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Swasti astu to all,

This is a very important message to all indians desiring to be swadeshi, the very vital and first basic step of being swadeshi is to respect and worship our Indian Vedic Cows and preserve its various breeds.

Being in sales profession, way away from agricultural sector or any of its by products, you all be wondering why I am writing this article as I belong to a metropolitan culture what have I got to do with this four legged creature and how can that be related with me as we are pepsi, coco cola generation.


All these 3.5 decades of my life went completely ignoring this lovely creature with no idea why is this respected and worshipped by people of different cultures in Hindu religion. I also asked many only to get the same predicted reply, its holy because it gives us milk with out any hesitation that's why its worshipped which is rather true as other animals would never allow to touch its tits.

But here I need to put certain facts which are shocking and as expected the present generation as no clue about Indias past and its connection with cows.

To go by Bharat (india) before invasion of foreign religion i.e mughals with Islam for nearly 1000 years followed by Christianity with British for 250 years, had a glorious past. We were known as the land of MILK AND HONEY.Then we felll pray to beasts mughals who plundered our wealth, destroyed temples killed many hindus in lakhs all for almost 800 years follwed by the daddy of all evils British who made a secret plan of destroying india by opening fist cow slaughter house in Calcutta.

As I said about the mughals whose only intention was spread of islam, the Mughals never destroyed the fabric of India's glory. India as usual was very rich and self sufficient in all ways. Agriculture was abundant. In Mughals period they never allowed cow slaughter and if any body did it their hands were chopped of. Rough estimate during that period was the cow and human population was 3:1. So if there is a village with a human population of 1000 there were atleast 3000 cows in that village before the horrible British.

So why ELIMINATE COW IN INDIA. the british did a survey and they found the agriculture sector the bane of indian economy is in bounty compared to infertile England. They calculated rough estimate of production of wheat per acre to 70 quintal when England gave less than half of it. So why the land though fertile and other reason favouring us is the sun with plenty of sun shine. This is the only thing these bull dog British pommies couldn't take from India was hell bent in eleminating our HOLY COW?

CUNNING BRITISH under the governor Sir (chor) Robert Clive knew the success of Indian agriculture is none other than COW AND BULLS. Not only land though fertile but cows URINE and DUNG are the primarily the main ingredients working as fertilizer as well as pesticides which gave us nutritious food which we nowadays refer as ORGANIC.

Meticulously they opened first slaughterhouse in Calcutta by saying they eat beef so its for their taste they want to kill cows, as usual we never protested so they started by killing almost 350 cows per day and as time elapsed they started slaughter house in various parts of country where ever they established their military base.

Hindus and Muslim both protested against cow slaughter and they were successful but British wanted to destroy india morally and economically for this they started a divide and rule strategy, they recruited Muslims for slaughtering cows in their slaughterhouse and complained to Hindus that its not we British we are innocent but the vulgar Muslims doing the butchering. With this the devide between Hindus and Muslims grew and the slaughtering continued infact the number of slaughtering kept on increasing year by year till date.

What's worse is close to 50 Crore Cows an bulls have been slaughtered starting 1750. As a result now India do not have quality cows as it used to be before 1750. Kerala known as the land of Gods but more tragic is the fact that its India's number one Beef eating state.

The famous Vechoor cow whose urine and ghee was especially used for preparation of Ayurvedic medicines is now almost extinct. The many varieties of cow and bulls in Kerala and southern india were either reduced in great number or eliminated with soulless Communist and Congress lobby to ensure India is flooded with useless European breed via Artificial insemination courtesy Dr. Varghese Kurian. We know this man as the founder of Amul. He is a recipient of Magasasay Award, the fisrt basic qualification for this award is that he should be a desh drohi.

He was of the beliefs the farmers in India should breed and raise European Jersey cows in India Why? European cows give more milk as compared to Indian Cows. The equation about cows milk production should be calculated as per how many liters it can produce per year than per day, if you go as per this calculation Indian cows give double the litres compared to the useless jersey cows.

Jersey cows eats and drinks twice more than our Vedic cow is always dirty and needs to be fed with anti biotic for being ill as they are not accustomed to our climate resulting in more expense. IT GIVES TOXIC A1 MILK COMPARED TO A2 MILK OF VEDIC COWS.

A1 milk is very bad for human health especially females, it can cause cancer, and kidney problems. Evil medical lobby in India knows the dangers of A1 milk but is tight lipped for they make a fortune and laugh all the way to banks. The west has realized this fact that jersey and Holstein cows giving A1 milk is injurious to health and have started importing our cows for safe and healthy A2 milk. Britain, New Zealand, America are already drinking A2 milk.

All the super stores in India is flooded with A1 milk to kill our population slowly. Even ghee of A1 milk is bad for health. Ghee which has a pleasant smell will smell bad if its made of A1 milk.


Also the dung and urine of European and Holstein cows are useless compared to indian cow's which have a hump is very beneficial as a fertilizer and its urine a very good pesticide which can be sprayed on crops, many articles are related to organic farming detailing the use of cow dung as a organic compast.

Also Cow Urine and ghee prepared from A2 milk is been used as a medicine in ayurveda for more than 8000 years. The Cows urine is been mentioned in Vedas. its considered as one of the best tonics that can prevent you from many diseases. If you consume 10ml of cows urine twice daily it will improve your immune system.

Cows urine is very effective in curing complicated and chronic diseases like Diabetes, blood pressure, sugar kidney failure etc. Person who strictly consume cow urine for 60 days regularly will never have asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, acidity, ulcer and of course its very good for alcohol addiction etc. Recently people in remote India have started using this frequently and thus has a good business opportunities. The many healing capabilities of cows urine is seen as a huge setback for the evil pharma industry and hence they are all secretly involved in eliminating our divine Cows.

So I am sure you are now aware of the great benefits of our Bulls and cows, I could write many but it will get too long. But the motto here is to inform you that the slaughter of our cows is still happening as I am writing this article. In Mumbai deonar there is a huge slaughterhouse having a capacity of killing 10000 or more cows in a day. if this happens soon we will loose all and only useless jersey will be left adding problems.

A lot of protest has happened in india by many organization to stop this in 1969 many rishis protested for the cause of cow slaughter but indira gandhi killed the poor sadhus for protesting but still it went on, lately the parliament was about to pass the bill to bann slaughtering but mamta banerjee rejected it cause she said she wants to eat beef again the bill got rejected.



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