Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How to have sex like a He Man!

      I am compelled to write this post, it's in retaliation to some rot of articles mentioned in our national newspaper The Times of India ....

      Looking at the recent trends in Print and T.V & Web Media i am miffed the way this it tends to move the generation of now towards west or to be clear it's aiming Americanization of our culture by injecting various American thoughts through the medium of Modernization. 

What filth Modernization.....


Ask yourself...

Are these articles mentioned above informative....

Do you think all these articles are helping my life.....

Will any Indian wife want their husband to flirt or Vice Versa.....

This National Newspaper is read by millions and so are youths, teens and your young children. Do you want them to read this filth??

Where is T.O.I taking this generation by posting such articles, are they Pro Culture or Anti Culture???

    Every time i read Times Of India, it boils my blood no ends, during my school days i used to read this Newspaper which was the mirror of our nation, now reduced to all heights of decay, filth and immorality. Better read some soft porn magazine than going for this cheap newspaper. 
   A newspaper that used to give exact information about 20 years back with all intellectual journalist has all of a sudden lost its focus all together in the recent decades and it only gets going worse and the filth they publish now a days is increasing manifolds. Wonder where those intelligent journalists have flocked to but i am sure its got replaced with Page 3, Bandra type pea brained dimwits whose morals can be guaged in microns and PMS feminists who wants to malign our culture have got the drivers seat and hence we see filth articles like above that have corroded the generation of now and its bound to create further havoc.

      Never mind the children and teens is getting molded when they read this article and take their life path with such utter nonsense articles 

     Well well T.O.I can wash their hands away with such stupid articles if in case in future any social organization sues them for such immoral articles that caused a devastating impact on society, they can defend themselves by saying that these articles were published with basis to survey conducted by some Public Relations firm with some 1000 or 2000 candidates from some metropolitan city and about 80% of them says that flirting is good, O.K, so all can flirt, and to counter their survey some Psychiatrist is given this survey report upon which he comes down to conclusion that indeed our society needs change.... Echuuse me paleese I am a Crying, Hangerchief !!! Give me a break.

     What's worse these articles are hell bent in equating our culture with the WEST Yankee culture. 

    All you DIMWITS, PMS CHOOTS (Cunts), WANNABE GORRA GAANDS (White Asses), PICKLE JOHN's and CHUTNEY MARY's writing such bogus articles, i want to make one thing clear, India and Bali is the last bastion of spirituality in the whole world. This is the only nation where people respects culture traditions and customs. India and Bali are the only nation where institution of Marriage is still sacred. It's where Husband and Wife have a Mutual trust and faith between themselves.

    India is the only Nation in the World where the Divorce rates are a minuscule 2 to 3% where the rest have a very high percentage, if the Yankees nation has to be taken the divorce percentage is as high about 40 to 50% if i am not wrong can be higher than that and such a low percentage level of divorce rates is making all Gorra Gaands jealous and they want Indian family to break up, they want those divorce percentage to go high, they want it to be matched with their ratio which is now unmatched, so WHAT TO DO? create a pattern induce the generation of now that their culture is outdated, illogical and not in line with MODERNIZATION. In the name of modernization keep publishing such Anti Culture Articles that can only lead to doom? And why not who wants Indians to read such Articles, who wants us to follow the HILLY BILLY SILLY YANKEE CULTURE.

     There are many but let me get out the worst of all.... She is a divorcee, married to a shipping tycoon and has published many such filthy articles in the name of Modern Thoughts. If you ever get a Bollywood star to confess he or she will come up with much filth on this female that the saga will never end, nevertheless all her articles are against Hindu Culture, Hindu Traditions and Customs and what more he wants the Bhartiya Mard to serve the Bhartiya Nari.

The Filth Queen.

    Well had Men from West understood that its feminism that created all destruction in breaking family unity in the West the people there would still have been better off. With The law giving all liberty to the female gender those cunning female get married to a rich man then spend a year with him after that divorce him with stupid reason and walk away with a hefty amount as alimony. At least 3 to 4 marriage in the west ends up with such divorce. What's more the female looks for another goat. Live in relationship has made the matters worse, now the situation of west is such that the term 'Family' does not exist every men and women have had 2 or 3 marriage in their lives.

     Never mind India is not lagging behind, Supreme court has legalized live in relationship and so it has given all powers to the female gender. If those mean female want to destroy a family like how European females does then this will be Dooms Day for India, now what could be best to know when news circuits were around about Hrithik Roshan's wife claiming Alimony of Rs 400 crores for divorce from the super star. In India society gets inspired from the Film Industry and the bane is we have to learn life from Movie Celebtiites.

     If India has a grave danger which are in plenty foreign and domestic i put the Print and T.V Media on the top list. Paid, Corrupt Indian Media. These print and T.V media has over a dozens of reporters and news anchors who are wiling to sell our nation wholesale for funds from MNC corporations and foreign funded NGO who are constantly working to dismantle the social fabric of our nation for which they come with such filthy articles so that mentality of our YOUNG MINDS CAN BE MOLDED.

       Imagine your son or daughter getting advice from such creepy reporters whose family life itself is a doldrums. Just imagine do you really want your children or yourself to go through a life of disgust in the name of Modernization, shunning away from Indian culture and values, its tradition and customs all for the sake of aping stupid Yanks. Do they have any thing called culture in their life, do they have anything called virtue, loyalty, gratefulness. Do they have anything as family ethics. In my carrier, i have met many whites American and British, have worked for them or negotiated for contracts with them. Whenever i had a chance to have a casual chat with them a major of them have confessed that they feel free when they are in India they dont feel such liberty in their own country. They see a lot of variation in India as they have not seen else where as you know these Gorras keep travelling all over the world.

      Over a drink they have said many a times 'WHY ARE YOU INDIANS SO HAPPY', that sort of kept me confused what it meant until i had a chance to go to England and stay there for 2 weeks and then i realized what they meant, it didn't took me a week or days to understand but in 4 hours flat i realised that this Nation is bound to doom and there is no hope of revival and the reason is ABSOLUTE NIL CULTURE and as a result these people live like a Mechanized robots, all let loose and fornicate like animals. 

       Many thanks to our ancestors for they realised the value of traditions and customs, as a result we have plenty of festivals and carnivals in India as a result we are still embedded to our Culture, we find this vividity i every state of our nation. It's because of culture that we still have a strong bond in our Family that we still nurture and respect its values. If the same culture had been missing between us then we would have been the same as west, do they have any other festival other that Christmas.

     To females reading this Blog, please understand our ancestors were not fools, they made this Cultural Festivals, traditional customs and beliefs for the sake of Woman. Females are the fountain head of peace and prosperity of a Family. Only females can make or break the family. What would be strange to know is all the festivals in India are dedicated to Woman, do a research on this and you will come to the same conclusion as i am. Main objective of these festivals are to make females happy and merry, to remain fit and healthy all her life, those customs and traditions were made for the sake of women so that she can built herself strong mentally that can make her capable of taking strong decisions which could benefit a family. 

      I am from South, my wife has no clue about Karva Chaut, yet this is a festival widely celebrated in North and west India what significance it has on Women's health is a a very vital information that every females must read. This Karva Chaut is equivalent to Our Valentines day celebrations. 

        If you read this blog you will understand the significance of Karva Chaut and how it is beneficial for Females physical and mental health. See how beautifully the author has explained its significance, if you go to the comments section you shall how severely he is being attacked by Wannabe Gorri Gaands, PMS feminists and Chutney Mary's for this blog. Never mind these Pea brained PMS Ch@@ts will never understand and why will they after all Karva Chaut is their main weapon with which they attack our culture, and why not they have a point that men keep their wives devoid of food and water for a day ain't that torture. 

      I am sure after reading the above blog you will be convinced about the essence of Culture in our life. OUR CULTURE IS OUR IDENTITY PRESERVE IT. If culture goes everything goes then we resort to such stupid articles in T.O.I and get your life doomed.

So this bring to the Topic: How to have sex like He Man!

     Off late we are also seeing a lot of Divorce happening in India, yes the rates are mounting at a rapid rate in India, In Kerala judiciary systems has prepared a separate court only for divorce cases, and is the trend in West and North of India.

      What could be the reasons for divorce, we are living is a moment where the nation is developing at a rapid pace, we have also developed our self from a mediocre set up to high lifestyle with exposure to western culture through entertainment media and influence from cheap Bollywood movies. The present generation unlike our parents are aggressive with their carrier and out to prove their professional carrier has got lost to the traditional customs and beliefs of their respective region. This generation lack patience and have nil information of Family set up. Our parents used to live in Joint Family set up they were guided by old people all the time from they got to understand value of our culture and family values.

      But with a lot of migration happening to Metropolitan cities and our parents getting busy with the hectic schedule of cities lifestyle was not able to guide their children of our culture, some have done it but majority have missed. You see we can't blame them to they have been to very difficult times as they had to adjust themselves in a remote city and look for employment in cities so that their children can be safe.

       The children of now has gone through ridiculous English style education, neglecting our culture completely and this has far stretched them away from our culture and tradition. From joint Family system to nuclear family with only one or two child the parents have become very concerned for their married daughters. In India, Parental interference is one cause of Divorce, apart from these there might be many reasons but one of them which neither of them disclose as it's a taboo is SEX.

        Many a problems in your life can be settled if you and your partner has a fantastic sex life. Trust me, there will be a better love life and bonding amongst you two. As in the west they frankly confess in court that their partner is weak to satisfy him or her hence they are filing for a divorce, here in India the either of the couple will file for a different reason but who knows deep within sex can be the factor, ain't it?

         So how can you spice up your life when it comes to sex, there are many a books on Sex written by all sex experts, but for a better, great, unforgettable the MAN has got to be HE MAN. In a sexual foreplay the female has no role to play her only role is to enjoy the performance, she is the judge and you are the performer after its done she gives you the marks.

      So Man! the onus is all on you either you make it else you break it. Your satisfaction lies only if your wife is satisfied and that's the only thumb rule of sexual performance. And yes how do you know that she is satisfied, your beautiful wife's glowing face will say it all, observe how she is behaving the next day with you, see how she obeys to your every command like a robot, compare how she is behaving, the pre He Man and Post He Man phase. Rather than nagging about her boring Maika parivar, is she giving you an extra care treatment in all ways you feel loved, is she smiling all the time, full of positiveness, is she singing her best songs or the song you like to hear, is she making you bed coffee or giving you best loved food with out any kanjoosi (extra makhan marke) else she is best dressed with extra makeup to woo you for the another performance are qualifications of a Pro HE MAN!! Congratulations.

       Even if you gonna ask her about the performance she might not confess cause coyness is one of the inner beauty only a Indian Woman posses, she is born with that unlike the west an Indian Woman will never reveal such matters, she keeps something to herself even if she loves her husband more than her life.

     Unlike the west where after a Bed roll, the Angrez Gorra Gaand will ask his Gorri Gaand....
You Out! Get Out


Give Me My Alimony

       Now what it makes to be a HE MAN!!! Hmm that' the question? I am writing this article only for the Married couples and the yet to get married. Perverts and LGB & T lay off. Like i said before that sexual performance is entirely dependent on  Man's ability to satisfy his woman it is very essential that both of you should be in the mood to perform. If the condition is not favorable, you should strive to make it to have a wonder full experience.

        Thousands of books have been written on this but when it comes to sex and what can the whole world can remember is 'KAMASUTRA'. People in the west thinks we Indians are Kamasutra experts you see..

     There is a Myth i want to tell you all about this book, can you read that name in blue please now get ready for a shock, There was no one by the name of VATSAYANA. So where did this name come from, you see since the British rule plenty of poison injected in our Holly books and scriptures by these immoral British to an extent that in order to ridicule our scriptures and literature they hid the originals they looted from various temples and place when they ruled India, injected their cocktail filth in it so that we can an inferiority complex and start hating our religion. They succeeded but not in whole, many Hindus started converting to Christianity cause of this lie propaganda by horrible British.

Richard Burton.

      The man above is the first person to have translated Kamasutra in English. Burton's FAKE book Kamasutra was penned by an Indian archaeologist, Bhagwanlal Indraji ( good in Sanskrit and Gujarati ) with the assistance of a two students. Under the assistance of his indian stooge, these immoral man injected many filth in Kamasutra, gave this holy text a perverted version, injected vulgarity and along with it Homosexuality and Lesbianism.

Please know one thing clear that Homosexuality and Lesbianism never existed till our nation got invaded by Islamic and Christian Invaders.

          My request is please dont read Kamasutra as you will come with many British poison injected versions. So who wrote Kamasutra? the answer is it was written by Maharshi Vatsa and not Vatsayana. In the later part i will conclude about Kamasutra.

        What is Sex? Yes now it is a Taboo, that we hesitate to talk about it in front of our elders or even discuss it in Public is a crime. But during the olden days before foreign invasion Sex was not a taboo rather it was sacred. As sex was part of knowledge we see all sexual poses in all old temples in India. Sex was never a perverted subject because in the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra sex was one medium through which one can raise their Kundalini. It is through the controlled sex that the guru used to guide his students to activate their Kundalini. As of now you shall never get a genuine guru to guide on Tantra as it is now dead and many have no cue about it. However you will get many cheat gurus with nil knowledge on this subject are writing bull about it to gain money.

        This tantra sex again labelled as perverted sex by who else Rascals British can get your sex life to dazzling heights. However there are certain benefits of Tantra Sex which are as below :-

  • Men who perform Tantra sex will seldom have prostrate gland problems.
  • Orgasm through Tantra Sex will be a full body experience.
  • A couple who perform Tantra Sex will have a balanced, harmonious life.
  • The couples will have good health with better immunity & metabolism
  • Clarity of vision, better thinking capability. 
  • Sharpened and wider human senses psychic abilities.
  • Positive attitude, clairvoyance and grace.

      The main problem that majority of men has is with Premature Ejaculation. It leaves both of you dejected and unsatisfied and it keep them away from being HE MAN.... a woman will never like her man to end it when she is just about to blaze in glory. But don't get dejected cause Tantra Sex (not perverted sex) is the solution for you. With Tantra Sex man can control his Ejaculation at will. There are certain pose with which you should perform Tantra sex and that is through the Padmasana pose.

          This sexual position is one of the main and base position of Tantra Sex. What you male have to do is sit in the padmasana position and allow you wife to sit on top of you on your legs and after some foreplay allow your organ to slowly immerse in her temple of cupid, later at will hold her tight and loosen the grip with your strokes as she goes to various heights of pleasure.

          All males must know the benefit of this position, in this position you are the master and she is the slave, PERIOD. This particular position you will surely help you to control your ejaculation and can resist it as per you will, you have to practice this once or twice before you become a pro, as she would indeed be seeing all stars in the galaxy, as her excitement will know no bounds, and after some time you shall see that she herself will ride and that is a clear signal man that you are a certified HE MAN.

        Before going for this position you need to take some precautionary measures i.e. If you wife is overweight than you, then you better be careful if you are overweight, then be cautious about your back. This position will be very exhaustive as in this position the thrill and excitement beyond description and of course you will take a long long time as your female is having a roller coaster of a time riding on you TEE HEEE,  always allow yourselves to be closely attached to each other with lip locks as penetration in this position is the best it never get any deeper than this.

           Please do not consider this position as a normal sex position as this is a very devine position, this is the ultimate position where two souls get united miracles happen in this union. For this to happen its very necessary that there should be a strong love and bonding with your wife. Our body has 7 different chakras different and this chakras can be activated with the help of the padmasana position also used in Kundalini sex. Hence the reason why you have a fabulous experience.

       There are other positions too but if your premature ejaculation has to be avoided then always remember these two points: One: Be Patient and dont so unnecessary haste and Two: Always choose a position where the female is on top of you, it should be like she is riding a Horse, yest that you else you are the locomotive and she the bogie, let her ride on and on and on till she goes through all highs of Orgasm.

Well whats Orgasm?

      When the female gets very close to orgasm, and the male gets close to ejaculation, the feelings will be overwhelming and the brain tends to shut down and reverse the energy which will then take a downward course and seek release through the genitals.

       Here you have to closely observe your female, you have to see is she is staring at you and looking up and down or side ways and again after some time if she stares straight in your eyes then you have advanced your level to a Professional HE MAN and no you are indeed her 'Master of the Universe' and if she is not deviating from your eyes then you are her 'God of the Universe'. The female has no time to watch you how you feel because by this time she is out of control. By this time in the height of Orgasm, all the necessary chemicals (juices) are prepared in you you brain in the pituitary and penile gland and sends it down in your body as this juices activate each and every cells and part of your body you will look very active and fresh next morning, your B.P levels shall be normal and you shall have a positive attitude.

       Prior to sex, i would like to remind that you need to stimulate your female to make her ready for this, for which as you are aware a good for play is required, you can get somewhat wild in your performance you can have slight biting provided its not too harsh, and the rest you naughty guys are aware of already but there is some thing called the G -Spot. Billions of females over the globe have died with out knowing a clue of what it is.  
So what's a G -Spot?

It's a part of Tantra Sex again used for Kundalini activation too, G spot is named after a German Jew by the name of Ernst Gräfenberg, who stole it from our Indian Tantra texts. It's a rippled tissue located just behind the front wall of the vagina, about two inches inside.  The G spot is short for Grafenberg or, in Tantric circles, for Goddess but lets call it Goddess Spot than naming it after a Thief Jew.

     Stroking this area can greatly deepen a woman’s sexual response. Before you have sex with your wife, you need to insert your ring and middle finger inside the Vagina and trickle that area you shall feel it when the tip of your finger shall feel a rough patch. The more you stimulate this spot she will get wet in no time and she is ready The foreskin tip of your penis gives a static electric charge to the G spot. The Padmasana position is the best way where your foreskin gets in contact with the G Spot.

     As i said a tantra orgasm can go on for a long, long time. Throughout this period, the mind stays completely in the moment, and it literally seems endless.

      The foreskin of your penis works to retain lubrication during intercourse by bunching up at the vagina’s entrance. It acts as a dam to block lubrication from escaping. This bunching-up action of the foreskin also provides a delicate pressuring that excites the woman’s G spot, helping your female to achieve vaginal orgasm. G-spot stimulation is one way to access Tantric orgasms.

      When the G-spot is manually stimulated, usually through hard pushing or constant rubbing, it causes intense orgasmic feelings that most women say exceeds a normal orgasmic response. Blood rushes to the G-spot just as it does to the clitoris during sexual excitement. Therefore, any sexual position which maximizes pressure to this area increases the chance for a G-spot orgasm.

       Women feel the orgasm from the G-spot or vaginal stimulation deeper inside their body, rather than as the localized feeling they have with clitoral stimulation. The whole-body orgasm is one of the Tantric methods for reaching a state of ecstasy.

Mudra for Tantra Sex

         Before you have decided to go for tantra sex i want you to get prepared for this by the way of Mudras. I have written various posts on Mudras and its effect on our health and life. Please click on the link below to know more:

Kundalini Mudra

     Kundalini Mudra is associated with the reproduction of energy. This Mudra is a form of Hatha or hand yoga and is the way to attainment of inner source of energy through regular practice. It's performed for awakening your sexual force. The Mudra is associated with the union of man and woman. The performance require both hands and can be performed any time any where.

Formation:  Forma a fist of the left hand and extend the index finger. Cover the index finger and place the right thumb in the top.
Kundalini Mudra is associated with the sexual energy and this mudra confirms the awakening of the sexual forces. This Mudra should be held as low as possible in front of your abdomen

Hold this for 15 minutes, three times a day.

Effects: This Mudra enhances the Kundalini force and the energy is released.

  • Kundalini Mudra leads the way to the immense power of the fountain of human sexual energy.
  • This Mudra is the spectacle of regeneration and creativity.
  • This Mudra promotes vigor in the couple.
  • It helps everyone by activating your dormant sexual activity.
  • It is capable of invigorating your body.
  • This Mudra is beneficial for females especially as it releases the accumulated built up of fungus and bacteria through vaginal secretion.
     Kundalini Mudra can be practiced any time any where and by any one and it does not have any side effects.

Yoni Mudra

     This Mudra is specially designed for women. The posture of this Mudra is held at the level of abdomen. The interlocking of the fingers in this practice creates a complete cross-connection of energies from the right hand to the left and vice versa. As well as balancing the energies in the body, it helps balance the activities of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.This mudra makes the body and mind more stable in meditation and develops greater concentration, awareness and internal physical relaxation. It redirects energy back into the body which would otherwise be dispersed. The word yoni means womb or source. The yoni mudra invokes the primal energy inherent in the womb or source of creation.

Formation: Join the thumb and the index fingers, interlock the other fingers. The thumb will be facing upwards and the index fingers will be facing downwards.

Effect: As the thumbs and index fingers touch each other they reflect volume of heat and air waves. Other fingers remain interlocked would solve the problems of the womd.


  • From the age of thirteen girls have their periods and they can get pain in the lower abdomen. Performing this Mudra only 5 – 10 minutes relieves pain.
  • Excess bleeding will be regulated.

Practicing this Mudra every day for 10 minutes followed by Prana Mudra will solve the menopause related problem.

Garuda Mudra:

     To practice, women place the left hand over right, men place the right hand over left, crossing the thumbs, let the other eight fingers fan out like wings.

     Place the mudra on your low belly with fingers pointed downward for 10 breaths then move the mudra up to the navel for 10 breaths. Next, turning the fingers upward, place the mudra over your heart for 10 breaths. In conclusion, lift the mudra up to the sternum with the fingers extending up and outward toward the collarbones for another 10 breaths. Finally, separate the hands and fan the fingers outward toward the shoulders, then release the arms out turning the palms up. Rest your hands in your lap for the duration of the after effect of your practice.

   This is a wonderful mudra to add to your daily yoga asana or meditation routine. Garuda, the mystical bird (a.k.a. eagle), is the king of birds and air. This mudra will help balance the vata energy, which is prominent this time of year. The symbolism of this mudra is attaining the essence of the eagle, an all seeing eye. Practicing this mudra will aid in the development of a strong orientation both internally and externally and the ability to endure stress and develop strong survival skills. You might find that you have a “large wing span” that allows you to be carried by the breath into a state of peace, or soar into bliss.

   The Garuda mudra is a very powerful mudra and should be revered. This mudra activates blood flow and circulation, invigorates the organs and balances energy on both sides of the body. It invigorates and stimulates wherever the hands are placed. Garuda mudra relaxes and relieves pain related to menstrual complaints, stomach upsets and respiratory ailments. It also helps one deal with exhaustion and helps regulate mood fluctuations. Garuda mudra is not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure and should be avoided.

    Regular practice of these mudra's will help your to gain strength and vitality to perform Tantra Sex. These Mudras will also help your to overcome any sex related diseases and other complications like infertility or sperm count.

    If any one of you have problem of infertility then please abandon consumption of Pepsi, Coco Cola or other preservative drinks completely. Be very careful with your food and strictly avoid food from all MNC foods as Lays, Kurkure, Mcdonals and KFC foods. Any type of Pizza from American food giants. What's more dangerous is the milk you get in plastic packs. Please understand that the milk you are drinking is toxic as this milk is from cow of Indian Breed but the Holstien and Jersey cows of European breed which give the A1 milk.

   Consumption of A1 milk makes one infertile and Indian women drinking it will sure suffer from breast cancer. A2 milk from the Indian Cow with a Hum on her back is the most healthy milk, its safe and good for health. Forget you will get this milk in metropolitan cites, as many of our own cow breed have been slaughtered and Farmers are preferring European breed because its giving more milk, but little they know that this cow will only add to expense as it keeps getting ill all the time and a lot of money has to be wasted on medicine.

    How to Improve the quality of your Sperm and with it Sperm Count?

     Major reason for fertility is male and not female, males might not like to admit it but the fact is the curve mainly goes on males than female, the reason are plenty, lifestyle, work pressure, depression, smoking, pizza,  burger, consumption of preservative foods from American food giants are the reasons why there is a rise in infertility cases, and this adds to the drift between couples. Nagging happens which gets started from your wife and this later progress to quarrel and gets worse from bad leaving both of you unhappy. So how to improve quality of you sperm and you count. In the morning all you have to do is consume a glass of Sugarcane juice, with it add a little bit of Choona (limestone) mix properly and drink. See to it that you are consuming the juice without any ice. Continue this 2 months and see the result, you can do a test and confirm it you will see a marginal improvement in your sperm count.

      The second alternative is Cows Urine, for both male and female. You dont have make faces or do Yucks, Eeeks for Cows Urine, America has already patented Cow's Urine before our Government could do it, like how these greedy liars America has done with our Turmeric. Cow's Urine has multiple and effective benefit compared to any other medicine. It has been used in our Ayurveda for more than 10000 years or lets say from the Birth of Ayurveda. Cow's Urine especially Indian Cow Breed with a Hump on her back is the best and is used as a base for many Ayurvedic medicines. Cow's Urine is also effective for disease from common cold to Cancer. If any woman is infertile then they should consume Bulls Urine and that to a Bull which is healthy and black in colour having a hump on his back. Even male can consume it in case of Infertility problem. Whats more cow's urine will cost you as little as 20 to 100 Rs only and compare it with any pharma medicine that holes your pocket.

   Please ask why a black Bull, as we all know that black color absorbs and radiates, a bull with black colour is considered very strong and used by farmers for breeding purpose as it will give a healthy calf. Bull and cow of Indian prodigy has a nerve called the 'Surya Ketu Nadi' and this is unique in humped cow and bull, the nadi absorbs energy from sun and universe as mentioned in the Vedas and this is the main reason why their blood has gold salts that can produce miracles, we get copper from cow's urine because of this nadi. Black bull or cow can absorb more nutrients from sun light compared to a white bull and hence it's urine is very very effective.

Coming back to Kamasutra:

(Taken from blogs of Ajit Vadakayil)

“This man (ama) am I; that woman (sâ), thou!
That woman, thou; this man am I!
I am the Sâman; thou, the Rig!
I am the heaven; thou, the earth!
Come, let us two together clasp!
Together let us fluids mix,

A male, a son for to procure!”  (Brhad-Âranyaka Upanisad, 6.4.20—5000 BC)

    The ancient Hindu tradition sees life as a spiritual journey, with each and every aspect governed by one or more of the following motives:

1). Dharma: Virtuous living.

2). Artha: Material prosperity.

3). Kama: Gratification of the human senses. This does NOT mean a perverted sexual orgy.

4). Moksha: Liberation from the endless cycle of rebirths .

Maharishi Manu took the “Dharm” part of this book and made an independent subject “Dharm shastra” .

Maharishi Brihaspati took the “Arth” part of it and developed “Arthshastra” from it.

       Maharishi Vatsa took the Kama part of it and composed the Kamasutra in Sanskrit. The book is not only about the copulation between male and female but it also deals with romance /conduct, interaction, marriage, lifestyle and entertainment.  Kama sutra had a deep impact on Indian society meant for the GRIHASTHA stage of life ( age 25 to age 50)

       Maharishi Vatsa says, both men and women of GRIHASTA (Married life) age should learn Kamasutra.  In Hindu society sex was always considered to be individual choices. To this extent the original sutras of Maharishi Vatsa gave broad hints on G SPOT SEX ,  rather than CLITORAL SEX to procreate.

     The Kama Sutra is basically a noble guide on human sexuality and gives you instructions on how to get a good wife,  how to make amazing love,  how to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex, hwo to have happiness at home , and much much more.  I will give exampleof the REAL Maharishi Vatsa’s teachings later.





A virtuous woman, who has affection for her husband, should act in conformity with his wishes as if he were a divine being, and with his consent should take upon herself the whole care of his family.
She should keep the whole house well cleaned, and arrange flowers of various kinds in different parts of it, and make the floor smooth and polished so as to give the whole a neat and becoming appearance.
She should surround the house with a garden, and place ready in it all the materials required for the morning, noon and even sacrifices. Moreover she should herself revere the sanctuary of the Household Gods,  "nothing so much attracts the heart of a householder to his wife as a careful observance of the things mentioned above."
Towards the parents, relations, friends, sisters, and servants of her husband she should behave as they deserve.
In the garden she should plant beds of green vegetables, bunches of the sugar cane, and clumps of the fig tree, the mustard plant, the parsley plant, the fennel plant, and the xanthochymus pictorius.
Clusters of various flowers, such as the trapa bispinosa, the jasmine, the gasminum grandiflorum, the yellow amaranth, the wild jasmine, the tabernamontana coronaria, the nadyaworta, the china rose and others, should likewise be planted, together with the fragrant grass andropogon schænanthus, and the fragrant root of the plant andropogon miricatus.
She should also have seats and arbours made in the garden, in the middle of which a well, tank, or pool should be dug.
The wife should always avoid the company of female beggars, female buddish mendicants, unchaste and roguish women, female fortune tellers and witches.
As regards meals she should always consider what her husband likes and dislikes, and what things are good for him, and what are injurious to him. When she hears the sounds of his footsteps coming home she should at once get up, and be ready to do whatever he may command her, and either order her female servant to wash his feet, or wash them herself.
When going anywhere with her husband, she should put on her ornaments, and without his consent she should not either give or accept invitations, or attend marriages and sacrifices, or sit in the company of female friends, or visit the temples of the Gods.
And if she wants to engage in any kind of games or sports, she should not do it against his will. In the same way she should always sit down after him, and get up before him, and should never awaken him when he is asleep. The kitchen should be situated in a quiet and retired place, so as not to be accessible to strangers, and should always look clean.
In the event of any misconduct on the part of her husband, she should not blame him excessively though she be a little displeased. She should not use abusive language towards him, but rebuke him with conciliatory words, whether he be in the company of friends or alone. Moreover, she should not be a scold,  "there is no cause of dislike on the part of a husband so great as this characteristic in a wife."
Lastly she should avoid bad expressions, sulky looks, speaking aside, standing in the doorway, and looking at passers-by, conversing in the pleasure groves, and remaining in a lonely place for a long time; and finally she should always keep her body, her teeth, her hair, and everything belonging to her tidy, sweet, and clean.
When the wife wants to approach her husband in private her dress should consist of many ornaments, various kinds of flowers, and a cloth decorated with different colours, and some sweet-smelling ointments or unguents.
But her every-day dress should be composed of a thin, close-textured cloth, a few ornaments and flowers, and a little scent, not too much. She should also observe the fasts and vows of her husband, and when he tries to prevent her doing this, she should persuade him to let her do it.
At appropriate times of the year, and when they happen to be cheap, she should buy earth, bamboos, firewood, skins, and iron pots, as also salt and oil. Fragrant substances, vessels made of the fruit of the plant wrightea antidysenterica, or oval leaved wrightea, medicines, and other things which are always wanted, should be obtained when required and kept in a secret place of the house.
The seeds of the radish, the potato, the common beet, the Indian wormwood, the mangoe, the cucumber, the egg plant, the kushmanda, the pumpkin gourd, the surana, the bignonia indica, the sandal wood, the premna spinosa, the garlic plant, the onion, and other vegetables, should be bought and sown at the proper seasons.
The wife, moreover, should not tell to strangers the amount of her wealth, nor the secrets which her husband has confided to her.
She should surpass all the women of her own rank in life in her cleverness, her appearance, her knowledge of cookery, her pride, and her manner of serving her husband.
The expenditure of the year should be regulated by the profits. The milk that remains after the meals should be turned into ghee or clarified butter. Oil and sugar should be prepared at home; spinning and weaving should also be done there; and a store of ropes and cords, and barks of trees for twisting into ropes should be kept.
She should also attend to the pounding and cleaning of rice, using its small grain and chaff in some way or other. She should pay the salaries of the servants, look after the tilling of the fields, and keeping of the flocks and herds, superintend the making of vehicles, and take care of the rams, cocks, quails, parrots, starlings, cuckoos, peacocks, monkeys, and deer; and finally adjust the income and expenditure of the day.
The worn-out clothes should be given to those servants who have done good work, in order to show them that their services have been appreciated, or they may be applied to some other use.
The vessels in which wine is prepared, as well as those in which it is kept, should be carefully looked after, and put away at the proper time. All sales and purchases should also be well attended to.
The friends of her husband she should welcome by presenting them with flowers, ointment, incense, betel leaves, and betel nut. Her father-in-law and mother-in law she should treat as they deserve, always remaining dependant on their will, never contradicting them, speaking to them in few and not harsh words, not laughing loudly in their presence, and acting with their friends and enemies as with her own.
In addition to the above she should not be vain, or too much taken up with her enjoyments. She should be liberal towards her servants, and reward them on holidays and festivals; and not give away anything without first making it known to her husband. UNQUOTE

      I hope that you will find this blog informative and helpful and use it in your life rather than going for some stupid articles with baseless survey and opinion that would create more havoc and confusion in your life, its better to know the truth, get exposed to the ultimate knowledge of sex and with this devine act let happiness prevail in your family life.

     And for God's sake dont cheat with your spouse they are your ultimate support. The devine act of Tantra Sex can only get more and more better if there is a great bond of love, peace and loyalty, faith, trust and dedication towards each other as i said it's a union of two souls, and this is what these Gorra Gaands have never understood till date. They never know the difference between love and lust, they seek love in lust and that is where their destruction starts. Where as we seek lust in love and that's where divinity starts. 


So best of Luck....

May Maa Bharti shower her grace on You.

Jayan Divakaran.

P.S: A lot of reader form America and Europe are reading my blogs by now they might have tagged me RACIST. I dont give a dam for those horrible white who think they are above other race. Your ancestors Horrible Rascals Slimy British ruled my nation for 300 years and did the most damage than Islamic invaders could do in 800 years. 

      I have utmost respect for the other White people who realize this and consider the Whole world a one big Family.


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