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Gomutra: Cow's Urine Therapy A Quantum Tonic

    Yes, i know many people will do a Cheeee before they start reading this post. And why not it's a post on Urine and to take it as a tonic, are we crazy to do it. 

    Our Ancient Civilization always gave prime importance to Cow. The cow was not only used as domestic animal by which they had milk and various by-products, but the Cow was Respected, Worshiped and Treated like Mother during ancient times which was why our nation was known as a land of milk and honey.

   Our Agriculture was solely dependent on Cow Dung and Urine which worked both as fertilizers and Pesticide for cultivation of various crops and vegetables in India. For many Millenniums  our farmers use cow dung and urine and hence lands in India were much fertile and productive as compared to west. Every thing got destroyed with the use of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides like Urea, Endo Sulphan etc. which degraded to quality of soil to such an extent that the once fertile lands have become barren due to excess usage of such evil fertilizers. What's more the more we consume these chemically grown foods its making us sick and prone to various disease that we have to slog to Hospitals where Greedy Doctors and Evil Pharma are waiting to loot you with high medical bills.

  Many legends have been dedicated to this humble creature, Kings, Noble Rishis, Maharishis, Brahmin's, Philosophers and great Ayurveda Acharyas have given great emphasis to Cow, wbhich is why our nation is known as the Land of the Holy Cow. 

These are some Sanskrit Hyms dedicated to Cow:

|| Gomeya Vasati Lakshmi Gomutre Dhanwantari  ||
  TranslationThe goddess of wealth Lakshmi resides in Cow's Dung, and the God of Health Dhanwantari resides in her Urine.
|| Gavyam pavitram ca rasayanam ca pathyam ca hrdyam balam buddhi syata
    Aayuh pradam rakt vikar hari tridosh hridrog vishapaham syata||
   Translation:  Cow urine panchgavya is great elixir, proper diet, pleasing to heart, giver of mental and physical strength, enhances longevity. It balances bile, mucous and airs. Remover of heart diseases and effect of poison.
|| Mutreshu, gaumutram gunto Adhikam. Avisheshat kathane, mutram gaumutramucchyate. ||
    Translation: Amongst all urines, cow urine alone is best.

Below are the contents of minerals found in Cow's Urine:

Table – Chemical contents of cow urine and cure of diseases as per them. Yes Cow Urine (Gomutra) Benefits are there. Check the science behind this with given below table.

  1. Nitrogen N2 ,NH2: Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is diuretic.
  2. Sulphur S: Supports motion in large intestines. Cleanses blood.
  3. Ammonia NH3: Stabilise bile, mucous and air of body. Stabilises blood formation.
  4. Copper Cu: Controls built up of unwanted fats. Iron Fe Maintains balance and helps in production of red blood cells & haemoglobin. Stabilises working power.
  5. Urea CO(NH2)2: Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is diuretic.
  6. Uric Acid C5H4N4O3: Removes heart swelling or inflammation. It is diuretic therefore destroys toxins.
  7. Phosphate P: Helps in removing stones from urinary track.
  8. Sodium Na: Purifies blood. Antacid
  9. Potassium K: Cures hereditary rheumatism. Increases appetite. Removes muscular weakness and laziness.
  10. Manganese Mn: Germicidal, stops growth of germs, protects decay due to gangrene.
  11. Carbolic Acid HCOOH: Germicidal, stops growth of germs and decay due to gangrene.
  12. Calcium Ca: Blood purifier, bone stregthener, germicidal, ?? Rakta skandak ??
  13. Salt NaCl: Sanyas vishamta ?? decreases acidic contents of blood, germicidal
  14. Vitamins A,B,C,D,E: Vitamin B is active ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive power. 
  15. Other Minerals: Increase immunity
  16. Lactose C6H12O6: Gives satisfaction. Strengthens Mouth, strengths heart, removes thirst and nervousness.
  17. Enzymes: Make healthy digestive juices, increase immunity.
  18. Water (H2O): It is life giver. Maintains fluidity of blood, maintains body temperature.
  19. Hipuric Acid CgNgNox: Removes toxins through urine.
  20. Creatinin C4HgN2O2: Germicidal.
  21. Aurum Hydroxide AuOH: It is germicidal and increases immunity power. It is highly antibiotic and anti-toxic

    The ancient 7000 year old holy texts, like Atharva Veda, Charaka Samhita, Rajni Ghuntu, Vridhabhagabhattiyyam, Amritasagar, Bhavaprakash, Sushruta Samhita, etc., contain lucid descriptions about the medicinal benefits of cow urine.

Cow’s urine is a natural  panacea for all diseases, It is :
  • Antiseptic, Detoxificant, Germicidal.
  • Anti- Microbail and Diuretic.
  • Blood Purifier and Appetizer.
  • Boosts Growth Hormone. 
  • Anti-Carcinogenic Immunity Enhancer.
  • Anti fungal & Anti-Bacterial.
  • Compensates the loss of Micro nutrients (Enzymes)
  • Anti Allergic, Antibiotic and Antihelmintic (parasite expeller ). 
  • Anti-oxidant, Digestion Enhancer, anti inflammatory.  
  • Eliminates intestinal worms.
  • Treats skin diseases like Eczema  Ringworm Psoriasis.
  • Detoxifier,  blood cleanser , bile stabiliser. 
  • Improves production of Haemoglobin,  treats anemia.
  • Removes Urinary Tract Stones,  Antacid for eye infections. 
  • Natural disinfectant and insecticide.
  • Anti-Reptile, Migraine Treatment.
  • Improves Memory with Ashwagandha.
  • Treats constipation, Anti Aging Elexir.
  • Dissolves Blood Clots and Promotes Normalization of Menstrual Cycle.
  • Heals tumors,  controls jaundice, supports digestion.
  • Laxative, anti-edema,  for equilibrium of water content and acid – base balance, disorders of brain/ neurological conditions like epilepsy,  psychiatric complaints.
  • Improves skin tone.
  • Corrects menstrual disorders, Maintains the level of insulin by enhancing the function of Pancreas.
  • Calms the chattering mind, Piles Treatment , Prostrate , Arthritis , Ulcers etc
   Its quantum effect  removes the deposits of other powerful chemical residue taken during any long term drug therapy.

Please note that Cow's Urine of Indian Breed which has a hump on her back has to be used. Urine from European Hump-less Jersey and Holstein Cow is not only useless but Toxic.

    All Indian Cow Breeds have a hump on her back and because of it's Hump we can easily recognize an Indian Breed from a European One, not only cow but Urine of Indian Bull is as beneficial. European Breed are Cow's that do not have a Hump on her back,  A1 Milk from European cow is not only useless but toxic too much like it's urine, In recent times there is a rise in cases of PMS syndrome in Females and Breast Cancer have increased manifold due of consumption of Toxic A1 milk from European Breed. Its such an Irony that Indians are consuming Toxic A1 milk of European Breed when milk from our own Indian breed is rare to find. 

   Milk from Cow of Indian Breed is not only safe but it's very nutritious to health as it gives A2 milk compared to Toxic A1 milk from European breed, when our Indigenous cows are full of benefits is why we are seeing our Indian Cows been slaughtered and replaced by Useless European Jersey and Holestien Cow's. Greedy west comes to India only to smuggle the embryos of our cattle and they are breeding our Cow in the west so that they can consume health and nutritious A2 milk. 

   What a conversion we are drinking toxic A1 milk while the west is drinking safe and healthy A2 Milk. We are deprived of milk of our own cow and the market is flooded with Milk of European Breed. 

   Our Indigenous has to be protected at all cost as its population is in huge decline owing to demand for European Breed cow and with slaughter houses killing our Indian breed because it's meat has a huge demand in the west, hence our Greedy Government is allowing grants to open slaughter houses so that Indian Cows could be slaughtered. 

   Our Farmers are being given concessions from government to purchase European Breed cows. These Cow's are a nuisance as it eats 3 times more than our Indian cows, these cows do not walk like our cow and is not used to the Indian climate so it's always prone to illness when it has to be frequently fed with antibiotics an the farmers loose a lot of money on medicines. When our Desi Cow's have a life span of about 20 years these European Breed rarely survive for 10 years. 



   If you want to have the better results of Cow's Urine then its is necessary that you must consume it withing 120 seconds of its discharge. See to it that the Cow is not eating plastic or other wastes and not pregnant. When Cow urinates the urine you can filter it about to to three times and consume it, though the urine can be consumed later too but its the most effective when it's discharged. 

   The taste is much pungent and salty and yes it does smell like any other Urine and it will sound ridiculous in Modern times even to think of consuming an Animals Urine, but many research have been done on this and it is found to have given amazing results to many of the ailments where Allopathic medicines has failed miserably. 

   It's is a one stop solution for prevention against cancer and Kidney ailments. More so it has given much satisfactory results for heart patients too. 

   There is no hard an fast rules for if one has to go through Cow's Urine Therapy, all they have to do is consume about 1/2 a cup of Cows Urine in the morning after which they should not eat or drink anything for the next 1 hour. 

   Cow's Urine is very effective for Skin related diseases like Rashes, Itching an Psoriasis etc. all you have to do is apply on the skin and soon you will have an instant relief and a permanent cure.

   Today many AIDS patients are taking cow urine therapy. People who were suffering with migraine and headache for the past 15 years have recovered within six months of taking this therapy. Whether it is the question of relieving tension or improving the memory power. 

   In the past few years the Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center, Indore has treated one and half lakhs of people. Out of the total patients 85 to 90 percent were patients of constipation there is an old saying that if the stomach is clean half of the diseases get cured automatically. 

   The patient taking cow urine therapy says that he is enjoying sound health and passing bowels easily within one month of this therapy.

  • Cow urine has amazing germicidal power to kill varieties of germs. All germ generated diseases are thus destroyed.
  • According to Ayurveda the cause of all diseases is the imbalance in three faults (tri-dosas) i.e. mucous, bile and air. Cow urine balances the tri-dosas, thus diseases are cured.
  • Cow urine corrects functioning of liver. So, liver makes healthy pure blood. It gives disease resistance power to the body.
  • There are some micro nutrients in our body, which give life strength. These micro nutrients are flushed out through urine. Therefore gradually ageing steps in our body. Cow urine has all elements, which compensate for deficiency of nutrients in our body, which are required for healthy life. Thus Cow urine stops ageing process. So it is called an elixir and also life giving.
  • Cow urine contains many minerals especially Copper, gold salts, etc. It compensates for bodily mineral deficiency. Presence of gold salts protects body against diseases.
  • Mental tension hurts nervous system. Cow urine is called medhya and hradya, which means it, gives strength to brain and heart. Thus cow urine protects heart and brain from damages caused by mental tension and protects these organs from disorders and diseases.
  • Excessive use of any medicine leaves some residue in our body. This residue causes diseases. Cow urine destroys the poisonous effects of residues and makes body disease free.
  • Electric currents (rays) which are present in the environment keep our body healthy. These rays in form of extremely small currents enter our body through Copper in our body. We get Copper from cow urine. To attract these electric waves is quality of Copper. Thus we become healthy.
  • By acting against the voice of soul (immoral & sinful action), the heart and mind become narrow minded. Due to this the functioning of body is effected and causes diseases. Cow urine provides mode of goodness. Thus helps us to perform correct activities by mind. Thus protects from diseases.
  • In scriptures some diseases are said to be due to sinful actions performed in previous lives which we have to bear. Ganga resides in cow urine. Ganga is destroyer of sins, thus cow urine destroys such previous sins and so diseases are cured.
  • The Master of ghosts is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva holds Ganga on his head. Ganga is in cow urine also. Thus by taking cow urine, the ghosts get to see Ganga over their master’s head. So they are calmed and become peaceful. So they do not trouble the body. Thus, diseases caused by entrance of ghosts are also destroyed.
  • By regularly taking cow urine before sickness, we get so much immunity that any attack of diseases is repulsed.
  • Cow urine being miraculous poison destroyer, destroys the disease caused by poison (Toxin). Extremely dangerous chemicals are purified by cow urine. Cow urine provides immunity power by increasing resistance power against diseases in human body. It is anti toxin.
  • “Sarve rogaah hi mandagni” All diseases begin with mandagni (Low fire i.e. digestive capacity). If fire is strong, diseases won’t occur. Cow urine keeps the fire strong.

 How to use Gomutra?

Gomutra can be used in the following ways as a spiritual healing remedy.

Direct Application:

Directly applying concentrated Gomutra on an affected body part. Drinking a few cc of Gomutra is also recommended as a means for spiritual healing.

Diluting it in water:

After putting a few cc of Gomutra in water, it can be sprinkled around the house to spiritually purify the premises. Alternatively, after adding a small amount of Gomutra in a bucketful of water, it can be used to have a bath. Below is a subtle diagram of the mechanism of action ofGomutra when used in bath water. It has been drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee, a seeker with advanced sixth sense of vision, and has been checked by His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale.

 Why is Cow so Holy in our Culture?

    The Indian culture gives special place to cow. All the 33 gods have cow as their prime temple. Deva means to give, the strength to give, the ability to give more and take the minimum. This is known as Devata. The cow takes very less from us and gives us more. Therefore the Indian people have proved this with the help of strict devotion and dedication that cow has a prominent place in the Indian life and economy. Wealth, religion, sex and salvation are accomplished with the service of the cow. The Indian farmer used to known as king or the giver of grains due to the developed tradition of India thousands of years back. When we were popular as golden bird and world Guru then this was the basic mantra. Our entire life is dependent on cow.

    What makes the Cow so special that her body gives out the valuable urine full of medicinal value is that  on her hup you will find a nerve called the "Surya Ketu Nadi". If yo touch its hump you can even feel this nerve on her. This nerve is found only in Cow and not other living being has it. The Surya Ketu Nadi has the capability of absorbing Gold salts which contains Kerotim and Copper from Sun Light, hence the blood of the Cow is very pure as compared to any other living being on planet hence what ever she gives in form of Urine, Dung and Milk is very very valuable indeed. 

   Hence this is the reason why Cows have been worshiped by our ancestors, they were not fools like the west that keeps a dog and he find solace in the dog cause the dog love him more than his wife, yeah i can understand, the dog is loving for his meal......

   In the modern age, no matter how hard one explaning the youth of now about the benefits of Cows urine they will outright neglect it and go for the Pharma drugs which caused side effects though, but is you look at the spiraling inflation where the medical bills can cause burden. A bottle of Cows Urine which can be available for Rs 80 to Rs 100/- will come very effective and handy for many of your health problems. 

  Cows Urine also comes in Distilled form which is less effective than Urine, in metro politan cities only a Distilled Urine Bottle can be available which also cures your ailment provided you need to get consultation from the Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

    Of all the Cows Vechoor Breed also known as Dwarf Cow from South Of Kerala is a Cow used by Ayurvedic Doctors to make Medicines. Its Milk, Urine and Dung hold more Medicinal properties than any other Indian Cow Breed. Even Ghee from this cow is very medicinal.

Off late this miracle Cow Breed has become almost extinct due to slaughtering, measures are taken to procreate it and bring its population back. I urge any cow lovers reading this blog to please get this lovely cow to their Goushala and use it Urine.

May Maa Bahrti Shower her Grace on You,

Jayan Divakaran.

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