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Stop Using Aluminium Cookware....

    Nowadays most of the people in the world use the kitchenware made up of aluminium. You can also see these utensils in your kitchen in a large number in the form of frying pans, pressure cooker teapots, spoons and forks. In market of you will see above 60 percent of the utensils sold are made up of aluminium, even nonstick cookwares are made of aluminium.

    The reasons are plenty but the main reason behind their large selling is cost. It's cheaper than other metals as aluminium is found in abundance compared to other metals on planet. Which is why utensil manufacturers prefer aluminium utensil than the utensils made up of any other metal. They are unaware of the harmfulness of these aluminium utensils. The second reason behind the popularity of aluminium is its ability to conduct heat well. It is a good conductor of heat.

   The cost of aluminium utensils is low but the food processed in these is very harmful to our body. Normally the intake of aluminium per day is 4 to 5 mg. our body is unable to extract this large amount of the aluminium. This is a slow poison that we are taking through food and drink processed in the aluminium utensils. So, this poison is continuously entering our body through food and drink. You can see that the color and taste of food processed in aluminium utensils is changed. So the foods made in these utensils are aluminium contaminated.

Why the food and drink processed in aluminium is harmful?

  The main reason is that when we make food in aluminium pots it reacts on the food especially on the acidic foods like tomatoes. It is highly reactive and is mixed up with the food and enters our body with the food we take. Aluminium is heavy metal and the excretory system is unable to extract this metal

If we eat food made in aluminium utensils for many years it is accumulated in our muscles, kidneys, lever and bones. 
This deposition cause many harmful diseases which the people are not aware. It mainly acts upon brain and stops the growth of human brain cells. In this way the aluminium utensils are harmful to our body.

Symptoms of aluminium poisoning: The main symptom of aluminium is abdominal pain. When you feel abdominal pain it may be due to aluminium poisoning. The second symptom is memory loss and anxiety.

Diseases caused due to aluminium poisoning:
  • Memory loss.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Ulcer in mouth.
  • Asthma.
  • Appendix.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Alzheimer.
  • Eye problem.
  • Diarrhea.

     The above said diseases are caused due to the food we consumed processed or cooked in aluminium utensils. These utensils make the food toxic which as a result affect our body. So, dear friends stop using Aluminium utensils and save your life. Spread this awareness everywhere and make life of people.

   In India we find aluminium utensils in the market, and its flooded with nonstick cookware which is also made of Aluminium. These nonstick cookware is sold by all known brands in the retail market as they know that this cook ware is not only safe but very harmful to our health as the nonstick film is made with chemical foam that tends to fade away as we use it more often. What happens that as we cook food at high temperature tiny partilces of this non stick film gets mixed with the food and this is what you consume, as this stays in the body for a long time it is responsible for creating free radicals which is responsible for causing Cancer.

   Far worse is the fact every house hold in India have Pressure cooker, and even this is made of Aluminium. The worst part of pressure cooker is that it's not a ideal device meant for cooking food, as many foods are not cooked properly in pressure cooker, the method of cooking food in this device is that the steam is built and this steam created pressure on the food the molecules in the food gets split, its looks like the food is cooked but that not the case as the food is uncooked. 

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   When we consume this food made from pressure cooker the stomach has to do extra job of digesting the uncooked food and this creates a lot of stress on the stomach. What one must understand is a simple fact that as there is a stress on your stomach this organ in your body pulls more blood from your body to work more and in this bargain other organs of your body gets effected as it does not get the required blood to function.  This pull of blood from stomach is the reason why we have Blood Pressure problems, hence one suffer from High and low blood pressure problems. 


   Instead of Aluminium if we use earthen utensils in our kitchen it shall do a wonder of good in your life.   In Ashtanga Hridayam, Maharishi Vagabhatta has suggested that food can be cooked in Earthen, Copper, Brass, Steel, and Iron.

    Of these he has given prime importance to Earthen Cook ware, Our ancestors have been cooking food only in earthen cookware and that was the reason they were healthy and lived long. When we use earthen cookware the minerals of the earth gets into the food and these are much essential for our body. 

    I am using earthen cookware, initially due to inexperience a lot of them got broken this is due high flame from the LPG which the pot is not able to sustain develops cracks and get broken, the other disadvantage is that its clay and can get broken too. But believe me once you cook food you will simply love the taste of your food.

    The other good advantage of using earthen pot is that it consume much less fuel than other cookware, sounds strange though but as you keep it on the flame it will take time to heat up unlike other metal cookware which heats up rapidly, the earthen cookware stores the heat for a long time. 

    Suppose you have to cook rice, it will take a long time to boil but once it reaches the boiling point you can decrease the flame of your burner and you shall see that the rice is still boiling. This requires some practice though but you will see how it saves you fuel expense. The other great advantage of using eathern cookware is that it keeps the nutritional value of the food you cook in it intact. This is not possible in any other cookware other than Earthen cookware.

   Your Chapattis and Roti's would never taste any better ever if you cook it on a earthen pan or tawa. Just try it with the flour you grind on a stone chakki and get it baked on a earthen tawa, you shall know what flavor is.

    After earthen cookware, Vagabhatta said that Iron is better this is followed by brass, copper and steel. 

    Though brass is a far better cookware compared to copper, in brass the food not only cooks well but even the food does not stick if your food gets over cooked. Its a best cookware when it comes to metals, because iron gets prone to corrosion and copper gets black with oxidization. Steel is a neutral metal, as its slightly cheaper than brass. If you have to cook some thing sweet like Payasam, kheer or sweets, Copper is the best metal.

    I remember as a child, utensils in our house were made either of copper, iron or earthen and even brass was used for certain foods. But as modernization creped in and with nonstick cookware became an instant hit and as people started using it a lot of people started to feel sick and as people became sick sooner pharma sector and doctors became millionaires.

   The unavailability of copper and brass utensils is so much in metropolitan citied that it shall be very difficult for you to purchase one from any utensil shops and even if you get it it shall be at a high expense.  

But in the end it's up to you to decide if you and your family need to stay healthy else want to die being a slave of Pharma Industry.

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.

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