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Therapeutic Mudras: For Chronic Disease like Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Arthritis.

Therapeutic Mudras

            Mudras are also used daily in therapy. Such Mudras are to be practiced for not less than 50 minutes a day followed by the Prana Mudra for 15 minutes. Therapeutic Mudras can be practiced as many times as possible till health is restored. But the duration must be a minimum of 50 minutes per day, so that the proportion of elements gets changed and the health is restored gradually. After health is been restored, these Mudras are to be discontinued. Therapeutic Mudras decrease the elements or get them balanced.

All therapeutic Mudras are to be followed by Prana Mudra. For e.g. 

·         To cure diabetes Apana Mudra has to be followed by Prana Mudra.
·         For curing paralysis, Parkinson’s, joint pain, arthritis, spondylitis, Vayu Mudra is to be followed by Prana Mudra.
·         For controlling blood pressure Vyana Mudra has be practiced for 50 minutes followed by Prana Mudra for 15 minutes.

If one cannot perform therapeutic Mudra for 50 minutes at a time, then they can practice them in 3 parts of 15 minutes each 3 times a day, followed by 5 minutes each.

·         Akasha Mudra: Provides calcium, one pointedness during meditation.
·         Varuna Mudra:  For acquiring a glowing skin and balancing moistures in the body.

These Mudras are to be practiced for 10 minutes daily.

Mudras may be practiced as per one’s own schedule or they can be practiced as and when time permits. They can also be performed one after another.

A simple daily routine for practicing Mudras.

Begin the day with a glass of water then sit in a calm and quiet place and chant OM 15 times. Perform Jnana Mudra while chanting OM. OM can be performed as follows:

Make a sound “A” for four seconds, the “U” for another 8 seconds and sound “MM” for 16 seconds. This way carbon dioxide is continuously cleared from the lung. Then breathe is so that lungs are filled with Oxygen.

Later if you have time perform Prithvi Mudra for another 10 minutes. After lunch Vayu Mudra for 10 minutes followed by Apana Mudra for digestion. In the evening perform Dhyana Mudra for 10 Minutes while praying. At night practice Prana Mudra. This could even be done while watching TV or listening to music. Lastly before going to bed Shoonya Vayu Mudra is to be practiced which will prevent all diseases.

Vayu Mudra

When the air element in the body increases because of diet and life style, many kinds of disturbances raises the ugly head. To decrease the Vayu element perform Vayu Mudra and attain balance.

Formation: Index finger tip is to be placed at the base of the thumb and the thumb is to be placed on the back of the index finger gently. Other fingers are to be straight.

Effect: Excess Vayu is decreased, blood circulation improves and any area of the body experiencing pain starts getting relief.

Benefits: This Mudra acts slowly but steadily. Within 8 to 10 days the results are attained.
·         When the Vayu in our body accumulates in any part, it causes severe pain and aches. The Mudras can cure such aches.
·         The feeling of restlessness or gas formation after meals can be cured if this Mudra is practiced immediately.
·         By yawning or by burping the Vayu problem gets resolved.
·         Vayu diseases such as Parkinson’s, sciatica, paralysis, cervical spondylitis and knee pains get cured by this Mudra by regular practice.
·          Relief from joint pain can be achieved by practicing these Mudras in following order: Vayu Mudra 15 minutes followed by Varuna Mudra for 15 minutes and Prana Mudra for another 15 minutes.
·         Varuna Mudra helps in balancing the water element in the cartilage of the joint.
·         Gout is cured with continuous practice of Vayu Mudra followed by Prana Mudra.
·         If you lift something very heavy perform Vayu Mudra for 5 minutes immediately.
·         If you experience a sprain due to fall, perform Vayu Mudra with opposite hand and place Samana Mudra on the point of sprain. Samana Mudra performed by holding five fingers together removes pain.
·         Pain in the neck, frozen arm is cured by the Vayu Mudra followed by Prana Mudra.
·         Convulsions are cured by regular practice of Vayu Mudra daily for 15 minutes.

Shoonya Mudra

Middle finger of the hand represents Ether- Space – Akash. Space is all over the world and in every cell in the body. The disturbance due to excess Akash element in the body causes various types of disease like cardiac weakness, ear problems, vertigo etc and Shoonya Mudra helps resolve problems associated with an excess of the Akasha element.

Formation: The tip of the middle finger is to be placed at the base of the thumb and the thumb is to be placed on the back of the middle finger gently.

Effect: The space element is reduced

·         Ear ache is subsided immediately.
·         Audio weakness is remedied.
·         Deafness is cured.
·         Sleeplessness is cured.
·         Dumbness is cured if it’s not by birth.
·         Numbness in the head, body parts, chest, and abdomen can be remedied by these Mudras.
·         Ear Ailments like pain; tinnitus (noises) acquired deafness will be certainly remedied.

Shoonya Vayu Mudra

Shoonya Vayu Mudra is the combination of Shoonya and Vayu Mudras.

Effects: Space is reduced by Shoonya Mudra and Vayu is decreased by Vayu Mudra. This Mudra helps avoid illness.

Benefits: This Mudra can be used to overcome the following disorders.

·         Lack of Stamina and endurance.
·         Indecisiveness, impatience, timidity and inexplicable fear.
·         Sleeplessness, weight loss.
·         Numbness in body parts.
·         Unsteady gait, Parkinson’s, giddiness, vertigo.
·         Creaking joints, Osteo Arthritis.
·         Cold, dry, cracked skin, nails, hair.
·         Irregular scanty, painful menses.
·         Hoarseness of voice, stammering.
·         Severe headache, ear pain, imbalance while walking, pain in the tooth, pain in the throat, pain in the heels, joint pain. Shoonya and Vayu Mudras are to be performed together followed by Prana Mudra.
·         Shoonya Vayu Mudra prevents all illness is practiced for 15 minutes daily.

Sandhi Mudra

This Mudra relieves Joint Pain. This Mudra is formed differently by each hand/


Right Hand- Join the thumb finger tip with ring finger tip together (Prithvi Mudra).

Left Hand- Join the thumb finger with middle finger tip together (Akasha Mudra).

This Mudra will help in balancing energy in the joints.

Effects: Space is balanced between the cartilage and the joint muscles. This Mudra also provides calcium.


·         Pain experienced while climbing down after a long hike is pacified.
·         Resolves tiredness in the elbows after the ling hours of work on the computer.
·         This Mudra helps relieve pain in the hip joints; this Mudra resolves the pain by persistent effort.
·         For people suffering from chronic pain in the joints, this Mudra resolves the pain by persistent efforts.

Surya Mudra

                        Surya Mudra means the Sun. Surya Mudra generates heat in the body like SUN. These Mudra decreases Prithvi element and increase Agni element.

 Formation: The tip of the ring finger is to be placed at the base of the thumb and tip of thumb has to be placed on the back of the ring finger.

            The element Agni is associated with body temperature and metabolism. Practice of Surya Mudra helps to maintain the body temperature and keeps the metabolism going.
            The element Agni is also associated with vision. Hence this Mudra strengthens the eyes and improves vision.

Benefits: Surya Mudra can treat following disorders.
·         Abnormally low body temperature.
·         Intolerance to cold, shivering.
·         Under activity of the thyroid gland causing slow metabolism.
·         Obesity, progressive weight gain will be rectified.
·         Loss of appetite, indigestion and Constipation.
·         Absence of sweating. Cold problems like cough, tuberculosis, sinusitis, pleurisy and asthma.
·         High cholesterol in the blood.
·         Cataract.

This Mudra can be combined with Linga Mudra for better results (5 minutes each, in succession)

Jalodara Nashaka Mudra

 Jal means water. Udar means stomach and Nashal means to end. The little finger signifies water element. Jalodar Nashak Mudra controls the excess of water element in the stomach.

Formation: The tip of the little finger is placed at the base of the thumb and the thumb is placed on the back of the little finger gently.

Effects: Jalodar Nashak Mudra reduces the excess water element in the body, suitably affecting the water metabolism thus overcoming water logging in the body.

Benefits: Jalodar is a Sanskrit term for the disease- Dropsy. This disease is caused due to excess water content in the stomach. This Mudra is named after the curing of the disease.

·         This Mudra can cure Elephantitis.
·         Swelling in any part of the body like face, hands and legs can be cured with this Mudra.
·         This Mudra cures excessive salivation, watery eyes, running nose, hyperacidity, diarrhea (Loose Motion)
·         Pleurisy, effusion in a joint is cured.
·         Excessive means is balanced.
·         Excessive urination is sured.

Kidney Mudra

This Mudra cures Kidney disorders. This has the same qualities like Jalodra Nashaka Mudra.



Formation: The little finger and the ring finger tips are to be placed at the base of the thumb and thumb should be placed over two fingers

Effects: Water content is reduced and heat is increased.


·         The problem of running nose is cured.
·         Throat pain is pacified immediately.
·         Problem of phlegm in the throat and the lungs is cured.
·         Helps in curing kidney related problems.
·         Helps in curing Dropsy.

Discontinue this Mudra once the ailment is cured.

                        Linga Mudra
                        This Mudra increases bodily heat as it reinforces fire element.
Formation: Linga Mudra is formed by interlocking the palm but keeping the left thumb erect pointing upwards. This Mudra can be done by reversing the hand too.

                        Effect: The fire in the thumb is activated and is able to increase uninhibited

·         Hypothermia – Shivering and chills due to cold weather can be controlled.
·         Ailments caused by over production of mucus such as wet coughs, colds, sinusitis etc. can be cured.
·         Asthma, bronchitis, T.B, pleurisy is cured.
·         Discomfort experienced in the air conditioned room is relieved by this Mudra.
·         Increased digestive powers and also melts excess fat in the body. Give better results when performed together with Surya Mudra- both 15 minutes each, one after the other.
·         Difficulty in breathing can be relieved by this Mudra.
·         Congested Nose can be relieved by this Mudra immediately and can get good sleep.
·          Regulates the flow of the menstrual cycle. Give better results when performed together with Surya Mudra- both 15 minutes each, one after the other.
·         When Navel centre is shifted from its original place, comes back to its place by this Mudra.
·         Special Note: This Mudra increases heat in the body so this Mudra is to be performed only for 15 minutes or less. But when there is congestion and cold continue this Mudra for 30 minutes twice a day followed by Prana Mudra for 10 minutes. Since this Mudra generated heat one must consume lots of fluids like water, milk etc.
·         Any once suffering from acidity, fever and stomach ulcers should not perform this Mudra.
·         This Mudra is to be performed only till the problem persists and then it should be discontinued.

Shankha Mudra

In Sanskrit Shankha means Conch. This Mudra resembles the shape of a Conch and hence is called the Shankha Mudra.

In Ancient times it was believed that blowing the conch could send sound waves far and wide, thereby removing ill effects of the bad elements.

This Mudra is used during worship while chanting hyms and Mantras.

Formation: Place the thumb of the left hand at the base of the right thumb. This is the point of Thyroid gland in the palm. Fold the fingers of the left hand with the thumb. Join the index finger of the left hand with the thumb tip of the right hand. The other three fingers of the left hand with thumb tip of the right hand. The other three fingers of the left hand are to be placed on the back of the right palm.

This Mudra can be performed with reversing hands too.

Effects:  The thumb which represents the element fire is covered by the fingers hence fire is subdued. The union of left index finger and the thumb creates balance of wind.

Shankha Mudra can be used to overcome the following disorders:
·         Feverish feeling in the body.
·         Burning in the Body/ body parts.
·         Allergic disorders especially skin rashes.
·         Voice larynx and throat pharynx problems.
·         Flabbiness
·         Weakness, paralysis of Muscles.
·         This Mudra puts pressure on the point of thyroid gland, thus making it active to remove illness related to thyroid gland, so obesity is regulated.
·         This Mudra purifies 72,000 nerves connected to the navel center, thereby rejuvenating the whole body.
·         This Mudra makes the voice melodious and clean. Removes strain in the voice. Therefore singers, teachers, doctors must perform this Mudra every day for 10 minutes.
·         This Mudra relieves allergies, caused by dust and smoke, so throat becomes clean, also pacifies skin rashes.
·         Tonsillitis and other throat infections are cured.
·         Any trouble of stammering, stuttering in speech can be rectified by this Mudra.
·         After a paralytic attack, this Mudra helps in dealing with speech problems and speech becomes clear.
·         Helps in increasing height of children.
·         Kidney problem is cured.

Sahaja Shankha Mudra

This Mudra is a version of Shankha Mudra. Benefits are also the same with a few exceptions.

Formations: Join both hands together interlocking the fingers and press the palms together. Apply a gentle pressure with both the thumbs by laying them parallel to each other on the index finger.

This forms the Sahaja Shankha Mudra.

Effect: According to Yoga Physiology, all 10 main nerves get activated and the body becomes very strong with this Mudra.

The tem main nerves are Shusumna, Ida, Pingala, Gandhari, Hasti Jiva, Poosha, Yashaswini, Alamboosha, Kuhoo and Shankhini.


·         There is growth in alertness.
·         The nerve Shankhini would activate Mooladhara Chakra. The sperpent power Kundalini raises towards higher levels.
·         Removes the problems associated with the reproductive systems.
·         Cures piles and problems related to the anus.
·         Slip disc problem is resolved.
·         Like the Shankha Mudra this Mudra helps in solving problems related to speech, voice, digestive power, stomach and intestine.

Merudanda Mudra

Merudanda means Spinal Column.

This Mudra removes the strain in the back.

This Mudra is formed differently by each hand.


Right Hand: Thumb Finger, middle finger and little finger tips touch together. Index finger and ring finger stay extended.
Left Hand: Place the thumb joint on the nail of the index finger (Not the tip of the thumb)

Effect: Space and water elements are balanced hence the vertebrae can move flexibly with the help of wind. Placing the index finger tip at the thumb joints helps in adjusting the level of wind.

The Following Strains on the back are relieved by performing the Merdanda Mudra
·         Strain on the back due to gardening or house cleaning, work extended due to extended period of time on computers.
·         Continuous mental strain, fears, heavy meals, little sleep, little exercise and cause of back pain.
·         Slip disc problem will be set right by persistent practice of this Mudra daily for 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes of Prana Mudra.

Aditi Mudra

Formation: Place the tip of the thumb on the base of ring finger.

Effect: Ring Finger represents Prithvi element and thumb Agni, when Agni touches the base of the ring finger there is a growth of Prithvi element and also growth of Agni. Therefore there will be weight gain with improvement in Stamina.


·         One can gain weight by a regular practice of 50 minutes followed by Prana Mudra. There will be remarkable weight gain.
·         Problems of sneezing continuously in the morning can be cured with the practice of this Mudra. Yawning and sneezing during meditation can be prevented by practicing this Mudra.
Removed Poisonous matter from the body.


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  2. This is fantastic. I have loved Mudras for ages, however, I see the base, tip, and back of finger method. I don't know what this type or style is. Not many show this. I would like to learn more about placement of the fire finger. Thank you :)