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Wish Fulfilling Mudras

Wish Fulfilling Mudras

Surabhi Mudra

Kamadhenu is the divine cow who dwells in heavens and grants our wishes. Surabhi is the daughter of the divine cow Kamadhenu. Like the mother she also grants our prayers and she secretes nectar from her udders. This Mudra represents the four udders of Surabhi.

Formation: Form Namaste and keep the thumbs apart. Joint the tips of Index fingers and middle fingers which are opposite to each other and then join little finger with the ring finger tips which are opposite to each other. The Mudra formed looks like the udders of the cow. This is Surabhi Mudra.

Effect: Thumbs kept apart help reduce the fire. The joining of the tips of the middle and index fingers and joining the tips of the ring fingers and little fingers remove the problem of bile and gout and Rheumatism. As the eight fingers come together they activate a number of glands and nerve centres especially Adrenaline, Pituatary and Pineal.


·         All the glands Adrenaline, Pituatary and Pineal and Thyroid functions better.
·         The three doshas Vatta, Pitta, Kapha gets banced.
·         Acidity is cured immediately.
·         There is a lot of development in creativity. Novely increases in the every endevour we take up.
·         Desire and dreams are realized.
·         To realize our dreams one has to perform this Mudra for 10 minutes every day for 15 days at least.
·         Surabhi Mudra has its influence on our Mind. It increases our power to think and helps blossoming of our creative faculty. This Mudra helps us to realize all our dreams.
·         With Gayatri Japa this improves the ‘Aura’ of the body.
There are various types of Surabhi Mudras performed by placing the thumb at the base of the elements.

Vayu Surabhi

Formation: While performing the Surabhi Mudra place the thumb at the base of the index finger so that Vayu is increased.

Benefits: Our Mind is always wavering. Therefore performing Surabhi Mudra while touching the base of the index finger with thumb tip, we acquire consistency and strengthen the mind. This Mudra also helps in relieving aches and pains in the body.

Shoonya Surabhi

Formation: Shoonya Surabhi Mudra is formed by touching the tips of the thumb to the base of the middle finger while performing Surabhi Mudra.

Benefits: Involving Akasha element during the practice of Surabhi Mudra results in a calm and peaceful mind. Long practice can also help in hearing the cosmic sound.

Prithvi Surabhi

Formation: Prithvi Surabhi Mudra is formed by touching the tips of the thumb to the base of the ring finger while performing Surabhi Mudra.

Benefits: The Mudra removes lethargy, pacifies cough and improves digestion.

Jal Surabhi

Formation: Jal Surabhi Mudra is formed by touching the tips of the thumb to the base of the little finger while performing Surabhi Mudra.

Benefits: This Mudra reduces the burning sensation by cooling the body.

While performing worship we offer coconut, fruits, and milk and sweet items to God. Then we form Surabhi Mudra and offer the above Naivedya. The belief is that God accepts the offering when we perform this Mudra. After the worship we accept the offering as the gift from God. The Prasad and feel the energy level growing. Therefore, there is spiritual and scientific influence behind the offering with Surabhi Mantra.

Apana Vayu Mudra

This Mudra can save a person from Heart Attack. Hence this Mudra is called the Sanjeevani Mudra, one that gives life to a dying person.

Formation: This is a combination of Mudras Vayu and Apana. Form Vayu Mudra by placing the tip of index finger at the base of thumb and then form Apana Mudra by joining the tips of thumbs with middle and ring fingers. This can also be formed the other way shown in the picture.

Effect: There is combined effect of Vayu Mudra and Apana Mudra. Vayu Mudra relieves pain instantly and Apana Mudra maintains space to reinforce blood circulation to the heart.


·         When one gets the symptoms of heart attack this Mudra will act like an injection and helps the person to recover from pain instantly, it reduces excess gas from the stomach and makes the heart muscles to work efficiently.
·         Chest pain, tiredness and perspiration will be reduced immediately.
·         Cures constipation.
·         Irregular heartbeats are regularized.
·         Even a little pain in the chest region is pacified by this Mudra. One starts yawning and gives out excess Vayu from the chest region and one feels comfortable,
·         That is why this Mudra is called ‘Mrita Sanjeevani’ one which saves from the clutches of death.
·         Too much perspiration in the feet and hands are relieved.
·         Beneficial in curing Acidity.
·         Migrane headaches get relieved.
·         If urination is blocked this Mudra relieves the problem and within 10-15 minutes block is removed and the person passes urine.
·         Beneficial in relieving tooth ache.
·         The functional capacity of various organs of the digestive system increases.
·         This Mudra cures Arthritis, Spondylitis, Parkinson’s and Paralysis.
·         Varicose vein pain is rectified with both Apana Vayu and Hridaya Mudra. Half an hour of Prana Mudra and fifteen minutes till you get cured.

Perform Apna Vayu Mudra-
1)      When there is sleeplessness.
2)      When there is over exertion.
3)      When there is stress.
4)      When climbing staircases and hills.
5)      When there is crisis.

Yoni Mudra

This Mudra is specially designed for women. The posture of this Mudra is held at the level of abdomen.

Formation: Join the thumb and the index fingers, interlock the other fingers. The thumb will be facing upwards and the index fingers will be facing downwards.

Effect: As the thumbs and index fingers touch each other they reflect volume of heat and air waves. Other fingers remain interlocked would solve the problems of the womd.


·         From the age of thirteen girls have their periods and they can get pain in the lower abdomen. Performing this Mudra only 5 – 10 minutes relieves pain.
·         Excess bleeding will be regulated.
·         Practicing this Mudra every day for 10 minutes followed by Prana Mudra will solve the menopause related problem.

Kundalini Mudra

Kundalini Mudra is associated with the reproduction of energy.

Formation:  Forma a fist of the left hand and extend the index finger. Cover the index finger and place the right thumb in the top.

Hold this for 15 minutes, three times a day.

Effects: This Mudra enhances the Kundalini force and the energy is released.

Benefits: This Mudra promotes vigor in the couple.

Pankaj Mudra

Pankaj means lotus. It grows in water and is considered very sacred in India. A number of gods and goddesses like Bramha, Laxmi and Saraswati have lotus as their seats.

We perform Pankaj Mudra as a symbol of purity and offering. It is a part of worship.

Dharana Shakti Mudra

Dharana means to retain the breath for longer time.

Formation: This Mudra has three Stages.

1)      Start inhaling with the thumb tips pressing the tip of the index finger. This helps in retention of the breath for longer time. Take 5 breathes.
2)      Next press the middle of the thumb and keep on inhaling for some more time. Retention of breath is still longer. Take 10 breaths
3)      Then press the base part of the thumb and retention of the breath can be still longer. Now you can increase to 15 or more.

Effect: The lungs get more oxygen by retention of breath.

Benefits: The longer the breath more shall be the oxygenation of the body resulting in purer blood and stronger body. To a large extent practicing this Mudra reduces the total number of breaths in a day. This increases your longevity.

Mushthi Mudra

Mushthi Mudra is the tight fist which is the symbol of force. This Mudra promotes digestion, helps cure constipation and lethargy.

Formation: Form the fist with both hands and place the thumbs on the back of the ring fingers.

Effect: This Mudra is the combination of Vayu, Shoonya and Jalodar Nashak Mudra which decreases all the four elements Vayu, Akash, Agni and Jal. The Agni affecting Soorya Mudra generates heat and energy in the body.

Benefits: When you are feeling depressed, discourages or is suffering from physical discomforts like shivering, phlegm in the wind pipe, lethargy or inertia; perform this Mudra for 50 minutes followed by Prana Mudra.

Mukula Mudra or Samana Mudra

Samana is one of the Five Vayu’s which helps digestion. Samana Mudra carries the activity of digestion. Samana Mudra is also called Mukula Mudra. The formation of this Mudra resembles a bud Mukula in Sanskrit. Hence this Mudra is called Mukula Mudra.

Effect: All elements get equal importance in this Mudra, hence it is also called Samana i.e. even Mudra

Formation: All the fingers should touch the tip of thumb. It is a very simple but quite effective.


·         When this Mudra is placed on the tense or hurting part of the body it gets relief immediately, it’s like directing the energy to the specific part. It’s like a sharp focus of healing energy, like a laser beam or a shaft of light which is directed to the area of concern. This Mudra is an effective healing tool.
·         The electromagnetic forces created when five fingers comes together is tremendous and that brings about the balance of all the elements.
The science of Mudra stated that balanced health can be attained if this Mudra is performed at least for 15 minutes a day, which activates digestion.

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