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Paid, Corrupt Indian Media.

  • History of Indian Media
  • Paid Journalism, news anchors and media corporate
  • Displaying news negativism, incomplete and false news, interpreting a sentence in a wrong way to create scandal for TRP.
  • News channels portraying pro secularist and anti India news.
  • Degrade and Insult Hindu beliefs culture tradition repeatedly targeting all Swamis of India.
  • Display of Useless and unwanted news, give unwanted hype to useless personalities who are a curse to society.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Media a grave threat to the security and integrity of our nation. 
  • Paid Newspapers and News channels working for their sponsors from American MNC, Church of England, Christian Missionaries, Saudi Wahabi Funds and ISI.
  • Absolute partial display by news anchors towards secularism and secular parties criticizing majority (Hindu) communities and calling them communal and pleasing their sponsors.
  • Complete absence of Nationality in Foreign News channels. 
  • Blackmailing corporate, businessman and politicians for hiding news.
  • Cheapness and partiality of News anchors completely ignored by people big trouble is when people look at this cheap anchors as idols.
  • How to fight Main Stream Paid media.... the only solution Social Media and Blog spots by various Intellectuals who show the society about the evils which public ignore. 

Before writing on Corrupt Indian media i would like to say that media all over the world is corrupt equally corrupt as India with a core intention of ruling masses with lies and incomplete information. With plenty of news channels English Hindi and other regional languages let me say all the news channels are corrupt sold their souls to MNC lobby, christian missionaries and Saudi wahabi funds with the sole intention of creating unrest and work in favour of their masters who fund them. 

Never ever take this white colored professionals as moral idol or heroes who give us precise clear news information but these are cheap people more dangerous than terrorists who attack us at unwarranted times in a way these Cheap anchors should be termed as "White Collared Terrorists".

Above: Media personalities (paid pimps) who have traded news and sold their souls to foreign fund

History of Indian Media:

Press was introduced in India by the British and they had the opportunity to rule the masses with and alter news as per their will to misinform the masses with false news and create unwanted hype for those people who supported british directly or indirectly. The press controlled by british made sure of covering news of all those heroes who gave a real fist fight to the british those freedom fighters who knew that the moderates where hands in glove with british and gave a hard fight to the british were never published in the press moreover such freedom fighters were portrayed as criminals and terrorists. 

How many of you know that Pranoy Roy's mother is a British.
A big anti National and his NDTV runs completely on Funds from Saudi Wahabi Funds.

British ensured that truth should never be revealed to the masses and incomplete, false information with hyped news should be displayed for which they appointed those business men and stooges who could work on their behalf. 

National Newspaper Times of India belonged to the Bennett & Coleman till independence after which it was handed over to Ramakrishna Dalmiya of the Dalmiya group and after Independence Times of India became nation's Newspaper with dedicated Journalist and sub editors honest and loyal to their profession showed it's credibility showing news events without any biased views or it's partiality to any political party but still when it came to most important facts which mattered the nation those fangs carrying British british venom still ruled over honest journalists as chief editors who controlled honest journalists and brought corruption into the Journalism as means of siding with Political parties and trading news for them in form of Advertisement.

For a good long years Times of India was a nations newspaper with but with markets opening up and in late 1990 and late 2000 when media got progressed from print to tube news started to reach people very quickly and the demand for tube media got rapidly faster than print media. With all news anchors soon becoming the face of nation for their boldness in asking tough questions to politician and other personalities they soon made a positive impact in the minds of the people completely unknown to the fact that those questions are pre planned and all these interviews are orchestrated. Seldom you will see a interview that could lay a surprise for politicians. 

One of the best examples of Paid Media where they tried all guns to frame a person with all their gusto all T.V and print media working in Sync to trap a person and Tarnish his image and reputation was Mr. Narendra Modi. Modi should go in the Guinness books for being the only political leader to be so tortured and humiliated for 12 long years and more and the only leader who braved media storm well and emerged strong by coming clean. It was relentless effort of all social media activists who supported Mr Modi when all paid pimps of media was throwing stones at him.

Hey, Slimy Thapar can you ever reveal how Godhra happened?

Negative news:

One of the main reasons why i stopped reading newspaper was that it was filled with negative news right from the front to the last. So what ever may be the newspaper from Times of India, Indian Express to local ones all are filled with Negative news. A murder here a rape there a robbery here or some sort of a big or small scams in Govt and semi govt sectors, corrupt politicians and bad plannings by commissions, inflation, unemployment, child labor and malnutrition, female infanticide, superstition etc etc. Yes agreed that all are true but why on earth are they not showing news that display Positiveness and Inspirational news that can uplift the young ones of the nation. 

We indians are very humble there are plenty of Indians in our great nation that hold high morals in life who have transpired a village, district state from various problems. They are the unsung heroes of who unlike Tendulkar has helped many poor and helpless.

Degeneration of Indian Culture Customs and tradition by Media:

India is a reservoir of legendary epics and moral stories why is it that the young children and youth not knowing our great History rather they are being fed with stupid and moral less stories of Kim Kardisian and Sunny Leone. 

The ugly paratha phado

Think of this seriously what is it that your children going to learn from this ex porn star from a Punjabi family in Canada.  What is it that you as a parent going to tell your children any thing inspirational about this woman. Imagine you along with your son or daughter aged around 8 - 12 years is roaming in a mall and to your surprise you spot some event management company bringing this Female there, what will be your first reaction when both of you see her together, will you ever encourage your child to go meet her take her autograph would it ever run in your mind wishing some day your child be like her WOULD YOU EVER WANT THAT TO HAPPEN. HELL NO NOWAYS A BIG NOOOOOO......

Dear All,,,, please understand why evil media is portraying this useless pay by the bed hours female in all entertainment and news channels, you have to know why she is given all the publicity and hype by the corporate media. She is regularly seen on Page 3 newspapers on a regular frequency.  Why is it that her interview is given prime importance displayed at most preferred hours of news channels. Why was this female allowed to contest in Big Boss a pathetic show by all means though. Why is it that all news anchors have taken her Interview? WHAT CAN I AND YOU LEARN FROM A PORN STAR?

Media is definitely a great means of Information for the Society but if it has to play bad let me assure it will play havoc with your life. Ask any Hypnotist which is the most dangerous tool of Hypnotism he will say it Television. Television is a device if used in a good way of showing true knowledge and information can do wonders to your life but if not used properly it can rule your life in a way of creating a SIMILAR TAUGHT PATTERN IN YOUR MIND  that induces people to think in the same manner. 

Advertising Industry is one big example of how your thought process can be molded at will, so if they want you to believe 'A' they know well to do it and if they want you to hate 'B' also they are very much capable of doing it and if they want to do a vice versa of A and B even that is very much possible cause by that time they have completely invaded your mind thought process that even if they say Sun rises in the evening you will believe it. 

How does Advertising Industry do it is at every intervals they keep showing the same Advt. again and again so a Advt. of a particular brand is shown again and again even if the product is bad even if the Advt. is bad you are forced to like it and use that product cause this Advt. in form of visual or audio is fed into your brain like how a movie file or an .mp 3 file is fed in to H.D.D of your Laptop.It's like why you have McDonald burgers is it because of the taste or was it cause of its Advt. You will be surprised to know that you know it on a first hand basis because of McDonald Advt.

Looking at this pattern from Advt. industry Paid media has copied the same psychosis showing such useless good for nothing and a curse to society type characters called Sunny Leone to invade our minds. One eg is a porn star was never mentioned in a middle class families as its a taboo moreover the grand parents have not even heard these words before or knew what it meant. Due to so much air given to such degrade characters Sunny Leone has become a household name and now discussed in families and home that porn stars have become to common in India. 


I am not against development and progress of a nation but banning such foreign cultures is aggressively criticized by paid media giving more time to PMS suffering feminists who ridicules people with Hindu beliefs calling them Behenjis, Mataji, Hindu fundamentalists, communal etc to give a bad image in front of media so that the society can look down at this people who fight for good cause as bad and feminists like Shobha De and other cheap  is seen as a Public figure. This is the reason why no one dares to fiddle with Media. Bollywood Superstars knows it very well and yes yes all the Sadhus and Swamis of India from North to South and East to West baring Sri Sri Ravishankar knows evils of Paid Media when almost all have been attacked one way or the other severely hounded by Media majority of them are foreign media who are funded by Vatican or Christian Missionaries and the Saudi Wahabi Funds with one purpose to ridicule our Hindu Dharma so that young Hindus will think these swamis are fraud and will turn away from his dharma to find solace in Christianity.


Like Modi Asaram Bapu was another fodder to the paid corrupt media as this man didn't care for warnings by christian missionaries when in his pravachan he used to mention of the evil agenda of Christian missionaries. He never bothered to go after Gorras in his organisation all his management authorities were Indians Bapu believed in Swadeshi and so he was enemy no one for Foreign MNC and Missionaries. He was framed again and again by police and media and media made all means to show him in a evil angle now many are believing him as a fraud but no one even one question Medias bad play in framing Asaram Bapu. 

Same is the case with Swami Baba Ramdev, Mata Amritananda Mayi, Swami Nityananda, Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamotu trust etc. When Shankaracharya and Swami Nityananda were given clean chits by Courts WHY DID NOT PAID MEDIA GIVE ANY COVERAGE TO THIS NEWS?

When all this Swamis were shown as guilty they were aired for 800 to 900 hours by foreign News channels like CNN IBN, IBN 7, ABP news and local news channels Times Now, AAJ Tak, NDTV etc and when they were proven innocent LESS THAT 5 MIUNTES OF TIME WAS USED TO AIR THIS NEWS.

Why such partiality paid pimps of corrupt media?

Some times i wonder when all this Indian Sadhus are shown as sexual pervert are all Christian padres and Muslim clerics gentle by nature are they respectful to their woman folks. Is it that Hindu Sadhus are found to be perverts? 
Only they preach Peace and Harmony and women find them as the servant of God? Really is it is that the reality?

The truth is far worse than you can ever imagine of what takes place inside Vatican.

Foreign Direct Investment In Media:

We have plenty of Foreign Funded News Channels in India and they are a grave national threat for the Integrity and Solidarity of India. Let me be blunt here. FDI in media should be banned with immediate effect by Mr. Narendra Modi or has to be heavily fined in case of spreading false hyped news like case of Kanchi Shankaracharya and Swami Nityananda these cheap corrupt paid media. 


Foreign Funded News channels have completely changed course of Indian Media where our media was just and had dignity left in it all foreign funded news channels for the sake of TRP rating have gone to all cheapness to mold news and hype it in such a way that when a calm wind is moving they portray as if a Cyclone is approaching. Foreign channels have given birth to all cheap T.V anchors who think they are masters of universe and whats worse is the hype given by these news channels that these anchors are brave hearts who keep us informed draw a huge crowd people and the grave factor is people believe them to be of high moral standards but in actual they are pimps sold their souls to foreign funds, puppets of MNC Lobby, missionaries and Islamic Wahabi funds where money is routed through ISI and Canadian Muslims who fund Federation Of Inqualabi Leftist (FOIL) a group consisting of Christian ad Muslim human right activists working for liberation of Kashmir and with aim of spreading Christinity in India through Missionaries. They are either Lawyers or Naxals or member of MNC lobby with an only motto of bleeding the nation from in within by means of creating riots or framing Sadhus and Sanyasis, or create a Mahatma out of Anna Hazare and create super mega Hype of a Shameless CIA agent and puppet of Ford Foundation Arvind Kajeriwal. 

Also many human rights activists in FOIL are Hindus who work against hindus for the sake of Christians and Muslims.

Now that this crap is history if not he will do some cheap stunts but after some Hulla Boo like you see above if Paid media do not see TRP ratings with him he will be left out on streets. Anyways the hype that Anna and Arvind created with Media when aired free gave them great profits. Tomorrow these cheap media might come with another version of Anna well who knows.

If you take NDTV to be a National Channel please rethink because this Anti National channel from head to bottom is completely funded by Saudi Wahabi Funds. Its founder Pranoy Roy is a rabid Hindu hater living with a Hindu name when his Mother is a British. I had been seeing him since 30 years i never seen this man utter a single word in Hindi. He made great inroads in the field of News media through The World This Week and soon he was apple in the eye of the nation. His wife is a close cousin of Brinda Karat wife of CPI president Prakash Karat.

The video above clearly shows the nexus between NDTV and Chidambaram, their source of foreign funding via Mauritius. 

This video also talks of Barkha Dutt of her role in Kargil war, the video is about an interview between a Senior IAS officer belonging to vigilance department and his case is taken care by another IAS officer who is suing Chidambaram in high court. Please go through this stunning video to know more, coming back to madam Burkha Dutt, this cheap media anchor and journalist is hated by many in india and also called Pakistani agent, Anti national, minority sympathizer etc. had done great harm to Indian Army during Kargil war at night she did her journalism she used to turn on halogen lights so let pakistan know where indian army jawans are placed and in this way she gave positions of Indian Army resulting in killing of many army personnels.

Again in 26/11 attacks she was right in front of Oberoi Hotel giving minute by minute details of Army presence over the media channels. The terrorists knew minute by minute details where Indian Army is placed and this helped the terrorists to fight easily killing Indian Army personnels again. Burkha had always been an angel to Pakistan and a witch to India all through her carrier. Her husband Gulam Nabi Fai is a Kashmiri separatist and her third husband before this also she married Muslims so there is a huge chance that she is another Muslim living under Hindu name. 

Moreover what was 26/11 all about though the horror was happening when innocents were getting killed our intelligence failed miserably and when army was sent in to fight those terrorists from Pakistan, many army jawans were being killed. Paid media especially foreign funded was spreading fear psychosis all through that week that it created a mental distress in Mumbai and other cities, people were very afraid of going outside and Media kept on showing terror again and again for TRP ratings. Govt had already done a big blunder by giving Media outright liberty to air the event killing army personals and then airing the terror repeatedly that caused fear psychosis amongst people. 

The Govt. long back should have banned these foreign News channels or fined them but all corrupt politicians with their shares attached to these news channels left them Scott free. In future for a better india the sooner such channels are banned the better it is for India.
I can understand FDI in Entertainment media but to give FDI News media should never be allowed. Has England given rights to to any Indian News channel to set base in England and display their news Desi style?

Blackmailing corporate, businessman and politicians for hiding news:

One simple way of making money for paid media which pays rich dividends to news media is in form of sting operation. Sting operation was introduced in 2000 by Tehelka news on the Vajpayee Govt. putting the Defense Minister in a fix. Tehelka through sting operation became a outright sensation in days and had a record sales becoming a household name within days. 

Though this sting operation did not put the guilty behind bars but paid media sensed that through Sting operation their TRP's can be accelerated to push their business forward. Stings can be used to blackmail politicians and they can be forced to either give ransom of money or told to leak Party information or give controversial Interviews or may be told to be a Partner of their own Channel (you can never know how a blackmail can mold) 

How ironical that Tejpal the one who introduced Sting operation in India is now himself rotting in jail.

So what the solution when all News channels provide half baked false Information well put on a silver platter and presented before you at News Hour, what could be the solution where can you get the real news here is the solution the Social Media....

The only media that can be trusted as of now is the social media, one best means to keep you abreast of whats happening around globe and your nation, one great way of knowing the news as it is from intellectuals and brave hearts who are fighting the big brother and conveying truth in means of Facebook, tweeter and Blogs in Google. I have been in the social media circles for the past 4 years now and the way i have acquired knowledge through it has been phenomenal so be that History of our nation to science, spirituality, quantum physics to vedas upanishads and much more. 

But do beware there are fakes to on social media here you shall have to use your perception and conscience to get the right news. Had social media not been there then i would have believed still that Arvind kajeriwal is a honest man fighting corruption that Mahatma Gandhi was truly a Mahatma, that Darwin as genius and there was a great super genius like Nikola Tesla who invented Wireless transfer of current. 

Social Media is the only means to open your eyes and get yourself out of ignorance. If you believe this then i am sure you shall take Internet the only way of meeting intellectuals sitting million miles away from you and know of his genius talents. Internet is the only means which open window to the world of reality. 

Grace and Peace

May Maa Bharti shower her blessings on you.

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