survival and not business profits and turnover. Help the local business community as this is the only way to progress and development,

  Brand is only a psychological tool to exploit you as the real brand value is long dead the MNC is fooling us with their name which does not make the same impact. Rolex sells its watch for 100,000$ what sense does it make to purchase a 30 mm dial wrist watch when a 20$ watch is capable of showing precise time as Rolex, please think over.

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.


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