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The term is quite new to the people of India but it’s a must for every citizen of this nation to know what it means. India since the past 2 millenniums have witnessed large number of invasion and foreign rule It has suffered a lot under the evil Islamic Moghul rule for almost 800 years but far severe than mogul’s were the Pigs from England known as Gorra Angrez, as they left us 6 decades back after a 300 year rule they left a legacy in those Indian’s who either worked on behalf of the queen or got inspired from their living standards and education, who either were bribed or traded with a share of loot, These Indians who were born in India with brown skin but with a ‘White’ mentality thought of destroying India internally by ruining its culture fabric, race, mineral resources administration etc are hence referred to as “THE KALA ANGREZ”.

Ever since we Indians learnt English we all have been in a way or more isolated from Bhartiyata.  British pigs have murdered Hinduism by means of Superstition, they made us to look at everything in a Superstitious angle hence all those traditional customs and beliefs that were practiced for thousands of years have vanished or is depreciating rapidly cause we now believe these is utter superstition. Through superstition british pigs had a psychological war on Indian tradition and customs. When you have a ridiculous feeling being Hindu revealed by some missionaries then it’s bound to happen that they get inspired from British (stupid) customs and tradition these Kala Angrez is brainwashed, trained and prepared to do a conspiracy against India in such a way that their works can only benefit England in such a manner “Ki Saap Bhi Marre Aur Lathi Bhi Na Toote.” The loss they made with these conspiracies is so huge that we Indians are still paying price for their folly.

So how to recognize a kala angrez, it’s very simple they are very educated, they have studied in England or Russia or America. They belong to a very rich family back in India or born to a high rank officer of the British days if not so then he is having those skills that can fool Hindus. Since the time Indian National Congress was formed it was built by a whole Bunch of Kala Angrez under the Guidance of British pigs so that time and in Interval they can block and stop Indian revolution called Swadeshi Andolan by Indians. If we Indians had done a movement on our own we could have easily kicked British pigs to England but unfortunately this never happened. I am sure none of you reading this article is aware of who Bagha Jatin is, had he succeeded we could have become independent long before 1947 and Bagha Jatin would have been our father of nation instead of a stick holding dhoti clad Nanga Bapu who is fine example of Kala Angrez. Gandhi’s sole intention was to curb the national moment he was dead against Jatin Bagha as people at that time respected him and Bhagat Singh they had created a wave that people ignored Gandhi and Congress so when Bhagat Singh got arrested it was Gandhi who cried for his death forgetting his Ahimsa. I can write a lot about this Kala Angrez but now this man is past rotting like shit in septic tank. As decades role this man will be hated more for his bad deeds by people and Godse will be adored.

                                    Above: the great Bagha Jatin

Off late Kala Angrez has modified yet there are some British models still rusting in their ripe old age working like a licking dog to their Queen in England they are Man Mohan Singh  Pranab Mukherjee, Morarjee Desai, the post independence Kala Angrez are P.C.  Chidambaram, Mani Shankar Iyer, Shashi Tharoor, Anand Sharma, A.K. Antony etc. From very few now in the current scenario it is seen that all the parliamentarians are Kala Angrez working directly or indirectly for the Gorra Gaands for their benefit for their rule, exploitation, manipulation and innovation in invention techniques. Ealriler only British had its but now Kala Angrez works primarily for America, Russia, Israel, Germany, France, Netherlands all through MNC and Christian Missionary.

It’s difficult to know and understand the purpose of a Kala Angrez because they have a solid knack and capability of touching the pulse of Indians to an extend that we out of innocence believe them completely that we think that they are the source of light and only they can help us from the net of disaster that our enemy spins on us. They are highly charismatic, well educated, and talented, speak on a behalf of the people and display certain well proved examples that compels us to a conclusion that YES HE IS THE MAN OF THE MILLENNIUM.

So as i mentioned Gandhi who was he a Barrister based out in South Africa witnessed apartheid got kicked in South Africa so landed in India to save India from British kicks and all the Indians I mean Hindus were sentimental in hearing Gandhi ka Laat marra story. Now if I have to connect the dots history repeats itself there is a another laat marra story happened recently though not physical laat like Gandhi but this was a remote laat given to Dr. Subramaniam Swami by Harvard as Mr. Swami was expelled for no reason indicating similar injustice happening to Swami. In both the episodes Muslims didn’t care and so were Christians so who garners sympathy for Swami the HINDUS it’s like let’s play it out to the Hindus so that more the sentimental show more Hindus Swami will hold. You see history repeats its self but we never see or understand.

Swami a Kala Angrez has a fantastic Bio Data that no one can doubt with a high profile Job as a professor in Harvard followed by a PHD, an economist and a Supreme Court lawyer that till yesterday I had seen him as a mentor not anymore as this man has been a opportunist all his carrier this man from JD a one man army has sided with BJP. He has to take permission from none and as a independent he can go anywhere the pasture is green. I don’t have to go into his family background which is having all religions but there is a strong chance that he is linked very closely with America and he is operated by CIA or on behalf of Israel and here is the reason why.

Since Independence India had close ties with Russia till 1989 after which Russia crumbled and so the relations dimmed slowly, during Russian ties we had Slimy Mani Shankar Iyer a Kala Angrez is another wolf in sheep’s clothing a communist who had close ties with the Gandhi family so much that each and every moment was closely watched and reported to KGB. Both these agents decided how to churn and milk Gandhi family. There’s not much to talk of Mani Shankar as this slimy communist lost and dropped his power and now writing flop speeches for Parle Pappu G.

Above: Slimy Iyer

If we compare both Kala Angrez Swami and Iyer in all ways its Swami who tops the liking but is you watch the debate between the two clearly you shall see the frustration and cold war between the two seems like CIA v/s KGB.
Now Slimy Iyer is past as shit in the septic tank I put this Kala Angrez behind and let’s talk of Dr. Swami the Shining Kala Angrez who came into lime light by bashing Sonia and Pappu Gandhi, I seen all the clips on the tube on his expose of congress ranging from educational qualification and citizenship of Gandhi family.  He keeps saying those same exploits about the Gandhi family to let people know that Swami has guts to talk against India’s most powerful family or for the matter talk of the Nation’s Son in law. Well for your information Dr. Swami has been knowing mummy Sonia and her two children since birth he has been a political advisor to Indira Gandhi on behalf of America. All those educational qualifications of Mummy and Pappu as this was put forward by PIL activists Rajiv Dixit but as this man a true patriot was never brought into lime light by any media print or tube for he always told the truth and which is why whole media is paid media.

What Swami has exposed of Mummy and Munna Gandhi is mediocre but with hyperbole like everybody said it but I said the loudest, I would really have appreciated Swami had he exposed what she did in America when she went there for some medical complications what did she do during her stay in America or else what is her health problem that cannot be treated in India, with Munna why has he not exposed with his Sukanya Dev gang rape case and truth of her family members. 

Mummy ka munna

Ever since he has taken this case he has defended Gandhi family by criticizing them, you need to understand the psychology here after the Sukanya Devi rape case and his fake degree in England getting exposed and a danger that other will come with further shocking secrets related to this family Swami jumped into their defense by criticizing them so that he can LEAD THE FRONT AND REGULATE IT in a manner that he will show that people that he is taking the case very seriously but in reality he is sitting and hatching eggs on it.
Same way with Chidambaram, one of the worst Kala Angrez of all times Swami said that his case is going on in the court and they are waiting on courts hearings etc. next he is stating that with the BJP Sarkar will see that Chidambaram will be seen behind bars, well let me say come BJP or any sarkar this man will go scot free and rather than Bars he will move away with gold bars. All that Swami has said about Chidambaram was said by two IAS officers working for the vigilance committee in the Central Government and this top Senior IAS officer was tortured by Chidambaram and his party who framed him of having molested a female IAS officer whose husband works for NDTV.

This unholy wedding of Chidambaram with NDTV exposes far shocking facts than Swami has ever done. Friends please understand that Kala Angrez Swami till date has only defended these rotten eggs by attacking them as corrupt and cheats which was already exposed by others, to put this simply if I say why you don’t attack mummy and munna your first reply will be do not worry friend our Dr. Swami is taking care of it.

Above: Sabse ghatia Kala Angrez....

Now he got a credit for jailing Raja, Kanimozhi for 2G scam, ok fine and just  see now what happened both are out during election time and contesting at in their constituencies what a timing. We know well that Raja was not shitting in toilets were all the other criminals were doing their potty definitely he was having a 5 star treatment and so is Kanimozhi, dear friends let me tell you all that all this jailing and were stage drama to convince we people that the Big shots can be jailed and that the IPC is law capable of punishing the corrupt, Ok Swamiji I believe you but I would have believed it more had some senior lawyer of a general background won the case for us Indians and jailed these pathetic corrupt politicians. Swami sees no problem in the Indian Judiciary system he finds it better and with the existing laws he has proven that the guilty can be punished, well Dr. Swami only a man of such high caliber like you can be heard by the Supreme and High court these courts find your PIL far too attractive than PIL’s of others like Rajiv Dixit whose PIL’s have been outright rejected by the High Courts or the Supreme Court whether that be for a same reason or of Cow Slaughter. Everybody in India knows that the IPC is full of flaw that this law made by British and only altered in some sections of IPC is far outdated and needs to be scraped and Indians need a Indian Judiciary System all made ingenuously that can serve the purpose of providing justice at the earliest and in a justifying manner. I don’t understand how he comes to the conclusion that all Supreme Court Judges are honest, please think over this possibility i see this as a remote possibility or is it that you blended those judges in your way you are passing those compliments. 

Dr. Swami has played his cards so well that he can set his foot in both ruling and opposition party and rock both the way he wants. He can set one foot of his in the ruling and urinate on the opposition and do a vice versa. He can easily be called the KING MAKER he can make or break any one he wants to no one can have the guts to play enemy he will get him or her to bite the dust. The clear example of this is Ms. Jayalalita, a form of Kali Angrez a very corrupt female who needs to be in jail for all her deeds.

The story goes like this, in 1998-99 Vajpayee had the guts to blast the Nuclear Bomb this completely took America by surprise, they had no idea that India could ever do with the blast and without their notice the blasts was kept so secretly that even the defense minister had no clue only P.M’s secretary knew it. When this blast happened it was Dr. Swami who jumped like Orang Otang totally condemning it and he was asking the Vajpayee Govt. to be removed, when the whole of India was happy for fooling America it was this CIA agent Swami who cried bitterly and I can understand the amount of mouth bashing from CIA for this lapse from his part.

The reason why America was miffed with India was not that we blasted the nukes but the fact that INDIA COULD KEEP SECRETS. After this episode Kargil happened followed by airplane hijack then parliament attack to show Vajpayee Govt. as a failed and incapable Govt. Then he booked a lot of cases of corruption against Jayalalita that she had be jailed and later blackmailed by Swami that if she did not withdraw her support to Vajpayee then she will face severe consequences in the end Jayalalita had to agree to Swami and withdraw her support which paralyzed Vajpayee’s Govt. Even now Jayalalita is under his grip so If Jayalalita has no chance but support BJP if she relents then Swami book her back.

In fact now how we see Swami as a Anti mummy this same Swami wanted to see Mummy as the P.M of India in 98-99. But her case of Citizenship was already raked up he took this issue on his side and defended Sonia by attacking her in Public. ITS LIKE EVERYBODY SAID IT BUT I SAID THE LOUDEST.

It was this same Dr. Swamiji who in 1998 said that  Sonia, Mamta and Mayawati (My O My God) were Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga Devi of India (Aur koi milla nahi kya!!) now he has a 36 figure with all three all for bloody dikhawa. 

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