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Multi National Corporation: Slavery in Existence.

     India is a hub of many Giant Multinational Corporations, with turnover in billions have a strong base not only in their nation but many other nations too that be developed, developing or underdeveloped, have no need of any introduction are as you are well aware of their name and reputation. 

    I had written a post about Being Swadeshi, am adding more to what i left out in this Blog. 
  • You think they are they gave new dimensions to Technology and Modernization, Right!
  • You think they have regulated their Business Par Excellence, Right!!
  • You think they are the Companies with Strong Ethics, Honest Intentions & above all Corporate Social Responsibility, Right!!!
  • You Believe they Provide livelihood and Employment to millions , Right!!!!
  • That they are the backbone of our Nation's economy, progress and development, Right Right!!!!!
  • They REALLY CARE for the peace and prosperity of a foreign Nation SO MUCH that they want this nation to develop better than their motherland, Ohhh Yeah.... Right Right Right!!!!!!


     Since her Independence, India has been self reliant on Agriculture. For the purpose of Progress and Development, as Atheist and Communist lover Nehru liked Russia, so adopted their 5 year plans model for Agriculture, Trade, Commerce, Industry and Socio Economic development. The First Five Year Plan when Implemented worked wonders for the nation but afterwards a back to back war's with Pakistan and China stalled the progress of 5 year plan, as well with some bad weather in between soon followed by Emergency these plans became a major failure, India still in self reliance mode and what ever good the Congress did was build Heavy Machinery Industry set up around the nation by which we could stand at will against any developed nations. 

    Through Heavy Machinery, Industry grew but at a snails pace mainly due to License Raj as monopoly of conducting a large scale business remained at the hands of a Few Elite Businessmen from Marwadi & Parsi community, market never opened up as opportunity of setting up business for the common man remained a distant dream, and utmost importance given to 5 year plan delayed further process of development as decision taking process was too slow that resulted in heavy losses and it effected so much that our coffers became empty, what further followed was corruption and political party conflicts, our agrarian economy not helping to withstand the expense and losses incurred and with 90% apart from Railways, Postal, Telecom, Oil & Gas all other Public Sector Unit (PSU) were redundant and loss making units. Till 1990's our economy was completely reliant on Agriculture and during that period if our Parliament had a heavy portfolio then after Finance Minister, Union Minister for Agriculture was the second preference.

     Our Economy depended mainly on Monsoon, if it was bad then it effected our Economy badly. Our Nation was always a Agrarian Economy ever since the Birth of Civilization, Our Ancestors gave prime importance to Agriculture and they knew that it's only Agriculture that can run the wheels of Economy. They were Intelligent enough to know with a good yield Traders and Businessmen can conduct their business and raise the economy of a nation. But with the Invasion of Immoral and Cruel British, they created laws and reforms that Murdered our Economy that our Farmers who were Ones the Richest in the World is now the most poorest, what's more in the Post Independence era, our nation boasts of having most number of Farmer Suicide in the world and it keeps increasing every year but our sleeping Government till date have never taken any necessary steps to counter this problem.

    Even before abolition of License Raj, there were a few Multi National Companies operating in India, like Proctor & Gamble, Hindustan Unilever Ltd etc. Uniliver is a Netherland based company, it has a unique FEATURE.... where ever this company goes it puts the name of that country first followed by its name, so in India its called Hindustan Unilever, in Pakistan as Pakistan Unilever etc... this is to fool people that this company belongs to their nation, how cool..... Before 1990's these Multinational companies used to work on a Profit Sharing Ratio with the Government depending upon the agreement. Likewise Multinational had some presence but was strictly regulated.

    If you have to know the history of Coco Cola in India, this company was driven out of India within weeks by Morarji Desai's Govt. The Minister of Industries, George Fernandes, was part of the new Janata government, devoted to swadeshi, or self-reliance. Fernandes invoked a particular provision of the Foreign Exchanges Regulation Act (FERA) which required foreign companies to dilute their equity stake in their Indian associates to 40 percent if they wished to remain in the country. Coca-Cola would not oblige and was given marching orders. However Coca-Cola resurfaced in India twenty years after its unceremonious exit. Now they take all the profits they make in India back to America. 

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

     Likewise you might be aware of Bhopal Gas Tragedy that happened in 1984, it's equated as the Hiroshima of Industrial chemical disasters, Union Carbide India Ltd, the company which caused this disaster is a American based Giant Multi National Corporation. Had the tragedy occurred in America, this company would have gone Bankrupt by the night paying for losses, but it's fortunate for the owner as it happened in India, with many life lost and many family members yet to receive their claim for damage, Union Carbide paid an amount of $470 million U.S. dollars with an average compensation per person for 500,000 victims of 500 U.S. dollars each. Not a single person has been held criminally liable for an act that left 20,000 people dead and 150,000 maimed for life. The Owner of this Company was allowed to go Scot free from India after paying bribe to the government authorities and Congress stole whatever money was given as claim by this company. 
     Things went from bad to worse as the government had no source of finance to run the nation, and as a result by the 1990s the nation became bankrupt. This is when in 1992-93 the then Finance Minister Mr Manmohan Singh for rescuing Bharat Mata from financial crisis abolished the license raj and opened gates to International Markets. Soon it opened opportunity for many developed nations like America including Germany, England, Italy, France, Japan and China looked at India as Business destination for their company to set up in India and why not? It's a very big nation having a Huge Population, a major percentage of people belonging to the middle class income group. A nation of Youth who are well professionally qualified and can speak Worlds Official Language English. The nation abundant in Natural resources, like Granite, Marble, Aluminium, Iron & Steel, Thorium, Coal and much more. A nation that is Unity in Diversity, having various types of weather from desert to Lush greenery, from mountains to plain land, Tropical Climate to  cold weather, we have every variety of climate that none of the nations have. 

    Many Nations from Europe and especially America went ahead and grabbed India with both hands and year on year as India slowly allowed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India, slowly but steadily the economy of the nation started improving with America and other Nations investing their money in India. It was a great hope that we would see progress and development happening in India. 

    And development it did, before 1995 we hardly seen any thing moving we seen pace happening in our life, the Television Industry changed, from one boring Doordarshan plenty of Foreign and national Channels with more than 500 channels related to entertainment, music, news and business sprang all of a sudden. Also came in Worlds Soft Drinks Brand Coco Cola and Pepsi. Some times what surprise me is how come people all over the world drink this poison despite of knowing it's harmful effect on health. Like Cigarette is it that addictive?? Nevertheless the world drink this soft drink more that water. 

     In less time of it's existence in India these Multi National Corporations saw a huge and Infinite potential in our market which was much more than America. As they witnessed a Young India with more that 60% of its population in between 18 and 35 years of age, having suitable income potentials with it purchasing capacity. India was seen as a Destination Hub for these Multi National Corporation. It was so much a belief with American and European Markets that if there was any Corporation Ignored India then that Corporation was bound to doom.

   Coco Cola and Pepsi came to India with an Investment of some crores of Rupees only and with this small investment they made a huge turnover of some 100 crores in no time. After which year on year as India witnessed Development and with it standard of living improved. The turnover of these companies went on from hundred to thousand crores. It's estimated that these tow companies combined take away around 2 to 3000 crores from India every year. It's unbelievable that with a peanut size investment these two companies are taking huge amount of our money to the size of a Mammoth back to their motherland America, and to mind over the matter is that unlike before there is no Profit Sharing Ratio with Government, this companies having a good lobby with powerful ministers in their Kitty, even Media never utters a word against the evils of this Soft Drink giant as they have been paid up to cover such news. With sale of each bottle of soft drink they make a profit percentage of about 1000%, this huge profit margin can only be classified as 'MASS LOOT of the MNC'.

     Above all these Companies have another major disadvantage, it brings doom to the place where ever they set up their bottling plant. The ground water level of that area goes to major decline as water is the main ingredient in the soft drink followed by bone powder and sugar syrup all blended together only to deteriorate your health which ever way it could. Somewhere in 2002, it happened so in Kerala when it was found the debris coming our from this plant given free to farmers from the plant owing to 'CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY' when used as fertilizers found out that as it was applied on their farm lands the soil became Barren, this news escalated to such a big extend that soon the whole nation turned its eyeballs on Coco Cola for this shocking facts. This is when Government of Kerala came with another stunning report that chemicals content in soft drink was exceeding all limits to such an extent that if consumed it will definitely create cancer or cause infertility problems. 

     But this is where Both Coco Cola and Pepsi shook hands and like brothers in arms they fought against all those who raised their voice about the evils in the drinks, nevertheless within no time they put all to silence with money power and soon the news faded away.   Great man Bollywood Icon the ever sentimental Aamir Khan was used to bring it's lost reputation back to glory, soon people forgot this scandal and started consuming it like water and with it their turnover back on tracks and the LOOT CONTINUED.

What's the History of LOOT IN INDIA?

    As we have read in our History Books, India was a land of Milk & Honey and indeed it was and stayed so for many millenniums as it was Only India and China that held the wolds Economy at 70% and 30% respectively, but by the Birth of Islam and with the Invasion of Islamic Invaders,with their cruel rule and massive destruction of temples for gold and diamonds, these Islamic Invaders from Afghanistan from Mohammed Gaznavi, Ghazi and Ghori did immense loot of our Vedic temples they broke many statues with stone axes and looted all gold and valuables with them. The loot also involved murder rape of many Hindus and also many females from young to old was forced into prostitution and slavery. 

     For about 900 years of medevil era Hindus & Hinduism lived under a massive threat from the Moghuls from Babar to Aurangazeb the time under Moghuls was at its worst yet India still was a rich nation inspite of loot of the Moghuls , 70% of the trade happened in India this by the time the Blighty Army from Queens land England, came and took all Rajahs, Maharajahs and Moghul Nawabs for a ride and made us poor in 300 years flat.  

     Our economy crumbled from 70% to almost nil, with our raw materials getting exported to England and by setting up manufacturing units in England, they manufactured the Finished goods and Imported it back to India, where we were forced to buy the Finished goods at an exorbitant price and which made our Indian Skilled laborers and Businessmen unemployed in a very short span of time, we lost ground in all possible manners to the British and soon were at their Mercy and Mercy from British.. MY FOOT..

     The British were so cunning that they imposed all this loots as a Law and passed it as Bill approved by the King of that region. So they can play safe as people thought that it was the King behind the draconian law, but sooner people realized that these kings were mere puppets of the British. 

     Selling of British made finished goods helped England in a major way, with all loot of gold, diamond and other valuables from Rajas and Nawabs making them useless & powerless, the next step was to loot people and with it they broke the backbone of our economy forever, we lost ground and with it what ever means of survival we had and became poor due to impose of very heavy taxes laid by British. The farmers were asked to pay about 95% of their yield to the British government which was totally absurd, ones who revolted were killed or tortured to death. 

     With nothing manufactured India and at the mercy of British, Indians became redundant with skilled workers from Artisans, Blacksmiths, Potters, Farmers to Traders and Business Merchants etc. lost their working skills and were forced to buy clothes and other materials manufactured in England and with this we started loosing value of our currency and England's currency became stronger and this made England the Most Richest and Powerful nation in World. England had no looking back, with India as its Cash Cow.

    Soon England became Super Power and a very Rich Nation, they started Exporting Finished goods to all nations in Europe through trade with fine clothes manufactured from super quality cotton from India  very soon they had a huge demand and England soon gained name and fame in Clothing Industry, what the world didn't knew is the fat that it's raw material came from India. Sooner England started sending their finished products to other nations they ruled like India made them redundant too, with this they ruled over a nations economy and every thing came under their control. 
"England showed the path that if people are deprived of their rights then entire economy of the nation can be controlled, regulated made redundant, powerless, given minimal choice, growth opportunity, more over kept poor, ignorant and unhealthy then this is the best way of ruling them." Which can RIGHTLY BE CALLED AS SLAVERY IN MODERN FORMAT,  sowed the seeds of Multi National Corporation setup.


    Before Independence, Indian had only one company "East India Company" which looted and plundered our nation, from a rich nation made us poor in 300 years flat, have more than 4000 MNC in India post Independence. Imagine if one East India Company of immoral British could do such a devastating harm, imagine what so many MNC's can do to our nation.

   Apart from England, other nations set up their manufacturing unit in India, especially Japan, America and European nation all making merry with the loot they take back home from India, this massive loot leaves a deep scar on the people of the nation as they leave us with any scope of progress and development done by Indians and Indian companies, we have to suffer for their loot. England mainly produced cloths, but with industrialization and advancement in technology, many other sectors came in to existence like heavy machinery, chemical and pharma industry, fertilizers and pesticides, Engineering Procurement and Construction, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Television and Entertainment etc. 

    As India opened its market America especially had an aggressive thrust in India by invading every segment of the market. Truly Americans have left other nations like Germany, China, Korea, Japan, England etc. when it comes to invading Indian Market. Their significance in Indian Market is such that they can regulate our market at their will. America is the main contributor to FDI than any other nations, and if they leave India so big will be the vacuum and trouble that our wheels of economy will be paralyzed to a great extent. 

    Let me give a glimpse of what India was before these White Invaders and Cruel Islamic Invaders invaded our nation for around  years. Our nation was known to the richest nation in the world not only with abundant money but also in terms of spirituality. The people of the nation was not only rich but were Self Dependant, that they survived all by themselves either as farmers or as a skilled laborer like weaver, carpenter, blacksmith or goldsmith etc. who would manufacture the product all by themselves and trade it with traders for a barter or gold coins. For millenniums India was traded with its spices with Africa and Europe. 

    Pepper was so much in demand in Rome that pepper was weighed in Gold as returns, and so was the case with Cotton to. where cotton was kept in one side of the scale and gold on the other side. With trade of spices and cotton and other artifacts India became a very rich nation as with it many skilled worker developed and became self reliant as they procured raw materials from trader or farmers and made finished products business and trade during those period was open & transparent with no exploitation of regulations like patent and copyrights, people had to pay minimal amount as tax to the king the market was fairly unorganized with from Merchants to skilled laborers and farmers everyone contributing to the progress and development of the economy all became rich, content & satisfied with their lives. 

    Let me give an example during those days there were plenty of weavers in India, so when there was demand the weavers made cloth garments and trade it with business men. Such Multinational corporation set up their business with a MONOPOLY. They employ some weavers in Hundreds or thousand who could do work under them for little salary and with these weavers under electric looms having capacity of producing garments for the entire nation of region, happened at the expense of loosing livelihood of lakhs of weavers across the nation. With British taking over India's trade and commerce industry, lakhs of such skilled, semi skilled and unskilled laborers lost their livelihood.

    Every Multi National Corporation (MNC) has a UNIQUE FEATURE and it's Patent, Copy Rights & Trademarks. Only developed nations of the World has this feature and this feature is not available else allowed by any developing or under developed nations, what's more patent and copy rights are the arms of MNC with which they exploit every aspects of trade and commerce and as they term it ABIDING BY INTERNATIONAL LAWS AND STANDARDS. With Copy rights and especially Patents they ensured strict regulations by which only they can sell that particular product in that nation and none of the other companies foreign or domestic can sell that product. Like Coco Cola & Pepsi which sells soft drinks in India is registered and have a patent over the formula of the soft drink by which no other company in the word can sell the same soft drink with same color, taste and chemical composition. If anyone dares to do so then such company will come under Patent Violation act by which a heavy fine shall be imposed on such company and later will be tried under the Court of Justice. Though its another fact that making such soft drink is a child's play.

    Because of Patents and Copyrights which Safeguards an MNC wherever they go, they have a world of opportunity to charge an premium at will over the product they sell. With Patents and Copyrights these company makes a minimum of 1000% profit and so they laugh all the way to banks with such huge profits, which is why we see whenever an official comes from such MNC, they travel by business class air ticket, stay in a 5 star Hotel and live a luxurious life, how do they do that ON YOUR MONEY which they looted from our nation.
    We think these Americans and Europeans are very rich, it's not though the only reason is that these people have technology and patent rights with which they can rule over your intellectual rights, with our nation having no scope of progress and development as for progress its very necessary that we must manufacture, but all we do here is work as traders, by selling or buying these patented products at some dirt cheap spit margin of 5 to 10% these MNC reap a premium of no less than 1000% which neither the Government or a Financial Economist ever bothered to notify or warn people of MNC's mass loot.

   If America is doing this loot so is Germany, Japan, and other European nations depending on their agreement. We were under the impression that with our market opening up to International Markets we will have a good deal, we will have a better life and with it our standard of living too shall improve. Well it did improve but with improvement also came Inflation, before 1995 we seen inflation pretty much controlled at 2 or 3% but after 1995 with rapid pace of development we also seen inflation catching up from 2 % to around 30% every year. When a family of four could easily be sustained at a salary of Rs. 3000/- per month, now it's very difficult to maintain the same even at Rs. 40,000/- per month. If our nation is having plenty of money via the FDI then why on earth are we seeing such a huge percentage of Inflation happening. Yeah the government has a reason mention petro dollars have escalated to 60 Rs a dollar from 40 Rs and hence we are noticing Inflation. BUT IS THAT THE ONLY REASON FOR INFLATION.

   Well if we have more than 4000 MNC and each of these corporation is taking a premium margin of around 1000%,  and if you are paying such a huge premium for every purchase, every year we are loosing 90,000 to 100,000 crores to such MNC's by which a huge amount of money is driven out of our nation and that aids to INFLATION, which is why we are witnessing an inflation of 30 to 40% every year. 

    But strange enough our government has always been silent on this matter, we have never seen any politician, any financial analyst or economist even any journalist speaking against the LOOT of MNC. I wonder when the media can get a good news coverage and make make blast with a good TRP with this exposure, how come they never let the masses know of this exploitation by the MNC. This is where one has to know that all MNC have a Powerful lobby in the nation they establish their Business. This Lobby is run by different MNC in that particular sector like in Pharma Sector there is a Pharma Lobby which is financed by various Giant MNC related to Pharma Sector, Likewise there is Telecom Lobby, Media Lobby etc. This Lobby is entirely financed by such MNC but they do not play a major role in it, its where in they employ Agent or Double agents who could either be a Public relations executive with a good hold with Government authorities & political heavy weights, also knows how to get the dirty work done on behalf of MNC in return for their commission, these are the agents who knows how to exploit the business deal in favour of MNC for which the lobby is ready to pay any amount to political party or government agency at will. 

    Mind you that this lobby is very very powerful and duping thIS lobby would proove to be a costly affair. As we know of the Nira Radia scandal, she who had a public relations firm was only a whitewash, she was a lobbyist who was on the verge of getting Government, Media, Indian and Foreign Telecom Companies all in Sync so that they can have a ball of loot with 2G spectrum, but these people were not aware that TRAI was laying a huge trap by recording their telephonic conversation, even Parsi Bawa Ratan Tata stood exposed to corruption and had to face the music, many were jailed for the scandal however TRAI had an estimated losses of 1,50,000 crores for auctioning of 2G spectrum. Now all those jailed for the scam have been released and as you know there's a saying "In a Corrupt nation the Corrupts are Free".

Thrust of MNC in INDIA...    

      Let me make one point clear these MNC will never leave India even if we Kick them out of India they will see all possible means to come back to India. People in India think MNC's play a major role for the progress and development of our nation but the real truth is that these MNC's is a by far a big threat to our nation. The fact is they have invested a lot of money in our share markets via Foreign Direct Investment. Our NSE and BSE Index that listed around 3000 points have now surpassed above 25000 points. 

    This definitely looks a good figure and also signify that our market is very strong but what we don't realize is that about 80 to 85% of money is invested BSE is by these Foreign MNC and it's a huge figure. Whatever share Middle Class and Rich Indians have in BSE is only a mere 1 or 2%, so with a huge share of percentage in the Stock exchange these foreign companies can blackmail our government any time by withdrawing back their money and creating a Financial turmoil for our economy to recover. With our Stock Exchange in the Kitty of the Company lobby its  very evident that sooner or later we will become salves to the MNC. They have created such turmoil in the past as we had witnessed stock markets steeping down at 1000 points in a day and as it continued it created a huge tremor in the financial market. 

    So what ever the market is direct of Indirect and whatever the sector from FMCG, Chemical, Pharma, Government or Construction Projects to Entertainment Media and News they rule, they shine, and they dominate the market at will, they hold the spine and backbone of our economy whether you know it or you don't they have their presence in your every day lie. 

Its a challenge try to be Swadeshi, buy only indigenous products for a Month, nay a week nay a day. I bet you will fail. 

Why? this is the reason....

Cosmetics & Soaps
Soaps, Shampoos, Deodrants


    When you do monthly purchase of groceries, have you ever noticed or bothered to look at the back of the pack. Let's say that a family of four does a purchase of 5000 from a super market. You will surely be surprised to know that about 80% of this purchase are mainly all the brands you see in the above images, which means about Rs. 4000/- of product is purchased by a single family and in a year the purchase can go up to Rs.48,000/- . By this we can assume a minimum of  48 to 55,000/- Rs. to a maximum of 1.5 to 2,00,000/-  worth of purchase can happen from one single family depending upon it's size. if we have to multiply this figure with the Number of middle income family, upper, rich and super rich family then the figure shall go to some lakh crores itself and that to only with the FMCG segment. 

    Inspite of knowing that Indian market is invaded with foreign goods, still i am compelled to purchase it cause you never know what you are buying is complete Swadeshi. 


   To save our Indian market if the government puts a tag signifying it's international presence then people will automatically buy Indian product only because any Indian will want their own company and nation to develop but the MNC Lobby will never allow it. At-least the government should label Indian made products as SWADESHI.

MNC (Lobby) In Chemical Industry Sector:

    India is a Hub to chemical Industry in the World.  You name a chemical and we have it's processing plant in India. From plastics, fertilizers, pesticides, to Dye, Pharmaceutical and petrochemicals we have it all in India and why not all the developed nations from America to European Nations have their plant set up in India. 

   They manufacture thee chemicals in India sell it in India and here the profit margin is in between 2 to 3000% and more. Chemical Companies like Union Carbide of the Bhopal gas tragedy fame, Parke Davis, Bayer, BASF, DUPONT, DOW CORNING, etc. have their base in India and as well have been in India for many decades. These Companies also have their R&D set up in India. Why in India? 

  In European nation their government have a strict environmental laws where in the pollution level has to be under a constant check. They will never allow plants that could emit hazardous gases in the atmosphere and spoil the quality of ground and water conditions. Many chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers these MNC manufacture and sell in India are banned in Europe

     Since India has Land, water and Corrupt Politicians, it s a great den where they can set up their units and can emit poisonous gases in the atmosphere at will contaminating our ground and soil condition. These MNC make a huge profit in India by selling their products in India or other nation.  

   Chemical Industries related to plastics, petrochemical, fertilizers and pesticides, Dyes, Resins are a great threat to environment and will pose a great danger. The gases these industries emit is not only hazardous to the Environment but in the long run it effects our health too. We are seeing a lot of patients suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis and other respiratory problems. 

    The Chemical Lobby in India is too powerful, and has Politicians, Media and Government Authorities under their kitty.      

MNC (Lobby) In Pharmaceutical Sector:

   The Most power full lobby and most evil sector than any is the Pharmaceutical Sector. It's so surprising that in a disorganized country, with irregularities and no proper protocol how come this sector is so well organized. Each and every Pharmaceutical company has a monopoly in what they manufacture and for this as a royalty they pay a Certain percentage to the Government, this can be either foreign Company or domestic too. The Cost of Production of this drug will cost only about 30 to 50 paise for which they charge from a minimum of 2 Rs to 200 Rs and more depending on the specialty of that drug. This Lobby is not only powerful but very dangerous too. They are a pack of greedy men who intend to cause a lot harm to the human race. 


The filthy rich foreign Pharmaceutical companies bribe politicians and our health system. They fund NGOs who act as double agents. These NGO's act as if they are helping poor tribals with free Vaccination drive. But what they hide is that these vaccination drugs are being tried out for the first time on humans. If anybody dies, the same NGOs will settle the matter with bribings. 

Most of these drugs are tried on poor tribals in forests lured by foreign funded Christian missionaries. When people die these NGOs buy the silence of people who are supposed to investigate and punish. They will give them free lawyers—of course the lawyers are also bribed to ensure that big brother Pharma always win—or secure an out of court settlement where the poor tribal gets nothing. There is absolutely nil ethics involved. They prey on poor people who cannot read or write and make them put their thumb imprints on a piece of document they wont ever understand. These NGOs have Swiss bank accounts. The NGO messiah recruiters bribe the head master of a Government school or wardens of hostels to round up their guinea pigs, without parental consent for minors.

By outsourcing the illegal testing of newly made drugs these rich Pharma companies save 90% costs, this is after paying up the bribes.  India is ideal ground because of the diversity, and you get real healthy tribals, eating organic foods. The Indian government deliberately do NOT have any inquiry into the money trail of these lobbying NGOs. These NGOs make sure no police complaints can bear fruit. Money talks everywhere. NGOs create a fear psychosis in poor tribal areas about imaginary epidemics for which mass immunization is a must, and when things go wrong the same NGOs go back as double agents to bury the truths. In August 2008, 49 babies below the age of 12 months have died at India’s best known medical institute, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS ). According to the information obtained under the Right to Information Act , 4142 babies were used for clinical trials conducted by the Department of Pediatrics since 1st January 2006, out of which 2728 babies were under one year of age. 

In 2010 more than  23,500 tribal girls between ages of 10-14 years in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat were given the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine that prevents cervical cancer, when these areas do NOT have any instances of cervical cancer. Their poverty desists the unfortunate parents of these children from suing these filthy rich Pharmas—who use the services of their watch dog NGOs. Of 671 deaths that were reported in 2010, there is evidence that compensation was paid in just three cases. Most of the time these poor guinea pigs don’t even know for what disease they are offering their bodies for drugs. A lot of these drugs are for mental cases.

Why do you think all these Foreign funded Christian missionaries hold FREE health camps for tribals in remote areas of forests? 

Asia Times reports: "India increasingly emerges as a preferred destination for outsourcing clinical trials - testing of new drugs on humans - the country may also be heading toward providing the greatest source of human guinea pigs for the global drug industry."

According to guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO),  around 24 healthy adult volunteers ( Indians are duped ) are considered sufficient for a bioequivalence study . A study says that about 1700 people have died between 2007 and 2010 due to this drug trials—this number is actually 3 times more. Most of the people who fall under this trap are poor or illiterate. They usually sign up for such experiments without understanding all the consequences 

A lot of doctors were receiving economic benefits from foreign drug companies to enlist their patients in such trials.

It is now the in thing for foreign Zionist Pharma to use lobbied up desh drohi Indian manufacturing "fronts" for the “ Indian trust factor”, to try out their drugs in “human guinea pig”  poor Indians without proper tests.   All this is with the connivance our Indian law authorities .

MNC (Lobby) in Cosmetics and Baby Care products:

          Want to look Beautiful, Stunning Gorgeous!! Good before your cosmetics products are sold in market it's test on animals, why not they want you to be beautiful right!!!


This female is demonstrating what animals feel when they go through Cosmetic tests....


     Of course the lobby will hide such shocking facts from you, and yes the media will never let it out, and yes these MNC's are earning a fortune by selling such evil cosmetics.

MNC (Lobby) in Retail Sector:  

      India has a huge retail sector and it's disorganized. The previous government of UPA was looking forward for a 50% FDI in retail Sector this was severely resisted by the opposition party. If FDI is allowed in Retail Sector then it shall be dooms day for India because even the profit margin of Swadeshi product will be taken away by these retali giants like Walmart.

    For Example Tata is a pure Indian company, what ever sale and profit it makes stays in India. If Tata sells it's product to Walmart, then its profit margin will go to Walmart and so we will loose our rupee to this MNC. NOW THE LOOT WILL HAPPEN WITH OUR SWADEHI PRODUCT'S TOO.

   In USA when Walmart was launched, within two months of it's operation close to 25,000 small and medium shops were shut close due to heavy competition from Walmart. Yes Walmart sells product at a very cheap price, If a Levi jeans costs Rs. 1500/- in an ordinary showroom Walmart might sell it for Rs. 650/-, yes, you have a good savings too. But what you have to understand is that they directly purchase all the stock from Levi Factory and sell it to you. On the Bargain it put the life and carrier of many thousands of people at stake.


   Right now even big reatil giants like Big Bazar and D-Mart is a huge competition for such small retail sectors who only have a area marketing, where as Big Bazar do a territory marketing. If Walmart comes in India even Big Bazaar will have to shut down because Walmart has all capability to target National Marketing with their logistics and warehouse setup.

    With the Launch of Walmart in India, soon lakhs of shops will shut down withing months of its operation, many a from the Gujarati and Marwadi community will face a horrible time. And of course by now you are aware the profit margin has to be more than 1000%.

MNC (Lobby) in Food & Beverage Industry:

    If Pharma is the Most Evil then Food is second to Pharma Sector. The Globalization of Western Food all over the world has severely effected our health to great lengths. What's more its very costly, second every ingredients used in these junk food is bad for our health. 

    Can you ever imagine that only four of the above American MNC Food Giant have invaded our food. When our Indian Food is the best, Nutritious, Hygienic and Safest food one can find on any part of the Globe, then why on earth are we loving this Food which is noting but a Plastic, Nail Polish, Junk Food. It is not only effecting our health but loosing our rupee to these MNC and their Profit margin is unbelievable.... 

     What's very painful to know is that in Mumbai and its outskirts and other cities of India we had plenty of South Indian UDUPI Restaurants which was liked by people of the nations from different states.

    The Food was healthy, and even came with a lot of variety from light to medium and heavy. 

   It was the choice of our nation but in not even 2 decades of its existence these four American MNC food giants have given a stiff competition to these Restaurants as people flock like migratory birds to eat these toxic junk foods. Our children seems to be addicted to these food that they abhor our Indian Food. No matter even if their parents force them to eat Indian Food they will only eat such Junk Foods from of these food Giants. It's also a misconception that we Indians think that these American Food Counters are very clean and tidy unlike our food restaurants, and the cooks follow a hygienic process of making foods like they don't touch the food with hands and the oil used i not used again etc. 

  Yes they do follow a hygienic procedure but what they don't let us know is that the ingredients used in the food are chemically processed with preservatives and Addictive substance that causes you to eat this junk food agan and agaon.


Already Coco Cola and Pepsi is hampering your health with liquid foods and these McDonald is doing the same harm with solid foods. And the horror is that our food grains, fruits and vegetables will come as Genetically Modified Organic (GMO) for a GIANT MNC CALLED MONSANTO

Click on the link below to know the evils of Monsanto....


   The Generation of now see that their carrier is lucrative, shining only if they are working in a MNC, and why not the pay an MNC can give you is 3 times more compared to any Indian Companies, yes it comes with various benefits like Commission, Appraisal which is twice in a year etc, these are what an Indian company can hardly afford to do as the appraisal hardy happens the salary is too low. 

    But in an MNC the chances of loosing your job is fairly a possibility. They will give you package as per your desire but if not to their performance they can throw you out like a curry leaf. They don't mind giving you that salary cause it hardly is an expense for them because our Rupee is too low compared to their currency for them Your Salary package is mere Peanuts. 

    These people come to India with an ambition of making Money and your are nothing but a mere Pawns, use you as much you can they will show that they are company with Ethics and Social Responsibility but all this are only on papers.

    Long time back, i had attended a seminar on sales training by an American MNC, about how to improve our sales knowledge so that we can sell their Products. This Pot belly of a Yankee came in like a Dictator looking at us like roaches with No Salutations He Thunders 
"Now Listen You All I Will Not Sell My System At a Margin I will Only Charge a Premium". When Technically speaking that system is peanuts. This system is used in all Cash rich Sectors like Oil and Gas, Power etc. Just Imagine each of these companies in Projects and Construction Industry take away about 600 to 700 Crores from India every year.

 How to Fight back

   Like the saying goes, "Ignorance can be cured, but Stupidity is forever". Ignorance is not your fault, it's only that you have not been exposed to these facts, but if you understand these facts only then you will know what deep trouble you nation is facing and this is effecting you with Inflation and Loot Of MNC is the reason why prices are rising and it will keep on rising, Yes our Government is ineffective, lazy, corrupt and will never take necessary steps to counter any crises, but if we citizens of the nation become alert then a lot can happen if you get out of your Ignorance, yes if you believe that all that i have written above does not make any sense then yes it's PLAIN STUPIDITY.

   The only way to fight this menace is by adopting to Swadeshi products. The Government shows it cares, but till date has never pushed this agenda to the common people. Any politician it be is not as powerful as MNC LOBBY. If they have to stay in power then they will have to be a puppet of the LOBBY.

    This is where we have to take the fight all by ourselves, If you really care for the nation then try to spread the awareness of Being Swadeshi among your community or friends and relatives, make them aware of how these MNC is looting our nation, because we are purchasing their products, we are loosing our rupee value and their currency is becoming stronger. 

    The Internet is a very good tool, from where you can get more information about the Evil of MNC operations in other underdeveloped nations. You can google Rajiv Dixit or Rahul Mehta on You Tube, listen to their speeches on MNC its more shocking that what you have read here.

   Off late i saw an advt. on tube its about Surf Excel, that has reduced it's price by around 20 Rs. from Rs. 99 to 77/- for a pack of detergent weighing 700 grams. Why such a heavy reduction in prices and that too when there is such a price rise. Never in the history of its presence in India have they reduced their prices to such an extent.  Is it competition when Hindustan Unilever Ltd. an MNC is having another MNC Proctor and Gamble (P&G) as competition wherein both have a profit margin of 1000%.

    About some 3 years back these companies have faced a stiff competition from Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. selling Detergent products for 70 Rs a Kilo. By this you can imagine the Super Loot of MNC. These MNC can reduce their prices no length to drive away Indian Companies from the market. But we should be sensible enough to purchase our products after a through check if it's Swadeshi or Not. Please Remember 
   Try this out, if you use only Swadeshi products for a year and calculate your expense with that of purchasing MNC products your comparison will show a stunning report.  I have done it and my wife has thanked me for showing her the way. Now she herself persist to go for Swadeshi products only. In the Initial stage it shall be very dufficult to manage as you will have to find out such stores like patanjali or other Swadeshi store but if you find one try to make a maximum purchase for a month or two. Say if you have used Surf Excel for 10 years and from now on if you switch on to Swadeshi product and made up your mind to go for Swadeshi products only then this will drastically affect these EVIL MNC as stock pile is a huge problem to any company, if you don't buy their product then this will heavily impact them in the long run and they will be forced to get out of our Country, and thats when we shall succeed. Now HUL have reduced their price to Rs. 77/-, i am confident they will further reduce it by 55 in coming months take it from me!

    This is only possible if we silently show our retaliation by not purchasing their products. IT MAKES NO SENSE IF YOU HAVE TO BUY CRAP AT A PREMIUM. 

The Choice is yours, the hard earned money is yours, only you and you can decide what you have to do with your money, if you are in need of brand, luxury then waste your money, but if you are concerned with the nations economy and good products being Wise is most important.

Let Maa Bharti Shower her grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.


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