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Jaggery and it's Health Benefits. (A great Alternative for Sugar)

  • A main food that provides necessary nutritions to our body. 
  • An Important food used in sweets and Ayurvedic medicine.
  • One food that can be easily digested by your stomach more so, it aids in digestion of other foods too.
  • A Blood Purifier, Cools your Stomach, Prevents Anemia and a Must eat for all women.
  • Good for your Skin, Cures Cough and Cold, Provides Instant Energy.
  • Great Remedy for Asthma, Reduces and Cures joint Pain, Cures Menstural Pain.
  • As Sugar replaced this wonder food, we have been exposed to diseases like Diabetes,Blood Pressure, Constipation etc.

    Our nation during the ancient times when it was not invaded by foreign rulers lived a Satvic life, in plain English it means Nobel life. Our nation was the richest in the world and so it stayed for many a Millennium till the Cruel Islamic followed by White Christian men invaded our Land through plain deceit, and with it started the dawn fall of the greatest Civilization in the World. 

   We Followers of Dharma ate Healthy and  Nutritious food, by which our ancestors lived for more than 100 years easily, click on the link Satvik food a Nutritious diet. We had plenty of variety in our food that involved more than 4 to 5 variant recipes in our diet. The diet differed from regions, culture and people, the People of North have marginally different diet from the people of South and so is the West from east. Which is why India is the only nation in the world where we see a lot of variety of recipes than any nation in the world. 

   Unfortunately so 'OUR DIET PREFERENCE have been united BY PIZZA, BURGERS FROM MNC FOOD GIANTS'. And this is the greatest danger our nation is facing as this will damage our health to a great extent.

    I keep warning all the readers of this blog site to please stay away from MNC Food Giants like Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut as we are not only loosing ur money to these greedy MNC but getting your health aggravated, these food giants are involved in a huge conspiracy of using GMO i.e. genetically modified organic meat and veg foods to play havoc with your health.

    Our nation for long time had vividity and variety in food and was primarily eaten as a means of having healthy and noble life, unlike Europe where taste and gluttony was reason for having food.

    Prevention of Disease and maintaining a good Immune System of the body by Getting Vata, Pitta and Kapah in Sync, was the reason why our Ancestors made healthy cuisines and curries that could relish our taste buds and keep us fit and healthy.

What's Jaggery:

     Before i could mention about Jaggery let me give a brief Introduction of Sugar which is seen in each and every household in India. Today each and every state in India has a Sugar Manufacturing plant with Maharashtra having the most with a Manufacturing plant in every District, never mind the most richest business men of Maharashtra who also happens to be a Political heavyweight is also owner of sugar plant in Maharashtra or is a part of the Sugar Lobby in India whose political party is heavily funded by this Lobby. 

It's indeed an irony that i have to write Jaggery as a alternative of Sugar, Sugar came as an alternative to Jaggery and it invaded Indian Markets completely.

    Before mentioning about Jaggery let me give a brief Introduction of Sugar which is seen in each and every household of India. Today each and every state in India has a Sugar Manufacturing plant with Maharashtra having the most with a Manufacturing plant in almost every District, most richest businessmen of Maharashtra who also happens to be a Political heavyweight either owns a sugar plant else he is part of the Sugar Lobby whose political party is heavily funded by this Lobby. 

   Far worse is the situation of farmers in Maharashtra where they are forced threatened to grow only Sugarcane and nothing, else these sugar barons and their paid goons will burn their yield if they grow any other crop, and yes they do it forcibly on the farmers else their sugar plant will be short of making the desired output. 

    Sugarcane from which Jaggery is produced drinks a lot of water compared to other crops like Rice, Wheat, Bajara etc which is another reason why the ground water level is rapidly decreasing in Maharashtra and the situation is far worse in the Deccan Belt of Maharashtra which has a moderate rainfall every year compared to the Konkan Belt.

    Making Jaggery is a simple procedure yet it’s a tedious one, as when the juice is extracted from the Sugarcane this juice is allowed boil at high flame, as and when it gets saturated as it boiled it has to frequently stirred till a point is derived where it becomes condensed after which its spread on a flat surface or a tray and allowed to cool at room temperature, which will probably take about 4 to 5 hours depending on the quantity. After it gets cooled down it becomes Dark Brown in Colour. 

    An important point to be noted is that in Grocery Store we normally see Jaggery which is light brown or yellow in Colour. Please don't ever & never buy this Jaggery as it’s not a pure one. This Jaggery is cheap compared to the dark ones as it’s mixed with chemicals for profits. Jaggery makers who do malpractices for quick profits uses clothes detergent powder to expand it and increase the weight which is why the colour of that Jaggery gets light yellow or white in colour.

    Jaggery which is dark brown in colour or copper colour are originals and there is no mixing in it, copper coloured Jaggery are of the Best Quality.

    Making sugar is indeed a costly and complex procedure compared to Jaggery. They have large machines which have the capacity of making 100 metric tonnes of sugar for a month or a year depending on the capacity. Here too the juices is extracted from the sugar canes, and like jaggery this juice is boiled at high temperature but afterwards they use animal fats and phosphorus for which bones of dead animals have to be crushed to fine powder, and then processed with certain chemicals until it becomes small white granules.

    This White poison called Sugar has more Supply than demand yet it’s highly priced to loot people with a steep inflation at 25 to 30% per year.  Interestingly India does not have as much rice or wheat mill as much as Sugar Plant we have all over the nation and see the irony, these plant produce a poison that harms our health in a slow steady manner to an extent that as you reach your middle age you are bound to visit a slimy greedy Doctor who will loot you for a ransom with high medical bills.

    Sugar followed by Refined Flour called Maida is the two most dangerous Ingredient’s in your Kitchen. The next time when you use it for making tea consider you are putting white poison in it and feeding it to your family, consider you are  a sinner who will go through a Hell with Blood Checks, Hospitals, Medical Tests, Medical Dialysis by slimy doctor’s, Medical Complications etc.


Doctor’s à Medical Bills à Diagnostic Centres à Hospitalà Loss of Money.

    This Vicious Cycle never ends, what gets you there, what weakens your immunity system that makes you allergic and weak, what makes you addicted to eating sweets more than often, why is it that the cholesterol level in your body increases and you suffer from high blood pressure. What make you the slave of the Evil Pharma??

    THE ANSWER IS SUGAR, as the saying goes Money is the root cause of all evil with your health its Sugar and it’s the plain white truth.

    Have you ever taken a budgetary estimate of how much money a single Diabetic Patient of 20 years have contributed to a particular tablet to stabilize his Blood Sugar levels? Let me say that by this time he has spent about Rs. 25 to 30,000/- on a single drug for the past 20 years, like wise you can calculate on the other drug he has consumed. Can you ever imagine how much this patient have been milked by that Pharma Company cause the Doctor has prescribed that Drug which he has to consume for the next decade or two of his life. Never mind the doctor has made his commission but he has to consume the same drug from the same manufacturer for the rest of his life which in short is slavery in existence.

    If one diabetic patient can fetch about Rs. 30,000/- on one drug for 2 decades then imagine with a base of 125 Crores people in India what can be their projected turnover, and how does it all start? It’s your morning tea with Sugar….

    Have you ever wondered how much sugar you consume in a day and that too without your knowledge?

    Any known MNC product you purchase like Soft Drinks contains high levels of sugar much enough to aggravate your health. From Biscuits, Cakes, chocolates, Ice Creams to Chocolates, Candy, Toffees and Chewing Gums etc. all have high sugar content to get you sick so that greedy doctors can have you for a song.

    Sweet like Spicy, Sour, Bitter, Pungent and Salty are the six types of tastes that your tongue can recognize. Our Indian Vedic foods are prepared by taking all this tastes into consideration which is why we have so many variety of foods in our culture. In Europe the people only eat Sweet foods, like we Indians they have no clue of Spicy and Bitter foods. These people have only been eating sweet foods from their childhood till they get old. The interesting fact is the weather conditions in Europe is not favourable for cultivating Sugarcane as it can only be grown in temperate climates like India.

    So how come a place where sugar cannot be grown is prone to eat every food that tastes sweet?

    Wheat is the only crop that can be cultivated in Europe because their weather conditions are not favourable to cultivate any other crop than Wheat, apart from wheat potatoes can only be grown in Europe, as Europe is a region which has snowfall for major part of the year and this is not favourable to cultivate any crops. For Sugar this nation has to Import it from Cuba or China and that’s how they have sugar in Europe, and this is the only taste they know as their Breakfast, lunch and dinner all are sugar based and their menu is quite limited when compared to Indian foods. Which is why all these MNC food giants having their joints in India sell sweet foods from Burgers to Pizza have some sugar content in it. Most of the European Foods are Owen baked or is uncooked or raw. They don’t have steamed foods like we have, they don’t have much variety n fried and deep fried foods like we have or boiled foods like we have. They don’t have any clue what is Bitter foods and now the unfortunate scenario is that we are following western culture adapting to their lifestyle so blindly that we are bound to doom if we go at this rate.

    Because Europeans keep eating SUGAR SWEET foods, by the time they reach 40 years they get prone to Diabetes. And now this is a bad problem faced by every nations of Europe that all are suffering from this silent killer disease and the main reason for this is nothing but Sugar.

    Have you ever observed that a Diabetes patient always have a carvings to eat sweet foods, when the doctor says to stay away from sugar it becomes difficult for him to stay away from it, no matter what he will have it one way or the other like a drug addict he is ADDICTED TO SUGAR. Sugar is nothing but addiction, give this patient to eat sweet made of jaggery he will have it but sooner he will switch over to sugar based sweet only like an alcoholic or a drug addict he can’t resist himself away from sugar, Sweetness is only  taste but Sugar Sweetness is addiction.

    Sugar is highly addictive and its molecular structure is so much identical to Cocaine that it’s only one atom away from Cocaine. Wonder why Government and Medical Fraternity never disclose this fact because they want us to be sick and unhealthy that we can be milked by the Evil Pharma Sector.

Why Jaggery?

    If we shun away from use of sugar and replace it with Jaggery then it shall do a word of good for your health and in a lot of ways. Right now it’s expensive in a grocery store they sell dark brown jaggery for 56 Rs a Kg, a super fine quality jaggery shall cost you as high as 80 Rs a Kg. too when sugar is priced around 35 to 45 Rs a Kg. Now if we see this is a marginal difference in the cost Jaggery costs about 30 to 50% higher than sugar and this is when making Jaggery is much cheaper and simpler that Sugar. Then why are we seeing this marginal difference.

    The main reason is demand, people are jumping for sugar than jaggery. They are so much used to sugar that they don’t even bother to look at Jaggery, the young generation has no clue what it means. Now it’s rarely used by Indian families like used for festival purpose or make special Indian sweets otherwise the rest is completely replaced by Sugar. When you create a demand only then there will be an increase in supply for sugar else there will be a limited supply and so we shall see this price rise in jaggery.

   Jaggery though expensive, must be consumed as it’s the only alternative to keep you fit and healthy. The another disadvantage apart from price is that you will require more Jaggery than sugar to make your food sweeter, but apart from this two disadvantage, it is the best alternative for your health. If you use jaggery you will never ever have Diabetes.

    As jaggery has a reputation for being the best food that can be easily digested by your stomach, what’s more it aids in digestion of other foods that you have consumed which is why in north after you have a heavy meal they prefer to eat jaggery so that your food can be digested well.

    Sugar on the other hand is the most difficult to be digested, in fact it never gets digested which is why it’s a pain for your stomach as it has to work extra hard to digest it, when your stomach fails to do so it becomes cholesterol. Cholesterol is like a rubbish in a garbage can. This cholesterol keeps accumulating in your body and it creates various type of disease and complications in your body. Cholesterol first job is to block free blood circulation in your body, it makes your blood thicker and that makes your heart to pump extra hard so that it can send blood properly to all organs. Cholesterol helps to build excess fat in your body and so you become overweight and with obesity you become you get introduced to various disease from migraine, mood swings, depression, High and Low Blood Pressure, Heart disease, fatal heart attacks, Joint Pains , kidney problems, Asthma and much more. All because of Sugar.

    For many millenniums, Jaggery was used by Indians for making sweets and other foods, our ancestors never had Tea of Coffee as these were introduced to us by Immoral British as well they gave us Sugar as it’s called ‘Chini’ in Hindi meaning it came from China. As our ancestors didn’t knew what it was as they were used to Jaggery, British for did a propaganda by lying to us that this white granule substance came from China and Chinese uses this in their sweets, China has no clue what sweet taste is. In Chinese foods, there is nothing sweet, their food is primarily sour or salty to taste, and farmers in China have never known about a crop called Sugarcane. So we even believe that this Sugar came from china but what we never leaped into is that this was the ploy of cunning British as they knew that our ancestors were healthy and fit so they wanted us to remain weak and unhealthy and they made it by introducing us to this White Poison called Sugar. More so Sugar like in India was introduced in Europe and other nations too and soon the whole world started consuming this Poison.

Health Benefits of Jaggery (Gur)

  • Treats anaemia, purifies blood, prevents and cures pimples, acne, makes your skin & hair healthy.
  • Relieves premenstrual symptoms, cures muscle soreness, pain and cramps.
  • Useful to prevent Pregnancy Anaemia.
  • Has cleansing action in the body, reduces water retention in the body as it neutralizes excess salt intake in diet.
  • Relaxes blood vessels and maintains blood pressure and strengthens the nervous system.
  • Relaxes muscles and nerves aids in relieving migraine headaches.
  • Is rich in antioxidant, helps in fighting free radicals.
  • Cleans the respiratory tract of dust and pollutants, reduces respiratory distress of asthma, bronchitis etc.
  • Helps in preventing breathing problems and asthma
  • Helps fight pollution by allowing people to breathe easily in higher levels of pollution and smoke
  • Rich in magnesium so helpful in relieving fatigue and relaxes muscles and nerves
  • Prevents Rheumatism.

Specific Uses Of Jaggery In Maintaining Health

For Hiccups

Mix 1/2 tsp gur and 1/2 tsp ginger powder. Consume with 1 tsp warm water.

For Menstrual Disorders

Eat 1 tsp gur daily.

For Flatulence

Eat a 12 grams of Jaggery after each meal daily or 25 grams of jaggery every day. It relieves stomach disorders.

For Cough

Mix some black pepper powder with Jaggery (Gur), put it in warm water and drink it.

For Tension Headache/Migraine

Add 6 grams powdered sesame (Til) seeds with 10 grams jaggery and 2 to 3 drops of milk, make a paste & apply it on your forehead.


Mix 12 grams gur and 6 grams ghee. Take once before sunrise and then at bedtime.

For Fatigue/Tiredness/Muscle Injuries

Eat 1 tsp gur 3 times a day. Fatigue due to hard physical Labour, Exercise and Sports can be relieved with this.

For Weakness/Anemia

Eat 1 tsp gur twice a day.

For Asthma/Dry Cough

Mix 15 gms gur with 15 ml of mustard oil and lick this mixture.

For Cough/Asthma/Bronchitis

Eat laddoos made of black sesame seeds (Til) and Jaggery (gur)

For Cough/Colds

To 100 grams of gur add 1 tsp ginger powder and 1 tsp black pepper powder. Divide into 4 parts. Take 1 part 4 times a day.

For Scanty Urine/Suppressed Urine

Mix some jaggery in milk and drink. Take 2 times a day.

For Intestinal worms

Eat some jaggery before taking the deworming medicine to remove worms easily.

For Foreign Objects in Skin

A mixture of jaggery and carom seeds when warmed a little and applied on the affected area draws out the embedded piece of glass, thorn etc. as it cools.

    I hope you find this information beneficial to your health and use it for your daily life. Trust me if you limit yourself to the use of sugar it will the best for you an your family. 

Grace and Peace.

May Maa Bharti shower her grace on you

Jayan Divakaran. 


  1. Highly rich in calcium.People often prepare sweets with jaggery. Particularly for naivedyam, palm candy sweets are preferred to sugar sweets.

  2. Gundu Vellam (வெல்லம்)vellamOrganic Cane Jaggery made via ancient techniques by crushing sugar cane and boiling the juice to more than 200 degree celsius in large.

  3. Traditionally, south India was known for using cold pressed oil. Bullocks were led around the 'chekku oil near me', turning the wooden crusher to extract oil.Naturally extracted juice of cane heated at high temperatures and solidfies to form and crushed into powder form or made into round form asjaggery powder.

  4. “When oil is refined, it loses a lot of nutrients but cold pressing it in a marachekku oil chennai ensures that you retain all of it,” says the 35-year-old who works in a software firm.naatu sarkarai is used in day to day life as best refined sugar alternative which has natural minerals and vitamins in the jaggery.

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  6. Naturally extracted juice of cane heated at high temperatures and solidfies to form and crushed into powder form or made into round form asjaggery powder.Cold Pressed Sesame Oil can be called as beauty chekku oil in english. Health benefits, body strength and skin and hair could be made better by this oil.cold pressed coconut oil is finally being recognized as a truly “functional food” with dynamic nutritional and medicinal implications- what traditional cultures have always known.

  7. Vellam is molasses made from sugarcane.karupatti is jaggery got from the palmyra tree.Using chekku oil bangalore. can be strange to some people, but ancient times have shown that oils are highly beneficial for humans.Highly rich in calcium.People often prepare sweets with jaggery. Particularly for naivedyam, palm candy sweets are preferred to sugar sweets.


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