Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tesla Air Turbine Generator: Energy is cheap and it's Free.

  The Climate Change conference had just been held in France, where in its quite obvious that the Zionist nations do not want the under developed and the developing nations to sustain themselves and will see to it that they are under their control.

    It is quite obvious that they do not want India to burn its coal required to sustain its huge population when India is a Power Hungry nation and in order to meet its demand it has to burn its coal to meet it's requirement, 

   Zionist nation knows it well enough that India has the resources and with it she can become self dependent, but they do not want this to happen hence they have come well with the Bull of Carbon Dioxide emissions causing Global Warming which is the most foul lie of all times, scientists all over the globe have realized this hoax and they are kicking out the Al Gore Global Warming Hoax to the ground.

   In order to meet our requirements, Zionist nation is forcing us to use Solar and Wind energy as a means to meet our requirement, but to a great extent this is a failure as it has shown in Europe as a failure.

    Germany wants us to buy this so that their company can get over from Bankruptcy, and our naive and Zionist loving Modi Government is falling in trap to this hoax which will create a huge problem for India in Future as Solar Panels have a life of about 15 years and this SOLAR debris will be huge problem for India in another 15 years like plastic.

    So what can be a solution for a clean and cheap energy requirement for India and Under developed nations exploited by Zionist Nations.

     The solution is Tesla Air Turbines:

This is how it works.

History of Tesla Turbines

        A Tesla turbine is a unique technology invented and patented by Nikola Tesla on the 21st October 1909 at the United States Patent Office from experiments done in England. The US patent 1061206 was granted on the 6th May 1913, although historical documents suggest that that Tesla first showed a 200 horsepower (about 150kw) 16,000 RPM version on the 10th of July 1906 (on Tesla’s 50th birthday). 

     From what Tesla wrote in the patent it seems his experiments were mainly done with fluids but had confirmed it works with air as well. Tesla had his own personal requirements for a generator for his laboratory. You have to remember use of electrical power was still in its infancy which Tesla played a critical role developing many of the electrical components we now take for granted. Typically Tesla found his alternative and better way of generating power, using a steam boiler powering a Tesla turbine which in turn powered an AC generator. 

   Unlike conventional turbines, jet engines and most pumps, Tesla’s turbine can be designed to be reversible with no loss in efficiency. Normally compressed air, fluids or steam is applied to the inlet and the turbine spins giving a mechanic rotational output. However, it can also double up as a pump, by rotating the shaft the air/fluid/steam can and be sucked and blown from the inlets / outlets. This makes it unique in being a reversible turbine and a reversible pump. However efficiency increases can be made by tailoring the pump to the medium. In other words an air powered turbine may have some slight design changes compared to water powered turbine. 

    Sadly unlike the work done with electricity the Tesla turbine never became popular and was simply forgotten about. Only in the last few years has there been new interest. Tesla turbines are also known as cohesion turbines, blade less turbines, boundary layer turbines and Prandtl layer turbines. 

Working with Air, Steam, Water, Vacuum and Hot Gases

     This turbine is ideal for experiments with air, steam, water and hot gases. With air or a Vacuum no special precautions need to be undertaken. With hot gases ensure the generator housing (and hence generator) does not over heat; prolonging the generator life. Try to keep the temperatures below 100C. Try using heat sinks and cooling-jackets around the generator casing. 

    With steam and water mount the turbine so the generator is vertical and facing upwards (at the top). This means if any water does get into the generator compartment it can return back into the main compartment and outlet over time. If this is still a persistent problem I would suggest changing the bearings for ones with rubber seals (bearings 625-2RS) which will provide extra protection to the generator. With steam and water slowly increase the pressures with each experiment and check the generator housing. The turbine has been tested at 150 psi with compressed air. If you do use high pressures please understand the risks and take the appropriate safety precautions. 

Key points

NEW closed loop - ideal for organic rankine cycle systems
Hybrid Turbine - using Tesla technology and impulse turbine technology to improve efficiency.
Ceramic Bearings - faster, more efficient, high temperatures.
Higher Efficiency -Runs from air, a vacuum, steam, gases and even water
Aluminium casing and disks with stainless steel shaft
Brass injection nozzle+ free blank nozzle
Comes with 60 watt of bulbs to demonstrate electricity production
Generator can produce up to 150watts
Easy to customise
5 disks with a diameter of 71.75mm (2.8inch)
Disk gap spacing is 1.45mm (can be changed with new spacers)
Outer casing is 100mm (3.9 inch) diameter by about 120mm long (4.7 inch)
1/4 inch BSP thread for inlet and outlet
tens of thousands of RPM possible
    When asked which amongst your invention would you like to say was your best, Nikola Tesla answered that the Air Turbines was the best amongst all he invented. He even said that the Air Turbine gave an accuracy of 98%.

If you dont know who is Tesla then it ain't your problem cause the Zionist never wanted you to know who this great Super Genius is click on the link below to know more about the only Genius who shaped the 20th century:

 May Maa Bharti Shower her grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.

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