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Dairy Industry: Most Evil and Powerful lobby

   Yes! it is all about cruelty if one has to think about Diary industry, it is indeed shocking when we don't realize the pain and torture these poor innocent voiceless animal have to go through the place where they are born have been all about a factory where these animals are used and treated as machines to produce and MILK AND MORE MILK.

     India for long has been the land where Cows were treated as mother and considered holy, well gone are those days when ignorance due to English education and technological development our dependence on agriculture has reduced to a good extend as tractors have replaced Bulls, our Cow Dung and Urine agriculture got replaced with expensive and toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides our farmers have lost its interest to rear Cows in their backyards, as a result cow sheds got replaced with Car Porch and needless to say the Bull population has decreased to a good marginal level as they have been sent to the slaughter house.

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   These two articles mentions about the importance of Cow in our life as well as economy.  Our nation has been known as the land of the Holy Cows but with the British Invasion our Nation has seen as mass murder of Cows and this figured kept increasing on a year on basis for the past 250 years and more, the horror of the matter is that we have lost many precious Indigenous breeds that gave nutritious A2 Milk and this got replaced by Useless and Toxic A1 milk which comes for European and Jersey Cows dur to genetic mutation done by a Scientist called Dr. Varghese Kurian.

    He ain't any milk man of India, rather the biggest criminal as the sin committed by him is incalculable,  he cross breed many of our indigenous cows deliberately so that our cows can become useless and slowly started to inbreed useless European Jersey cows and marketed it convincing Indian Dairy farmers that these cows give more milk about twice or thrice compared to Indian Cows and shall be more profitable.
    The Naive and poor farmers trusted him and soon preferred European breed over Indian  and as a result of which we only get A2 milk in the market, no matter how hard you try to get a A2 milk you shall never get if and even if you do 90% chances is that it's a cross breed else your Milkman is cheating you.

    The Disadvantages of A1 are plenty, one of them being that its is far worse for the females, the west know well that Indian Women have a better fertility rate as compared to any race in the world, so A1 milk will certainly reduce the fertility rate women, apart from this it will surely increase the chances of breast cancer in Woman, so my advice to every one reading it is please stop using A1 milk else you can opt for Buffalo milk which is A2. 

     The various problems associated with humpless cow’s toxic  A1 milk are:

Autism, Diabetes-type 1, Ulcerative colitis, Cardiac problems, Multiple sclerosis, Mental disorders, Parkinson, Schizophrenia, - Obesity, Arteriosclerosis, Intolerance bloating

    Never ever allow Infants and just born to drink this toxic milk as it might even kill your baby or shall drastically effect the baby's immunity system. By this you can very well understand the dangers of this milk.

    So virtually if you are falling sick else is feeling allergic then one of the reason can be that you are consuming A1 milk which comes in package from many reputed Government and Private companies to your home early morning.  You are inviting a package of illness with this milk which is not only of European Cows but these cows are being fed with a lot of Antibiotics to give milk and not only that these Jersey cows always fall sick unlike our Indigenous Vedic Cows which has a good immunity system, and as a result farmers have to put extra costs on medicines and antibiotics which is a bounty to Veterinary doctors and Pharma Industry.

    Having said so why does every Household require milk every day. Lets say all the family members are adults living in the household then why do we need milk as only infants and young children needs milk??

       Call it morning tea or bed tea whatever, tea is the main reason why every one is using milk, it's used indirectly but is an essential requirement for every Indian from north to south, every one wants to kick start their day with a cup of tea else they will never feel active through out the day, though tea is a silent killer as put by the medical association this has not been reached out to the masses about the ills of having tea, yes its is toxic only if you add milk to tea, else tea is a very good for detoxification of your body if we drink tea by boiling it in water and add some honey or jaggery along with some lemon drops, the tea will be a excellent health drink one can come across, remember not to add sugar as it will deteriorate your health, Why? please click on the link below:-

     In Mumbai, there is a saying that two type of Business never fail, one is a tea stall and the other a Paan and Cigarette stall, such is the addiction that we Indian have towards Tea that we can't live without it even for a day, and the irony of the fact is that people have no clue as the tea powder they consume is not made out out of tea leafs rather it's tea dust that Indians have been consuming all the while, they have been devoid of using actual tea as these tea made of tea leafs are exported to England and America wholesale and what we are using here is a low quality stuff tea dust powder where the upper and lower part of the leaf is cut apart from the leaf and is mixed with animal fat to give the desired taste, so what costs penny as tea DUST is merely a waste product is sold for a premium by MNC corporation in India. Brooke Bond's Taj Mahal Tea powder is one such example.

      The one on the left is a Leaf tea while on the right is a Dust tea, try to leaf tea and you shall observe a sea change in tastes between leaf and dust tea. 

      As adults in India and world over consume milk indirectly with some minors who like milk and drink it every morning like your truly, milk has been either consumed by us either in the form of Butter, Curd or Yogurt, Paneer or Cheese, Chocolates, cakes and Ice cream etc, dairy industry has been making immense profits for the past 7 to 8 decades as they have a wide territory where they can supply milk and its by products, diary business has become a sort of monopoly that is driven by a bunch of evil minded slimy MNC corporations and Animal Lobbyists who have many powerful men, politicians and government officials under their belt and can go to any means to get their purpose fulfilled. 

       If you think corruption does not happen in America, then you are mighty wrong as it's ten folds higher in America compared to India as Corruption happens through these middle men known as Lobbyist which is in simple terms is knows as PIMPING. Perhaps i will have to write another blog on Lobbyist and their Lobbying but America has for long is being controlled in and out by lobbyist who are even working for vested interest of Illuminati and the Zionists fronts who serve for their masters Rothschild.

      A few years back we had one Lobbyist that made a sensational head lines THE RADIA TAPES: This female is an Indian Version of what Lobbyist do in America nevertheless TRAI has to be congratulated for their efforts to nail this woman and opening a Pandora Box of many shameless politicians, media persons and Business men like RATAN TATA getting exposed in the Corruption Orgy of the 2G spectrum.

Radia ka RADA

    About 6 months back, i was on my research to see who the most powerful lobby of all might be, i was confident that of all it's the Pharma Lobby that is the most evil, rich and powerful lobby of all for the immense profit and control they have in Government and other sectors, of course political, media, gun, tobacco, chemical lobby are powerful in its own might but the Animal and especially the dairy lobby are so powerful that they leave all and every one behind, 

    This is quite bizarre but what's more shocking to know and the actual reason behind this is that it's about Animals, we normally tend to drift away from it as we have other factors to look after so we ignore this but it's the same ignorance that has allowed this most filthy, cruel, rich and destructive lobby to gain power from toe hold to foot hold in every way so much that even the Pharma Lobby have to rely on the Dairy lobby in order to sustain its business. 

    If you have not got the point then let me simplify it to you, the Pharma Sector will only make its business if people get sick, else who want to visit a Doctor, if the doctor has to laugh all the way to bank then he has to refer you with a bunch of Medicines and Antibiotics for which he gets a commission from the Medical Representatives and hence the viscous cycle of you purchasing the drugs and adding new ones to you kitty starts on a year on basis.


   ---> Why is America & Europe witnessing a 10% increase in VEGAN-ISM every year?
   ---> Why is it that people there are more relying more on Plant based Diet which was not a trend there about 15 years back??
   ---> Why is it that more honest doctors and scientists there are telling people to shun away meat products completely and become vegetarian rather VEGAN???

   The reasons are plenty from compassion towards Animal Slaughter to Global Warming the prime reason above all is the MEAT AND DIARY INDUSTRY it's the prime reason why we remain sick. 

   Meat has its own health hazards but Dairy is even worse as it's consumed by people who are not only vegetarians but are unaware of the cruelty committed to the poor cows to yield more milk to make business.

So What is it about the Dairy Industry??

       If any females are reading this blog then i want you to imagine this:

     What if you are artificially inseminated without your permission which is as good as rape, then you are fed with a lot of chemically processed food that shall make you unusually fat, so much that when the infant is growing in your womb your breast gets developed much beyond the size, much painful for your to tolerate the weight of your breast so that you can be capable of giving twice or thrice the amount of milk than what is actually required, and as soon as your baby is born, your baby is snatched away from you so that it does not drink your milk, you keep crying in agony and pain for missing your baby, and as this happens a pump is attached to your breast to suck milk till you give out the last drop of milk left in your body, this machine keeps sucking that its saps in other fluids like puss and blood etc. in it. ALL FOR MILK and your milk is sold for about Rs 50/- or Rs. 60/- a liter.

      An advertisement of your milk laid out with the Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai holding a glass of your milk with her Million nay Billion dollar smile and promoting your milk for health, nutrition and vitality or lets take a Madhuri Dixit Dance like she did for toxic MAGGIE NOODLES, ain't it quite bizarre for her surgeon husband has no clue about the ills of Maggie Noodles that her wife had to dance like an Item Girl to sway Indians to eat this filth.


      Poor Cows have to go through this disaster of a life right from her birth till her death, a life full of cruelty where she is treated like a machine to give out milk much more than her capability, she is fed with all antibiotics and Pharma drugs to make her fat and have huge udder to give more milk, and she is artificially inseminated at regular intervals to get pregnant to give milk all her life if she gives birth to a cow it will have the same fate as her and if its a bull very soon it will go to the slaughter house as it is unwanted and as soon one day she looses her capability to give milk and get pregnant, she is soon sent to slaughter house



       Dairy Industry all over the globe meets same sort of torture toward these poor voiceless animals, all for milk as milk drives the economy of a nation Dairy Industry has become more like a dictator in which they think of any cruel means to better their quality management and how they derive it when when they target to improve and increase their per quarter milk production is by feeding cows with more fodder and antibiotics so that it can give more Milk and these can be sold to far more territories to derive maximum gains.

      What is it that the Meat and Dairy Industry has to contribute with Global Warning???

    I have been one of the voice for Global Warning and i knew about the CO2 contribution to Global Warming in detail, Global Warming was one of my topic in my power point presentation i did in various Oil and Power Sectors and i discussed about Industrial Pollution blah blah, about Fossil Fuels blah blah blah about Rise in Sea level blah blah blah, and now i am convinced that all this are a minuscule figure compared to global warming, the real cause is global warming is the Cattle and Dairy Agriculture due to which we are loosing a lot of land to prepare fodder for the cows and these cows fed with antibiotics and harmful drugs keep farting Methane Gas and as a result we see the contribution it has to Global Warming leaved every other factors by miles. 

    Watch this 90 minute video "COWSPIRACY", this holds a fantastic information about how the real cause of Global Warming is suppressed and not allowed to let the masses to know of the grave harm Cattle industry is causing to the Global Warming Issue. Meat and Dairy industry for long been trying to suppress this news but not it's out of proportion.

         The Director of this Documentary was surprised to know that many Animal and Environmental Groups had no idea about the dangers of the Cattle industry. Some were even afraid to mention about cattle industry as they feared for loosing their job, such is the power that animal lobby as they have all the men in their pockets to be used any time any where.

           In America alone a close to 10 billion that includes land and water, birds and reptiles are being killed or slaughtered every year, when the total world population is 7 billion then how on earth we witness about half of those 7 billion living at one meal a day, when millions die in Africa alone every year due to malnutrition, where is these slaughtered animals going? If 10 billion if Americas figure imagine what could the figures of Europe be, the whole of Asia be, have we ever thought that for a moment.

            Is it really necessary that we need to eat these poor animals to satisfy our taste pallets when we are taking away their souls when we are murdering their children or parents for our basic needs, please think you are more cruel that the butcher who slaughter these innocent animals cause you are the one who is inspiring him to commit cruelty. 

         Gone are the days when Cows were at our backyard when we knew what she is eating and the milk she gave were not only safe but very healthy and nutritious, but now even if you want to have a cow in your backyard you have to be dubious about its breed as well cause a Evil Scientist honored by out Government destroyed the quality of our cows. 

        Please think for yourself is it necessary for you to have a cruelty laid milk full of toxicity to invade your health and remain sick for life, its all up to you and its all your choice.......

May Maa Bharti Shower her Grace on You

Jayan Divakaran.


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