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Constipation: The Mother of all Diseases.

     Our's is the land of Ayurveda, our great motherland blessed with many Maharishis and Rishis, a highly evolved human being who did extreme hardships with years and years of meditation acquired fractal vision with an activated penile gland, went on to compose the great Vedas and the Upanishads, were also known for their contribution to field of the Ayurveda (Medical Science) which is the most ancient form of Medical Science known to mankind.

      The Maharishis (  Rishi among Rishis )  had 13 strand DNA , with the extra spiritual gene conferred by star dust or cosmic rays, which alter DNA and consciousness.-- which gave them tele portation powers via wormholes , telepathy powers ,transmutation powers, anti gravity powers and long life..

      This Divine knowledge of Medical Science is dedicated to Lord Dhanwantari which is the God of Ayurveda.

   The legend goes that after Samudra manthan, Dhanwantari rose from the oceans holding in his 4 hands, a Sudharshan Chakra, a Shankh or conch, amrit kalasha ( pot of ambrosia ) , and a LEECH. 

     Why Leech, the answer is that a leech is a gift from God, to immunize . The father of Vedic Ayurveda medicine wrote about leech therapy as early as 4200 BC in Sanskrit. Even today any Ayurvedic doctor who gets a degree goes to the Dhanwantari temple for thanksgiving  and to recite the Dhanwantari mantra, for divine assistance .

    The famous ones are at Nelluvaya , 20kms from Guruvayur, the temple at Calicut and the temple at Kannur, 10 kms from the railway station.


||Om shankham chakram jalaukam
Dadhad amruta ghatam charu dorbhi chaturbhih
Sukshma svacch ati hridyam sukha pari vilasanam
Maulim ambhoja netram
Kalam bhodojo valangam kati tata vilasan
Charu pitam baradhyam
Vande dhanvantarim tam nikhila gada vanam
Praudha davagni leelam ||

We bow to Lord Dhanwantari holding in his graceful four hands a Conch shell, a scalar energy discus , a Leech and a pot of celestial nectar. 

Within whose heart shines the most pure and gentle beautiful blaze of light, which surrounds his head and emanates from his lotus eyes.
On the dark water whose body is luminous and gleaming.
Waist and thighs are covered in yellow cloth and by whose mere play
All diseases are vanquished as if by a mighty forest fire.

     Lord Dhanwantari is worshiped all over India as the God of Ayurveda medicine, for two days Dhanwantari is honored at dusk, a lamp pointing toward North by North-East is lit at the doorstep of the house to welcome Lord Dhanwantari for health and happiness in life. This day is also known as Dhanwantari Triodasi.

   Two great stalwarts of Ayurveda were Acharya Sushruta, the father of Surgery in Ayurveda followed by Acharya Charaka, the father of Medicine.

     Even today 6000 years later, with hardly any revisions the science of Ayurveda is the same.

    Both Sushruta and Charaka wrote their medical treatises around 4200 BC on the banks of the river Saraswati. Both understood the fractal nature of the human body ( blood vessels / pulmonary vessels )  having FRACTAL minds. Sushruta was the son of Maharishi Vishwamitra. He wrote the SUSHRUTA SAMAHITA , which is the world's first book on the practice of Shalya ( Surgery ) in Sanskrit. The original Sanskrit text containing 184 chapters.

     These texts deals with every facet of surgery including from Caesarian surgery, amputations, brain surgery, cataract surgery, piles, hernia, fibroid, fracture, artificial limbs, urinary stones  --right up to plastic surgery and grafting, also first aid, anti-toxins and child care too. 

   The present world may find this difficult to believe, but his surgical instrument diagrams are available in these books.  Modern medicine has lifted and is just following these ancient documented procedures.

   Acharya Charaka wrote the Charaka Samhita containing 120 chapters in Sanskrit. It deals extensively with diagnosis, as any one could do a cure once diagnosed. He dealt with almost all present day illnesses. He knew the anatomy of human body from the expertise of Sustruta. Charaka gave preference onto plants and herbs--thousands of them. He had terrific quantum botanical medicines with broad and narrow spectrum antibiotics.

    Charaka emphasized on prevention & great importance to diet, hydration of body with low surface tension water/ veg juices , yoga and sleep. Charaka introduced Reverse Osmosis via human skin porous membrane via hot bath to De-toxify cells, lymph drainage and enzyme regulation, using Himalayan rock salts (Kaala Namak ) and herbs. This rock salt high in Magnesium Sulphate and citrus juice was used to check bleeding piles.

    Present generation hardly knows these two great Vedic Maharishis cum seers, and the White west are happy in their contention that in 400 BC,  the Greeks discovered Medicine and Surgery.

    Cannabis / marijuana was used for a various medical purposes from epileptic seizures, nausea, pain, asthma attacks, heart stroke, high Blood Pressure, arthritis, PMS cramps , to tumors etc. Cannabis leaves were used in reverse osmosis hot steam baths for cramps and convulsions.

  Detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, aetiology, embryology, digestion, metabolism, blood circulation, genetics and immunity is also found in many Ayurvedic texts.  Cow's urine was used to treat various ailments. Even today , after 6000 years , there is NO better medicine than Kizhar Nelli herb for Jaundice and Papaya leaf juice for improving the blood platelet count for diseases like Dengue and Chikunguniya.

 Ayurveda did mostly prevention rather than cure.

    6200 years ago Ayurveda prescribed fresh Karela juice (90%  bitter gourd ) mixed with fresh Amla juice ( 10% gooseberry ) to cure Madhumeha or "honey urine"— ( diabetes two –Prameham ). Oats for breakfast was the best way to keep body healthy and free from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Moreover, Ayurveda being the science of life, recognized a mind/body/soul relationship & the root cause of all diseases, the best medicine for all conditions is spiritual and ethical life.

   Ayurveda prescribed magnesium rich foods and drinks (like 9% magnesium tender coconut water and pro biotic curd) for excessive night urination, vertigo, de-stressing, back cramps, muscle spasms, migraine, depression, fatigue,  hypertension, diabetes , prevention of kidney stones and even combating morbid obesity. There are creepers like Amritavalli ( leaves are heart shaped ) that bring down sugar levels drastically in a few of days—and that too permanently, which means the pancreas is regenerated.
(from Ajit Vadakayil Blog's)

     As both these great Acharyas were inspiration to many vaidyar's there was a great Rishi Vagabhatta student of Maharishi Charaka who gave emphasis of simple way of living and reliance on Gharelu Chikitsa (Homely Cure) for a Healthy and Sustained life. What's more interesting to note is that Vagabhatta a Brahmin had a low cast Charaka as his Guru.

   Vagbhatta's book Ashtanga Hridayam, relied mainly on simple remedies to prevent disease by regulating you life style and that too in the most simple manner and cure for all disease from your Kitchen, he stresses that all the spices you have in you kitchen like Turmeric, Cardamom, Jaggery, Rock Salt, Pepper, Garlic etc are medicine in itself and can prevent various types of illness. His book Ashtanga Hridayam details that by some simple mere routine and exercise you can live a long and healthy life.

     Acharya Shusrut & Charaka were the epitome of Ayurveda but understanding their texts needed certain level of expertise, however Vagabhatta's Ashtanga Hridayam can be easily understood by anyone and practiced at home.

    As we have moved to the 21st century with advance in science and technology our life style has changed in all means the way our Ancestors have lived, more in terms of foods we are exposed to foods from other nations. The generation of now has a major challenge in eating healthy foods as all they eat is food processed with chemical preservatives and other addictive which has nil or less nutritional values. 

    A major problem that our generation is experiencing at a mere age of youth we are suffering from various illness. There was a time when Diabetes and Blood Pressure was rarely heard but now it has become a common name and 9 out of 10 suffer from this illness by the time he or she reached 40 years of age.

    Many disease we hear very often was never heard of in India about 100 years back and as it cropped up only when one became old about 70 to 80 years. But as time moves on and with it our lifestyle, the horror is that disease gets affected as soon as one reaches his teens or as early even at childhood, however there are cases in India about people suffering from Diabetes as early as 25 years. 

     With many MNC Food giants in India replacing our traditional and Satvic foods, its soon becoming a craze amongst children and young generation, as these American based food giants are only looking to double and triple it's quarter profits with many of its food courts reaching Tier II and Tier III cities in India, people in the rural areas are also suffering from same disease that of Metropolitan City.

     About 15 years back the World Health Organization, came with a stunning report that by 2020 India will have max number of people suffering from Heart failure and it's related disease, after that many specialty and super specialty hospitals for Heart disease mushroomed in the city, it's so painful when such a survey was conducted the government must taken necessary steps to curb this menace, the people must have been made aware well in advance about necessary steps to be taken to prevent this menace but rather than prevention all that the evil greedy pharmaceutical sector and medical fraternity did was set up hospitals anticipating well in advance that bypass surgery, heart transplant and cardiac scanning will keep increasing year by year.

      Obviously greed is THE FACTOR who cares for informing good health or prevention is better than cure, rather greedy doctors and Pharmaceutical Industry would anticipate more and more people to suffer from heart disease and spend all their hard earnings and deposits in hospitals and they could laugh all the way to banks. As India have a high middle class income group compared to any other nation, Heart attack, Diabetes, Low and High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Asthma etc. are an asset for pharma industry to multiply their income. See how much money a medical shop makes from one individual in a society. If you try to be friendly with him he might open up to you that he makes a good 1000 Rs an average every year from one individual in a society.

   Its so unfortunate that our own indigenous medical science given to us by great Maharishis has been continuously neglected by the government since independence, that when the budget is allocated more than 95% of the money is used for Pharmaceutical Industry followed by Homeopathy and Ayurveda which is given the least preference. Thanks to some Ayurvedic Practitioners who kept this divine knowledge alive and kept practicing this science which they acquired from their family ancestors, and when it comes to Ayurveda, it's Kerala that has a prime significance with many Ayurveda schools and hospitals preserved the ancient knowledge of plants and herbs used for making medicines that there is a relief that our ancient knowledge is still practiced.

   So as many are facing a lot of disease that till they reach old age their body will become completely worn out with immunity system in dire straits, its sure that they will spend their life in hospitals on all the pills having a patented Pharma logo on it. You shall never know what good health means to your life. You have to know what is the push button to your life's misery. Yeah it is CONSTIPATION.

     Strange it could be but it's constipation that introduce you to the world of disease. That's why when ever you visit a ayurvedic practitioner even before you could complete with your problem the first thing he will ask you is how was your motion, he will only be interested to know how it was, be what ever from a minor headache to heart attack, he is only interested to know your motion.

    I have met some ayurvedic practitioner and at times it was annoying why they ask about my motions when my problem is some where else, it's later i realized 'YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT'. A healthy person is one who has a good and prolonged bowel movement, who gives importance to a well maintained STOMACH and these two simple factors are the only means by which you can have a prolonged healthy life, remember that 'HEALTH IS WEALTH''

    Vagabhatt in his book Ashtanga Hridayam has specifically mentioned that if you take care of your stomach then all organs in your body will take care of itself and function well and you don't need to take care of any thing else as all your organs functionality depends primarily on what you eat. Your stomach decides your life line if you have a strong and healthy stomach you can live as long as you want and can easily cross a lifespan of 100+ years. On the other hand a bad stomach will play havoc to your life by inviting various diseases and that creates a lot of burden and stress with inflating Medical Bills with a prolonged hope of recovery.

    This is why any ayurvedic medicine has a first impact on improving you bowel movement. The logic behind this is simple, we have a pressure cooker on the burner and allow the water in it to biol, now as we keep whistle on top, the steam inside it builts up, as the steam mounts it adds pressure to it more the steam more is the pressure and a time comes when the whistle has to blow up beyond its capacity to withstand the pressure, this is exactly what constipation does to your body.

       As the crap in your intestines tightens, its not allowing a free bowel movement as a result it stays in your body, as this is rubbish it needs to be gutted out as our body hates to keep any waste in side it. With feces staying inside your body, intestines will pass stress signals to your brain and keep disturbing you to take some action, and as it stays it also creates a stress in you stomach to as its function gets choked up, with it acidity is created and when that happens the first thing acidity does is fluctuate your blood pressure, an when that happens it should be understood that you are now slave to some short or long term disease. Although Acidity has various other reasons to but constipation is one of the factors. 

       The first knock your body does when you have constipation is give you a head ache and when we have it the biggest blunder we do is take a tablet for headache as in Crocin Anacin etc. this is where you need to understand that your problem is down below and not top above, i have been in pharma industry and i know the crux of pharma drugs the only thing that a pharma drug do to your body is ADDRESS YOUR PAIN. This is why when you take a pharmaceutical medicine, the only thing it does block message transmission to your brain. Each and every nerve system in your body is connected with your brain so if there is a functionality problem then that particular organ will instantly send message to your brain that it's having a problem which soon needs to be addressed and its communicated through PAIN. More the pain more early it has to be addressed less the pain it conveys to take necessary steps. 

     So when you take a pill for headache you are preparing for a havoc that be coming later as this pill will shun communication to your head of the problem that is lying below as the problem stays this will cultivate future disease in your body and this constipation can give a direct and indirect disease making you very stressful.  From a minor headache starts a chronic Migraine.

   About 10 years back i had a friendly relationship with a Product Manager of a company which makes tonic for acidity, it happened so after some good business transactions with his company, after some meets we got friendly, and opened to me, he categorically warned me not advised but warned me that no matter what never ever consume this tonic and don't give it to your children. I went on to ask why, he didn't revel much though but he said that this will ensure you will have acidity for life

  From then on started my confusion & urge to know Pharmaceutical Industry, what startled me was that this is just a tonic and not a  medicine so imagine what the Pandora box will be with other specialty medicine. Many formulation plants that make patented drugs might only have such horror stories to reveal but Pharma Sector is too secretive on such matters.

   Also another best way of finding out that you have constipation is through bad breath. We take mouth wash but bad stomach and constipation is the culprit. It's no rocket science to know this, here is an example, in any industrial unit we see a chimney, its only job is to exhaust chemical smokes and pollutants out in to the atmosphere, can't blame the chimney as we all know the process happening down below same is the case with your body, when your stomach is upset cause of improper diet and junk food you stomach is not able to digest the food properly as result of indigestion the undigested food caused acidity and other related diseases, the decayed food sends foul smell via your mouth and fart hence you have a bad breath.

   It's such a pain to see those Mouth Clean Advt. when dentists say that bad breath is the result of food particles that get stuck in between your teeth and this causes foul smell, Oh yeah how big is the size is it a bread slice or a 6" pizza in between the teeth Saaarrrr... TEEE HEEE. Yes plaque happens but simply gargle your mouth with water, that's it problem solved. Mouth cleaner's are used by Moron Europeans cause they seldom brush their teeth, these people didn't knew what is tongue cleaner till they invaded our nation, We brush our teeth and so clean our tongue the science is that dead cells on our tongue gets replaced with new one's so don't waste your hard earned money on MNC based Mouth Cleaner as these whites use it on special occasion like their marriage which anyways going to end with a divorce. 


    What causes constipation??

      We never had the problem of constipation about 100 years from now but now every one has this problem, rather its a problem all over the globe, as its the only reason pharmaceutical Corporations are making Billions of dollars every year. From minor headache to heart attack or be it a short term or chronic disease the base is constipation. 

      As by now we are aware we must know the causes for the disease.
  • Low water intake: If a person drinks lesser water than required, it leads to the body using up its resources quickly. It will try to compensate for the lack of water by absorbing it from as many sources as it can, and bodily waste is its first target, leading to constipation. This makes the feces or waste product dry and difficult to pass out. To add to this, the slower the food you eat passes through your intestines, the more water the colon absorbs from the food making the problem even worse.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: In today’s day and age where almost everything is computerized, a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. The body relies on exercise for various functions like producing mucus (an essential fluid used to lubricate the anus) and to keep up its metabolic rate. When we are sedentary, the body metabolizes less, leading to constipation.
  • Drugs: Some drugs that cause constipation are the antidepressants, calcium channel blocking drugs  and diuretics (both are usually prescribed for hypertension and heart disease).
  • Aging: As people age, their bodily functions also change. It has been found that in old age, a number of people suffer from constipation, due to a slower rate of metabolism and digestion.
  • Cancer or other systemic diseases: There are a few conditions like colon cancer or other systemic diseases like diabetes, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease that can lead to constipation
   These are some of the general causes and you will find many more such related causes but the main reason for the cause is indeed quite striking which is the reason why we our generation is having so many disease that our ancestors never heard of. As India witnessed globalization, the market opened to International nations with the government slowly opening FDI in related sectors, our nations stands exposed to the American Multi National Corporations Giants and as a result all the worlds other fast food chain hotels set up their shops in India they are as below:-

If you consume foods from any of the brands mentioned above, then well get prepared for this:

Genie Pigs at work

     Parents in India and specially Kerala consider that children we see above are healthy, this is a grave mistake as they & the child is going to regret in future 


    Not only American Food giants have invaded our market but with it also came Chinese Noodles, Italian Pasta and foods from other nations that has no nutritional value but harmful for health. Our own junk foods like Vada Pau, Bhaji, Misal, Dhokla etc. are way far better if cooked in hygienic conditions than junk foods from the west as these foods  are not only expensive but all these MNC foods Giants have given us chemically processed foods added with additives, artificial colours preservatives that is taking a toll on our health. 

      Ohh... How can i forget them, the world drinks this soft drink more than water, Were ever it has established it plant the surrounding area had been devoid of water. They have a history the moment they had their entry in India, as they set out with their business they kept fighting like mad cats through advt. to prove their superiority, around 2002 a plant in Kerala was raided by the state Govt. and came with a shocking report that chemical content to be used in the drink is exceeding all levels and that the residue from the plant was decided by their management to be given free to farmers, when they used it, the agricultural land became barren.

       This created a big controversy, soon supreme court had to intervene and as a result Coco Cola and Pepsi both Shook hands with unity they fought all those with money and lobby power they put every one to silence, and people still drink it even when they are aware of it's danger.

Here is a Puzzle?? Why is Amitabh Bachhan not seen doing his Pepsi Advt, you think Pepsi is a fool to cancel his Advt. Contract.

     Unlike other fast food Pepsi and Coco Cola is a Soft drink, if you think it will not aid to constipation then you are mighty wrong. This soft drink is related directly or indirectly to damage your metabolism. This soft drink is so dangerous that the sugar content used in it is very high compared to any food on planet. 

See the video below:


      Ohh.. the Coco Cola Boss, he is so impressive ain't he explaining the high sugar level contents in Coco Cola, Sooo Impressive we are convinced... cause Coco Cola said so, are you convinced?? I knew of a British who used to consume Coco Cola like water, this in spite of warning the moron but yet he drank it like a pig, asked him how much he consume in a day he said normal is 6 and max can go to 12 or 15. Good, in the video its mentioned how a small can contains 23 sachets of Sugar so imagine the sugar content every day. 

    Moreover these Soft drink have phosphorous in it which can only be obtained from dried bones of any animal has to be crushed into fine powder and used for processing, this is also used for making sugar, and what makes Coco Cola use sugar in its drinks??

      Sugar the silent Killer:  
(From Ajit Vadakayil Blog's)

     India is on the road to type 2 diabetes and nobody is warning the Indian public. Processed white sugar by itself contains NIL nutrients, proteins, healthy fats, enzymes—nothing.

     White refined sugar-is not a food at all. It is a pure chemical extracted from sugar cane. 

     Its true name is sucrose and its chemical formula is C12 H22 O11.  It has 12 carbon atoms, 22 hydrogen atoms and 11 oxygen atoms.

    Calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium are taken from various parts of the body to make use of white sugar.  Refined sugar is void of all nutrients, consequently it causes the body to deplete its own stores of various vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

     If sugar consumption is continued, an over-acid condition results, and more minerals are needed from deep in the body to correct the imbalance. It gives empty and quickly digested calories that actually pull minerals from the body during digestion. It creates a hormone cascade when consumed that starts a positive feedback loop in the body to encourage more consumption.

Also there is Aspartame they use in sugar free zero calorie artificial sugar is bad for heath . You find main stream media singings its praises.  Many diabetic people have died and nobody warns about it.

      Emotional and mood disorders have been linked to aspartame.  Aspartame increases your hunger and  impedes your weight loss.  Phenylalanine and aspartic acid can cause spikes in insulin levels and force your body to remove the glucose from your blood stream and store it as fat. 


       Aspartame inhibits the production of serotonin and prevents your brain from signalling to your body that you are full.  This leads to food cravings and make it more difficult for you to lose weight.     


     Coke and Pepsi‘s pro-health, obesity-prevention campaigns that insist their sweet beverages can be a part of an active, healthy lifestyle, especially given their calorie-free options. But these ads never mention diabetes, which is quickly becoming an even bigger PR problem for sugary brands than obesity. Majority of the young people who saw a soft drink ad with a pro-exercise, anti-obesity message reacted with a positive attitude toward the products’ parent brand.  But diabetes is considered a evil disease, and many see that these greedy and callous multinationals as contributing to it.

 Now is Amitabh Bachhan a Fool!!

      Now, back to American Junk foods, burgars, pizza, pasta, biscuits, donuts etc are made with refined flour or Maida (Refined flour or White Flour) is one of the main contributor to constipation as your stomach takes a ling time to digest it not only that as you consume Maida it sticks to you intestine aggravating your bowel movement in a severe manner causing chronic constipation that can be mild or severe, thus Maida ensures necessary steps from keeping you away from being healthy.

    Though most of the delicious food items are prepared with refined flour, but it certainly doesn’t have any food value. Refined white flour contains almost no natural minerals and vitamins. A refined foods leaves many malnourished, constipated, enervated and vulnerable to chronic illness.  

  White flour creates obesity with blood sugar disorders!    
     The more refined foods a person eats, the more insulin must be produced to manage it. Insulin promotes the storage of fat, making way for rapid weight gain and elevated triglyceride levels, which can lead to heart disease. Over time, the pancreas gets so overworked that insulin production grinds to a halt, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or diabetes sets in. 

    Either way, the body is getting little or no fuel from the food you eat and tries to convert muscle and fat into energy. Also, the constant refined sugar/refined flour intake places a continual stress on the adrenals to pump out balancing hormones. This, of course, ultimately weakens the adrenals making it harder and harder for them to respond as the “emergency system” they were created to be.



   White flour creates digestive issues!
    White flour has been called the “glue of the gut”. And it all turns to glue in the intestines which is without fiber, it clogs the system, slows down digestion creating a sluggish metabolism, and can often be the cause of stress headaches and migraines. 

    Digestive disorders come from hard stools produced by the consumption of overly starchy foods such as white flour, which makes it very difficult to have a normal bowel movement. While it is true that when you chew food, some of the saliva will break down the starch, once it reaches the stomach, the enzymes in the stomach are incapable of breaking it down because the stomach’s pH levels are too low. Therefore it moves into the intestinal tract and turns to “glue”, lacking the fiber to move it onward.

   White flour can cause inflammation and chronic disease!
    Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates, such as sugar and white flour, are deadly poisons that have an inflammatory effect on the body. Sugar and white flour increases blood sugar, and even a modest increase in blood sugar generates pro-inflammatory chemicals. Most people eat these poisons daily in the form of bread, Samosa, Paratha, Roti, pasta, biscuits, cookies, cakes, candy, etc. 

    Many of the diseases that we think of as part of aging are actually caused by this process. Depending on the individual, the result can be arthritis, heart disease, cataracts, memory loss, wrinkled skin or diabetes complications, to name a few.

White flour causes Acidity
    Acidity is another problem. As we eat an acidic diet caused by too much salt, sugar, white flour, dairy, meat and cola drinks. Over-acidity is one of the major causes of chronic inflammation, and a major cause of arthritis (pure acid on the bones and joints) and other chronic illnesses.

     It's so strange that when you go to a grocery store, we see inflated price for all wheat, dal, rice etc but refined flour is one that will always available within our budgetary range, i wonder whether Govt. wants us to eat it, go to any snack corner in India you shall see some or the other thing made with maida that be Rotti, Samosa, Puri, Buns, Bhaji, etc etc that it's impossible for anyone to miss out a food made of Maida. every biscuits, chips, puffs are made from Maida. Now this maida is eaten all over the nation and hence the reason why people keep suffering from various diseases.

Symptoms of Constipation:

   Any disease apart from that which is air or water borne has to be linked directly or indirectly with Constipation that be from a mild headache to blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis or heart related disease. 

    As the principle of Ayurveda is to maintain a healthy life it's necessary to balance the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha component in your body, it is of firm belief that any irregularity between the three will cause illness and the main reason for the disequilibrium is due to an improper bowel movement that derails your body metabolism.
    Unlike Modern medicine which only cures the pain but the root cause of the disease stays in your body and aggravates from level one to another, Ayurveda on the other hand try to address the root cause of your disease and cures you with medicines made from plants and herbs having NIL side effects, uproots the cause of your disease ensuring that you don't have the same disease again. 

    But in doing so Ayurveda has it's own time to cure your illness and as it is about more of a prevention you shall be advised by Ayurvedic doctor's with Do's and Don'ts, preventive measures with medication to get back to normal health.

   Yet the hectic lifestyle of the metro and satellite cities and food grains, pulses etc we consume are full of chemicals with Nil or very little Organic foods available, we have drifted miles away from Nutritious foods, with every year passing by Maintaining a good health is become more challenging.

   Deprived farmers in India are forced to dump lot of pesticides and fertilizers for a good yield else he will have to drink the same pesticide as India is a nation with max. number of farmer suicide with no help from Government. As corps consume these chemicals the same chemicals get consumed by us. It is very much a fact that Indian's consume a lot more chemicals that any from Europe or America, but still America has a big Problem with Monsanto's Genetically Modified Organic food (GMO).

    Slowly but steadily India will move towards GMO foods, our ex-Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh was outright in support for GMO foods but got blocked cause of opposition but at the moment Soya and American Corn what we see on the road side market are GM foods, please be very careful of such foods as this is going to be the worstest challenge & danger of mankind.

Remedy for Constipation

      If You are suffering from constipation, then be convinced that 99% of the chances are processed foods from the MNC food giants. So please try to prevent such foods as much as possible, it will be impossible for you to do it initially so start the process slowly, before you purchase any product be cautious to read clearly the instructions on the wrapper properly. be cautious enough to know that its not a MNC product. Any product with a "XXX (India) Pvt Ltd." written on the product is a MNC.

       Else as a rule of thumb, all those advt. involving cricketers and Bollywood stars selling foods, soft drinks, chocolates, energy drinks, biscuits, chips etc. should be immediately stopped. You don't know but purchasing those products actually dent your pockets. Please understand:


       And this is plain logic, imagine you are the owner of a MNC making biscuits, and you are producing about 10 crore of them and want to sell all over India, If you are going to sell only on taste it's obvious that one will like it very much and one shall not, like my wife's biryani is good but his wife's biryani is fantastic. When taste is the factor then you are always at a risk of selling your product, and that too when such a big bulk quantity is made the risk is manifold, so the only way to sell this to all is by adding addictive to it so that 10 out of 10 can consume this product. THE WHOLE FOOD INDUSTRY WORKS ON ADDICTION, more over they want you to purchase the same product again and again so costly advt. with superstars does the job.

         See those National and Discovery channel in which they show a documentary in USA about how they make Pizza, burger etc. You see this product manager explaining you the process and after that he will say wait now here is our secret portion, that adds taste to it. WHAT's THAT SECRET, WE KNOW THAT MAAN ITS ADDICTIVE.....

     Fortunately now Swadeshi Companies have started to sell food products which are way to healthy compared to evil MNC food giants. Companies like Baba Ramdev's Patanjali products are quickly opening shops all across cities and selling their products at 50% cheaper rates compared to MNC products.

    Though am not a promoter of patanjali products, but i have a store near to my colony and the prices of product are unbelievable, be it soaps or detergents etc. wheat flour is very nutritious and healthy. If not Patanjali you can buy products that is Swadeshi (Indigenous) as it helps our nation develop, with every purchase of MNC products we loose our money and that too when these greedy MNC charges a heavy premium to an extent of 1000% minimum on their product.

      If you have decided to fight the menace of Constipation then here is the first step this itself will wipe out lot of your problems. 

  In Maharashtra, Marathis have a traditional routine with any orthodox Maharashtrian family, you will see them drinking water in Copper Lotta having a capacity of some 1 or 2 liter's. They fill water in it at night and as early as they get up at dawn they drink this water. They do it every day and month of the year. Doing this has a  lot of benefit. 

   Please read all the points carefully, you will understand that water is a boon to our body, as our body is 75% water its only water than can help us from all such menace. 

    Why copper?? Copper Lotta was the only worldly possession that a Maharishi or a Rishi Possessed. Watch this video below:


    Copper has anti-bacterial properties, copper is an excellent energy conductor, as we know in modern electrical age.

     A ancient Indian Rishis drank water from copper lotta ( pots ), they cleaned copper pot with tamarind and filled it with living Ganges water, the previous night and drank it the next day morning.    

    This cleaning with tamarind causes copper colloids to leach into the water overnight. Algae, viruses , E coli and many other pathogens are killed. This anti-oxidant water takes care of free radicals and hence is anti-inflammatory.. There is NO need to boil the water. This water makes your sperm more potent. This water can cure sinus like magic .  It takes care of Hypertension too.

    As you drink this water you shall notice that the water is heavy. The first this it address is constipation. it will improve your bowel movement and acidity etc shall be things of past. If you don't have copper lotta then you can use a steel jug, but do not use plastic bottles. 

    What's the science behind this SIMPLE... If your toilet is stinking what's the first step, clean it with water, same way if all organs in your body is filled with toxins and waste that clogs its functions, only way to clean it is water. As blood is 75% water, with water intake you are activating your blood cells and this aids to a proper blood circulation. Water is the ultimate source that can clean your body and this can be followed by Pranayam if you have time.

    There is a procedure of drinking your water, try to drink water in sips and not at one go, drink it like you drink tea, drinking water at one go will be like flooding your stomach and it will back fire and damage your kidneys, with small sips your stomach gets activated slowly and as you drink water you will realize how better you shall be feeling as all the organs in your body will be thanking you for this noble deed. After you drink water don't eat or drink tea for the next 45 minutes afterwards you can have your breakfast.

     By drinking water empty stomach in the morning you are addressing to 90% of your problems. And it can be don't by any patients suffering from diabetes, Arthritis, kidney problems, heart patients, old young children women etc as this is not medication but a process to activate all the organs of your body.. Please continue this process for a month or two by that time you will definitely have a positive result, you shall feel very active and healthy life. 


     For a proper bowel movement ofcourse we need  proper digestion of food as it confirms better metabolism and supply of nutrients to your body, an improper digestion will lead to constipation and later resulting in acidity.

      The great Rishi Vagbhatta has clearly mentioned that stomach is the most essential part of your body. Take care of your stomach and its shall take care of all the other organs of your body. Immoral British gave us this Breakfast, Lunch and dinner culture, we never had it before their invasion. The Indian principle of eating food it that what ever you want to eat should be eating after Sun Rise and Before Sun Set. 

      If you observe animals, birds etc they will start their eating process early in the morning then take a rest and eat it in some quantity, after sunset thy will not eat any thing. Carnivorous are different it depends on when they hunt, their metabolism is different from Herbivorous and we humans belong to that category.

        The right way of eating is early in the morning we must eat heavy food, if you want to skip lunch you can have very heavy food too, else your lunch can be a short one and end the dinner with a light food only like Oatmeal or Porridge.

How to eat:

        Following our Indian style of eating is the ultimate way of digesting food. The Indian conventional way of eating is sit on ground in Padmasana Pose and eat. When you do this the Jathar Agni (Gastric Fire) in your stomach increases, never eat your food in standing posture as your gastric nerve not in active mode when you are standing so please avoid the buffet culture. Next best is to sit on a chair and eat. Your Stomach digest the food the same way how we cook food on a burner. This Burner in your stomach is also called 'Jatharnal' or Gastric Nerve in English, that as you chew food and reaches stomach the gastric nerve starts it's process by burning the food, this is why one should never ever drink water before eating food because this will stop the burning process and your gastric nerve  gets deactivated and by that the food will start decaying in you stomach inviting disease. It's like spilling water on a gas burner or a sigdi, the same happens with your stomach,  so before you eat try to see that your stomach is active for digestion process.

        On the left hand side of your stomach is the gastric nerve, if this goes your stomach goes for a toss, so its very important to maintain this part of your stomach as its responsible for digestion as burning the food is more important to secret nutrients from the food. So when you eat food DO NOT DRINK WATER ONE HOUR PRIOR OR AFTER YOU CONSUME YOUR FOOD.
         Yes, it is essential that you should not consume water even one hour after you eat your food cause its very necessary that the gastric nerve should be active in all process of digestion, a digestion process takes max. 3 hours, so even after the food is consumed its necessary that the gastric nerve should be kept active all through the digestion process as it keeps burning the food when your food is properly burned the stomach does the secondary process of digesting your food. So what's the alternative for water, you can add lime to your water and consume it, but if that is not possible try to have a sip or two in between your bites, but remember it should not me more than 2/3 of your glass else your food will decay in your stomach.



     Saliva is another essential part of digestion, as gastric nerve helps in burning food saliva aids it to burn the food faster, more saliva in your food more better and quicker shall be the digestion process. For this it is very necessary for you to chew your food properly, with every bite it is necessary to chew it 20 to 25 times in doing so your jaw activates the saliva gland and it secretes more saliva that mixes with food. Chewing your food also helps digestion process, i have seen many people who eat in haste as if a missile might hit their head, never ever do this its very dangerous as this food is gulped down your stomach has to take extra efforts to digest it and so is your gastric nerve. Moreover when you do not chew the food properly it becomes difficult for the unchewed food to pass to the stomach hence you tend to drink more water.

       Saliva is the best natural medicine in your body, observe from animals, if they suffer from any wounds the first thing they do is lick it, its a wonder medicine used for various purpose. If you suffer from pimples apply your spit first thing before you wake up in the morning and see the result for your self.  Have problems with eye sight, can improve it with your spit, first thing as you wake up apply your spit in your eyes. If you have eye circle apply your spit on it and see the stunning result yourself. I experimented it on myself, with me sticked to my laptop for more than 12 hours i applied spit on my eyes and it's wonderful prior to this my eyes stress like any thing even sitting for more than 4 hours was difficult but now its history you can sit at length, but please laptop is bad for health :).

      So Chew your food properly, the more you chew the more tastier your food becomes. Many diabetes patients and old people it is found that due to extreme medication their saliva glands have stopped to function or are not functioning properly, but need not worry the moment you start drinking water in the morning this will activate your Salivary glands with immediate effects. The other way of activating it is eat Amla or Goose berry the more you eat this the better for your entire health, and any one with any disease can eat it. Goose berry is the only fruit in the world which tastes bitter in the beginning as you chew it becomes sweet. This combination of bitter and sweet taste produces a lot amount of saliva in your mouth required for your body and thus the saliva in your body improves your body's Immunity System and with it Metabolism

        This is the reason why in Ayurveda you have medicines coming under the 'Kashayam' Category which is Bitter or Very Bitter, as it secrets a lot of saliva in to your body.  A person with a good salivary gland shall have a better immunity system and will never have any disease in his life.

      Amla has a lot of fiber in it and any food rich in fiber is one of the best way of fighting Constipation. So please ensure you eat such food. All leafy vegetables are rich in fiber and it also aids in better digestion. Also eat plenty of fruits for a better health. But Unfortunately in India fruits are chemically grown and its very dangerous to health. For eg. robust banana which was green in colour and tasted good is replaced completely with banana from South American banana which tastes awful and has less nutritious value compared to ours, same is the case with Apples, oranges, and many other fruits when our own variety is so good then why are we seeing this foreign imports in our markets which is not only bad but very expensive. Papaya's we see now are the size of a pumpkin, and it tastes YUCK. 


     So these simple and easy steps if taken properly and made a routine in your life shall help you from many havocs you might face in future as Prevention is better than cure all i wish is you prevent it at first stage to maintain and retain a happy and healthy life.

May Maa Bharti Shower her grace on you.

Jayan Divakaran.

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