Monday, 15 September 2014

Let's Forget Cricket for God's Sake.....

       WHAT!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY, HEY YOU @#$! YOU TELLING ME TO FORGET CRICKET! so said the fanatic fan of Cricket, who's been loving this game since the days of radio to the era of Internet.

     My God gushed the fan, this land known famous only for Cricket, Bollywood and nothing else, what the Hell Maaan, you $#%@$ NUTS!! to even think like this, this great nation where cricketers are known  as demi gods, it's legends are worshiped as Gods, like no where else and you want ME to forget cricket. Ohhh Lord.... this idiot needs some SUBUDDHI cause he really does not know what he is saying. 

        I should be crazy to even think of hating this game. Why oh Why you say that one must forget Cricket! are you mad! HAVE the gods come in your dream and told this Cricket Crazy Nation to forget this Game.... (those eye of rage, HE WAS ABOUT TO KILL ME) confess your guilt else you shall be slayed and dumped to the neither world, you sinner this game worshiped by millions nay billions, how did you have the guts to malign its reputation, for i am destined to die watching CRICKET.

INDIA IS A CRICKET CRAZY NATION WAS A CRICKET CRAZY NATION AND WILL ALWAYS BE A CRICKET CRAZY NATION...   he thundered (Ohhh yeah... he had to say that particularly as if i didn't knew)

        Swearing me, my whole family tree leaving none even those i didn't knew, cursing my race a dejected he faded from my vision with one hope that he shall never see me again. Here goes the one among some 80 crore DIE HARD fan of a game dedicated to an insect CRICKET (cause Queen's men Angrez didn't get any other name for this game.) Baapre...... this was something never anticipated, such denial, such anger, such an hatred for saying that we must forget CRICKET. The aftermath, so much that i was shivering a long long time till my rectum scratched.

       That's how crazy this nation is when it comes to the game of Angrezzzz meaning British, these Queen's men came saw and ruled India all through their deceit tactics, Divide and rule looted, plundered and made us poor from the most riches nation in the world in 300 years flat gave we Indian this Insect err... CRICKET.

     Mr. P.L Deshpande, a marvel of a writer from Maharashtra known for his humor and Satire in short stories that highlight politics, society and various other social cause indeed was a Genius and an epitome of Marathi literature, likewise he had a point on Cricket and definitely a legendary one. He says in Mumbai each and every one play Cricket all are cricketers, even after the game is over, they play and play nonstop from dawn to dusk. 

    A die hard and hardly dieing on any thing cricket fan from Maharashtra will think that Mr. Deshpande has tagged them so for their love of Cricket but little they know or are ignorant how well he hit the bullet. 

    And indeed it's not only Maharashtra which is THE MOST Cricket loving state but even other states is following the same and yes by P.L Deshpnde's view, if we do an analysis of this nation of 1.25 billion take out some 20 or 25% who are infants and some who abhors cricket is a born Cricket Player, and how do they play, they play one day before match is announced between India and another nation, if its enemy nation like Pakistan then 2 days prior, if there's a tournament say between 3 or four nations then they play some 5 or a week days in advance, and it its a World Cup Tournament then they plan and play a good one month in advance, of course we have the great Sports channels with EXPERT COMMENTS to support all these players. 

   The Play: Lovely cricket fans more dedicated and honest than our Cricket demigods remote controlled by their master bookies, with all their know analysis of the game taking it's rules and regulations & technical aspects discuss, argue, advice, analyze their observation with other fan's analysis then discuss, argue, advice and then compare it with what the greats of the game has about cricket for only hope that INDIA my INDIA should win. 

     Pitch, weather, grass, ball, bat, shoes, pads, gloves and god dam know what all. ANALYSIS ANALYSIS ANALYSIS with all the hard works, worked hard over it they come to their GOD's capability, you see this is a Batsman Nation and you all know it, yes you guessed it yes yes it's their, straight shot, hook, pull, drive, leg glance, sweep, cut, six, four, running between the wickets, run out, catch, drop catch, fielding, wicket keeping, and then yeah yeah you guessed it it's so simple you know off spin, leg spin, googly, wrongun, top spin, the Doosara, swing, off swing, leg swing, yorker, bouncer, reverse swing and god know what all the analysis Ohh in this world MY GOD it's gotta be INFINITY

     The pain staking analysis so tedious, all the young and old & the in between think, eat, walk and sleep cricket they leave their precious valuable time for their own development & waste it on cricket, Apna Prime Minister! no no kya baat karta hai, neither him nor his political advisers, or our Economist, any of the social reformer in India has ever noted the fact that Cricket cause a Massive loss of Man Hours. 

     But on the other side of this planet in the land of Immigrants this is what the President of America Mr. Barack Obama had to say about cricket. See if the Americans have to say some thing bad they say it indirectly here Obama does a Deshpande:

Barackji Obamaji:

     "I don't know about cricket but still I watch cricket to see Sachin play. Not b'coz I love his play its b'coz I want to know the reason why my country's production goes down by 5 percent when he's in batting."  This is what American Humour is, you never understand it.

Mr President you exactly did a Deshpande.... both left a point with a satire in it.

     Now this is called cause and effect, you see as cricket only played in the sub continent, Mr Obama is concerned that his nation which has no clue about this game is having to witness a down curve in it's GDP & because the God of God's Sachin Tendulkar is batting. I am sure none other than Indian's are watching this game in America, when 30% of Americas Scientists in NASA are Indians and so are Programmers in Microsoft and other Giant MNC Software corporations which copyrights the globe, when America's doctors, engineers, teachers, professors and so are many white collared professionals are Indians with good IQ, talent and potentials is wasting their time on Sachin's holding his willow Mr President you are concerned.

       All Indians glued to the Tube to watch a 5 feet God playing, that 5% is a matter of concern for you Mr. President and in a big way, Mr President we in India never complained, rather our Prime Minister wish them, Best of Luck for which he dedicates a full day when Our Cricket team has to go abroad for a World Cup Tournament, whats more Mr. President our Prime Minister enjoys the match sitting in a stadium in case if its a final or a diplomatic match, when you are concerned about Sachin Tendulkar's batting that put a sudden break to the wheels of your economy, we in India never bothered.

We've taken care of all bookies sir... OoooKkkk
      Cricket known as the longest playing game in the World of Sports, taking a whole day, and a test match stretches to five days of a week is indeed the most boring, tiring game ever as we tend to loose a lot of time, Mr President when time is money for your Super Power nation you are worried over the GDP fluctuation when the Indian God performs his unique skills, here equally so the wheels of economy comes to a complete stand still. You might be very happy if the Indian God gets out for a duck but if he is in a frenzy mood every delivery that he bats, you might be praying for his wicket else your finance minister will go into a Coma, I AM ABSOLUTELY RIGHT aint it Mr President. 

     Our Cricket Nation at the moment is in utter chaos with it's progress and development in dire straits, all Public Sector Units in massive losses and the way it's moving there is no chance of it's revival, the only hope is the Private and Corporate sector and with Cricket been played all round the year it is seriously impacting progress of our nation. 

    With every citizen of our nation devoting their soul for cricket analysis that gives them nothing other that worry raising their B.P levels with needless cricket thought's is putting their health and work efforts in a downward tizzy. Definitely these Man hours could have been used properly than using on Cricket, if not job then your family life or some other purpose.

     The British who invented this game and named it after an insect, after looting our nation blind getting all Raja, Maharaja & Nawabs in their pockets, all Indians became their salves with no ability to fight back, and these Racists British had nothing much to do. Its now we hear Sun Bathing but those days Gorras never had this concept. They wanted to tan their skin as a result they invented this game so that they could stand beneath the sun to tan their skin in which way they want (Any ways chameleons will always remain chameleons) . When they left, like tea they gave us Cricket for Free (Echuse ME I AM A CRYING), and with it laziness crept in within we Indians.

    Cricket is played by some 9 or 10 nations, who are this nations, they were all ruled by British, what are this nation baring white nations that play cricket, most of them are developing or underdeveloped nation, poverty and corruption are its main arms, all nations have a corrupt and incapable government and what's more those nation that plays cricket only plays this game and no other game. Yet more than a Billion watch this game, and yes you know where it is. 

      Sensing i am writing this article, the dejected fan is miffed with me opening up & come blazing in all defense to fight for his life err... i mean Cricket, Ohh yeah... thundered the fan, you say India is loosing it Man Hours right so ain't that happening in rugby of foot ball or any other sports you fool is their nation crying for the lost man hours, who are you fooling you fool and who is going to believe this crap you have written and you say for god's sake forget cricket. I hate you man, you are a disgrace to this nation, respect that India is the only nation which has plenty of legend in the world of Cricket you creep. 

       Now what to say, the dejected fan ain't have any clue of my past, Mr Fan i wasted a lot part of my life for this Game and so has my father, my entire child hood, puberty and youth i dedicated to cricket, all these years i played cricket with my balls.... err eye balls. I dedicated my eyes and ears my whole attention whole day for many many years watching test match, one day series and many world cups. i laughed, i cried, i got nuts, i banged chairs, tables, gave swearing words or cursed our team in case of their dismal performance whats more i bunked my exams for a crucial cricket match that could get my Indian team the Triangular series cup. THIS IS DEDICATION FOR CRICKET and i did it.

    Ohh Cricket fan when i start my carrier i got glued to the tube with all necessary excuse for a sick leave to watch sorry play cricket. Those 8 hours i played with a calculator by my side, Cricket Fan what you know i like you never slept if the match was in the Caribbean Island getting up at 1 in the morning to 11 in the morning i watching those test match with out a break. Like any Mumbaikari Cricket Fan i was the genuine example in your footstep. How will i hate this game which was dear to me for so many years.

   You Bunked your exams for a cricket match, God that's indeed strange man even i never did that, so how come a change over, a crazy fan can never hate My Cricket...

    Cause i realized though late that CRICKET IS ALL BULL AND ITS SHIT IS ALL OVER... Thanks IPL, the Indian Premier League you broke the jinx, with this came the commercialization (prostitution) of cricket with the national interest of cricket completely gone, suddenly all the shit that did not smell started to smell and with only option left of cutting my nose to get away with the stench. With IPL, all dimensions of Corruption capabilities of top brass executives and directors holding cricket body went on top gears to exploit cricket, and make money, money money and if not deals deals deals if not corruption corruption corruption, suddenly all these suit wearing gentlemen looked like traders, businessmen and Win Win gamblers, and of course all legendary nay godly Players started getting auctioned like cattle's. All our gods though a millionaire already seemed to come with a price tag on their chest, God's, super God's and God of all God's scaled on six and seven digit figures.

     Our Model, idol and inspiration all sold in the auction for a value, hence i say lets forget cricket. 

OK frothed the fan you are saying IPL degraded cricket, assume i agree with you so what go to England and Spain even they have Premier league for football so they still have the love for football have they abandoned their football an for this you say forget Cricket NEVER......

      Mr. Fan, England and Spanish Premier league too is equally corrupt like our own IPL, what did Lalit Modi, father of IPL do he copied the same model here, but with his explicit marketing model and the added advantage that this is a cricket crazy nation, money flowed like sea and ocean and with it ego war with the lords who holding those teams and the corrupt BCCI did him in and that ended the chapter of Lalit Modi. Still now it is not very clear how the money is routed in IPL. With IPL amalgamation of Cricket and Bollywood became official.


So what's your problem maaan??

    Problem is there's no CRICKET only BUSINESS, GREED, MONEY, EXPLOITATION, CORRUPTION, that thing called sportsman's spirit is lost gone gonne gonne gone, all seem not like playing but fighting for money. Those player's don't look like players anymore and what's more just try to observe that during the middle of the IPL there will a Huge scam happening that will expose ills of IPL with some officials or players involvement with the bookies.

     With advertisement and TRP ratings going high one thing assured is MONEY which happens only when you are watching this game. With IPL goes remaining reputation of Cricket.
Even BCCI is Corrupt? so don't you have any problems with them???

What! this is shocking have i heard that properly, so you admit that BCCI is corrupt, hmmmm.. so Indian Cricket Fans are not that fool ofcourse they know, when the chairman of BCCI is Mr Sharad Pawar, they would know that money is the only Motto behind him being the BCCI chairman, after all whole Marathi Manoos knows it, to that matter if they love him hate him what ever that wherever Sharad Pawar is there is money. So what so big about the BCCI

BCCI (The Board of Control for Corruption nay Cricket in India)

  Such a big name for a board & equally big is it's corruption, it's only means is to make money, the board that controls cricket in India is controlled by those people who have never played cricket in their life forget playing they never touched the ball. What's more these are men who have set up large scale business with benami funds and having contact with powerful Politicians with a clear cut setting, overhead and margins taken well into consideration, these men with no conscience, intellect and elephant size ego are a curse to game of Cricket. 

       Their only motto is make money, create groupism exploit all chances of corruption where money is the gain, no wonder that still many cricket stadiums in India requires funding for renovation where many of our stadiums have no quality standards to compare it world class cricket stadium of other nations it is indeed very right of Australia Cricket Board pointing out & not our media OK... though we have LION nay LOIN journalists in our media, that why is BCCI not raising standards of Indian Cricket, why is BCCI not setting up Cricket Coaching Academy all over India and why is it that India has such few World Class Stadiums in India, when BCCI is the richest Cricket Body in the World. 

         Rightly so Australia Board pointed out that when they have a below par earnings compared to BCCI, they have set up all the necessary facilities to promote Cricket in Australia then why is BCCI below par in this aspect. Australian Bord has been blunt in pointing this and that shot rotten eggs right on these leachy slimy businessmen holding the chair. But you know still that has never bothered their ego or conscience these creeps have press media right under their stinky shoulders so people will never complain them for wrong doings. 

The Origin:

     Well to begin with Cricket in India was not having glamour, craze or enthusiasm, as it was Hockey that ruled the nations interest and indeed we had the greats Major Dhyanchand and many other followed him but by the start of 1980's Hockey crumbed to the ground. As Hockey bagged 7 olympics gold prior to 1980's after that with due corruption, exploitation and bad facility and Astro Turf ground requirements, Hockey doomed.

1983, The Rise of Cricket:

      Here on, Indian sports got a new dimension, with the World Cup comes India's new hope, when the tragedy of Hockey was unbearable, these cricketers gave India a new hope, and how with a bang when West Indies the ever invincible with a back to back world cups was about to get a Hat trick, India thrashed their chances and here come India's first Genuine All Rounder Kapil Dev Nikhunj. Cricket became a household name and soon some greats of Cricket that was adored only in Maharashtra became legends in no time. Much to the fancy, Bollywood took notice of the uprising Indian cricket team.

       Since 1983 the spirit of Cricket increased manifold with T.V in every house all got addicted to cricket in my childhood saw Kapil Uncle, Shrikant Uncle, Gavaskar Uncle, Ravi Uncle all were my hero, My My that Ravi Shastri and his Batting skills, it was like Micheal Jackson playing to a K.L Sehgal's song (even M.J be thinking and so be K.L) and gradually they were followed by young bloods who became legend from heroes and so it went on. 
BCCI Rulers

     BCCI also has a century long history but lets start where it got worst, as it gained fame and as money started coming in with many corporates willing to put any money for advertising, suddenly all those who ran the Body were ex players played cricket in Ranji or international matches started to decline & later completely wiped out to be replaced by all Businessmen and Industrial Corporates all means to triple their investment through BCCI joined it, with paying heavy amounts to buy people in their favour and later make money through Marketing AND MYYY HOW THEY MARKETED IT. These leaches marketed peoples Patriotism, peoples trust faith, belief, enthusiasm and this gained them reputation and money. 

     Of course the players playing for the nation were great talents with efficient skills, but as they made money almost hundred times more its these creep people with Nil Conscience, Nil Patriotism, Nil Dedication to cricket made money. This money could have been used for various ways to develop the game, nurture talents, help those cricketers who are poor and financially insecure, but these were completely ignored never taken care of and all of them were interested to exploit for money and corrupt for money. These immoral men only filled their coffers with equal or dis-equal share of loot. When ego clashed they do a screw job in which media plays a important role as many reputations get demolished through scams. ANY CRICKET SCAM IS A MEDIA DELIGHT. 

Below: This is a Big Joke, all those heads you see on the image below are Crorepati's why is BCCI so concerned for their future when they are filthy rich. BCCI if you don't know i will give you list of cricketers who are very poor don't give then 1.5 crore or 50 lacs, just give them 5 lakhs, why are you concerned for giving pension scheme for such filthy riches..... WHO ARE YOU FOOLING, WHY ARE YOU FOOLING.

     Dear BCCI, use your head, you have super Chartered Accountants in your company a person who plays maximum test cricket has a good bank balance, moreover he plays for some government Public sector unit, so you have to back calculate here as those players who played less test match should be given more fund and less for those who played more, else compensate with some perks.

       If this is the sorry state for international cricketers i wonder how bad you would be with Ranji cricketers. Has any crorepati faces you see above rejected to this benefit scheme and talked for the sake of poor cricketers who has no money to look after their family. If this is the case of Cricket then let's leave out other Sports yaar, kisko pada hai, apun sirf Criket khelte kya Fakta Cricket(whose gotta know we only play cricket). And this is how the looted money gets shared, some cricketers and rest all are the business men, corporates, and politician. 

       And as it comes to politics, ohh yeah all have their roots stuck to the BCCI, Congrees, BJP, NCP, all are involved.

        Arre But they are our legends, if we dont fecilitate them then its a bad for our Indian Cricket na... So they deserve money as they played for our great nation, When they PLAY I PLAY!!!!

       Ohh Yeah you are so concerned, just know how Major Dhyanchad Died, else know how many great athletes are living a miserable life, know how many footballers in India have committed suicide cause of financial conditions ain't those sportsmen to you... ok don't give them a crore just a lakh will do, ok give 10,000 Rs, is BCCI willing?? For some photo clicks they will show some felicitation but is that happening???

Why must BCCI finance for that purpose let our Govt look into that matter


Yes BCCI is corrupt but initially during the early 1990'sor so we had a good body?

     It was never a good body only that money started flowing in you see slimy businessmen Baniyas in this body, In fact it got worse man, and who laid the foundation stone. The one man show Jagmohan Dalmiya

      This construction businessman from Kolkata has been with BCCI way from the days of 1983 world cup and is known for his administration capabilities in taking BCCI to great heights, yeah why not from a safari to Varsace Suit's, its definitely growth. This man Dalmiya made all it takes to be only him in BCCI and with all his capabilities had all yes men in his group. He was now and then attacked but he stuck to his chair for more than 15 years until the Sultan of Swing Mr Sharad Pawar intervened.

      Mr Dalmiya lost to Mr Pawar's supremacy as he became BCCI chairman and after that it was a dogs day out for all yes men of Mr Pawar. Such is the clutch of the NCP supremo that commercialization and exploitation of Cricket knew no bounds. Investment kept coming in money double tripled and multiplied ten times, twenty times and more, corporates came in with good sack of investments, more corporates, more advertisements, more publicity, more TRP, more money, all because of you people staying glued to watch this MADARI SHOW.

What exactly is the psychology behind all this?

     The psychology is that it's not cricket, its not about the gods, super gods, god of god's playing this game, it is also not about our team winning matches. Ask yourself why you watch this match. What makes you to do this analysis and waste your precious time like P.L. Deshpande said 'YOU ALL ARE CRICKETERS WITH YOUR ANALYSIS'. Why is it that all time you are glued to the tube. 

 Have you ever thought about this for a second... Have you????

       Ok let me put it this way the God of God's is playing against Pakistan what happens more than a lakh audience will come at any cost to watch that match ready to pay any amount on a black ticket.

         The same God of God's plays a Ranji Match for Mumbai against let say Karnataka, you will hardly see any crowd watching these matches when the GOD is displaying the same talent. Why such a great divide, ask anyone wanna see sachin play a Ranji match need tickets, no man i am not interested, this is because they are not keen to waste their time in Ranji, Why so??? you know something pulls us to watch cricket match and it's not cricket its YOUR PATRIOTISM for your nation and this is the only marketing factor, you are watching this game only because your nation is playing against some other nation. 

     Hey you Cricket fan, assume you are going to watch a match in a Stadium, what's the first thing you will carry?? it's the INDIAN FLAG MAN and then your God's poster.

      India is playing Pakistan and it's India you want to win and not Cricket. The patriotism is the driving factor that's all the BCCI rulers have been exploiting from you all this time when they wanted money they knew how it can be made with Sponsors and television rights on the other hand their Hand in Glow mix up with Bookies get them huge dividends that they set up their own shops for all black money to be routed for betting purpose. Betting is where all from players to the top brass are involved while corruption in Cricket was first exposed with Mohammed Azaruddin, he is the frst Cricketer to have made a good fortune with Bookies blessings. 

    It was quite notable when in 1995 all players were wearing Raymond suits for a Function the flick maestro Mr. Azzarudin wore a GUCCI. This is when all the pandoras box got loose as he got involved in a big scandal in which South African Captain Hansie Conje had to face the axe, nevertheless this man became an MLA. The advantage of Cricket is a game where your chances of Betting has huge variation where you can bet for a four or a six, or a wicket, clean bowled etc etc. to winning a match. 

    As Damiya Saab exploited your patriotism and you not getting even a 5 paisa these people and their men made Crores in Hundreds and thousands and ten thousands and with it black money became incalculable. Outright neglect of cricket welfare, stadium these men kept minting money. 

    With the takeover of Mr Sharad Pawar he wanted sudden changes ALL FOR MONEY as patriotism is ok... but some thousands of corers is not enough. We need to work our cricketers ass out to get more from them. Strategy set out and Comes IPL.  In IPL its not patriotism but Sharad Pawar knows that there should be a different strategy for IPL, he included the dirt with Bollywod and Glam shows, included new format of the game to make it very interesting the Twenty 20 and very interesting & lucrative by auctioning players and sell them like cattle's so that people can watch it for its glamour and it paid rich dividends with the First IPL sessions. 

   As Dalmiyas Marketing Strategy was Patriotism Sharad Pawar's had Entertainment, Auctioning and Glamor. IPL was like Cricket in Dance Bar Format where you are the customer and your God's are your Bar Dancers, With quick pay players for quick money preferred IPL session and that involved them in cahoots with the Bookies, i bet after every IPL session there is a Huge Scam and all these are framed, it could be the work of Media or it is the insiders job to malign reputation of some officials. 

       My heart goes out for Sreeshant the way this poor guy was treated not for the slap but for his towel episode, i don't blame him even if he is guilty of betting cause this is IPL its not effecting patriotism of Indian's who will cry even if he tries to sell his team. Shreeshant did not cheat nation and any ways that towel is not going to prove that he was in hands in gloves with the Bookies. This man Shreeshant was subjected to many harsh treatment cause he had ego clashes with many, yes we are aware of Harbajan episode, but he had constant problems with Mahendra Singh Dhoni too, though he was Dhoni's lucky horse and in all crucial matches Shreeshant gave him the break through.

     Has any cricketers had the guts like Shreeshant to counter Aussie Monkey's, and his straight forwardness got in senior player's head. Nevertheless the poor man was horribly framed by all mean minded people, they wanted a goat and they got this man from Kerala.

Ok i get the point of your lets say all are corrupt in Cricket and even the players but not a word against Tendulkar, ok else you will know my Fist of Furry!!!

        You know i used to raom with a passport size photo of his, but you see there is a good saying, ' Keep a basket of fresh Mangoes and place a Rotten Mango in it then see what happens.' IT ROTS EACH AND EVERY MANGO. So when you have corruption all round your corner how can you expect yourself be Honest, all that can happen is these corporate leaches will throw you away like a curry leaf and that's the end of your carrier if you don't play to their tunes.

        Yes, the God of God's was an exceptional talent and this Middle Class Maharashtrian came all along in a hard way, and he deserved all the credit and he got international fame and recognition. Same way childhood friend of his Mr. Vinod Kambli, from a poor family came together in the international arena, but cause of his own stupidity and arrogance of glamour getting on his head, he got lost, but Tendulkar on the the other hand has to be complimented in this matter as he kept his cool and showed extreme dedication to the game.

        But ask me who's is the best batsman in the World, it's none other than Vinod Kambli far better than Tendulkar, this was also admitted by his coach. Kambli started his Ranji trophy career with a resounding six off the first ball. This sums up Kambli—the merry maverick and the non-conformist. According to all the players who played with Kambli and Sachin,  Kambli was considered to be a better talented of the two, by far. Kambli had an exciting start to his test career making two double-centuries and two centuries in just seven tests.

      He lacked a mentor at that stage—and all players wanted him to self destruct, because he was cocky like Shreeshant. Tendulkar was rejected from a group of 50 boys by the school coach Ramakanth Achrekar, which included Vinod Kambli. Tendulkar started crying and went home dejected. Next day his elder brother Ajit Tendulkar, pulled strings and got him into the group-- thus kick starting an amazing career.

     How many of you think that Sachin Tendulkar is worthy to be in Rajya Sabha, considering his stooges are clamoring for this .  Do you think this man will even attend the Parliament, unless he is given a huge amount for every day he attends Parliament. 

      Below:- Watch this veideo below, see how Zee God of God's is lieing from his teeth, Mr Willow God you are no doubt an ICON of cricket but you don't know to lie cause its a profession, yeah yeah your BCCI masters, politicians, your lawyers and Charted Accountants are a PRO in lieing but why you have to give this lame excuse, sorry for your elder brother but he was not in the hospital for a year. You are an icon man in 1999 we know how you went back home during the World Cup tour in England to attend your dad's funeral, we all were so proud of you that you returned back in no time and played for Bharatmata. 
               In this video you sound like a stupid MBA selling napkins.

    School cricket coach Ramakant Achrekar took care of Kamblis travelling expenses.  His class teacher at Shardashram paid for his schooling.  Tendulkar treated him to vada paav in the evenings after a match , and his friend Ashish gave him dinner.  Despite all the bad times he was going through, there was always a smile on his face. He made nine comebacks , which is a record. Kambli , the stroke player was the most popular guy in the Mumbai Ranji team, and he got the loudest cheers from the crowd.  Who cares for grafters ?

      Was Sachin Tendulkar so important to occupy all TV news channels for 3 weeks?  When only nine and a half countries on this planet play cricket?

    Worth billions of rupees,  Sachin Tendulkar had also claimed petty expenses tax deduction of Rs.57,969 towards staff welfare expenses  , that included expenses incurred on tea and snacks provided to his staff,  Rs.50,000 each on account of entertainment expenses and telephone expenses and Rs.1,42,824 on account of car expenses.   However, the pissed of IT tribunal dismissed these shocking claims saying that the use of telephone, car and food was for him and his family .

    After getting tax exemption for his Ferrari, Sachin Tendulkar sold his Ferrari presented by Michael Schumacher for a handsome profit.  Who knows one day someone may buy his Bharat Ratna medal too.

    In order to save tax of around Rs 2 crore on income derived from doing TV commercials, Tendulkar told the Income Tax tribunal that acting, not cricket, is his profession.  This is like Bollywood stars claiming concessions as  cricketeer , just because they played a Sunday game, to generate money for a cause.

      Who cared for Sachin in IPL 5?  He is just hanging on, taking away a slot for a talented youngster.

      And we all know the shabby way he treated his best buddy Vinod Kambli.  Vinod Kambli's first class average is 60 which is higher than Sachin's 58.6, who has played lesser games.  Here are the first class averages of the other paper tigers---- Dravid ( 55 ) , Lakshman ( 52 ), Ganguly ( 43 ) Azharuddin ( 51 ) Gavaskar ( 51) and Sehwag ( 49 )

And when did Sachin last win a match for India?  Who cares for his centuries ?

     Such is the saga of our legend who we worship as the God of all God's. A simple Marathi Middle class boy with a great ambition from humble family background could climb the highest peak in the World of Cricket, where he could set records after records and as glamour, fame and recognition grips him he becomes savy to be guided by corrupt ego centric people of how to be mean minded. If these is what a Cricket legend is made up of then what is the young generation going to learn from these Sportsmen.

       You see the fault here is not Tendulkar but his leachy advisers who groomed him to be greedy, else Tendulkar would never be so creepy i know Marathi people better, Poor Tendulkar got exposed to the world of leaches as he had been seeing all of them for 30 years that money and greed griped his mind. 

      Look man, you are just jealous ok Sachin is a God and he is my idol, this is not going to loose any respect i have for this man, he is still an idol for our children, they look after him as an inspiration. CRICKET REMAINS INDIAS NO. 1 SPORT ANS SO IT WILL BE. I WILL LOVE AND WATCH CRICKET TILL MY LAST BREATH.....

       Yeah Cricket Fan, it shall remain India's No 1 sport and with it many other sports will die, even our national Game like Kabbadi, Hockey will never get its true shine cause all are after this Insect Game. No Matter how cheap it gets, this game will be watched by all people, and money will be spun by evil business men. 
    Then stop writing this stupid blog with the hope that's people will change their mind that they will hate cricket, you stupid ignoramus! If they read your blogs they gonna throw eggs on your face, GROW UP MAN WAKE UP DON'T PLAY WITH PEOPLE'S SENTIMENTS. They hate to know that their legends have grey shades!!!

    You said it Cricket fan, that's right indeed who is gonna listen to me, i know that people will kick me for writing this blog and yeah i wasted a lot of time writing it too, but lets hope change if there is any who could see light on other side of the tunnel then this blog is for them.

Let's hope God changes our mind till then


May Maa Bharati shower her grace on you,

Jayan Divakaran.



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